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What to do in order to meet a women in Ukraine?

We will recommend you what to do or what not to do. First of all we do not recommend you to write the letters to the girls longtime.

You don’t need to exchange 500 letters and meet on Skype 19 times to get to the point of deciding if a face to face meeting should take place. if you ... Read more »

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 We are always happy when our clients come back to us.  To find a right person for marriage It's so difficult. Sometimes our clients come  back to us a few times, before they can find their future wife.

 And It's a big pleasure for us to know, that our clients trust us and are sure ,that we can help for them to find their destiny.

 So, Mike was in Kiev last year , he was looking for future wife , but it was no result. But mike is sure that his dream girl is here, in Ukraine. That's why he came again in Kiev from far away- from Australia. 

 He continues his search and it seems to me ,that this time ,he will find his destiny in our Agency. 

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 Our client Mika from Sweden is still looking for his future wife. It's not easy to find a girl for marriage in our days even in Ukraine. Mika is very kind and honest man . He is a driver, he lodes his job, work a lot in order that his future wife will have everything for living, but it's so difficult for him to find his dream girl. 

 Dear girls! look at Mika' s photo and write to him. he is waiting your letter:

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 Will be happy to help you. Sometimes we receive the letters like this: 

"My name is Alain. I live in  France in Paris. I'm 37 years old and I'm looking for a married wife who wishes to live with me in France I work as a project manager in the field of technology and I have no children. I seek my first marriage. 

I would like to know how the marriage agency works and the contacts with the young women."

 So , We can advise you what to do-

 You choose the girls in site and start to communicate with them and then you come in Kiev and meet  with them, 50 dollars costs one contact[ telephone ,or Viber, or e-mail ,or Skype of  the girl].

 Or you come direct to our Agency and we start to wok with you. We support you until you will be married [ Translation,driver, paper for marriage, wedding, visa to yo ... Read more »

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 Our Agency   cooperates with many Marriage agencies from many countries. We are open to any Marriage agency to cooperate.

 Today we started to work together with new Marriage agency. It's will give more opportunity for our girls to find  the dream-man for the marriage.

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 Look at those photos!. I made them yesterday in Kiev.It seems that we are in the middle of Winter. But It's March. 

 It's Spring already, but it seems that it's still Winter. Look the sunset in Kiev yesterday. Real Winter. But , dear friends,   come in Kiev. It's Spring.

 The girls are waiting for you. In their souls, the Spring is even in Winter. They are so waiting the love, they are ready to give their love to the husband!

 In Ukraine for one man 12 girls. It's very sad, but it's the  fact is the fact.

 We are waiting for you ,dear men!

 You are very welcome!

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 This is our new client. He is very serious about marriage. He is young, kind,  educated, motivated to have family with Ukrainian girl.

"Hi My Name Shiva, I am from India,, I am Living in Ukraine (Kiev), I love Ukraine, This is very Beautiful Country,, I have been many Places in Ukraine,, And i had Learn About Culture and I am learning Russian Language, This is interesting for me,, So I decided, I will be get Marriage with Ukrainian Girl, So why I am looking Girl in this website,, If you are really Interesting to meet me,, so contact to my number,, I will must reply to you,, If you are vegetarian so this will be more Inter, But i can cook for you everyday Chapati, And another Vegetarian foods, Thanks"

Dear Girls! if you like Shiva' ... Read more »

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 Our client Inna became a Face of the popular Magazine! She is very beautiful and we are happy for her and we are very proud of Inna and  we are happy to have the client like she. I can say more:as i know her , I can say she is not only beautiful, Inna is very smart and educated girl.

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¿Porque muchas mujeres de Ucrania buscan a un hombre en el otro país?

Hay varias razones. Para empezar hay más mujeres en Ucrania que hombres. Para comprobar esto sólo hay que dar una vuelta por las calles de Kiev. También está demostrado estadísticamente por diversos estudios de la población ucraniana. Os propongo un juego, porque no contáis cuantos hombres y cuantas mujeres encontráis en la calle principal de Kiev durante un día, calle Chrezhatik, los resultados os sorprenderán.

Las mujeres ucranianas son leales con su pareja. Si deciden que es el hombre de su vida harán todo lo posible para que las cosas funcionen. Lógicamente el hombre de sus vidas es el hombre que les enamore.

También son románticas, les gustan los gestos simbólicos, como por ejemplo las flores. Es comprensible que en el país donde el invierno dura a veces unos seis meses les haga ... Read more »

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 In our Agency  will be wedding soon. One our couple  finally decided to be married. It's took more then two years before they decided to be together. But the main thing that they love each other and they are sure in their feelings.  Now  we are very busy with the preparation of wedding.

