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 John, our client from USA, is very serious about the future marriage.  We  continue to search the best candidate for marriage for him. 

John is very special person, he is very kind,loyal, quiet, caring and nice person. He wants to find for himself also nice person, like he. It's not easy, but it's possible. 

I'm sure , that he will find his dream woman.

 We celebrate Old New Year in French restaurant. 

John is close to find this dream woman.

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 This is our client from USA. His name is Brus. He is very serious about marriage. We want to help him to find his dream woman. It's very difficult, but we will try.

 Dear women! Look careful to the photo of this man. If you feel  something inside of you towards him- write to him. Brus can make happy any woman, the ma ... Read more »

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 Today  in Ukraine  a big holiday- New Year. We want to wish to everybody  Happy New Year! As a ruler, in those days it's very cold, but this year the weather is not cold. But in any case we all feel the excitement of the holidays. The excitement comes from the decorated streets, the warming lamps, outside popular nightspots allowing people to enjoy a drink outdoors, and the holiday menus that offer classics like mulled wine and gingerbread lattes. There are a lot of fun for children. In the center of Kiev in Sophyivska Square you can see  the New Year Tree- the main New Year Tree.  All the streets in the center are decorated with the illumination. 

 Especially Kiev is very beautiful in the evening. It seems to you that you came in fairy-tale.

 Some our client like to come in Ukraine in winter. This year  our client John from USA came just the1st of January. And he was lucky! I'm sure that he will be ... Read more »

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 Dear Men from all the world! The 3d of February  in Kiev we will have a big Party for all marriage minded women and girls from all Ukraine.

 If you are alone and you cannot find your right  woman in your life-just call us or write to us for more information and  jump in plane or take the train and take the chance to meet your half. We will do everything in order to help you. You do not speak Russian or Ukrainian- it's not a problem. We have  very experienced Interpreters. You do not want to stay in hotels-we have the comfortable apartments in the center  of Kiev.

So dear men, you are very welcome to kiev! In Ukraine the situation is so that for one man -12 girls. Can you imagine how you are welcome! Call us +380679749242 Viber, telephone any time or write Brideskiev@gmail.com

 Remember, that the destiny smiles only to the people who are doing something. Come to our Rarty and the Destiny will smile fo ... Read more »

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 Gear Men! We have a good proposal for you.  Sometime  the clients complain, that the girls look better in the photos than in real life. It's very rare in our Agency, because we try to make the photos in real life. But there are some  girls that they send to us the  photos, which they made themselves.

 So , in order to improve our service we propose to your  that service: you pay 100 dollars and we will meet with the girl in a restaurant , will gave the flowers to her and will make a video with her and will send you. This type of service can help your to save time and money.

 Yours truly Luda , the owner of the Agency "Love".

 You can see me in this photo

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 This year the weather gave the present for us- Christmas was not cold. As a rule, at this time it's very cold, but this year  especially for my client John the weather is very nice. John doesn't like cold weather and this weather is especially for him in order, that he have the possibility to find his right person for marriage. He almost found already. But this way to find was not easy.  John gave the permission to us  to show in photos this way.

The search was long and not easy. Me and John in this way.

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 Our client John from USA  is a happy man. He is very kind person and very positive person. That's why, I think ,he is  successful in everything; in business,in love in having 3 very nice children , in having many nice friends in  many countries. So, in my Agency he also was very lucky. It seems that he  has found already his dream woman. But it was not easy to find her. But  the destiny smiles only to the motivated people. And ,we have the hope, that John will be married soon. 

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John continue the search. He is very serious for choosing his future wife. It's not easy to choose between many candidates.  All women are beautiful. sincere, serious, but John is waiting that one  to feel the spark from the first sight. To find  your woman, your half - it's a big skill.  I'm sure that John has this skill. Let's wish him to meet his woman as soon as possible!

It seems that here can be a spark.

