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 As a man from west i came to Ukraine the first time as a sport tourist for the European championships . During my stay I met Miss Luda in a restaurant . She was translating for a man ... Read more »

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 Now the world changed, everybody try to stay at home. 

 But we, the people who, as a ruler, communicate a lot , we  are suffering  without communication.And many my clients from all the world write to me, call me, send the photos.

 Sometimes the photos are very interesting from very interesting place of our planet.

 Today my favorite client sent some photos from Monaco, where he lives. In Monaco also the same problem  with COVID-19, but at least he can be in the nature and enjoy the beauty ... Read more »

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2.1.Calendrier des fait, remise en perspective historique sur les 3 derniers mois et projections.


2.1.1.- T0:

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 Even now in the world everything is stopped , but the feelings of people  cannot be stopped. People fall in love, marry and also sometimes they prefer to be separated after long love relationship.

 The story of separation just happened in our agency. 

 Lena and James were almost ready for marriage, but... Sometimes the  difference of characters can play a bad role. In this case it was just like this.

 Lena wants to answer to James  buy the words of the song of  Gloria Gaynor:

"Co on now,go walk out the door

Just turn around now

{Cause} you' re not welcome anymore

 Were't you the one who tried to hurt me

with goodbye

Did I crumble

 Did you think I'd lay down and die?

 Oh no,not I.I will survive

Oh as long as I know how to love I know I'll

stay alive;

 I've got all my li ... Read more »

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  Now all the world in panic of  Covid 19. Yes, Its a big problem in the world. But we are sure, that everything will be O.K.

 And we think about future. One Company proposed us to cooperate.  Sometimes we have the special clients and they wanted to decorate their wedding very special way.  We are ready to do this for special price,

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