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   If you look my  site and you will read  the "News' of my agency, you ,maybe, can think that I have  a marriage every week ? No , I have many marriages in my Matchmaker Agency, but not every week.

 You cannot even imagine how difficult to create even one couple. Create- It is not correct, because all marriages are created in the Heavens, I only help the people to meet each other and i help with translation ,  to find a nice and not expensive apartment, to meet in the airport and so on.

  Look at this picture of my clients! They had met each other  two years ago. And what?  The girl is waiting the proposal for marriage all this time, but...

 Yesterday he came again in Kiev , we wh ... Read more »

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 This is our favorite client. His name is Bejan. He is very nice person, but it is not easy to find  his destiny. We want to help him and we publish his photo and his letter in our site and we have the hope that his lady will write to him. you can write to this address:    For Bejan

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 We are very glad for our  couple- now they are together in Monaco. They enjoy to be together and to know each other better before the marriage. 

 They had some little misunderstanding last month, but if there is a  big love- all problem can be decided. It happen with this couple.  

 But the main thing . that they are in love. It is LOVE from the first look. He was dreaming about her all his life. He is 54 and he was never married, and only in our Matchmaker's agency he met her one  month  ago.  She has bad experience with marriage in her life, but she was waiting her  destiny and finally he came in her life. Very beautiful love story. 

 The main thing ,that they are together in Monaco  now and they are happy.  Marriage will be soon in our agency.  One more couple in this world will  have happy marriage thanks for our agency. 

 We l like our jo ... Read more »

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Dear friends! Today is one of the biggest holiday in my country- Victory Day.  It is a happy day and the sad day. In every   family  we remember our relatives , who did not come from the war. It was the most cruel war in history of our planet.

 We want  that new generation never know what is war. The people are born to be happy, to love, to be loved, to  have the children and to do something nice in that planet.

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 Kiev is waiting for you

City Kiev it’s capital of Ukraine. And on spring time it’s very beautiful city. I like when chestnut trees are in blossom. A lot of beautiful flowers here now. This time is very romantic. Kiev is famous with historical places, with a lot of chestnut trees, flowers, architecture and it’s large political, industrial, scientific and cultural centre. Kiev very popular with historical places like the monuments to T. G. Shevchenko, it’s Ukraine famous poet, the Golden Gate, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia's Cathedral, St. Vladimir's cathedral. Also in Kiev we have one of the most beautiful street it’s Khreshchatic. Kiev one of the best place for enjoy this beauty. ... Read more »

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This is our new client.Her name is Lena.She lives in Odessa. Lena is very kind person and has a big heart. She always try to help to everybody, who ask her to help.

But there are many creature ,which cannot ask to help,but they need the help. And Lena help them a lot.Those are the homeless animals. When she can see the poor animals who need the help -Lena always try to help them. She looks in their eyes and she can feel their pain and sometimes she cannot sleep, because those she re ... Read more »

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I would like write sweat love letter about our meet and feelings.

Our story happened this spring. We met in dating agency.

Every new day more colorful than last one! Feelings grow up every minutes! Since we saw ... Read more »

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Love...Everybody is dreaming to meet the love in the life and to be happy. It not easy,but it possible.

Somebody meet his love in young age, somebody later, but somebody never.

If the person only wait the big love of his life and doing nothing to find it, there is a chance that the person will never find his destiny.

But now everybody has the chance to find the dream person- there are a lot of Marriage agencies, Matchmakers . We are one of this Matchmaker’s Agency.

We work about 20 years. And during this time we arranged many marriages. Many peoples has find their destiny thanks for our work.

We always happy to help the people to find their love.

Our agency do not do the service- to write the letter  between men and women. We are sure that only personal meeting can give the result. That is why we work only this way- personal meetings. Or you can buy the  contacts of the girl: Telephone number or Viber or What's App ... Read more »

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This is our client Irina. She is not only beautiful, but she has a very kind heart.

Irina graduated the University in Kiev , now she has a good job. But she is not happy because she is alone. Its not easy to find a dream man in Ukraine even you are Miss. That is why Irina came to our agency in order to find a real ,serious man for marriage.

She is looking for an intelligent ,kind ,responsible man in order to create a strong family, based in the mutual love and respect.

 Irina is Miss , but she think that the most important for woman is her beauty of soul. Irina try to help to everybody , who will ask for help. 

 But she loves the children a lot and she decided to help the orphans.

 Now Irina takes care about ... Read more »

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Dating agency organized first meet. We met on our first date. 

When I met him first I was surprised how nice feelings I have, I saw my type of man. He’s funny and carrying about everything, he even talks to me every morning and night,  we discussed our thoughts about relationships, he made me laugh and smile, I so happy that we met.

To this day he makes me happy and smile every day. I have big feelings and I know that it’s love.

When I look at his eyes I see part of me there, because he really love me so much. His eyes is blue and I would like that our children have his colors of eyes. When we together we have butterflies in our stomach. 

