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Always in my country winter was a good time to celebrate the engagements. This tradition is saved in our days also.

In our agency there were a few engagements this winter.

As a ruler we organize the engagements i ... Read more »

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 This is our new client. He  is going to be a doctor. Next year he will receive his diploma. His name is Jamal. Jamal is looking for a  dream girl for marriage. He wants to meet a girl , a student of  a Medical University. ... Read more »

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My name is Samir from Algeria. I am 25 years old.  Iam a Muslim. I love my religion so much. I love playing tennis.

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In those photos you can see Julia, my new client, Abdenour my client from France[he is my client rather long time} and me Luda.

I helped to those people to meet each other. She is alone, she is alone and finally they found each other, They are happy. Of course, It is too early to speak about marriage, but they are happy

. ... Read more »

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 This is our new client. This is his  Number of Viber:+216 55 014 145

"A senior technician in civil engineering and working in the field of paints and decors" this his letter about himself. You can say that very shot letter. Yes, I agree, But look at his eyes and you can reed everything. At least, I have read everything.

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The !st of February will be a big Party of marriage minded people in Kiev. We are waiting for you, if you are alone, This is a chance for you to find your destiny. Our Viber, WhatsApp end telephone +380679749242 Luda We are waiting for you.

Photos of Party in kiev inDecember 2018.

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I simple man from the small city from India . I life like simple life.

I want to find my dream girl faithfull, tender for marriage . I am one woman man. I want to find my woman for the rest of my life. I want to love and to be loved.

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 This is our new client. We published already his photo in our site, but he wants that we publish one more time , because he did not receive no letter from the girls.

 We will do this with a great pleasure. We like when the people are motivated. And if a man is really serious about marriage- we always try to help him and finally we have the result. 

 You can see in our sites those results- marriage's photos, photos from holiday of our couples, some photos which our clients send to us about their life after marriages. Those photos you can see in our sites "HOME" [NEWS}.

 So , today in my country is New  Year [according Julian calendar] and Itis a good day to start to do something new.  ... Read more »

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Today in Ukraine we celebrate Malanka. What is Malanka?

Malanka is how we celebrate Old New Year. We celebrate Old New Year 13-14 January, according to the Julian calendar.  This holiday is one of the celebrations of the holiday season. This holyday is very popular in our villages and in Western Ukraine. It entails lots of food, drinks, carolling and good-natural pranks.Also Malanka includes a travelling Christmas play, or vertep. The children like to take part in vertep.

 It is very positive holiday , it is one of Ukraine's great cultural traditions.

 Tomorrow the  people will continue to celebrate Malanka in the central parks and squares of Kiev.

This  New Year Tree you can see in the center of Kiev, in Maydan.

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 In this photo you can see Julia, Abdenour and me, Luda, the owner of the marriage Agency "Love".

 I am proud of my work and I am very happy for my clients-Julia and Abdenour. Abdenour was my client rather  long time and finally he met a girl which he liked. Julia just came to my agency by recommendation and it was her first date. She is very shy girl and for Abdenour it was very important to meet this type of girl. Julia liked Abdenour also for his deep intelligence. 

 Of  course, It is too early to speak about marriage but I have this feeling that the marriage will be. The time will show. 

In Ukraine tomorrow we will celebrate New Year [old style].

 I want to wish to this my couple to ... Read more »

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 Are you alone?  You cannot find your dream girl?

What you have found is that there is a big problem to find your  destiny. Yes, It  is not easy.It is so difficult to find a woman with the right qualities for you to create the family.Sometimes you was close to marriage , but... You feel that you are being reasonable in your expectations, but somehow the pieces of the puzzle just don't fit together.

It can happen with everybody. But there is one more way to try to find your dream girl.Come to the Party of  marriage minded people , which will be in Kiev the 1 st of February at 17.30-2130.

 This is a big chance to meet your future wife there. Many our clients met their half in those Parties. Always , as a rule. we have few marriages after Parties.

 You can look some photos , which I made in the Party  in December 2018.

