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Valentino's day. This is a very interesting holiday  In my  country this holiday came not longtime ago.

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 As we wrote before, in our Matchmaking agency we have new couple-Olga and Angelo. 

Olga and Angelo are engaged already.  Last time we do not have many engagements, you , dear readers, understand why. That's why this engagement was very special for us.  We are very glad for Olga and Angelo.

 To celebrate this happy event our couple went to Egypt. Look what nice photos they sent for us!. We are glad for them, that they  have a possibility to enjoy the good weather in that warm country.

 We wish them to be happy.


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Valentino's Day

Soon we will celebrate Valentino's Day. This is tradition., a good tradition to bring the small presents to the person which you love.

 In our Matchmaking agency , as a ruler, the men send flowers to the lady, which he loves.

 This year we also propose to our clients to send the flowers to the loved ladies.  We will be happy to do this. It can be small bouquet or big bouquet. The price is also different- From 30 euros to !00 euros. As a ruler we  like to send the roses. But It is your choice. 

 Dear our clients!. Do not forget to send the flowers to your lady for Valentino's Day.

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 Our  clients are very talented.  One of them is  interested in Epoxy Resin. Epoxy Resin is becoming more and more popular.  But what exactly is resin? We propose to look the photos which she sent for us and you will understand.


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 Si vous etes seul- nous  pouvons vous proposer a aider de touver la femme de votre  vie. Notre Agence  peux vous aider choisir  votre campagne.

Choisir une compagne est l'une des decisions les plus importantes de votre vie.

 Ne comptez plus sur le hasard pour guider votre vie, fates le vous meme. Agissez!.

 Des que le quarantine termine- venez a notre agence a Kiev .Ce  voyage changera a jamais le cours de votre existence! Nous vous atendons!


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New Engagement

 Yesterday in our agency was a very pleasant event- engagement.

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Those videos we made for our clients in order to show them that even in Kiev quarantine now- the life is active. Dear our clients! If you have the plans to come in Ukraine-you are very welcome!

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In those photos you can see the real Christmas weather in our country.

 Christmas celebrations are finished today in Ukraine. Today we have last day of celebration of Christmas  in our country. 

 This year  it was very cold - 18 all the days of celebration. And It was very beautiful outside of Kiev.  Even it was very cold, many people prefer to  out of city. This year the celebration was not so big like blast year, but in any case It was great.

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This video is made 18 January in Ukraine, in Kherson. The temperature is -15 C. But those people are blessed  and they do the same every year in this special  day.

A celebration of baptism happens on January 19. It is a celebration of the baptism of Christ. 

In the morning before the service, volunteers cut an opening in the ice, usually in the shape of a cross, for people to sink into. This cross cut in the ice has a special name “Iordan” (Jordan) because Christ was baptised in the Jordan River. The water is blessed by a priest, and the participants of the ceremony take a swim in the icy cold water. Amazingly, people hardly ever get sick after such a chilling experience. It is believed that you can heal many illnesses by swimming in the river on this particularly holy day.

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 My name is Pijosh. I am 34 years old.  I am serious about marriage. I was never married and no children. But I want to have them in the future, I works with metals . I am from India ,but I live in many countries.

 I m athletic, fun, caring, optimistic, romantic,  advanturent,  sincere .I  enjoy everything from comedies to sport. I  enjoy traveling, nature, art dancing, sunsets on the beach, I enjoy aerobics a lot. My favorite activities are dancing,  snows hiking,  skating along the beach. I like nice restaurants, good movies, riding horses, playing tennis ,sports, music, eating chocolate, traveling. I like life itself.

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 Love Can Make Miracle

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Finally real Winter came to our country. Today in the night will be -18C. Yesterday It was snowing all day and today was very nice Winter's  day.  The Sunshine was great. Even was a little cold, the day was beautiful.

 So , dear our clients who loves to come in Winter to visit Ukraine_ you are very welcome Quarantine will finish 23 of January and we are waiting  for you.

 We want to publish some photos of Kiev , which we made today. Real beautiful Winter!

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 Dear Clients!

 Today in Ukraine we celebrate Old New Year. You can ask me   'And what about the 1st of January?" 

 Yes , we celebrate also  the 1 st of January  New year.    It is more traditional. But today, we celebrate Old New Year. 

The Orthodox New Year, also known as the Old New Year, according to the Julian calendar is on January 14 in the Gregorian calendar.

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Today we celebrate Old New Year. And the nature celebrates with us. It seems that Winter will come to Ukraine. Today first day that It is  snow. And in the evening will be -18C

The Orthodox New Year, also known as the Old New Year, according to the Julian calendar is on January 14 in the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar pre-dates the Gregorian calendar.

What Do People Do?

Many Orthodox Christians who observe the New Year’s Day date from the Julian calendar may spend the day reflecting on the previous year and think about meaningful resolutions for the New Year. Many people celebrate the day with family or friends to welcome the New Year.  Activities may include fireworks, large meals and music entertainment.

Some churches hold Orthodox New Year events such as parties or dinne ... Read more »

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 This our client  thanks for us  met his dream girl. He is happy now and he is ready for marriage.  We publish again his nice letter about us. It is so pleasant to read it again before his marriage.


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 This year is a special year and special Christmas. But in our country Christmas was always the most important holyday. And even this year  we are in quarantine those day, we are  happy to celebrate with our friends this the biggest holiday of the year.

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Traditions to celebrate Christmas in our country are very strong. This year It is not easy to celebrate this big holiday, but even in this conditions our people celebrate this holiday.  All churches are working and many were working al night from 6 to 7 January. 

 Look at those photos which were sent to us by one of our client from Kherson, a beautiful  city in the South of Ukraine.

 How many energy the people spent to do all this  illuminations and everything is made with love. 

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This is a photo which we received today from our client.

This year in

 the world everything is not usual. Even the weather absolutely is changed.  ... Read more »

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 Even in those not easy times, the people of Ukraine celebrate one of the most important holiday of year -Christmas.  Not many guests this year visited Kiev, but still we have some clients who are not afraid COVID-19 and came  in Kiev in order to find the lady for marriage.  And we are sure that the destiny will smile for those brave men!

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