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 In our  Matchmaker Agency will be wedding soon. Very beautiful love story. Very romantic love story. He is from Monaco, she is from Kiev. They met each other in our agency. They spent the holiday in Portugal, then she visted him in Monaco, where he lives and now she us in Kiev, he in Monaco.

In order that she will not miss him so much -he sent her video from Monaco.

Even for me (I visited Monaco few times) was intetesting to watch this video. Maybe  for  our clients, who was not there also will be interesting to watch this video?

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 We con

She said she had to return to work and just as she left another gorgeous woman appeared, who I had great eye connection with and she even kissed me. By now I was quite over the top, 2 woman I felt chemistry with and who felt the same towards me. This 2nd lady said she had to go back to work and she left with the intentions of showing me around the city in the next day.. I could not believe my luck, 2 great woman who I had a mutual connection with. I told Luda that I needed to go to the currency exchange which was outside the restaurant so I left for a few minutes. When I returned, my eyes fell upon the most beautiful lady, who was smiling at me as I entered the restaurant meeting area. As I looked into her eyes and hugged, I literaly felt stars, an unbelievable floating feeling as all time stood still. I knew she was the one and my soul mate. By now I was so altered and high. This lady named Vita was also feeling the same. The connection was so deep so quickly. ... Read more »

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 We continue to publish the letter of my client about his love story.

 "I sat on this stool thinking what do I have to loose, then I got up and left and was told to meet at a restaurant in an hour. This all took about 15 minutes time and I thought that maybe I might meet with one of the ladies.


I entered the restaurant an hour latter but Luda was not there yet, but a beautiful woman I recognized from the ones I choose was sitting there and she introduced herself. She was beautiful and very warm and even spoke good English. We had a nice conversation for 10 minutes before Luda showed up. This lady was very interested in meeting me again and was very affectionate towards me. She even offered to cook me dinner at her house. I could not believe that I had meet someone so compatible and beautiful so quickly"

 Will be continue...

... Read more »

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My Experience with Luda the Matchmaker


"I arrived in Kiev from a long flight and called Luda without prior notice and checked into an apartment that was recommended by Luda. She said to come to her office afterwards which she gave directions to my taxi driver. I arrived at her personal apartment and I was invited to come inside. She told the taxi driver to wait, it would only take 15 minutes. As I entered her apartment, which was in disarray, I realized that this was where she worked from. Luda said never mind the mess, and showed me a picture book of hundreds of marriages she arranged over 20 years. Next she asked me to look at another photo book with many beautiful ladies and put a marker of those I would be interested in meeting. All the ladies in the book were really very beautiful and they were candid shots not photo shopped. There was no description of the woman or age. I am 64 years old and was concerned about the age differences but she said that ... Read more »

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  Marriage... All girls are dreaming about their marriage.  But sometimes the girls are waiting this moment  rather longtime.

 And with one of my client  It is just like this. She has the relations with my client  almost two years and until now  they are not married.  He says that the marriage for him - It is very serious step. He is 45 years old and he was never married. As an example, he  tells that  the famous French writer Victor Hugo  had the relations with his future wife 5 years before the marriage. 

 So , ok. Lets wait 3 years more.

  Now he came in Kiev and they enjoy the life together.  Yesterday they were in the very interesting  museum-Museum of Sci ... Read more »

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 This is ur new client. He is young and handsome. He is educated. It is time for him to create the family. He wants us to help him. We try to do the best for him. We are sure ,that he will find his dream girl. This is his letter about himself:

"My name is Israr Khan and I am from Pakistan, but working in Dubai now. I am a Petroleum engineer i am 27 years old.


I consider myself to be pretty simple person just trying to live a balanced life.


I shall list few keywords about myself.


* God fearing


*Very very loyal


*Very very possessive


*Family oriented




I am looking for someone who is understanding and who find joy in a little things.

I would like to get to know someone of any age (younger or older doesn't matter Age is just a number)message me if yo ... Read more »

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My name is Israr khan and I am from Pakistan but working in Dubai now. I am a Petroleum engineer, i am 27 years old. My Whats App number is +923366841006

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Free service for men

In our agency we also have a free service for men.

If you are not married and you are marriage minded person -we can propose for you a free service.

We can publish your photo in our site with you direct contacts.

And if the girls will like your photo and letter about you -they will write to you and you will start to communication and friendship.

Later you can come in Kiev and meet with her, if you have the possibility. If no-you can invite this girl to visit you in your country.

And, maybe, you can be a good couple in the future.

From you: photo and letter about you.

Do not forget to write your contacts ,where to write the letters to you for the girls.

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Today in Ukraine the new president. We all have the big hope ,that the positive changes will be soon.

Big day for Ukraine . Peaceful transfer of power.

