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This song is of Ukrainian singer Masha Sobko from Eurosong 2014 

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( we continue to publish the letter of our client)

is by no means the object here. You are right, I have more money than we would ever need, but we are not deep enough into a relationship to consider this type of investment. Believe me these types of places will always be out there. It is a matter of price....I would rather be sure of us and pay more than have us decide we weren’t right for each other and have made this type of commitment that proves to be an error.

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 Dear men! We wont to say one more time for you, that in our agency, please, do not buy for our girls only flowers before the marriage. After marriage you will buy for your  wife the expensive things, but not before.

 Today we received this letter from one of our client. It is not pleasant to read the letters like this. but  we spoke with his girl and we are sure they now understand each other. But to avoid some problems, we ask you ,dear our clients- give to our girls only the best presents- your hearts and flowers!

 Here  the letter of our client:

Dear it’s a sweet place, I agree!!! We’ve spent no more tan 4 hours together in our entire lives....this is not enough time for either of us to be able to trust our emotions or measure our mutual commitment. Yes I want to go further wit ... Read more »

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  In Friday the 23 d of November in Kiev was a big Party of marriage - minded people. It was many people there. More then 1500 ladies from all Ukraine and many men from many countries from all the world. It was really very interesting. A lot of   vine, food, cakes, music. The atmosphere was very positive and everybody enjoy to be there.

 And we have a good result already. Some men and ladies are in love. They met  each other in our party and now they are in love. We have the big hope that will be new marriages in our Marriage agency.

 Dear ladies and men! If you are lonely and desire to meet your love of all your life- you are welcome to our agency. We work for you, we make people happy.

  Call us +380679749242 Luda or write to us  We are waiting for you!

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