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 This is our client from USA. His name is Joseph. He lives in California. Joseph was never married and has no children. But he is ready  for marriage. 

 Joseph is well-established, good- natured man who balances work and recreation. He enjoys the arts, sport, animals and travel. Although very pleased with his life, I live in California where the climat is very good all year round, but He  would be happier if he will find an attractive, kind,easy-going woman who can appreciate a kind, honest and sincere man with blue eyes. In the world only 4% of people with blue eyes lives now. In the future all populations of our planet will be with black eyes. This future will be after 200 or 300 years.

 So , dear woman, be in a harry ... Read more »

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Eficaces y rápidos, así calificaría yo los servicios de Luda, una profesional con casi treinta años de experiencia en el sector. Yo disponía de poco tiempo pero Luda me lo organizó todo con una eficacia y una rapidez sorprendente. Mi experiencia fue muy buena. El centro de Kiev es muy agradable, las chicas de la agencia son encantadoras y Luda siempre estuvo cercana, asesorándome con total entrega y disposición siempre que lo necesite. Don from Madrid

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This is our client. Her name is Victoria. She is very serious about Marriage. She speaks good English and she is studying French. Victoria is a creative person and she is a famous designer. She writes the poems and she is going to publish those very romantic poems. She liked to dance, to sing, to help the animals. She will be happy to meet a kind man for marriage. 

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 I am sure that in our Agency"Love" love lives always. Not important from what country the men come, not important his profession, not important how tall he is- the most important   he must be a personality. 

 In this case i was just like this. They likes each other from the first sight. She told the first minute that this was her man. He also liked her a lot. Look their hand and  everything is clear here. There is a deep LOVE. Let's wish them to be happy. It's so nice when  there is love!

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 In our Agency there are a lot of talented clients. We are proud of our girls and women. Sometimes we  work with them and do not know how talented they are. 

 It was just this case with our client Svetlana. I know her maybe 2 years or even more, but I din't know that she has a special hobby- painting. Yesterday I have read in newspaper that It was  the exhibition of very interesting painting of  one very special painter. I look the article one more time and recognized my client Svetlana.  I was so happy for her. I called her and asked to send me some photos of her paintings. you can see one  of them. Congratulation, dear Svetlana. We are proud of you!

 ID of Svetlana in our site is1097

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 One more couple in our Agency!  In this photo you can see me in the shop "Zarina". Here my client from Sweden just bought the  diamonds for his girl. If a man buy the diamonds for the woman- it's says somethings very important.  The time will show. Let's see later. But ,in any case, it was very pleasant to visit so serious shop!

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  Summer in our agency It'a a hot season. Many clients prefer to come in Summer. Only the most brave clients prefer to come in cold seasons.

 I cannot say that  every client can find his dream girl in our agency from the first visit. Some times It's take a time. For our client from Amsterdam  the meeting with the girl of his dream also took a time. But maybe this date can change his life. We will see . But there is a big chance. Let's hope.

 This photo I made 3 days age in Kiev during their first meeting in one of  restaurants. They liked each other and will develop their relationship.


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5. Take your time but don't take it too long!


Men are quite different from women when they are in love. I advise all my female friends (I have many successful business female ladies who make more then a million USD a year who are still single in USA and Asia ... Read more »

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4. Communication: I understand in Ukraine, men should initiate first move, mostly, not any more but it is classical boy proposes to a girl and all sort. Yes but when you find a right man and when you enter into relationship, don't be lazy about it because he is in love with you. You need to communicate with him often as possible, with viber chat and even talking or video chat, if you don't have enough money ask your men to support monthly data fee or phone bills, communication is most important when you are in long distance relationship. If you don't communicate enough then he will feel lonely in his home country, (if he is really in love with, he would want to more frequent communication with y ... Read more »
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3. Prioritize him in your life!: Some ladies finally meet very nice guy who is generous and caring but forget something to win his heart. They forget to prioritize him in their life.

When the guys visit them 2nd time in Ukraine from USA or Asia, long flight and spend thousands of dollars to see her. And some ... Read more »

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Love beyond borders...(Chakka and Elena)


13th Century A.D.


... Read more »

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To Ladies Only [5 Tips to Win His Heart!]

We continue

to publish the article of our client."To Ladies Only (5 Tips to Win His Heart!)"

2. Ask your man what he likes and what makes him happy, study his motivations and interests. This is little bit more every day things when you enter into exclusive relationship. I learned many of young girls think they deserve to have all the attention and receive every thing from older guy and forget the basic principle of Love. Love is two way action and mutual feelings. Older guy will love you first and show generosity and care for you, but if you always demand your interest and if you don't show care for his interest then chances are he will get bored with you and exhausted with you very soon. And he will walk away. If you are looking for dating partner or have fun then it is fine, maybe you shall try dating agency or Sugar Daddy Agency, you give them sexual pleasure and these rich old gu ... Read more »

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Greetings to Future Beloved Wives of Some one Special


Today I want to share 5 tips to Win the Heart of Mr. Right.

You probably met numbers of Guys before you joined this ... Read more »

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 We propose to our client  the excursion  in Kiev. The excursion for our client is free. Our Interpreters will show  the most interesting places in Kiev. As a rule , we start from Maydan.

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"Lost in Ukraine"

Glory of Past never exited in this fertile land.
But hope of Golden Eyes in her soul destroyed my lust.

Life was calm and flat until I saw your smile.
My heart is broken thousand times with your charm,

However, millions of pieces of my broken heart resurrected with your kiss
Every time when my heart is born again, your touch brings magic in me.

I am lost in love with you, once I tasted your kiss,
My soul will never settle without you my love, Ukraine.


By from Kiev with Love

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The best present for the girls in our agency- the flowers. Kiev -it's a city of flowers. You can find the beautiful flowers in Kiev all year round.

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 We continue to publish the article of our client from USA"Dear Gentlemen who in Journey to find True Love."

"Bring flowers some times and skip it some times, go to modest cheap restaurants and go to good ones, and see how she respond. Watch their behavior. And try to give them advise if you think they need it. If they listen to you and try to learn, you might have a chance. If she says yes in front and action doesn't follow, then give up and find new one. If she doesn't take your advice now, then later after marriage, she won't listen to you at all.


... Read more »

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About Kiev.

Dear Men! We invite you to visit our beautiful city and enjoy the good whether in Kiev. Now we show you Independent Square, the central part of Kiev. We will be happy to see you in Kiev, dear men, and to help you to find your dream girl in our country.

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 Our client, as a ruler, very educated people. They come to Kiev to find the dream girl and in the same time our client try to have also some cultural program.In Kiev  there is always something interesting to see.

 Yesterday in Spivoche Pole was a very interesting exhibition of flower. Our client from Sweden, a famous doctor, wanted to visit this exhibition. It was really very beautiful . We publish the photos and you can judge yourself.

The people were working a lot to make this miracle.

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