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 Sometimes our client send to us very interesting letters and the photos. Some photos  are very interesting and we decided to publish. Maybe will be interesting to another our clients also.

 Those photos came from Lugano.

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Situation With COVID-19 in Kiev Now

 Many my clients ask me about the situation with  COVID-19 in Kiev now. They are ready to come in Kiev in order to meet  the dream lady for marriage What is life if you are alone? The person cannot be happy if has no love in life. And many men from many countries come to Ukraine to find the dream girl. Ukrainian ladies are the best for marriage in the world.  And they are beautiful.

 But for now to come in Kiev It is problem. Kiev now is in orange zone. The people can come only if they have the special permission.  This low is to 29 th of September. Then we will see what will be and we will write in our site .

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Kiev Invites to Botanic Garden

 In Kiev there is  one place which it is not possible not visit in our days- It is the Botanic garden.  It is situated not far from the center and we are proud to have so beautiful Botanic garden in our city. This garden is one of the most beautiful in Europe.  many generations were working a lot in order to do this cozy place in Kiev.

 To all our clients we recommend to visit this garden. But   for the people who cannot visit this garden - we made some photos in order that everybody had a possibility to enjoy this beauty.

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Si vous voulez vraiment de trouver une femme de votre vie - alors ne decidez plus de vous engager acec une femme par correspondance, sur simple photographie ou en invitant une farfaite inconnue a visiter les charmes de la France.

 Si vous voulez vraiment de trouver une femme de votre vie- prenez les choses en main, choisissez vos rencontres librement, un choix d'autant plus difficile que ces femmes Ukrainiennes sont toutes jolies, douces, simples, devouees et tres attachees aux valeurs morale.

 Venez a Kiev a notre  Agence et vous allez trouvez que vous disons la veritee. 

Nous vous attendons.

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 The Tree of Love

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The Letter from Italia

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 We are happy to write again about the good news in our  Matchmaking agency "Love". We have a new couple . They are going to be married soon. 

 And now they are looking to buy the wedding dress and the marriage rings. Very important things  for the wedding.  Those rings will be all life with them. That's why my couple are looking for the rings two days already.  Finally they found the rings which they liked. Congratulation!

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In Quarantine  We ... Read more »

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In our Matchmaking Agency “Love”  Galia and Max will be married soon. Now they are looking for Wedding  dress. We are happy for them!

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Kiev now in quarantine, but if you miss Kiev and you want to go for a walk in Kiev-you are welcome!

We made those video for you.

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 In our agency soon will be wedding.It is a big event in the life of everybody who is going to be married. ... Read more »

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 This is our client. She is going to be married soon. Today  she and her future husband were looking for a wedding dress in the shops of Kiev. I think It is the most happy moments of life to do this job. They visited many shops in order to find the best dress for their wedding. It seems that they are ready to buy one very beautiful dress.  

 Some photos we can publish. So nice news in our agency!

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 This is our  client. He is very serious about  marriage..  This is his letter:

"My name is Piyush. ... Read more »

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In Kiev Autumn  Already

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 Maydan in Kiev Today

 This article i write to my clients who like s Kiev and miss Kiev. 

 Now Ukraine is in quarantine again and many my clients from many countries cannot come to Ukraine. We have the hope that the quarantine will finish 29 of September.

 But how many our clients want to come in Kiev! For them I made some photos in Maydan. The center of Kiev is empty. You can see in those photos. The people try to stay at home. Even today the weather is very nice -  only few person you can see in Maydan. As  a ruler in the day like this there are a lot of people in the center of Kiev, but not today. The restaurant are empty also.

 in any case, we are optimist. We are sure that one day everything ... Read more »

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About Party in September

  Many my clients are waiting the news about the  Party of mariage minded people.

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Those video are made by one of our client. She is very spiritual person and try to develop herself. In those video you can see some moments of the practic in the forest not far from Kiev.

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New Service in Our Agency

 As Ukraine is again in quarantine to the end of September and our clients cannot come to Ukraine  we propose new service in our agency. 

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  My Happy Couple

 What was a great news was when I knew that my client from France was coming in Kiev in order to meet his girl friend, also my client .I presented her to him in my agency one day. That day was happy day to her ,to him and to me.

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