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They met each other in ourMatchmaking agency few months ago. It was sunny Spring day. He came to our agency: Tall, blue eyes, sportif, handsome, middle age man from Lisbon.

His intentions were serious and we propose to him to meet few serious ladies.

But Alain (his name is Alain) paid attention only to one girl. Her name is Tania. His choice was correct.Tania is a typical Ukrainian girl: beautiful, educated, easy going, kind, decent, healthy, wealthy and responsible.

They liked each other from the first look.

Alain  and Tania spent fee days in Kiev together. Tania showed to Alain the sightseeings of Kiev and presented him to her parents and relatives. I was their interpreter and It seemed to me that they know each other all the life.

Then the time to go home for Alain. It was very difficult for them to ... Read more »

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 Dear friends! 

 The 12 th of July in Kiev  will be a big Party of marriage minded people. There is a chance to everybody to meet the destiny. You are welcome. We work for you.

 Here is a letter of one of our client who met his future wife in our Party:

 " I want to thank you very  much for the chance , which I had  in the Party. In the last Party I met Lena. She is great. We are going to be married. If somebody is looking for the future wife -   visit the Party.. Thanks for the Party - I had the possibility to find the woman of my dream. Lena and I, we would like to thank again the Matchmaking agency "Love" for  bringing us  together and I wish to everyone to find happiness."


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Many clients ask about our work.

We answer to our clients.

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Free English Lessons

In our agency we propose 5 free English lessons for our new client-ladies.

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Dear ladies!I you are ready to find your destiny in a English speaking country ,but you do not speak English-please, contact us. We will help you to start to learn English.

Now the world is open for marriage with the men from any country. But ,of course, you need to speak English.

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 Dear clients! We started to work with the the company   "Romantic Yacht"  They propose the trips on the river. It is always very interesting .  We invite you to  come to our Matchmaking agency , to find a girl of your dream and make  this unforgettable trip.

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  Welcome to kiev to our Party the 12 of July. In this Party you can be introduced to a caliber of women that you are more than likely not meeting currently in your own environment.

 There are wonderful women in the world who have marvelous qualities and  would make great wives. They are just virtually impossible to find.

 In our Party  you can meet many beautiful, marriage  minded , serious about marriage and  educated, loving, loyal and pleasant. In the party you can choose at least 10 women which you will like.  You will take their contacts and will continue to meet with them next days. Finally you will choose one. 

 If you come for the first time in Kiev- We can meet you at the airport and help you not to be lost in our big city. If you prefer hotel- you can stay in hotel, if you prefer apartment- we have the big choice of cozy apartments in the center of Kiev.

 So, if you are seriou ... Read more »

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Happy End

A very interesting love story has happened in our agency last Spring.

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Dear Friends! The 12 th of July will be a big Party in Kiev. More then !000 ladies from all Ukraine will be there. If you are alone and you are looking for your dream lady- you are very welcome to our Party. Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you. Give us a call +380679749242 or you can write to us :Brideskiev@gmail .com

 If you want to say "No" to your solitude - your are welcome to the Party!

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Today I received a very interesting letter from client. I liked it a lot. I want to publish it. We all need remember about this. And the life will be  better to every body.


*A small story which beautifully illustrates that what you* *sow, yo ... Read more »

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 I want to thank one more my nice client from France. For me ,was a big pleasure to receive so nice present for my birthday.

 Dear Francis! Thanks a lot. Your present to me ,showed that you are real in love with my client. I am very glad for you. You was looking for this special love many years, maybe even all your life. Enjoy this love and I have the hope to be in your wedding.

 Thanks a lot , dear Francis.

  This present was sent for  my birthday from France by my client Francis.

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Dear our clients!.

 Now It is Summer. In Kiev It is a very beautiful season. We started to work with  a company "Romantic". They proposed a very romantic trips on the Dnipro river. We made one trip and my clients and  me liked it a lot.

 If you are interested - contact us. We will organize everything the best way. We are waiting for you.