 One of the most important thing- it's the dress  of fiancee. Now we  in process to find that dress. We also  want to heart  your advise,dear readers. Will be nice to hear your opinion which dress to buy. As we are patriots of our country, we want to buy  a wedding dress only from Ukrainian designer.

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 This is our new client from Paris. If you like his photo and profile write to him  Brideskiev@gmail. com  His name is Amine.

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 It's so pleasant to prepare the wedding of my couple. As a rule, in wedding I'm responsible for flowers and for a Wedding Dress. It' my favorite work.

 Of course, in order to have this work - before you need to do another work- to create this couple; not create, all marriages are in the  Heavens, I only can help them to meet each other. If you are not in this business,  you cannot even  imagine how it's difficult to create the couple, it's very stressful job and very responsible. Sometimes it;s take the years, sometimes the months, sometimes never.

 But if a person is really ready to have a family- It;s always works.  Our country is a country of brides. It's true. Our women are the best wife in the world. Our women saved this value of  family, Which every man in his soul and looking for the woman this type. Yes, modern women are also very nice: they drive the cars,  have the job which&nbs ... Read more »

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Hola a todos. Hoy nos gustaría hablar de las segundas oportunidades. Estas ocasiones cuando la vida nos sonríe por fin y ofrece la oportunidad de conocer la gente nueva. Cuando se termina el tiempo gris y todo vuelve a tener el color. Cuando disfrutamos de las cosas simples que nos brinda el día a día, cuando la sonrisa de la persona amada ilumina todo nuestro mundo y lo compartimos todo. La soledad desvanece como un mal sueño. Sólo hay que dejarse llevar y disfrutar de las nuevas oportunidades que nos ofrece. La felicidad se acerca sin avisar. Un café, una mirada, un gesto, un rostro...

Todo empieza cuando nos permitimos a ser felices. Cuando abrimos a nuestro corazón y permitimos que entren nuevas personas en nuestras vidas. Así de simple. Nos gustaría a ayudarles a encontrar este nuevo amor. En todos estos años muchas personas han sido felices gracias a nuestro trabajo. N ... Read more »

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They met in our Marriage Agency. It was the love from the first sight. As I never let the girls from my Agency to go with man alone to another country before marriage, I also had to go with them. because they decided to go to vacation to the warm country.In this photo, which I made from the helicopter you can see Dubai

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Una de nuestras parejas ha elegido la República Dominicana para su viaje romántico. Ha sido maravilloso, Natasha y Luis Ángel disfrutado de este precioso país, sus playas de aguas cálidas y arena blanca. Hemos visitado varios monumentos para descubrir la historia de esta bella tierra. Estoy muy feliz por ellos, les deseo todo lo mejor.


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"What makes Luda different from all the other dating agencies is that she looks after the interests and the welfare of her clients. The ladies are great, I have had first hand experience with an unfortunately financial situation accidentally caused by one of her ladies. She took control and it is being corrected. I highly recommend her." John O'Scanlon, Waialua, Hawaii.

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 All our stories are real. We try to publish also the photos of all our events in our Agency. 

So cozy cafe in street Dragomirova2A in Kiev. very good for first date.

Today was a very pleasant date in our Agency. It was so nice in this very cold  day to have so warm date. And , maybe, will be a new couple in our Agency.

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{IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO HAVE 2 WOMEN WHO FALL IN LOVE IN YOU AT THE SAME TIME}- It's a REAL story. Our client  send us this story from Sweden.

IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO HAVE 2 WOMEN WHO FALL IN LOVE IN YOU AT THE SAME TIME. I was in Kiev for some days vacation. I know 2 girls I met before in Kiev and became familiary with both girls,the red hairy and the blond one. Both girls wanted to meet but did not know each other. The red one called me that she was on way to me while the blond told that she plan to come to me too but not exactly what time. I heard someone knocked to my door. It was exactly the red hairy girl. We staying in the kitchen drinking coffee. 30 minutes later someone knocked to my door. It was the blond one. I got shock and my heart began to beat fast.I ... Read more »

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We want to point, that all our girls are real, photos are real and we provide only real information about our women and girls. And the most important things- that we know the girl's families and we visited them at home. That why we have a good result- many marriages. We like to bring people together and really enjoy to be in their  weddings. Many photos  I do myself by  simple camera. Now you see the photo of my client, which I made myself in restaurant" Pacher" in the center of Kiev. If somebody like the photo of my favorite client- her Number is 320 in my second site    You can take her contacts from us.

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