With  beautiful woman in a French restaurant in Christmas Holiday. Maybe here will be that spark, which can ... Read more »

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 This is our client from Belgium. His name is Serge. He is 60y.o. Serge was never married and no children. His job-Interpreter.  He is 183cm,70kg.No alcohol, no drugs. Serge is kind, honest and tender. He is looking for a kind and tender woman for marriage. Serge has very big house in Belgium and to live alone in so big house it's very sad. Dear women! If you are alone and want to find very kind man for marriage-Serge is the best candidate. Write to him Brideskiev@gmail.com

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It's always easy to work with people when they are very motivated for marriage. 

John  from USA is a mature man and he  knows what he wants. He came in Kiev in our Agency the 1st January. The 1st January it's a beginning of the new year and it's the beginning of new relations. And John was right. He came in a good time. Even the weather was perfect for him. So warm Christmas nobody remembers.

 John was very serious in selection of his future wife. I'm sure, that he will find his dream women.

Just arrived in Borispol 's airport.

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 One our couple  went for Christmas holidays in Spain. They sent some photos  from Spain. It's so interesting  for us to see Palm Tree instead our New Year Tree.

 Our couple came home already. In this trip they  decided  to spend the Summer Holidays together and if everything will be nice they are thinking to be married this year.


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 The 7th of January we started celebrate Christmas. In my country almost everybody celebrate this holiday.Many people  go to the church and after the church the people go to visit the relatives or friend.  As a ruler the people try to celebrate Christmas at home with the  parents and with the children.

 But some people do not have the families. Some our clients came to our Agency to help them to create the family and we celebrated Christmas together. We are sure, that those clients will create the families this year and next Christmas they will celebrate with their families.

All together we visited this  church in Kiev.

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 In Ukraine we celebrate Christmas and as a rule. in this time ,the weather is very cold. One our couple decided to spend the holidays in Spain in order to enjoy the sun and  a good weather.

 And they were right. The weather in Spain  very nice. It's almost the Spring. They sent us the photos and we also  liked to see the first flowers this year.

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 The 7th of January  we celebrate Christmas . It's big Holiday . We want to wish to everybody  Merry Christmas. Enjoy the holidays with your nearest and dearest and be happy!

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Love's Sufferings


"Dear Luda, I dreamed and wanted with all my heart to meet Yanina in Kiev, but I'm just really a huge pain, I'm a serious person that Yanina does not understand my feelings of love that I feel for her? "Fabio

Yes, sometimes It's happen like this in the life and in our Agency also. How many people in the world are suffering of love. Nobody knows. He loves her, but she does answer to his feelings. It' tragedy already. In This case I always recommend my client to forger this love and to start to look somebody else.  It's not easy. it's can do only a strong person. I recommend also to my client Fabio to be strong, very strong. But his love is so strong, that it's not easy for him to do this. Let's hope that Yanina will answer to Fabio for his feelings.

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In  our Agency we have a good news- John and Oxana maybe will be a new couple. We wrote "Maybe". Yes , It's not sure jet , but It's possible. They can be  a good couple. They both are educated, kind, have good experience in life an liked each others. 

Let's see  what happen.

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 This poem wrote our client from Greece. He received the inspiration thank for  girl from our Agency.

I promise to always lift you up
When you are feeling down
I promise to wipe your tears
When you feel you need to cry
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 In thith New Year Evening We want to wish to all our client, who want to be married in a New Year to find their destiny and to be married. 

 But we have our special client , the client  which have spend already a lot of energy to find their destiny and dint find yet. To those clients we want to  send a special wishes: find your destiny in a new year as soon as possible.

 One of those clients is our  special client from USA  . His name is Brus.

 Dear Brus! We wish you from our hearts ... Read more »

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 Our Snegurochka Lana  and all our team, we wish  our clients, which are married already, and all our clients, which will be married this Year,a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 Our Snegurochka Lana will celebrate New Year alone. It's so sad when a beautiful, nice, kind woman celebrate this holiday alone. 

Maybe there is in this world alone Santa, who also celebrate this holiday alone- write to her. Her number is975.

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 our Agency wish Happy New Year to everybody!

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