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Flowers for Loved Woman

 Dear Men! 

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Parcel for Loved Woman

 Sometimes a man wants to make a little surprise for his loved lady. What can be better in the life to have the loved woman in the the  life of man? Every man dreams to have  his woman in his life.  And when finally you find that woman, of course, you are ready for everything for her.

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 What a wonderful trip  my new couple made to Odessa.

  What reason to wait when the hot weather will come? 

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 The people try to do everything to keep business working in our days. It is give the hope  that everything will be o.k. soon. I like optimistic letter.

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Views: 45 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-24 | Comments (0)

  This year is a special year. Even the Spring does not want to bring in our country real good warm weather. Now in Kiev is only + 11C. In the evening will be more cooler.

 But if  a couple are in love -it is not a problem. Yesterday my new couple (she is from Poltava, he is from Poland) went to spend week end to Odessa. He works in  in a big business and has the ... Read more »

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 Dear Ladies! 

 One my client from France is looking for his future wife. If you speak French write to him and maybe you will be the most happy woman in the world. 

Here is his letter:

"J’ aime les femmes qui donne sensation de force dans la direction de la maison.

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The Parcel With love

 What will save the world? Love. Yes, Love is the base of everything.

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News in our  Matchmaking agency.

 What good news can be in our tough time? You can ask me.

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Views: 48 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-22 | Comments (0)

 Today in Ukraine a special day. A day of Vishivanka. What is  Vichinanka? It is a traditional cloth for women and for men, made by hands.  Every Ukrainian women and every men has this cloth. It is very old our tradition. 

 And today  is a special day in Ukraine because the quarantine is finished. After 5 days our metro will start to work and normal  life in Kiev will start.

 This is a very good news for us and for our clients.

 In this photo ,which I publish with great pleasure, you can see one of my client. She made this cloth herself. She is very talented. And she prepared already a special Ukrainian Vishivanka for her future husband.  If  somebody is interested in meeting so nice and ta ... Read more »

Views: 50 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-21 | Comments (0)

 Spring is almost finished . And It so pity that this Spring we had to stay   at home. When we stay at home in Winter- It is more easier, but in Spring It is very difficult. But we cannot do nothing.

 Today we have a good news- quarantine will be finished soon. Many my clients ask me when they can come in Ukraine? I will answer by sure -IN Summer!

Views: 47 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-20 | Comments (0)

 Who visited Kiev at least one- that person , of course. visits Maydan in the center of Kiev. Even now quarantine, we made this photos for you, dear our clients. 

 It is difficult to believe ,that the center of Kiev , where always were so many people in any seasons and in any weather- now nobody.

 But , we are sure, one day our Maydan will be full of people like before and we will enjoy life in any weather with our clients. We are sure , It will be soon.

Views: 62 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-17 | Comments (0)

 Those  photos we made today to show to our client who love Kiev and we are sure ,that It will be interesting t ... Read more »

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Our Work in Quarantine

 We write already about  one our couple Marina and Thomas.They are going to be married as soon quarantine will  be finished. ... Read more »

Views: 70 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-11 | Comments (0)

    Quarantine is not finished yet in Ukraine, but the weather today is so nice that not possible to stay at  home.

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Views: 77 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-10 | Comments (0)

 Dear friends! Today a special day- Victory Day.  

 In my family this day  always was a special day.  In my family many my relatives gave their life   for our freedom during Second World War. And  in all families in my country the people always remember those  who gave their life in that the most cruel war in the history.

 This day- It is a memory day.

Views: 64 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-09 | Comments (0)

 Kiev It is one of the most beautiful city of the world. This city always attracted a lot of tourists.  April and May  in Kiev are very beautiful.

 But this year  Spring is not like every year. Look : nobody in the streets. You can see only few people around.

 Many my clients wanted to come in Kiev in those days. But..

 I made those photos to show to those clients and to everybody who read this article the beauty of my city. And I want to tell that one day  you will come to Kiev and we enjoy together the beauty of my city. But for now only photos...

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 "Ma femme est une femme adulte, qui ne sort pas avec moi parce qu’ elle pense de se mettre avec un homme plus âgé qu’ elle parce qu’ il peut lui donner une discrète tranquillité économique, mais c’ est une femme qui choisit une personne.

 Les gens pensent a ce qu’ ils peuvent recevoir en échange, ce n’ est plus de l’ amour. 

Qu’ est ce que je fais ... Read more »

Views: 59 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-07 | Comments (0)

Dear ladies! The tough time will be finish soon. For now It is not possible for people  from foreign country to come to Ukraine. But It is possible  to write to a nice man and start the communication.

And when everything will be O.K. In the world you can meet with this man. 

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Views: 66 | Added by: luda | Date: 2020-05-06 | Comments (0)

   The 11  of May the quarantine will be finished in Ukraine. We have the  big hope that for always. Some people say that quarantine will be finished for 50 %. Let’s see what happen 11 of May.We will inform you,dear clients.

But in any case our agency works and we try to help the lonely people to meet their  life partners.  ... Read more »

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