Добрый день,
Меня зовут Евгений, я представляю яхту VIP уровня "Романтик" и хотел бы предложить сотрудничество с нами на комиссионной основе

Мы предоставляем услуги аренды яхты для различных целей. Благодаря наличию 5 комфортабельных двух-спальных кают, а также верхней палубы вмещающей до 35 человек, яхту можно использовать для туристических поездок разной дальности, проведение различных мероприятий и просто романтических прогулок по Днепру.

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 Dear Friends! 

 We are happy to tell you , that you have a chance to meet your destiny 12 July 2019 in Kiev , if you will come to the big Party. Will be more then 1000 girls from all Ukraine.

 Do not lose your chance!. We are waiting for you. 

For more information call us +380679749242 {tel., Viber, Whats App} Luda or you can write to us Brideskiev@gmail.com

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Eduard and I in the beach in Barcelona. I and his girl friend visited Eduard in his country.

I have my Matchmaking Agency more then 20 years. During those years I have seen many different people: men and women; kind and not kind, serious and not serious ,young and middle ages. They were so different ,but everybody has given some lessons to me and I am very thankful for this to them.

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Happy End

The story of Love of Oxana and Alex is very interesting.

Why I pay a big attention to this story?

... Read more »

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Soon we will have new marriage in our Agency. She is from small city in the center of Ukraine-Uman.

He is from Turkey. His name is Alie.

Wery beautiful couple .He is 37 years old ,never married,University graduat ... Read more »

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 We continue to publish the love story, which happened in our agency last Spring.

 ... It took few weeks that we  were waiting the news from Alex. In my soul , I  was sure that he will contact me. As a ruler, all my clients contact me, even they found the girls in another agencies. Many of my ex  client became my friends .  I am sure that Alex also will be my friend. He was so thankful for me,  that i found for him the girl of his dream.

 And I was right. 

One day Alex contacted me and told a terrible news: he had the terrible car accident and all those days he was in hospital and was so bad , that even could not speak, read and the doctors  were not sure , that he will survive. 

 But thanks God he did.

 Even he was in this difficult situation , he was still thinking about Oxana.   He is thinking about her all time. She is always in his thoughts.

 As s ... Read more »

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We continue to publish the love  story , which happen in our agency last Spring.

 ... When Alex refused to go with Oxana  to the vacation- Oxana was very sad.  She called me many times and asked about Alex, but I did not know what   to say to her.

 One day a big surprise happened- Alex called me and told , that his love to Oxana is so big, that he can not to live without her and asked  me to contact with again and to say her about his love. I called {Oxana does not speak English well}, and told about Alex. 

 She was happy to start the relations with him from very beginning.

 Alex propose to go to vacations in Spain and Oxana was waiting the tickets. The tickets were reserved, we were ready to fly , but Alex did not call and did not answer my  and Oxana phone calls and no communication by Viber. What to do ? What to think?

 We were thinking everything, but  why no answer ... Read more »

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It is so nice when the people can fall in love. One our client is one of those people, who had the chance to meet in our agency her destiny. Congratulation! She sent a nice letter to us and gave the permission to publish it. Here her letter:

 "We had romance trip with my man. 

It’s was our honeymoon time. We met online in Dating Agency. I am from Ukraine and he is from France. We had real meet in Kiev. It’s was magic meet for us, we was very happy to meet each other in real life. It’s was destiny.

I saw his big blue eyes and understood that it’s destiny. It’s was strong feelings. He invited me to romantic trip. We had great trip together. It’s was our happy honeymoon stories! 

I could call that a first love! Love forever!

Thank you for Dating Agency for our ... Read more »

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 We continue to publish love story, which happened in our agency last month.

 This is a letter of Alex to Oksana, which he wrote to her before say "Good-bye" for always.


"Sorry, but I cannot go with Oksana, for me is not clear why she is so interested in money, I work also for my self and earn no money when we go in holiday.

Nevertheless you have a very good article about money on your website, I am not interested in women, wher ... Read more »

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