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3. Medium - Rare topics !

During 2nd date in mid level restaurant. Possibly Italian or Ukrainian restaurant, now you are ready to discuss a bit more medium rare topics. Just like cooking steak, not well done heavy topics but light and a bit more serious stuffs. Ask her what is her ideal family value? How many kids? Does she wants to live in your country? What is her lifestyle? Where does she want to travel to? What is the most important thing in life? Value system? Her principle or philosophy?

4. Look into window of soul!

- while you are on 2nd date. Look into her soul. Look into her eyes and feel her soul. Does she look back to you? See if she enjoys to look at your face. Keep smiling and look into her eyes and try to find her depth of soul. ... Read more »

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1. Bring 3 flowers!

- if you brought 1 flower in 1st meeting then bring 3 flowers. Slavic culture avoid even numbers. Odd numbers only. Thus 1,3,5,7,9,11,13...

2. Take her to mid level restaurant. 

- After you decided to take your chosen lady to 2nd meeting, now you are ready to have meal course for 90 mins or more. 

You don't want to take her to fancy restaurant. It will increase her expectation only. Take her to good, clean, tasty restaurant with highly recommended by your local hotel concierge or trip advisor. 

90 min is good amount of time for 2nd date. Appetizers, main course then desert will allow both of you to talk more about serious topics. But try to stay away from wine or any alcoholic drinks. If yo ... Read more »

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What a nice tradition Devishnik. Before the wedding the girls congratulat the  fiancée.
It’s an old tradition in our culture, but very nice tradition. Next Friday will be marriage, but today we celebrate Devishnik. Let ‘s wish our fiancée be happy.

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This is our client Joseph. Joseph lives in USA, in California. He was nor married and has no children.
He loves the animal, the nature and the life itself. Joseph has his own home and the land. A lot of animals live there. Joseph is looking for his dream woman. We try to help him to find this special,kind and beautiful woman.
Dear women!
If you like Photo of Joseph -write to him.  For Joseph

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This is our client Jose from Spain. He  is still looking for his dream girl.
Jose is very kind and responsible, has everything in his life, only he need a right woman for marriage. Dear girl! If you like the photo of Jose -please,write to him.

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This couple meet in our Agency one year ago. They liked each other from the beginning, but their relations are  not going so quickly. They are not in a hurry. Maybe even Its better than  to be in a hurry.
Now they spend time together in Kiev and enjoy the life.
We have the hope for the happy end.

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One bedroom apartment for rent, in st. Sofievskaya, 4. near Khreschatyk Street, St. Sophia and St. Michael's Square. Subvay stations: Maidan Nezalezhnosti" (the Independence Square) - 1 min, subwaystation Kreschanik" - 5 min. Equipped kitchen has everything you need. 40 €

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I am a student am offering human resource management at Ghana University legon.

I am looking for someone who believes that a true intimate partner looks out for the other and vice versa. While navigating life together, we are caring and concerned for each others well-being because we make each other so happy and we love each other very much..

Dear girls, if you like him-write to us and we will give your contacts to him. Our e-mail is for Joshua.


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Flat for rent in center of Kiev, street Grinchenko, 4 One bedroom apartment,

The apartment has a spacious living room with a sofa. Equipped kitchen has everything you need. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, discos, casinos, hotels and ashopping center Globus close to the house. 40 €

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Last Weekend in Kiev was the exhibition of Cats.
Our client likes the animals a lot.We visited this Exhibition with great pleasure.


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Sometimes our client send to us very interesting photos from their country or from the countries where they travel.Today we received the photos from Italia where our client  from USA now is traveling.
What a romantic photos!But why there is only one cap?

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3. Girls who was raised as only child.

This can be serious factor. As i said, not all of only child ard selfish but most of them are.

You gotta spend long enough to really determine if she has caring personality.

4. Girls who had modeling career in past but now with average job with over 25 years of age.

Ex models or current models can be big trouble maker. You must know this before you decide to marry her. They have very narrow view of life and materialism is in their core value system. They are beautiful but it comes with price. If you can't afford their lifestyle and needs then better to leave them alone.
Don't expect you found exceptions among them. They can't possibly know anything better or spiritual...they ve been modeling since 14 or 15...they might go to church from time to time. But it doesn't mean their values are spiritual. They are probably praying to holy spirit to b ... Read more »

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1. Girls who are still in college especially preparing for exams.

- this doesn't apply to all girls who are in college. But in 99% of cases, most of girls in college are uncertain with their future and they could give you freaking headaches especially if they are preparing for final exams to get law degree or doctor's license.

Most of times, it can just be well as timing issues. But you are looking for wife who is preparing to have family, not the ones who are preparing to be career women. They can't pay attention to you 100% in this particular time of their life. And you don't want to be a man who just give what they need.

In order for Love to be in healthy status, mutual support for each other's emotional and physical needs are very important.

2. Girls who still live in home under parental guidence.

These types of girls can be very complicated. They say one thing ... Read more »

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In our Agency e big event. One our client met his dream girl. Today they visited a folk museum near Kiev-Pirogovo. Even the whether was nice for them.
Look which interesting photos they sent.

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This is our client Jose. He is from Spain.
Jose is very kind, good heart person but not  happy in private life. He cannot find his dream girl.
We try to help him to find this one special girl.
Dear Girls! Look his photos and profile and if you like his photo-write to him, maybe you will be his dream girl and maybe you also will find your destiny.
Write to this address:
For Jose

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This is our client Assou Ouhaddou. Hi lives in Tinghir. Little obaut him: "The name Hassan Wahdou from Morocco,  I am 28 years old My profession is a massacre".
Dear girls, if you like him-write to us and we will give your contacts to him. Our e-mail is for Assou Ouhaddou.

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Sometimes we receive very interesting photos from our clients.Today we received the photos and a short video from desert.We want to show to you those photos.We think that they are very special.


& ... Read more »

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