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 They decided to be together in their life. So nice when too lonely people can find each other. I am very happy that thank for me those people will be happy. She was my client many years. I try to help her to find her man and even we were close to this , but she was alone. 

He came to my agency just before Kiev was closed of corona virus. But he was so sincere and so positive ,that I told to myself "I must help him"

 Thomas lives in USA. Marina lives in Chernigov. Far away . But It is not a problem. They started ... Read more »

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 Dear Marina! Congratulation!.

 Your man met you  now and propose marriage and follow him in this special moment for all the planet. From all the countries we hear only sad news. But from our agency the people can hear happy news-new marriage in our Matchmaking agency!Congratulation!

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 It is so nice to write about a happy event , which was happen in our days in our Matchmaking agency "Love".

 Yes, It is a big event in our days- the propose to marriage.

 Our client Thomas from USA met his dream woman in our agency. He was looking for her a long time. She was waiting for him all her life.

 They decided to start the process of VISA to USA now. Not waiting when the situation with  COVID-19 will be finished, but now. Bravo! 

  When we hear from all the world only sad news, It is so nice to write this happy new. The life  is wonderful!

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 Our thankful  client Thomas!

 This letter our new client Thomas from USA wrote to us a few days ago. Yes, just a few days ago. He left Kiev  one day before Kiev was closed. Here is his letter:

"That they have a lot to offer in Love and Loyalty to the right person.{Women]

  I am looking for that in a wife.  ... Read more »

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 In this difficult moment  which we have in the world we still are working. We want to say to everybody ,that we are stronger that corona virus. You see China has a good result now. It gives the hope to us also.

 For a while until we all are blocked by corona virus we want to give to all our men clients free membership for two weeks in our new site.

 We are sure, that during this time you will be at least a little happy to have friendship with very beautiful Ukrainian ladies. They are waiting for you , dear men.

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 News from Kiev

 Dear Clients!. Sorry to tell you , but  even so nice warm Spring we have this year, we cannot invite you now in Kiev. We are sure , that one day will come and we will be so happy to meet you in the airport with flowers. Yes with the best flowers of Ukraine. 

 The situation is difficult in the all world. But this situation showed us that we need to enjoy every moment of our life and do something nice in this world.

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I know that many our clients want to know the situation now in Ukraine. It is pity, but for now the situation is  not very good. Our government try to do the best to safe our people.

At least you can see that the streets are empty. We have the hope that our government  have done this in time.

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 This is me ,Luda, the owner of Matchmaking agency "Love'.

 In this difficult time for everybody I want to say, that the life  is not stopped. The difficult times  be not long.time . 

 Even in the most difficult time of our history the people loved and wanted to be loved.

 Our Agency propose to all our clients-men who want to find their dream girl  the free service during 2 weeks. 

We have new site: 

Join us for free and we will give you 2 weeks free service. And maybe those 2 weeks will change your life for better.

We are work for you.

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 This sad photo is made in Spain by  one of my client yesterday. No people in the  city. Only It is rain. Sad , very sad picture. Like this it was never, but the reality like this.

 But in the heart of my client is Sunshine. He is in love. He is loved by one my girl from my agency. This give him the hope that one day they will be together,as soon as those difficult days will finished. 

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We must value every minute and every moment.  We must be grateful to every person who has entered our lives.  Now that this virus has come into our world, we must be courageous and we must be extinct thanks to love and feelings.  Love gives us strength, love gives us faith.  Thanks to feelings, we know that we live not in vain. We must overcome all our problems thanks to love and peace in the soul!  Our girls are waiting for love and happiness! They are ready to love and be loved!  Let's believe in love and our strength will come with this faith!--

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 It seems to me that I look some cinema with terrible subject. We still cannot believe ,that this is a reality.

 Everything changed in one moment.

 Just our president informed Ukrainian people about the situation with corona virus in Ukraine. In my life I heard many presidents in my country from the times of the Soviet Union. This  president was the best.  Young, smart and really is able to do something to stop this  problem. Big problem in the world. we have the hope that in Ukraine this virus will be stop.

 At least, we , the simple people are ready to do everything in order to stop it.

 Tomorrow in Ukraine will be stop all transport, even metro. Only taxi, some buses and some trolley buses.  Metro was always working,  only was stop one or two times for  90 years

  I publish some photos from Ukraine.

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 Few days ago we wrote in our News that we will have the Big Party of marriage minded people in Kiev the 3d of April 2020.

Sorry. The situation in the world is so that it not possible. Ukraine try to do everything to stop corona virus

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"I think that the Women (Ladies) from here are Strikingly Beautiful.

  That they have a lot to offer in Love and Loyalty to the right person.

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 We propose to our clients to visit SESC «Kupol». For many people it will be interesting.

SESC «Kupol» is a large outdoor shooting range, whic ... Read more »

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 Even the situation with corona virus is serious , the big Party of marriage minded people will be!

 The 3d of April  2020 in Kiev will be a Party of Marriage minded people. We invite brave people to this Party. We are waiting for you,dear friends!

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  Not simple situation now in the world. The situation with corona virus is dangerous. Everybody afraid.

 But in our agency there are a lot of brave men: they are not afraid nothing. 

In those not simple days they came to our agency in order to find their dream girls. What is life without love? The life is empty.

 This is the opinion of my clients who are in Kiev now.

 yesterday one of my favorite client came from far away to Kiev , to our agency. A very brave man! I am sure he will find his dream girl . And we will help him.

 Yesterday we visited one of the best restaurant in Kiev and we were happy to start to look for this one, special girl for marriage.

Presents from all heart.

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 Yes,the situation in the world is difficult,but the life continues.

Our the most brave clients are already in Kiev. Some people have the strong immune system and they are not afraid of any virus .As a rule,those people are the vegetarians. Many my clients take cold shower all year round and they never sick. They also not afraid of any virus. ... Read more »

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Place your profile for FREE on our website and use the following features:

- Quick and easy registration

- Upload up to 50 photos

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 Dear Ladies!.

 for you in those special days this agency prepared a present for you.Read this article and  ,believe, all knowledge we need in our life. Maybe this knowledge will be also necessary in your life.

Милые девушки, 

Примите наши искренние поздравления с  замечате ... Read more »

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 Everybody in this world has his half .God created the half for everybody.

... Read more »

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