 Photos are not professional ,but they show for you the real life and the r ... Read more »

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This is our new couple -Julia and Abdenour. He came from France, he lives in the South of France.  But he  likes to visit Ukraine and he wants to be married with Ukrainian  woman. He is looking for his future wife rather longtime. But today ,I think,finally he met his dream. 

 Of course , It is too early to speak about the marriage, but I feel, that the marriage will be. Julia  came to our agency  a few days ago. This is her first date. She was very shy and Abdenour liked this a lot. 

 But not only this he liked in her. She is beautiful and she has the family values. Abdenour was looking for that type of girl. 

 We publish their photos and we want to wish them to be happy together.

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Almahdi ,36 years old.   173 cm, Weight: 82 kg .No smoking and  no alcohol I like Sports. I am loving  person I can give everything to my dream girl. My dream is to sleep and wake up with the fun and enjoy the one. my special woman. I am a creative  person I am a creator.  I can go to another country. I have a deep understanding that can be reducing many problems. 

VIBER 00218923809417 Email:

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 Dear our clients! We want to open one secret to you. If you like a girl and you are thinking that in the future she can  be your wife-please, come to date with the flowers. I understand ,that now it is winter and the flowers are expensive, but be the real men. It you cannot buy expensive flowers- buy not expensive, or , at least, buy one  rose- and you will see how the eyes of your girl will change. And maybe in those eyes you can read something that can change your life for better, and you will be no more alone, and in Christmas the next year will  be  in your house  somebody, who will make you happy to the rest of life .

 Look at the photo of this girl!. She  is our client and her name is Sasha. She just received the ... Read more »

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This letter send to us our new client Ismael.

It's hard to talk about oneself, but I think I'm a mature, open-minded, loving man. I really appreciate married life: Leave the detail after communicating with God. I'm a young man from Salé. I'm 27 years old, cultured, clean, respectful, religious, good "I want a woman to marry No money, no position, no matter if you are divorced, or a big age, or a widow, we hope to have a work that we share with each other now, one hand does not clap, my dream lady has a heart before a body possesses a mature romantic feeling. The beauty of feelings and feeling before the shape of a lady adores the man to the character of his sweetheart The woman's vow will be good and honest in her important feelings. B ... Read more »

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This is our client from France. He lives in the South of France. His viber +380 (97) 651 87 59


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Today in our agency a very happy event- Engagement. They met each other two years ago. Their relations very not easy fro the beginning. But he is very nice person and finally she open the heart to him. Congratulation!

Even the nature today was good for our couple. The sun smiles for us!

First time for many days the sun is shining. It is f ... Read more »

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 Yesterday one our very nice client, educated, handsome, kind finally met his dream girl. He was dreaming about her longtime. She was like an Angel  who came in the Earth. Big blue eyes, blond hair, 21 years old with the body of Barby. He was a little confused, she was  a little confused. So that why  I always try to help in the situations like this. She is speaking English ,but to help the people in the first meeting to feel more comfortable- It is  my ta ... Read more »

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A big chance to everybody who is looking for the destiny. The 1st of February in Kiev will be a big Party of married minded people.
Dear friends! Do not lose your chance. Hundreds of girls from all over Ukraine will come to this Party. Look the  the photos from the last Party, which was 3 month ago. You can have some idea. But, of course, It is better to come and see by your own eyes.
Write to us or you can call us +380679749242 Luda
Viber and whatsAp +380679749242 Luda.


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 This is our client Joseph. He lives in USA, in California. Joseph was never married and no children. He is very kind and tender person. He likes the nature, the animals, the life itself. He can make a woman happy. The problem that Joseph cannot find this woman. 

He has the dream to  meet a beautiful, faithful, creative woman without children. Joseph is not tall, 173cm, but his woman can be from 165cm to 175 cm. Age 25 to 45years old. Profession can be any. Joseph has his own jewelry business. This is a family's business. But Joseph has also the land in California and he is also a farmer.

 The main thing that he has a big heart.

 Dear women! if you like Joseph's photo and his profile write to him Brideskiev@gmai ... Read more »

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