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Сегодня 4 лунный день. Символы дня Древо познания Добра и Зла! 

Сегодня возможны ситуации выбора между добром и злом. В общении могут появится нерешительность и растеряность.

Чтобы сохраниться в уверенности, следите за своими мыслями и словами.

Созидайте сегодня. Желайте успеха не только себе в делах, но и другим.  

В бизнесе тщательно думайте перед принятием решений. День хорош для торговых операций.

В здоровье будьте внимательны, негативная энергия, которая проявилась за сегодня, отдаст остеохондрозом. Погуляйте лучше на природе.

Выбор определяет ваш путь. Вселенная вас в нем поддержит.

Что же рекомендуется делать:

- наводить порядок в письмах, документах

- восстанавливать об ... Read more »

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Cool, foggy day in Kiev, but we are in sunny Spain (my client,his fiancee and  me). We are invited to Barcelona to celebrate the Birthday of Eduard,my client.

Eduard came to my agency at the end of last Winter. He met his future wife in my agency and he is going to be married soon with her. 

Eduard is 50 years old now and  we celebrate his birthday wery well.

Be happy, dear Eduard.

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 Dear Ladies! In my agency we will give the English lessons for our clients for free.  If you really serious to find the future husband in  another country - you must speak English. It is very important. How to know his soul, if you cannot speak the same language? 

Yes , we have the interpreters , but you must speak  speak English. It is clear like a day and night.

 So, we decided to give 5 free lessons for our new clients , who want to find a man in our agency.  For more information you can write to us : 

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I have nice relationships with my boyfriend.  We met online in dating Agency. He is a Christian French-Canadian. On the beginning it was only a friendship but with weeks... We had contact every day, was very positive communication. We did long distance for three months but it’s was easy. We wrote a lot of text messages, emails, Skype / FaceTime, Viber and many hand-written cards... it’s was romantic time for us. He send me nice flowers for presents. It’s was very romantic period for us.

But one day He took his courage and I bought an airline ticket to finally see me in real life  for the first time. 

I remember that day.

He called me by phone in the morning. He wanted say me “ Good morning, sweety” ... Read more »

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My boyfriend and I met at cafe in Kiev.

He found my profile in Internet. It’s was Dating Agency. He looked a lot of profits. There are many beautiful single girls in Ukraine.

But he choose my photos and decided organize date.

He met Madam Luda and she arranged our date. First date was in April 2019. 

Our first date was very nice. We became very good friends, we talked about life, about hobbies, interests. We liked each other fast. We spent every day together before he fly back to home. And the love grew quickly! We was happy together! After his return we flew to see each other every 2-3 weeks. This distance was heart wrenching for us, our feelings grew with strong passion and love. This distance is too far for us. Because our ... Read more »

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This Island is situated in  Atlantic  ocean, not far from Faro, in Portugal. 

Nobody lives there. I can say that this Island is for romantic couples. 

This place It is like a Paradise. I recommend to all my new couples to spend the holidays there

The atmosphere  in this Island is very romantic.  Almost no people, flowers, ocean, warm sand, warm wind and the song of  ocean. In the middle of the ocean there is a very nice restaurant with tasty food.

 As for me, I visited this Island with my new couple. They are going to be married soon.

The impression of this place is wonderful and  the angels of love,who live there helped to my couple to fall in love. I am sure of this.

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A very pleasant meeting in cafe" Kozatsky"

 A very nice client came to our agency today. As in Ukraine for one man is about 12 girls ,this young 42 years old  our client became very popular in our agency. He is tall, educated, a little shy and very pleasant. He met 2 girls from our agency and liked one of them. 

 The girls liked him also and we have the hope , that after few days we will have the result which girl had a possibility to become his fiancee.

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 We want to remind to our clients, that 21 of November will be a big Party  of marriage minded people from all the world. This Party will be in Kiev. For more information call us +38[067]9749242 Luda, or write

 We work for you. We are waiting for you. We make the people happy. 