I want say very big thank you for dating agency that we met with my love, with my partner. We both have very serious plans for our future. Our relationship is very strong and very special with big power of love. 

He find key to my heart and he feel how make me happy, together w ... Read more »

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 This is our client from Italia. His name is Salve. Salve is very serious about marriage. He was never married and no children, but he wants to have a happy family. Salve is  going to come in Kiev this Summer. He wants fo find his dream girl. 

 Salve is easy going, romantic,warm and sensitive man with a great sense of humor. Physically and emotionally stable, love kids and animals and the life itself.

"I enjoy candlelight dinners, sunsets, movies, music,nature, art, reading and the sea. I have many divers hobbies and interests which include: body building,hiking, photography and foreign languages{ I study English, and before to go to the holidays in Kiev this Summer- I want to speak good English well}."

Seeking ten ... Read more »

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 Finally we decided what dress will  buy for our new bride. We were looking long time in order to buy the dress for our fiancee. She is a very beautiful woman and we want that the day of her marriage will be very special. So the dress has to be also very special.

 We started to look for her dress in Portugal, where she , her fiance and me were in vacation in May. And we continue to look in Kiev. We visited many shops and we have seen many very beautiful dress for marriage.   Finally we decided  to buy the dress for our fiancee in the shop "Novias" in Kiev.

 When we will buy that marriage's dress we will publish the photo of it, if our fiancee will give the permission to us. He have the hope that we will ... Read more »

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How  We Work

 First of all we want to say to you that our agency does not write the letters between man and women.

We  prefer to work another way.

We are sure ,that only personal meeting can give the result.

 If you have a possibility to come to Ukraine,to Kiev-its the best solution.  If no-you can  choose the photos of ladies and buy their contacts and start  to  communicate with them.

 Then you can come in Kiev and meet with those ladies in person.

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We read about romantic Kiev in dating site and decided walk. Today was excellent weather. We walked and makes some nice photos. It’s really truth that Kiev is very romantic city for couples. It’s a lot of couples walking and kissing on the streets. Atmosphere is very romantic. If your foreign boyfriend or husband is a special romantic person it’s best way how to spend special romantic time together and show him your city. We had amazing time together, spoke about feelings, romantic, learn more about each other and look around how is nice life and city. I saw smile on his face, looked at his eyes and saw how he happy! I saw twinkle in his eye when we looked on angel monuments and talked about sweet love.We told beautiful words to each. It’s ... Read more »

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 Soon in our agency will be wedding. The wedding will be very special. Our client is 54 years old and was never married. And finally he  found his dream woman in our agency. He was looking for her many years and only now the destiny smiled to him. 

 And, of course, his woman  also is very happy. It was the love from the first look. It is happen like this not everyday in our agency. For us , It is also a big event. We are very happy for our new couple.

 Now we are thinking which dress to choose for our bride. And  there is an idea to choose the dress for wedding in Ukrainian style. It is not decided jet, but we are still  thinking.

... Read more »

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 Wedding soon. But the dress for wedding we cannot still find find . Today we visited a luxury bridal store "Novias" in the center of Kiev. Here we saw many beautiful dresses. I think we will buy a wedding dress for our bride in this shop.

... Read more »

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Marriage will be soon in our Marriage agency. He is Italian, she is Ukrainian. They met each other in our agency.It was love from the first look

They met each other, then he had to go home. After two week she, he and me,all together went to the vacation to Portugal to spend one week near the ocean. It was real great.

And for Easter holidays he came to Kiev. We spend this week all together, because I had to translate, as she does not speak English.  

So ,I am sure, soon I can publish the video of their wedding. If there is love  -will be marriage.

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 When are you looking longtime for somebody- you will always find. It is true. One our client from Italia was looking for his dream woman longtime. And one month ago the destiny smiled for him:in our agency he met his destiny. It was love from the first look.

 For Easter holidays he came to Kiev. And It was so wonderful in Kiev for them to be together !. 

 I will publish some photos of this Easter holidays in Kiev.

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 This is Salve, our client from Italia.He is kind and quit person. Salve was never married and no children. His hobbies are: computers, cooking, reading, some sports, movies, foreign languages and  conversation. 

 He is looking for a lady of similar interests. Salve will  come to Kiev soon. Dear girls, look to the eyes of Salve!. You can read everything in those deep and beautiful eyes. Write to him to this address:

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 The fiance came in Kiev to spend Easter holiday with his fiancée. It is pity,that the vacations are not long.

In Kiev we visited the most famous restaurants,parks,went for a walk and enjoyed the good whether in Kiev.

 Now  the weather changed and the Easter vacation finished and our client-fiance had to go home. But the good  memoirs  are with us.

We are in one of the best restaurant  not far from Kiev. Why this restaurant is one of the best? Very tasty food and look this nature around us! Cannot be more romantic place for dinner for two people who are in LOVE! It was lake a tale. As for me, I was doing those romantic photos.

... Read more »

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