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Yesterday  in Kiev was a very interesting  event-a Party of marriage minded people. All my client who came there met their dream girl. It was not possible  do not meet-more then 1500 girls from all Ukraine were there. It was real very nice. Music, vine, presents, dancing, positive atmosphere...
But It is better to see then to read. We propose you to look those  photos and video and come to us next time. You are welcome!

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Everything was so wonderful at the beginning. Romantic trip  to Spain, the best hotel in Marbella, in one of the most beautiful place in Spain, romantic walks neat the sea and so beautiful flowers everyday.

And it was so painful to think that it was the end of relations few months later.

But It is life and we have to be ready to the any surprise.

Why I write this article ? 

I want to say that in our agency not only marriages  every month, but sometimes can happen the story like this. We are optimists. We believe that  everybody has her own destiny, and if it dint work-It is not destiny..

We continue to look for  the right  person for her and for him.

We are sure, we will find!


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 Tomorrow in Kiev will be a big event- Party of marriage minded people. It will be last time this year. Dear ladies! dear men! do not loose your chance tomorrow. This Party can change your life. What a reason to sit down at home in the arm-chair and watch TV and some film about the love of somebody?  Better to do something in your life.

 Yes , you was doing something already, of course: you have  discovered that you aren't going to find her in bar, you have exhausted  your supply of introductions from friends and their wives a girlfriends. You have tried the personals in your local newspaper and  maybe even tried a video dating club, and of course, you have written  many letters and spent a lot of money for this. And you are still alone. 

 Do not loose your time.   Come tomorrow to our Party and you will have a very big chance to change your life and not to be alone. Every time after the Party I help to ... Read more »

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Marie Antionetes pearl necklace sold at auction 2 million USD

 Our client so liked this necklace , that decided to order the same form of necklace for his future wife.

 Yes It's very beautiful pear necklace. It's  a good idea  to make the copy of this necklace for the wedding present. I am sure   it will be very beautiful. The marriage will be at the end of January 2019.


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 They know each other more then 2 years. He is a serious man with a big heart , she is a natural blond girl, also serious , a Medical nurse.

 Their Love story is very  romantic story. He is very tender with her, he takes care about her like about the flower, with so big Love that I never have seen in my life.

 She is his  so important for him, all world is concentrate around her, but she is  in her world for now.  He will come to spend the  New Year with her and we have the big hope that she will open the heart to him.

 And maybe in the New year in our agency will born a new couple.

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  We have in our agency one couple. They know each other already one year , but the men does not propose marriage yet. I think ,he is  right. The marriage is a big responsibility. Before do this step ,  a man and a woman  must be sure about their feelings.   they decided to go to Italia.Let's see what  result this trip will give. Let's hope that will be one more couple in our Agency.

In Italia also the whether is not good, but not so cold like in Kiev.

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 Many our clients are very talented.Sometimes they so talented that we cannot even think about it. Girl like girl, a little shy, modest, simple- but in real life, if you know her better, you can see real talented person.

 Few days ago was an exhibition  of work of one our client from Kiev. The exhibition was very popular and we are proud of our client. We wish you the best and we will be waiting your new  paintings.

 In the picture you can see  how talented she is!



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If i share my story, i thought i was looking for simple young lady who can be simple wife with cooking and cleaning habbits who like to have kids.
With blonde hair and blue eyes under 25 yrs old.

But when i actually met this type of girl...i couldn't spend even 5 days together. Her mind and habits were too simple and limited to her own simple circle of her daily life..we couldn't share any thing together ...from cuisines to films and music ..she wouldn't or couldn't try anything new.

I got really frustrated...

And i got really stressed out..

I started with looking for simple house wife in Ukraine and ended up realizing it wasn't what i needed in my life.

And she was quite pretty ... Read more »

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 Dear friends! If you are coming for the Party of marriage minded people, which will be the 23-d of November in Kiev, we are ready to meet you in the airport. 

 Here is our driver Jura. He is one of the best driver of Kiev. And hev is very educated person. Jura also speaks good English. And the main thing- he has big soul: Jura will always help you in any situation.

 This is Jura's car. He works many years  as a driver and he knows his job.

 So ,dear friends, you are very welcome in Kiev. Maybe i ... Read more »

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Now it does work for some people but it is rather dangerous risky act than building stable family.

Especially if you are planning to settle down and have children and live happily ever after until your death, then your approach suppose to be a bit different than passionate butterfly like feelings.

'Tulip Fever' will show you many aspects of love and passion and sin and errors and failures and challenges...