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Выйти замуж за иностранца и получить путевку в лучшую жизнь — одна из распространенных женских грез. Глобализация, развитие туризма и доступность знакомств в интернете привели к тому, что подобный брак перестал быть самоцелью, это просто часть сегодняшней жизни.
Как подготовиться к браку с иностранцем
Выйти замуж за иностранца и получить путевку в лучшую жизнь — одна из распространенных женских грез. Глобализация, развитие туризма и доступность знакомств в интернете привели к тому, что подобный брак перестал быть самоцелью, это просто часть сегодняшней жизни.
Одна моя знакомая вышла замуж за канадца. Когда она прилетела насовсем, внезапно оказалось, что живет он не в замке, а в дикой глуши, и привез жену в дом родителей, которые дали в руки лопату. Естественно, она сразу уехала обратно.
Держи в голове план эвакуации и заначку на черный день
В пылу ссоры мужчина может выставить за порог. Проживая в другой стране, следует знать, к кому и куда ... Read more »

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 Today in our agency was one a very special client. Very  smart, educated,tender, never married and no children. He came to us only with very serious intentions. He chose one girl Dina and they had today  a very pleasant meeting. I helped them with translation.

 I cannot say , that it was the love from the first look, but they liked each other. And we have the hope , that will be one more marriage.

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One day I have read in France interesting thing. And Since that day I have 5 rules in my life!

1. Ayant risqué une fois-on peut rester heureux toute la vie.

... Read more »

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Romantic meet in Roma. We had our first date in dating Agency. After few weeks we met again. Second met was very romantic. We liked each other. When he came back to Kiev he call me immediately from aeroport and asked: “ Can we meet for dinner?” I was free that evening and for me was great idea go for dinner together. I had interest meet him again and know ... Read more »

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MY name is Lera. I live in Kiev. I was without relationships long time. Dating Agency help me find a man if my dream. And now we have very romantic holiday together. Every day for me very special and nice. I wake up with flowers and kisses. I really happy woman! When we first met, I had no idea how he would be so important to me. Our first date was with interpreters. We met in cafe and long time spoke about us. I was single woman and he was single man. Boss was ready for serious relationships and have family. I thought a lot about marriage. Because I was 33 years old, never ... Read more »

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 In our agency soon will be the wedding. Wedding will be very special, in Ukrainian style. All guests will be dressed in Ukrainian  national cloth, soft the fiancee. She will be dress in a white dress.

 But this dress has tto be a very special dress, very beautiful and elegant. As a rule I help  to my brides to find the wedding dress. 

 We were looking for that dress rather longtime. And yesterday finally we found.

 In Kiev the new shop just was open and in this shop we saw the wedding dress. This dress really very special and she decided to buy it. 

 Maybe for you, dear readers, will be also interesting to see this dress. We publish the photo of it.


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Soon in Kiev{ 21 st of November ] will be a big Party  for the people , who want to find their destiny. More then 1000  ladies from all Ukraine will be there.  Dear  men!. If you are alone - you are very welcome to this Party. There is a big chance , that you will find your dream lady there. 

 A  pleasant atmosphere , good music, vine, good food- and the main thing , that you can meet your destiny there. 

 We are waiting for you, dear men. 

 For more information call us +38[067]9749242 or write to us

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 In Kiev the young people are ready to celebrate  Halloween   this fanny holiday. This  holiday came to our country not long time ago, but  the young people liked it and now we celebrate it every year. Some of our clients  want to come this day to our  Matchmaking agency because they are sure , that this day is good to chose the life partner. Maybe It is truth. One our client from USA , who visited our agency last year in this day- is going to be married in December 2019.

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 Dear men!

 Look what a beautiful Autumn this year in Kiev. This is a nature wants to say for you:" If you are alone and you are looking for your half - go to Kiev this Autumn until the weather is good. Kiev is a city of brides and , if you are serious and you want  to be married- in Kiev you will find your dre ... Read more »

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  Wedding soon! Our congratulation!.

 In Ukraine we have very interesting tradition- to celebrate " ... Read more »

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