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It was not easy to work during all  2020 year. It was not easy not only for  Marriage agencies, but for everybody.

 Even in those conditions we were able to help some our clients to meat their half. And as a result , the couples decided to be married next year.  They did not chose the day and month of wedding yes, but they decided to be married. 

 This is a nice news and make us happy!

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The tradition to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Ukraine is very strong. Even this Year, special year, we are going to celebrate those holidays. Look what nice New Year Tree in the center  of Kiev!

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Merry Christmas to everybody!

 This is one  of the  biggest holiday of the year for everyday. We all are waiting this holiday all year.  In my  country  we celebrate Christmas 7 th January , but  many people celebrate Christmas 25 of December.

 Those day are special days, I can say magic days.   

 This year Christmas was not  like another years.  We have the hope that next year  everything will be better.

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Tombe la nege, tu ne vienras pas ce soir et mon coeur s’habille de noir...

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 Every couples sometimes have the problems.  This couple also had. But Finally they are together.  We helped them. And she sent again the thankful letter to us. I big pleasure to receive the letter like this:

"And its right choose this Dating Agency. Because here is real date meet

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 In this cold weather it is so pleasant to look those photos of my couple. They are in love, in a big love. 

 The life without love is empty. And to find this big love it is so difficult. The love story of this couple is also not simple.  But today finally they are together. It is a big pleasure for us to know this.




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Today we celebrate Saint Nicholas Day. Today -this is a day of presents. Children are waiting this day. They receive the presents from parents, grand parents, friends. 

 But we are all like children and even we are more then 50, we still wants to receive the presents from Saint Nicholas. 

 The best present for all us  , which we all are praying - finishing of COVID-19.

 We have the hope that we all will receive this present from Saint Nicholas very soon.

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 Our clients from Europe started to send to us video and photos of celebration of Christmas in their countries. 

Some photos are really very special. We wanted to show to you ,dear our clients. In our days to travel to many countries not easy, but at least we can see some photos.

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This video we made today in Kiev. Ukraine started to celebrate Christmas. This holiday is the most popular in  our country. Even this year was not easy, the people were waiting Christmas to celebrate. Look how beautiful is New Year Tree!

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 This year was not easy for work. But even this year we have a good result. What is for us a good result? For the Matchmaking agency the beast result is when they clients are going to be married, 

So this year in our agency  we had few Engagements. The people are not married yet, but they are i love and we have the hope that next year they will be married. If the situation  in the world will be better - we will have some marriages.  We are glad that could to help the lonely people to meet each other

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  Dear Clients!. If you decide to come to Ukraine to celebrate Christmas with us - you are very welcome. 

 We no not work only the 25 of December. The others day we are open. We also work the 1st of January. 

 In Ukraine we celebrate Christmas the 7th of January. This day , of course ,we do not work .

  We will be happy to see you. We are working for you!


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 They Are in Love

  It is so nice to write about our new couple! They  are very happy now-they are in love. Their met each other in our agency last Summ ... Read more »

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  This our client is still looking for his dream girl.

 His name is Pijosh. He was born in India, but  now he lives in many countries. He has his ... Read more »

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 Sometimes our clients send to us  very special photos from different parts of the world.  And now , during quarantine It is interesting to look those photos. We cannot travel now and when we look those photos- we dream to visit new places, as soon It will be possible.


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