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 Now It is so cold Winter, but sometimes It is so nice to look some photos, made in Summer and in Autumn. 

Many our clients , when they travel -they like to send some interesting photos from different places and we are glad to publish those photos. 

 It reminds to us the warm days last Summer and last Autumn. In this cold weather It is so nice to look the pictures of Summer.

 We hope that  you, dear readers, also will enjoy those photos.


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 Dear ladies!. I want to publish for you the thoughts of one my client from France. Read it! And maybe It will help you to understand  your future husband better.

"La règle DORÉE avec les femmes, c’ est : la femme doit être amoureuse, l’ homme doit la désirer physiquement ET la respecter . C’ est la règle. C'est mon opinion.

 Si j ... Read more »

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 Look so many people are in the center of Kiev!  

 Some my clients ask me about the life in Kiev during the time of COVID-19? I can say /that the life is always the life. There is some positive events and negative events. 

 In this photo you can see a demonstration of the people for the better life.  The people are not afraid to be sick, they are fighting for their rights.

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Dear our clients! We want to wish you Happy  New Year. We are sure that New Year will be Happy for you and for us. The qarantine will be finished and we will see you in our Matchmaking Agency “Love” soon.

 We are waiting for you !

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 This poetry  sent me one my client . She is in love, but they have some problems. She knows that he read the article in my site and she wants to say to him "I so love you". I have the hope that they will be together.

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This photo is sending for us by our client, who lives there. It so interesting for us to receive the photos of our clients and sometimes the photos are very interesting and talented. 

Look at this photo,  very special and interesting. Our clients has a big talent, do you agree with us?

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 Today is the first day of Winter. Some people do not like this season, but every season has own beauty. 

 As a ruler some our clients like to come to Ukraine in Winter. If they live in the warm countries, they like to enjoy our weather. 

Look this photo , made yesterday in Western Ukraine.  Is it not beautiful?

 This year not many  clients will come in Ukraine in winter. Everybody is waiting the result of vaccination. And we are sure , that after the vaccination  , our clients will be ready to come in order to meet the dream girl for marriage.

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My one client is is love. She loved  the man from all her heart. And she wants that he knows about this. They had some misunderstanding each other and this way she wants to say to him "I Love You"

 Follow Rivers

Трек – Люкке Ли


"Oh, I beg you, can I follow?

Oh, I ask you, why not always?

Be the ocean where I unravel

Be my only, be the water where I'm wading

You're my river running high

Run deep, run wild

I, I follow, I follow you

Deep sea baby, I follow you

I, I follow, I follow you

Dark doom honey, I follow you

He a message, I'm the runner

He the rebel

I'm the daughter waiting for you

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This video to our clients who likes Kiev. In Kiev there are a lot of monumets and interesting places.

In this video you can see one.

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 Look what a special photo we just received from our client from Monaco! He made this photo today in the morning. He has a big talent to make the special photos. We are sure of this. 

 And , of course, It is interesting to see the photos of places, where our clients live.

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'Without you I’m nothing -

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Kiev Today

 Many our clients like Kiev a lot.They feel a positive energy here and they like to visit Kiev. But now the situation is so that to travel is not easy. 

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Soon we will celebrate New Year. In Kiev the peoople started to decorate the city. Everybody has the hope that new year will be better. We also have the hope, that in the new year many aur clients will find their destiny in our Matchmaking agengy “ Love”.


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New Year Soon!

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Comment  c'est difficile de trouver la femme pour le marriage! Parfois cela prend beaucoup de temp, parfois toute la vie. parfois jamais on ne peux pas trouver la reve de sa vie. 

 Une femme… il faut s’ abord la rencontrer et avoir de l’ empathie , en discutant avec elle, et de la simpatie . En etait avec elle, en passant dub temps avec Elle, il faut ressentir de L’ attraction . ... Read more »

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 Today one my client from Spain called me in the morning and asked me about news in Ukraine .As a ruler, when people call -they want to hear something positive or something interesting. The people are tired from the negative news from all the world. 

 I looked out of the window and told him "Oh, It is snowing now, Kiev is white. First snow this year"

 He answered me "What a great news. Kiev is white. White It is always beautiful, even It is cold"

 I thought that really It is beautiful. Only we need to see this beauty. I went outside and made some pictures  and saw  some special beauty in the nature even in this gloomy, cold day.

 Look at those picture , dear readers, and try to ... Read more »

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 Now It is not easy to travel to many countries. The situation is not for travelling far away. But   for young people to stay at home It not easy. For our couples the same. 

 That's why we recommend to our couples to go for travel to Western Ukraine or to the Sounth of Ukraine. In our country there are also many interesting places to visit. 

 Look this little village Shidnitsa, here you can   have a great holiday and really enjoy the nature.

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It is so nice to know that  one my couple decided to be together. After visiting of Turkey , they decided to stay together. They are not married yet, but they love each other and they are happy. Wedding will be later, when the situation in the world will be better. 

" This trip to Turkey was so nice and romantic, It was not many people around us, It seemed that we were in Paradis. Everything was only for us"- they told me after the trip.

 They made some photos during that trip and we can show to you those photos in order that you, dear readers. can also enjoy with us.

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We have new couple in our  Matchmaking agency “Love”. They are in the relationfrom the last Summer. Now he came in Kiev from the Norh if Europe in order to spend his holiday with his girl friend. Even It is Autumn-in their hearts now is Spring! Look what a nice romantic evening they had yesterday! We are sure ,will be one more marriage in our agency.

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 Our clients sometimes send us very interesting photos from different parts of the world. For the people who cannot visit those places It is interesting to look at least the photos of some special place.

 In our days, when we cannot travel too much, any photos are interesting to see from any place.

 Today we propose you to look some photos from Western Ukraine, where our client Irina spend her holiday. She was very kind to send us some interesting photos.  Enjoy with us to look those photos!

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