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Kiev is a beautiful city in any time. Many people like to go for a walk in the evening and enjoy romantic atmosphere  of Kiev. Lets go  together and also enjoy the romantic atmosphere of our capital.

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In our country one of the most popular holiday in International Woman's Day.

 We all like this holiday. In this day you can see many women in the street with flowers. It is a tradition in our country.

In all family we also celebrate this day. 

 And ,of course, in our agency it is a Special day. 

 Men ,as a ruler, in this day send the flowers to their lady. It is also a good tradition in our agency.


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If you look at this photo , you can see that It is still Winter, but today is the fist day of Spring. 

Dear our  friends! we wish you happy Spring. We all have the hope that this Spring will be happy. 

The vaccination is started in Ukraine also and we have the hope that after few months  the problem with COVID19 will be finished., and this Spring will be happy for everybody.

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 SOMETIMES OUR clients send to us very interesting photos from place where they live. Today we received an interesting photo from Monaco from our client. We cannot go to Monaco now , but at least we can enjoy the photo.

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This  Letter for Men

  We wrote already about this subject. But we want to write one more time.

 Dear our customs!  In our agency thire us a ruler -do not send money to the girls if you are not engaged. 

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Western Ukraine is a popular place for  romantic trip for the couple. One of my couple decided to go for the trip to Western Ukraine. They visited many interesting places and sent some photos and video to us.

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How to  Find  Your Half

In this photo you can see one our couple. They are very happy.


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 How   We  Work Now 

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A cold Winter now in Ukraine. But my new couple went to dinner to a special testaurant in the center of Kiev and It is like in some Islands. No,they are in Kiev. But today they decided to go for the vacation in some warm country. The main thing that they are together and they are happy!

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   What a nice holiday we will celebrate soon- Valentine's day!.  All  people who are in love like this holiday a lot. 

 Even this year in Valentine's Day will be very cold, in any case our client want to send to the ladies the beautiful flowers in order to make them happy. 

 But not only flowers  our ladies like to receive, but also  the sweets. 

 Dear men! if you like to make a present - sweets to you lady, we can do  this with a great pleasure.

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 Very cold Winter came to Ukraine. This photo  we publish for our clients who love s to visit our country in Winter. In Winter our country is also beautiful. And some our clients like to come in Kiev to spend Valentine's Day  together with the loved lady. 

  This year we will celebrate Valentine's Day in very cold weather -20C. But in any case our women will receive the flowers this day or the day before. Love is love!

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 Dear our clients!.Soon we will celebrate Valentine's Day - Day of Love. In this day  the people who loves each other send the presents to each other. 

 The best present for woman - flowers. In our country the ladies like to receive the flowers. 

 Our agency also propose to our clients-man to send the flowers to the loved lady. 

 Dear men! You can look those photos and chose the flowers which you like and we will send to your lady . 


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  This article i want to publish for the ladies. Sometimes they can forget that in the couple the man is the head of the family.

 The first human couple, Adam and Eve, were placed in a beautiful garden setting and given the rewarding challenge of transforming the earth into a global paradise,  God decreed that Adam was to be the head of the family. Eve was to cooperate with his headship as his "helper", or " complement." But Eve rebelled at this arrangement. She usurped her husband's headship and disobeyed the one and only prohibition God had placed upon them. Adam then abdicated his headship and joined her in this revolt-Genesis1;26-3:6

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 This letter was written by our client Inna to her loved man Oscar. Inna asked us to publish this letter in our site. She knows that Oscar like to read the news in our site,  

 Inna and Oscar  met each other in our agency about one year ago. They had  few dates and then Oscar had to go home to Spain.  They had the plans to meet again but the situation in the world was changed. Now they write each other the letters and they are waiting the better times to meet again. 




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 This little painting is made by one of our talented client. She made this painting  for her loved man. It will be her present to him to Valentine"s    Day. She think that the best present in the present made bu the own hands. But for the girls the best present -flowers. In this day ,even this day in my country is a Winter day, you can see many flowers around in all streets. A very nice holiday. We all are waiting for it!

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Our client who came in Kiev from  another country to visit his girl friend is agree with me. In so clod weather, in so difficult time for the world-he decided to come, because he is in  love. In those video we show you, dear readers, the restaurant were our couple spend the romantic evening together.

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 A very romantic date we had in our Matchmaking agency "Love" this week. I am very glad that there are the brave real men, who are not afraid not a cold winter, not a corona virus and they come in Kiev to meet the loved woman.

 In those pictures you can see the restaurant where my couple had a very romantic evening. This restaurant is for far from the center of Kiev. And this restaurant is very good for meeting of couples who are in love.

 We have the hope that it will be one more  marriage in our agency!

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 Look to this photos, dear  friends!. This photo is made by our client from Italia. But now he is in Kiev in order to find his dream girl. He made this photo from the window of his hotel in the center of Kiev. 

 Look what a special photo he made!. I think that he is very talented.

 He is looking for a very special, also talented lady for the future marriage. We will help him and one day will be one more happy couple in our agency.

 If he came to us in so special time and he is not afraid of corona virus- this man is very serious about marriage.  Not many clients come to Kiev now. Only few, but those few are very serious.

 We are sure, that they will be married soon.

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  Do you think we will celebrate Valentino's day this year? I think "Yes". This is a  special day for all people who are in love. Even this year the situation in the world is not a simple  the people  think that LOVE  It is the most important for everybody.

 To our clients we propose the flowers, which  they can send to their loved ladies. If you want to send flowers to the ladies from our site-write to us and we will do it with a great pleasure. 

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One our client sent us some photo of the place where she lives- in Siberia. Maybe for somebody will be interesting to see those photos.  Look how many snow in the street! And the temperature sometimes can be -30C. But the people live there, work and enjoy the life!

 This article I wrote for some my clients who lives in very good climate and have everything to enjoy the life, but they always are not glad.

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