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 ... " No people around, no people in the airport, no people in the world- only she and me. We are happy  and all the world  does not exist. She is the center of the world. She is everything for me. I was looking for her all my life. I was dreaming about her , but It was so difficult to find her in this world. I tried, tried many years , but..I had the feeling that one day I will meet her. 

 And one day It happen in the Marriage agency with very romantic name "LOVE'. I m very happy, because I love and  I am loved".. told he.

 This is photo of one my couple. I made it in Lisbon's airport. And I am happy that they meet each other in my agency.


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As a ruler, if I help to  my clients to meet each other—I always help them in arranging   the paper for marriage. And also I work with them  in any questions. Sometimes young people need some advises or some help in preparing the wedding. Sometimes they ask me what present to prepare  for the parents and relatives and to other different questions. 

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 In our days  many people are in depression because the situation in the world is difficult. But in our agency we all are optimists. Look in my new couple- Marina and Thomas.  They meet each other in our agency just at the beginning of  corona virus problems. But they loves each other and now , even they are living  in different countries [he is in USA, she is in Ukraine] , they feel happy , because they are in love. It helps them to survive in this not easy situation.

 Today Marina sent us some photo of her city, Chernigov, 

 In this city many beautiful ladies  are alone and will be happy to meet the nice men for marriages.

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 En cepremier jour de Mai

 recois`` ce brin de muguet 

 Qu'il ensoleille ton  coeur

 Et qu'li te porte bonheur.

Bon  Ier Mai  a tout le monde, a tout mes clients et mes clientes.

 Malgre tout , le soleil va venir a nos fenetres! Il faut croire a sa etoille!



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They Will Travel in Ukraine

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Even now in the all world we have  the bug problems. Spring came in time  and tell to everybody “ Love!” It is just a good time to look my site Www.Вrides-loves.com  and chose some candidates to future wife and start  the communication with those charming ladies. But the way, the name of my Matchmaking agency is “Love”. 

As soon as will be the possibility to come in Ukraine-you will buy the ticket and will come to us. And I am sure,you will be one of happy man who has found his destiny in our agency. 

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Those  photos were made by one my client.  Her name is  Vita. She lives in this part of Ukraine. This part of Ukraine is famous by the  beautiful nature and by the talented  people.  The name of this town is Tulchin.

 Now ,like everywhere here is quiet. Everybody try to stay at home and do not contact with nobody.< ... Read more »

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 Only today I realized how the men from all the world miss our brides!. Many my clients are anxious to come in Ukraine, but cannot. And this "Cannot" make our ladies more mysterious, more beautiful and more attractive. I  am proud of our women!.

 Today my favorite client from Spain sent many photos of his places, where he lives and many his photos, He is going to be married soon with my client , but corona virus...

 He miss hid bride a lot and as soon  will be a possibility to come to Kiev - he will come.

 But now only photos...

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 Today I received this letter and I liked the  ideas of my new client.: even the situation in the world is not simple, he think about future, about future marriage. Bravo! 

"Hello Madam,   I hope you might have seen my email,  I repeat below the same content below once again for your perusal.   Coming  to your charges or payment.  Do not be commercial. Today the total world is struggling between the life and death.  Many  people lost ... Read more »

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My client Vita lives here, in the center of Ukraine, near  small city Tulchin. She made those video to show the beauty of her place, where she lives and to show how lonely she is here without  a man, her man. In this place to find a man very difficult. For one man 10 women. 

Will be nice if the men can see this place of the world and in the future to come here and maybe to find a nice wife for marriage. In those places there are a lot of nice Ukrainian women for marriage.

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 Dear Ladies!. This photos I publish for you. Here you can see my client Tania and me in the day of her marriage. I want to say for you that you , dear ladies, always believe in your star,like Tania.

   Tania can be the good example in order to show you that you , women , have to be optimist and to think positive in any situation.

 Tania came to my agency for recommendation when she was 42 years old.  She came and told me "I am serious about marriage and I am ready for marriage".

 Even she had the bid problem in her life - she always was sure in herself. And after one year we celebrated her marriage in Paris.

 It was not easy to find her dream man , but I helped her in everything. She wa ... Read more »

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Il existe des lieux sur Terre qui  sont tres  specials.Il ne fait pas de  doute que Faro, en Portugal- c'est le coin magnfique.

 Quelle que soit la route que vous empruntez, Faro s'ouvre brusquement a votre regard, radieuse,romantique,spendide avec sa frange blanche de vagues. Et au-dessus de cette magnificence un soleil toujours eclatant.

 Faro reste belle en toute saison. Ma couple et moi, nous avons celebre le Noel de 2020 la bas.

 Mais , cette photo j'ai faite pendent les vacances  au mois de Juin.

 Ce couple va se marrier. Ils sont tres heureus.Et moi aussi de visiter  ce coin splendide sur notre Terre.

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Sweet meeting in the airport of Barcelona.

The map of place, where we celebrated the Birthday of my client.

I enjoy the special atmosphere of the mountains.

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"As you know the situation of world is very bad.   We all are in for indefinite period of lockdown,  no transportation, hotels etc.   in short it is highly difficult to meet in person at least for some more period.  


Why not we plan for an online discussion either by Whatsapp or email.  It is very faster and  more simple.   Regarding  coming frequently to your country in the present situation is highly impossible.   Let us finalise  a deal of match for  proposal of marriage and I will pay the lumpsum amount to your services".- this letter we received today from one our client.

 What a nice positive letter! Yes, of course we will ... Read more »

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Information d'un chercheur collaborant avec le groupe de travail qui lutte contre l'épidémie de coronavirus: 


Nous transmettons ici à tous des informations claires, simples et accessibles, qui décrivent exactement ce qu'est le virus Covid-19 (Coronavirus), comment il se transmet d'une personne à l'autre et comment il peut être neutralisé dans la vie de tous les jours. L'infection par le virus ne provoque pas un rhume avec écoulement nasal ou une ... Read more »

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 As the name of our Matchmaking agency is "Love"-  our agency corresponds to this name 100%.If you look to this photos which I made myself in the airport of Barcelona- you can see yourself this big love. which God send to this my couple.

 He told me that he was dreaming and looking for this big and deep love all his life. He was married and divorced , a lot of women around him , but real love he found only in our agency. She became to him the real the center of the world. Without her the life is empty and has no sense. W ... Read more »

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 We read  every where  a lot of sad news.   The time is so special now. We  still cannot believe that  it is reality to stay at home, ,not go to visit the friends, parents, not go to vacation or not to come to visit the sweat heart. It is reality now..

 But we want to speak about something positive. Even in those days we continue to work and try to ... Read more »

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