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سلام. من بوسیله یکی از آشنایان با این آژانس آشنا شدم. صاحب آژانس، یک خانوم مسن مهربون و دوست داشتنی ست، با مشتری هاش با صمیمیت و صداقت رفتار میکنه و انرژی بسیار خوبی داره. بیشتر دخترهایی که در این آژانس ثبت نام میکنند، تحصیل کرده و خانواده دار هستند، و واقعا دنبال ازدواج و تشکیل خانواده اند. من تجربه خیلی خوبی با این آژانس داشتم، به نظر من قابل اعتماده و سرویس خوبی به مشتری هاش میده

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 This letter was sent by our client from USA two days ago. So short and so wonderful letter. He wrote about the date with one of our client Julia.

 "We had a great conversation. She was so animated and funny. This is one very memorable day for me. I can never thank you enough Luda for making it happen."

We are very glad for him and we have the hope to receive the letter of this client, where he will write to us about Happy end.< ... Read more »

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Are You Looking For Marriage?

If “Yes ”you are welcome to our Matchmaker Agency.

We work almost 20 years and we arranged many marriages. If you come to our Agency we will help you also to find your dream lady. We have very large Catalog of Ladies all ages and you have the possibility to choose the lady of your type. Ukrainian women share in their belief of traditional values and the desire to devote themselves to the man of their dreams.

 As a ruler, our ladies are  educated ,they are able to write  and to speak in English and some are fluent in several languages.

 The reputation of Ukrainian ladies are very high in the  whole world.

 So , dear men, we are waiting for you. Do not lose the time. It is spring- the best time to come to Ukraine.

... Read more »

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  They are happy to be together.  They are in love and this is so nice!. I have a big hope that everything will be perfect in relations of this couple. They are not in a harry to be married and maybe this way to marriage in the most correct. Marriage -this is a very responsible step  in the life of everybody.

 For example,  the  well-known scientist Carl Linnel was married with his fiancee  only after 5 years after engagement. And his choice was correct and he lived many years with his wife and they were very happy. Good example for young people not to be in a happy with the marriage.


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He is gentleman with good manners, it’s impress me. We have positive feelings to each other.

Every morning I wake up with new news from him and small surprise. He always want make me morning smile and present me chocolates and flowers, stuffed toy. Already I have little collection with stuffed toys, it’s really very romantic. He serious about our relationship and it’s make me very happy. For me family and serious relationships is very important. I want my parents assure my parents. I want that my parents see his nice personality. I saw how he is sincere since we met first time. He always make me ... Read more »

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About Our Work

Our Matchmaker Agency works almost 20 years. During this time we arranged many marriages.

Everybody , who is ready to create the family can find in our agency the life partner. We have a large choice of ladies and of men. Our ladies are from Ukraine, Russia, ,Moldova.

Our girls are educated, beautiful, with hight moral and with strong family values. They all speak English and some ladies speak few languages. They all marriage minded.

Now in Ukraine the situation is so ,that for one man -ten ladies. It is statistic.

About our men: they come to Ukraine from all the world. We work with all countries.

The best way for men to find a life partner in Ukraine-to come in Ukraine. We do not advise to our client to w ... Read more »

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This is a place where our favorite client from Italia lives. What a nice place to live: Paradise. But our client feel very lonely here and he cannot say that he is happy in this Paradise. His name is Salve.

Dear girls! look at his blue eyes. The color of his eyes is like a color of the see. How deep and kind are those eyes.

And one more thing I want to tell you, dear girls- in the whole world now only 4% of people have blue eyes.

 Salve was never married and he has no children. He wants to create the family with Ukrainian girl. He visited Ukraine one time and Liked Ukraine. He saw how beautiful are our girls and he decided to find one nice girl for marriage. 

 Dear girls!. If you like the photo of Salve write to him:  ... Read more »

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 Today we have a very pleasant news in our agency. Our client from France sent  very beautiful flowers to our client Maria. 

 They met each other in our agency one month ago. Now they have very romantic relationships. In Summer they are going together to vacation in France. 

We have the big hope that their relationshipsw will finish by marriage.

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She is from village. She is our client.

Ukraine is very beautiful in spring time. We have very rich nature. In our country side is very nice nature. Also in country side it’s a lot of nice single girls. This girls from country side is very kind, beautiful and calm. Many of than looking for serious relationships and family. Family is very important for them and it’s part of our culture in Ukraine. In our Dating site it’s a lot of single girl who dream meet partner and building strong relationships. And ladies in country side are very family-oriented, they dreaming about marriage and romantic relationships. Girls have very good taste and style, they care about makeup and their dresses. For them very important make good impression. They care about their ... Read more »

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I have the free service for my client.if you want i can publish your photos in my site with your direct contacts. write to me a long letter about you and send nice photo of you and your life, country, nature and i will publish in my site. if the girls like your photo and your profile -they will write to you direct .This service for free. and maybe this way you will find your dream girl. Sometimes Its work. You can try and maybe the destiny will smile to you.Just do it!

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