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Today for some of our clients was the most important event in their life-they met their life partner.

Maybe   they will find their destiny in  this Party?

I also enjoy to help my client to find his dream girl i ... Read more »

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What is the main for woman when she chose a man for marriage?

What do you think?

Maybe you think this is the beauty of your face or  the beauty of your eyes?

Maybe your sexuality?  Maybe your  position in the  social life?  

I will tell the secret- She wants  for marriage the man with a kind heart. For woman It is the most important. 

One my client was looking for her future husband many years and finally  I helped her to find her dream man. They are engaged already and marriage will be soon. 

In this  video you can  see his  horses. Only the man with kind heart can have so happy and nice horses.

When i and she were visiting him in Spain (he lives in Spain)  we paid attention how those horses love him. She was sure that this man &nbs ... Read more »

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Tomorrow Big Party in Kiev

Tomorrow, 31 of January in Kiev will be a big Party of marriage minded people.

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We have date of our Wedding. My boyfriend propose me be his wife.

We have decided marriage soon in Ukraine.

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He loved Her From First Look

Many people fo not believe on the love from the first look.But this love sometimes can happen with people.

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 They met each other one month ago in our agency. They liked each other and decided to know each other better before make one more step. He is from Italia , she is from Ukraine, but both were born in the villages: she in Ukrainian village, he in Italian village.Her name is Lida, his name is Laurant . 

 Laurant came to Kiev to visit Lida  and to meet her parents last week end. Lida's parents could not meet this week end because Lida's mother was sick and Laurant will come to Kiev again after one month.

It is Wi ... Read more »

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Dreaming About Marriage?

Do you know how many people are alone in this world?

... Read more »

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Looking for Life Partner?

If yes-you are welcome to our Party, which will be in Kiev 31 January.

It is a chance for everybody to find a life partner. Many single people met thier destiny in our Parties. ... Read more »

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Flowers-Symbol of Love

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Our client is in love with one charming girl from our  Matchmaking agency “Love”.  It is so nice to realize that we helped to meet them each other. It was the love from the first look. 

He is in love and,of course,he wants to be with his  loved lady. Even It was difficult to him to come  in Ukraine in those day-he made everything in order to be in Kiev, in order to meet her.

They are so happy to be together. Look for those flowers, which he gave to her today!  So cold windy weather, It is snowing and raining and she received so beautiful flowers from him.  She does not need to here the words about love. She looks at flowers  and she is happy. Her man is really in love.

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 Attention to everybody! UFO in Kiev!

 This photo I made today in Kiev at 20.00 p.m. in Kiev in Maydan.  

 Dear ladies!. As you know ,that in my country for one man is 10  women. my Matchmaking agency "Love" contacted with one   manager from UFO and asked him to send  the men from UFO to Ukraine .

 And now you can see UFO. Finally they came to meet us.

 Dear ladies!. Chose the best representatives from UFO and report us about the results.

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Today is the last day of Christmas holidays in our country.

Kiev was very beautiful in those day. Many people came in Kiev to enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

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In our agency soon will be one more wedding. Our client from Spain is going to be married with our client. He came from Barcelona to chose the special place for his wedding.

The place we found and Eduard went home today.  By the way to the airport we stoped for dinner in the restaurant “Kozachok” (she,he and me) and I made some photos.

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Today me and my couple, which is going to be married soon were in the special place in Kiev-Golf Club.

My client from Spain came especially to chose the place for future wedding with my client. He liked a lot this place and he and his fiancee decided to have the wedding in this place.

It is really nice place for  their wedding. We were vey happy to find this place.

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Wedding soon, but the place for wedding was not choosen yet. My client from Spain will be married soon with the most beautiful girl from my agency.

Today he came from Barcelona to kiev in order to find the place for his future wedding. His fiancee, me and he today finally  have seen this place-It is Golf Club in Obolon in Kiev.

Really very nice place. As for me, I will be responsible for the flowers in this Wedding.

This job is the best in the world. I am very happy, that will be one more marriage in my Matchmaking agency “Love”.

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 She was alone longtime. A beautiful, serious and talented young Ukraine lady from nice family. Educated, calm, responsible, charming, but 31 years already and she was never married. So difficult in Ukraine to find a responsible man for marriage. Too many beautiful girls are around . For one man -10girls in Ukraine. So, she was alone and not happy.

 He came from Italia. Serious, educated handsome Italian man with the serious  intentions. He was looking for his dream lady rather long time.

 But this time finally he met she. I hope, that his freedom is finished already. She was so beautiful for him. They met each other few times and now he has to go home. Business is waiting for him.

 He  went home, but his soul now ... Read more »

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