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So lately, been wondering Who will be there to take my place When I'm gone, you'll need love To light the shadows on your face If a great wave shall fall It'd fall upon us all And between the sand and stone , Could you make it on your own?  If I could, then I would I'll go wherever you will go Way up high or down low I'll go wherever you will go And maybe, I'll find out The way to make it back someday To watch you, to guide you Through the darkest of your days If a great wave shall fall It'd fall upon us all Well I hope there's someone out there Who can bring me back to you  Run away with my heart Run away with my hope Run away with my love I know now, just quite how My life and love might still go on In your heart, in your mind I'll stay with you for all of time If I could turn back time I'll go wherever you will go If I could make you mine

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> Comfort of my home, harmony, mutuality in relations, well-being and stability are very important for me. I also value handsome appearance and kind heartIf you let me hold your handThere are many paper hearts around us in life the only way to find out is u light a match and u burn them and after will remain the real hearts ...  because the paper hearts give only pain ...  and they so many and u should never go back to ... Read more »

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: My baby whatever happen between us im the same and still love u even more i cant hide my feelings as many as i would meet could never replace u in my heart  if u have true feelings with me  your place is always to be  next to me all the time as we said but this u will have to need it also from your heart     If you're leaving close the door , I'm not expecting people  anymore , Here me grieving  lying on the floor , Whether I'm drunk or dead  I really ain't too sure , I'm a blind man , And my world is pale , When a blind man cries , Lord, you know   Luda saw my eyes lighten since i speak with you but i cant continue alone , seek if your heart needs me and if it does im here i want u to be with me only if u trully believe u need me as i am , u know that my simple wish was for u to be happy that u are with me this is our last chance to be together    the spirit of my heart that is her ... Read more »

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. Your voice has awaken the spirit of my heart that is here with you in kiev and i am alone here with no heart because i have left it in your hands and im ready also to place my life in your hands the truth is i try to stay back but its not possible i want wake up with u holding u in my arms ...  

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Heavens at my feet now that i have found u again , my life will be complete if i will be around you , no one else has touch me so deeply , no one could satisfy me so sweetly , love me till the end of  time .. Life keeps secrets for the right time i believe in miracles and in wishes coming true only for special people who deserve it ... Forgive me i have the need to hear u , forgive me i have so much to tell you , that whatever i do in my life first i think of you , and whatever i write they are poems for you out of my heart , and i have so many things to say and so many things to give you , and how to surrender my soul when the time will come , and now i remain here with all this i cant give , tell me do u think of me can u sleep at night , tell me did u ever love me even just a little bit ? Tell me about your lonelines , Tell about your empty arms ? Tell me why u are not speaking with me ...  i see your tears from happines that u are with another and its driving me crThe ... Read more »

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 The panorama from the window of Tania`s and Jacky`s apartement in Paris

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