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The health of our clients - it's very important for us.  If you have pain in the tooth- you cannot think about  the girl for marriage. You think only about this pain, which came so suddenly and and  not in time.

 We started to work with  the best Dental Clinic in Ukraine.

 Today we received a letter from the manager of medical tourism department at the astra Dent clinic.

"Dear Ludmila,

My name is Marianna I am the manager of the medical tourism department at the Astra Dent clinic.

All information below you can use on.

I will briefly list our main benefits for you, as the partner and your patients.

Astra Dent Facilities and Advantages:

“Astra Dent” is the largest chain of 8 dental clinics in Kiev/Ukraine.

Each clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment (Sirona, Karl Zeist, Seiler, Picasso).

Our doctors use only certified ma ... Read more »

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ABOUT OUR MEETING 8th Dec. (11:00 am)
Good morning to all and my and Natali sincere appreciation to the massive consent we received :)

Due to the high number of participants, we will have to book a conference room in a hotel, yet to define.
Natali is taking care of it, and will soon communicate the location.

The meeting costs and all future steps to make this project a reality will be discussed and equally ... Read more »

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With many of our couples we became the friends. With this couple, Tania and Jacky, we also became the friends, We are very happy for them, that everything is perfect in their life. Tania already received all papers for  living in France: for work, for health . Now she is going to pass the exams in order to have the driving license. In France  to live without the car not possible.

 Yes. some times it's not easy. but Tania is a brave girl. She speaks French very well, even to learn this language was not easy.

 We are proud for you, dear Tania. You are a good example for our women.

  The most happy day in their life. Finally their find each other, The road was long and not easy, But if you believe in your star , yo ... Read more »

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 We are glad to tell you that   in our Agency will be one more marriage. It was the love from the first side. They spend 3 days in Kiev and now they are  planning to spend  holidays together and than they will decide about the date of Marriage. We are sure , that they will be happy, here there is big LOVE!

They so happy to be togather. I like my job a lot . I bring  in their life the LOVE, Of course,  all the marriages are made in the heaven, but  somebody need to help here.

The most beautiful flowers to loved gi ... Read more »

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Alliance of Matchmakers of Ukraine


 We continue to read the opinions of people about Alliance of Matchmakers of Ukraine.

 Here , one more opinion:

" Оля, I agree with you, but I genuinely believe that matchmakers are the only available and legit alternative foreigner men have. 
If we analyze how many men are appealing to emerging new matchmakers operating since a couple of years, we do understand the market tendency so; all is favorable to us "old school." ;)

Online dating will never finish.
It represents 90% of the market. But on the other hand, our target client is not the online dreamer but those who recognize the importance and value of our work. agree with you, but I genuinely believe that matchmakers are the only available and legit alternative foreigner men have. 
If we analyz ... Read more »

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 We continue to discuss the idea of Alliance of Matchmakers in Ukraine. Here  a letter of one  friend of Natalia Koval.


"I believe this group chat is an excellent opportunity to share some ideas/plans me and Natali have been discussing for some time already, and I want to thank her in particular for putting us all together, as also to all of you who accepted to make part of it.

Personally, I invest in clients education producing educational videos about Ukrainian women versus online dating, dangers inherent to many deceiving practices some dominant dating sites practice, and as well, what foreigner men must expect and get prepared when planning to find a Ukrainian wife.

We matchmakers, struggle to keep the best reputation possible for our industry.  ... Read more »

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 Opinion of one man from Portugal:

"About certification:
On my case, I graduated on psychology in Portugal and worked as Human Resources director at Pierre Cardin clothes brand.

Only in 2006, after being myself dating agency client and move to live in Ukraine, I started helping other foreigners like me to avoid online dating deceiving strategies. As a foreigner man in Ukraine, I learned to develop a working system to restor ... Read more »

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 I know, that many my client are waiting my news about the Party the 24th of November in Kiev.  Some of them wanted to come , but they dint have the possibility to come. Maybe next time. We will inform you , when next time will be the Party of marriage minded girls and men from all the world.

 This time it was great,  real great. I;m in this business 20 years already, but the Party so nice it was the first time. I liked a lot. And not only me, everybody , who was there liked a lot. 

 It's better to see, than to read, 

I will publish some photos, they are not professional, but they are real. 

The girls from all Ukraine came to the Party.

