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 In  our Matchmaking agency "Love" it always happen love. Love lives in our agency and always come to the people who is waiting for it. 

 My name is also love,yes the translation of my name from our language to English is Love.  And I'm sure, that even my name attracts love in our agency. I worked more then 20 years in this field and I helped many people to meet love and to be married and to be happy. I like my job and that's why  so many people have a possibility to find a destiny in my agency. No. all marriages are done in Heavens. This is everybody knows. I only help people to meet each other. But the Angels of Love lead the people to come to my agency.

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Winter is a wonderful holiday time in Ukraine. We celebrate Christmas it is a feast of Crists birth. And we celebrate it 7-th of January.

Ukrainian people exchange presents on this Christmas holiday, in every home Christmas tree, children’s like to have fun on this Christmas holiday. Christmas is the day when all members of the family gather together and it’s very big tradition. Also we have traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish and the name is Kutya. This dish very interesting to taste because for European people it’s new tastes.

Also one of the biggest tradition it’s go church and listen to Christmas sermons which songs so nice.

Traditionally Ukrainian families celebrate Christmas with 12 course dinner. 

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In our agency we have new  couple. They are not engaged jet, but in the future they will be. I am sure of this.

New year in our Agency started with love-my new couple and me, we went to celabrate New year in Lisbon, in Portugal. It was real great. This romantic trip is unforgettable.

We visited many interesting places in Lisbon. In those  photos i want to show to my readers the most interesting places of Lisbon.

Today we will go back to Kiev, but this romantic  love story will continue and lets hope that  I will publish the wedding photos of this couple soon.

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Our Dating Agency organized some secsesful couples who in serious relationships and celebrated this New Year together like family. We get many sms and letters with “Thanks for helping to find destiny “

For us it’s very important. And this one letter from our client: “I just looking for the right words to express my big romantic feelings to my man, my love and my partner. I would like say from my heart! He is very special man, he keeps me and make very happy woman, caring and loving. Every day we say each other sweet words and very happy couple. We have real charm of true love. “

Our Dating Agency wish for everyone find destiny in this New 2020 Year and be happy like on this song “Happy New Year”

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What a wonderful trip  to Portugal made my new couple and me. We  took plane 31 December from Kiev to Lisbon and went to spend New Year holidays there.

One day we were in Lisbon and then went to Faro. About this unforgettable trip better can say my photos . 

In Kiev is  cold whether ,it is snowing,but in Portugal the weather is like in Spring. As a ruler, in those days in Portugal it  rains, but for us the Heavens gave to us sunny, warm Spring weather .Maybe because we have the Spring in our hearts The Spring is always the hope and we have the hope in our hearts.

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One more couple in my agency! Its so nice to realize, that two more prople in this world became happy thanks for my agency!

This new 2020 year started new relations, very romantic relation in  Matchmaking agency.

Me and my new couple celebrated New Year in Lisbon.

We came here in the last evening of 2019 and in Lisbon we met New 2020 Year. It was so romantic with Champagne vine, with special  New Year presents and with the big hopes.

In Lisbon we saw a very unusual New Year Tree. I made few photos and i want to show to my clients. 

And I also want to wish to all my clients to meet the destiny in this New 2020 Year and to be so happy like this my couple with whom i met this New Year.

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Christmas markets and festive fairs start in Ukraine. In our city Kiev it’s very popular right now real treats for anyone feeling Christmas time.

Here possible find handmade gifts from Ukrainian designers and pretty confectionery sold, handmade chocolates, toys for Christmas trees, clothes for new year and many other things.

Very romantic and nice festive atmosphere here. 

Kiev ready for new year and Christmas holidays.

A lot of couples who in love have great time here and buy presents for each other. All peoples are happy and enjoy time!

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 This is me, Luda, the owner of the Matchmaking agency "Love".

 I want to wish to all my clients Happy New Year from Ukraine. Be happy!

 If a person alone, this person cannot be happy, So, if you are alone- come to our agency and we will help you to find your life partner and next Year Year you will meet not alone. And , of  course, you will be happy,

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With New Year everybody believes in happy future..

New Year for Ukraine it’s magic day. Many single woman’s dreaming about meet future husband and love. For Ukrainian people New Year is the most interesting holiday and everyone ... Read more »

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 So pleasant to work with the couples , when they are in love. 

 This couple know each other one year already, but  they are not married yet. The marriage will be later.

 But they  so love each other and meet  very often , even they live  in the different countries. 

 I have read one day in some book the sentence  "Love is the base of everything". I think , that It is truth.

 And I'm so happy to see this couple in love and to realize ,that  this is me has helped them to be happy.

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Consent “XII New Year's Strauss-Concert”

Today is 25 December.

We visited the National Opera of Ukraine where was the XII New Year Strauss Concert.

It’s great celebrate New Year's and Christmas holidays with the music of the Strauss family.

We had time of great wonderful mood and special romantic atmosphere. Music of the Strauss family is very special. 

It’s very nice music : Vibrant music and virtuoso singing, nice dancing.

Our couples love a lot Strauss-Concert! They was happy to be in romantic atmosphere.

They like a lot melodies of "On the magical blue Danube" and operetta "The Bat" and famous "Radetzky March". It’s was great feeling hear this music !

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