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 It's became a good tradition in our Agency - a man always bring the flowers for the date. And we recommend to our client before the marriage to do the presents to the girl- only flowers, nothing else. It's so romantic to receive the beautiful flowers from the man. It's can be the small bouquet of  wild flowers from the field, but we recommend to our client  , if you really like the girl and want to take her heart- always go to the date with flowers.

Look what beautiful flowers our client brought to his girl.

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Today was a big Party of marriage minded people in Kiev.
Even the whether was nice for us.A real Summer ‘s day. It’s gives the possibility to our girls to be dressed in the beautiful Summer ‘s dresses.
Every time ,as a ruler,after the Party we have few marriages.
We hope that today also some clients met their destiny.

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Congratulation! We wish you be happy! We are very glad for you! Our fiance are the most beautiful in the world! A special day  for the couple and for all of us!

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This is our client Chafic. He is very lonely, nice man but cannot find his dream girl.
Dear girls, if you like him-write to us and we will give your contacts to him. Our e-mail is for Chafic.

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This is video from last Party for Marriage Minded People. Dear friends, welkome! 

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Dear Friends!

The 14th of September in Kiev we will have a big Party of marriage minded people. More then !000 girls and women from all Ukraine will be there. 

Many men from all the world will come also in order to find the dream girl. 

Dear friends, do not lose your chance. the Party only i time in a few months and after  every Party we have a few marriages. Maybe this time will be your marriage? It is a chance. 

Call us +380679749242 Luda or write to us

This is me, Luda, the owner of the Marriage agency "Love". I invite you to the Party. Everybody  who wants to find the half- you are welcome!

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I knew she was the one as soon as I laid my eyes upon her. It seems cliché, and I never expected that I would be the man saying it. It was not just her physical beauty (although this never hurts) but also the positive energy which I immediately found to be delightful and also contagious. Why does she want to meet me? Is she a gold digger? Is she looking for a nice free meal. Judging by some online reports and my past dating experience, it could have been either of the above. But it wasn't this time. I chose lovely Vika after close consultation with the owner of this agency, and her advice was invaluable. I have wasted a lot of money on various websites over the years, and I chalk these failures up as a learning experience. It also makes me appreciate this agency even more. You are not just a dollar (or euro) sign. You are a man on a mission seeking to fulfill your destiny. Don't let rumors and past negative experiences discourage you from changing the course of history. In m ... Read more »

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In our Agency a big event, will be one more marriage. It was clear that its Love from the first minute, no even before. They saw each other from far away near restaurant and it was clear- I created one more couple. No, not I created, the marriage in the Sky, in Heaven, I only helped  them to meet each other.
It was so pleasant to be even near this couple. Love can make the miracle. Event all visiters in the restaurant felt this.
I like my job. Its so nice to help the people to be happy.

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Part 1

{we will continue to publish}

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0. Dress suit and tie. (imagine yourself as James Bond 007 in exotic colors)

- Suit and ties are very respectful way of expressing yourself. It doesn't matter how you look or how old you are. Even you are average look or unattractive, you can look like gentlemen and decorate yourself into attractive men. Use proper colors for seasonal changes in the location where you are. Wear clean and nice shoes, but no fancy shoes. Ladies who look for husband who is industrious and gentle to his future wife not fancy play boy. So choose fashion with proper image. Survey shows most of women in europe, America and asia feel aroused with man with good colorful matching suit with ties wearing shoes.

1. Always smile and bring flowers

- no one hates s ... Read more »

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Our client Chafic sent more photos.

Chafick tell that this cedar´s age is 3000 years old.

Dear girls, you can send your letters to our e-mail, for Chafic. Thank you.

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I am kind and creative. I like the life itself. I live in Spain and i like my country, but I am alone. I cannot find my woman, my half. 
i am looking for a beautiful. kind, easy-going woman for the marriage. She can be from any country.
My Princess, come to me. I am so lonely. I will make your life happy and i want that you make me happy. Come to me and we will make this world better.

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 This is our client from Spain. He is very lonely and he is looking for his dream girl. Jose lives in a very beautiful part   of the Spain. He sent some photos of his city.

 Jose is kind and responsible, likes the nature, healthy food, good company, good music and the life itself. He is looking for a beautiful, young girl, blond, tall,educated with a good sense of humor for the  marriage. 

 Dear girls! If you like the photo and a profile of Jose - write to him to this address:       for Jose

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 Dear Friends!

 All our photos and peoples in those photos are real.  If youn look our" NEWS" you can see the results of our work. Sometimes the photos not very  clear , but they are real.

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Yesterday was were good whether in Kiev and also very good whether in our Agency. A very nice client came to us from USA , very serious about marriage and also very serious person, handsome, educated, young and very positive. 

 I am sure ,that he will find his  dream girl. And also a very nice man, his friend helps him. Of course, will be good result. Let's wish him to find his dream as soon as possible. 

 In those photos you can see one of possible candidate.

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Nuestro cliente Jóse de España esta buscando esposa. 

"Vivo en Valencia, Spain, de la playa a mi casa son 30 metros. Tengo una buena posición y tengo una empresa  grande. Me gusta el mar y la playa. Estoy buscando una persona que sea honesta pues quiero cuidar de ella. No me importa que tenga ... Read more »

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