And i believe each of you will find different lessons and aspects from this film.

What i truly learned from meeting over 40 ladies and self reflections and trials of my emotional journey...

Most critical thing i learned was not finding my perfect ideal lady i wanted...but rather..i realized mys ... Read more »

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If your age is over 40 and on the journey to find true love then i advise you to watch this film

'Tulip Fever'

It is based on true historical events and the story is quite simple and dynamic.

And i wanted to share my own emotional experience with you thru this article.

Love is like a fever in a sense of falling in love or love at first sight...

And since when i was 10 years old to now... Mid 40s. I believe i always followed my emotional attraction which didn't end well.

And this is why I highly do not recommend to follow your emotional heart when it comes to finding your true love.

Falling in Love at first sight doesn't happen very often in our life times but at ... Read more »

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I can not find a wife in the US not only because of my quiet shy and introverted personality, but I also want to do the right thing. I have been very busy throughout my career life, work, study, traveling and self-educations. 
I do not expect myself to meet a super model, top singer, famous actress, or Miss. I merely just want to meet a family-oriented girl who is willing to create a family with me in the US, which is my heart filling conscience. 
As for the ladies that I have met through Luda’s agency, everyone were all smart, kind, genuine, and real. So real that glamorous pics can not be compared!
Luda has good eyes to discern who is my best match, that I am on the right track to meet the one destined wife. It is quite self-reflectiv ... Read more »

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Our Client Assou Ouhaddou send for us more photos. He lives in Tignhir, Morocco, 28 years and his profession is massacre. He looking for a wife. Dear girls, if you like him, please send your letter to our email brideskiev@gmail.com for Assou. 


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 Last not cold days this years in Kiev. After those day a real winter will come. In cold whether  It is better to be at home with your family and enjoy the life. 

But if there is no family? It is so sad to be alone at home for long winter. What to do? 

We propose to come in Kiev to visit our Party of married minded people, which will be the 23-d of November. There is a big chance that you will meet there your destiny.Many people met their destiny and you also will meet. Only do something- buy the ticket, jump in plane and come in Kiev. 

We are waiting for you. You can call +380679749242 Luda or you can write to us Brideskiev@gmail.com

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Today is winter in Kiev. When It is cold and the whether is bad -It is so nice to have your close person near you.
Today in our Agency  two lonely person  have meet each other. And it is seems to me that they liked each other.Let’s hope that they will be together.

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If you say “Yes” - this article for you. You are in the right way.
Our Agency worked about twenty years and during this time we arranged many marriages.
If you are alone-come to our Party the 23d of November in Kiev. This day can change your life for better. 
In the Party will be more then 1000 marriage minded ladies from all over Ukraine. And of course, between those ladies you can meet that one which you are looking for so longtime. We are waiting for you.Just call us+ 380679749242 or write to us  Brideskiev@gmail.com

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 In our site we published  may articles about flowers. And many our clients have read those articles and we have good result- almost all our clients comes to date with flowers. It is so wonderful to look to the girl , when she receive flowers from man.

 Look how interesting flower our client brought to his dream girl. She likes a lot that action fro him. Yes, yes- It is a real action for many men to bring the flowers to the loved girl. I do not why, but It is the fact. Maybe somebody will write to us and will tell his opinion. We will be very thankful.

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 Wedding soon... A lot of work for  future couple. The girl wants to be the most beautiful in this day.

 One our couple decided to go to Italia to buy everything for a fiancee for wedding.In Italia so large choice  of everything for wedding.

 Of course, they spent few romantic days in one of the most romantic country in the world.

When 2 people love each other and ready for marriage it’s wonderful!

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 If you are alone, in Autumn  especially in late Autumn , you  can feel a little sad. What to do? The best antidepressant for Sad is inspiration: inspire, create, look for something new and the best, of course, to meet your half. It is easy to say , but It is difficult to do.

 No, with us It is not difficult. We work for you. We make people happy and not only in Autumn, but all year round. What to do ? Call us+380679749242 Luda, or write to us Brideskiev@gmail.com  then buy the ticket to Kiev, jump in plane and we will meet you in the airport and visit our Party the 23-d of November; I am sure , you will be no more alone. You can meet your destiny! yes, yes. Many men have done like this and now enjoy life with  loved person. Some photos of those happy people you can see in our site.  You can be also between those people, do not loose your chance. We are working for you!. You can meet your love this Autumn. This Autumn is very warm and beaut ... Read more »

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