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 This poem wrote our client for his live4d woman , which he met in our Agency one year ago. They are in love.

I traveled land and see, climb the highest Mountains. Different cultures and people

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 Today more than 100 countries in the world  start celebrate Christmas. We wish to our clients to be happy !

 We wish to all our clients celebrate Christmas  with their family. 

 But if you do not yet family- come to our agency and we will help you to find you the life partner and have family. We are waiting for you. Thanks for us many people in the whole world celebrate this Christmas in family. 

 And we are happy to write about this!


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 Very special letter our client sent to his loved girl yesterday. Very interesting poem . I liked it a lot and decided to publish here.

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 Anna met her love in our Matchmaking agency.

I wanted meet loving man, husband who can loves me and getting kids, be happy together. And I met in Dating Agency this man. He is charming, open, kind and with big heart. We in love and have our future plans. We have a lot of similar interests. We like cooking together and dancing, traveling and learn English together. It’s really very interesting for us. We are happy be in love. We enjoy romantic moments together. We had great time in Kiev. Now Christmas holiday and we skat ... Read more »

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About happy couple in 2019

When I met him, I understood he is the man of my dream.

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This is me, Luda, the owner of the Matchmaking agency "Love".

About Our Work

Our Matchmaking agency worked more than 20 years. During this time we arranged a lot of marriages in many countries.

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 Christmas is coming in Kiev.  In my country Christmas is one of the most important holiday of the year.

There are many loveliest Christmas markets and festive fairs wait you in Kiev. It’s capital’s biggest Christmas market open already and waiting new guests.

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 It so nice to receive this invitation. We are planing to go there because we are the people who turn dreams into realities. We arranged  many weddings in many countries and we want to see our brides in the day of their wedding very beautiful.

Dear Customer,

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn d ... Read more »

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 Few days ago we published some notes about the excursion of one our client to Chernobel. 

I was very surprised that so many people answered to me to this publication. Yes , that was a tragedy to all our planet , to all countries. And many people even now come to look what happen now in Chernobel.

   We decided to propose to our clients , when they will be in Ukraine to visit the Museum of Chernobel and also we can organize to go to visit the city Chernobel, or better say what was left from this  town.

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 Yesterday  in our Matchmaking agency was a very romantic date. Not only romantic, but a very interesting date. 

 he is from USA, she is from Kiev, but they have so many things together: They both like sport and they both have  the healthy life style  and   they are thinking to be the vegetarian . If they will be together it will be a good couple. 

 It is too early to speak about this, it was only first date, but who knows?

 At least we want that they will be happy.


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 Are you dreaming about marriage in  2020? 

 This Magic woman can help you in the New Year to find your dream. 

 Come in our Matchmaking agency and we will help you. We are waiting for you. dear friends!

 Call us +38[067] 9749242 Luda 

 The First of January we work for you. This is good day  for starting to look for the life partner. Let's start.

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The Wish For New Year

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Добро пожаловать на сайт знакомств “Ukraine In Love” Чтобы полноценно пользоваться нашим сайтом желательно зарегистрироваться. Сделать это очень просто. 

1. Найдите в верхнем правом углу кнопку “Sign Up”, нажмите на нее…

2. Откроется окошко, в котором вам будет предложено войти на сайт, если  вы еще не зарегистрированы, вам нужно нажать на слово “Register” внизу (отмечено стрелкой)

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