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  The News From Our Clients

     In the world today the most important is the situation with COVID-19.

 Everybody  has the hope to hear  the good news. 

 And today  finally we can publish  a very goid news from our client from Sweden-the situation with COVID -19 is better now. 

We have the hope that one day we will publish the news that this problem is finished in all planet. 

 This day will come soon,we are sure.

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COVID-19 and Relationships  in Our Agency

   What do you think about the relationships  between  the people during the quarantine?  I &nb ... Read more »

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My clients travel in Ukraine and time from time send me interesting photos from different part of Ukraine. Today we want to show you,dear readers, those video from Western Ukraine.

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You Are Welcome to Western Ukraine

 This years to travel to another country it is not so easy.And my clients travel in Ukraine.

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  Many my clients ask me about to come in Kiev now. One my clients from Monaco is ready to come. He also asked the Embassy if it is possible to come to Kiev now and  received the answer "Yes" this is his letter to me:

"Bonjour Luda. Voici la réponse de l’ ambassade Française : pratiquement il faut un test anti virus soit à l’ entrée en Ucraine , soit un autre au maximum 3 jours avant de rentrer à Monaco. En général, ils déconseillent de venir. Donc je connais comment faire ."

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Those video wwas sent by my client from Kherson, a very special,beautiful city in the South of Ukraine. She made those video not far from Kherson,near Dniper river. This year it is not possible to travel  abroud and  we travel in Ukraine.

There are a lot of beautiful places in Ukraine and this one is one of this.

Dear  our clients!  If you will come some day to Ukraine -you can visit Kherson  and also this place. And in Kherson  the girls are the most beautiful from all Ukraine.


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For Ladies

  Dear ladies!

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Sad Love Story

... Read more »

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Party in September

 Dear our clients!

 We ... Read more »

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Present For Loved Man

... Read more »

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 Beaucoup de mes clients demade  moi si cela possible de venir a Kiev maintenant?   Ce possible, mais il faut demanser L'Ambassade de Ukraine a votre pay.  Ici je vais publier la reponse de Abassade de Ukraine en France:

"Il est désormais possible de déroger au régime d’auto-isolement en pratiquant un test de Covid-19 (PCR) après le franchissement de la frontière de l’Ukraine"


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Some Advice to Our Clients

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 Today we celebrate Ivava Kupala  Day. This religion holiday is very popular in my country. in this day  the girls try to know about their future husband. In order to know this - the girls are doing some magic thing. You can see in this picture how the girls try to know about future marriage.

 It is a very beautiful holiday with the flowers, the song and with the hope for better life.

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 Their Hearts Are Together

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 my My name is Piyush.. I am 33 years old. 170cm tall, 65 kg. 

I studied in England business management. I live in Ukraine and India and travel in Europe and America ... Read more »

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Valentina and Mark

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About  Coming in Kiev

  My clients ask me about coming in Kiev in our days.

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Dear our clients!

Many of you ask me if will be a Party of marriage minded people in Kiev in July? 

Sorry, we need to tell you that  will be no Party for marriage minded people in Kiev in July. This is for first time for 20 years that we canceled our Party. But the situation in the world  is so that it is impossible  to have this Party in July.

But as soon as the situation will change, dear friends, the Party will be. Our ladies are waiting for you. We have the hope that  The Party will be in September. As soon the situation will be sure-we will write to you in our site.

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