... Read more »

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Why we publish today the information  about the Engagement in Turkey? Beaucause today we receive a good news from  our couple about the marriage,  They decided to be married in January 2018. We are already invited. The wedding will be in Kiev in one of the most expensive restaurant. The cookers are invited  from France. They will cook French dishes, and , of course, will be Ukrainian kitchen.

 But the most important , that  they love each other.  They  lived togather one year, and now they are sure in their feelings.

 We wish them to be happy!

$IMAGE2$$IMAGE2$ What's this? It's a melon. The  manager of hotel made a present for us  when he knew that we have the Engagement.

... Read more »

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Last Summer   Helen and Rob were engaged . The Engagement was in Turkey in a very romantic place. I was their interpreter.

 I was so nice that my English  cannot give the possibility to describe about this, But there is a camera. It's better one time to see , than seven time to listen. Look youself.


Water is so clean!

... Read more »

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It's life. When you travel, be very careful. Read what letter we received today.
"Hoping this email reaches you well, I'm sorry for this emergency and for not informing you about my trip to Athens, Greece but I just have to let you know my present predicament. Everything was fine until I was attacked on my way back to the hotel, I wasn't hurt but I lost my money, bank cards, mobile phone and my bag in the course of this attack. I immediately contacted my bank in order to block my cards and also made a report at the nearest police station. I've been to the embassy and they are helping me with my documentation so i can fly out but I'm urgently in need of some money to pay for my hotel bills and my flight ticket home, will definitely REFUND as soon as back home.

Kindly let me know if you would be able to help me out so I can forward you the details required for a money transfer.

Waiting to hear back from you "

  ... Read more »

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Dear Friends! Tomorrow in Kiev we will have  big events in our Agency- the Party. If you are alone and marriage minded-  this Party just for you. It's not late yet. Just jump in plane or train and after few hours you can meet your destiny. Yes! YES1 I can  show you  the photos of many couples from the world, which  has  meet each other in those Parties.

 The weather is very nice in those days in Kiev. I think the nature wants, that more couples  will have the  possibility to meet each other.

 You are very WELCOME, dear friends!

 Our telephone is +380679749242 Luda

 Kiev is very romantic city in the evening.

... Read more »

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 As we wrote already, this Autumn we have a very good harvest: we have  few couples  already, which are going to be married. It's a very good result for us. 

 This couple is going to Paris in a romantic trip . Let's wish them good trip and to make interesting photos for us.

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 We are happy to tell you , that we have new  Engagement in our Agency. It's not decided yet about the date of marriage, but they are already together and happy. Let's wish them to be happy!

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Dear Girls! One our client from France Asked us to help him to find his half. He is very shy, That's why it's difficult to him to find his wife.

Write to him a letter fist , if you are marriage minded and you are from22 to 33 y,o. He will be happy if you have a child already. His name is Franc.

"Bonjour je suis une personne romantique gentil attenti ... Read more »

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Dear Yanina! Read a letter of Fabio and answer for him. You see that's a real LOVE

"Dear Yanina, I am writing this letter and I hope you will be able to read my words and my love feeling can reach your heart. In the past two years, I've devoted all my energies, thoughts, love for you, I've been looking for you, I've sent you messages, I have been praying to Luba to help me meet, I came to Kiev, I begged you to meet, I prayed mother in August to meet you, feel and feel for you a great love, I wish and dream to build with you my future, to live together, to real ... Read more »

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Estimados solteros! El día 24 de noviembre en Kiev vamos a celebrar un gran evento internacional.  Solteros que esten interesados en conocer a mujeres de Ucrania, Russia y Bielorrusia van a tener un encuentro para conocerse mejor. Este evento sólo se selebra en Kiev una vez al año. Si estaís ineresados a acudir al evento, por favor pongase en contacto con nosotros, les ayudaremos con el alojamiento, las entradas, la traducción y las demas temas que pueden ser de su interes. Un saludo.

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En effet ils sont sauves,car ils ont fait connaissance avec Luda.
Que vous etes sage et laborieuse, Luda
Sans mentir vous etes un bon samaritain.
Nous ne cesserons de vous remercier,o,notre venerable Luda.
Car vous etes un vrai talisman pour les hommes decus par leurs copines ou epouses et aussi pour tous les celibataires du monde.
Merci Luda pour votre bienfaisance et aussi pour votre noblesse d'ame.
O,vous qui etes passes par l'agence<<LOVE>> et avez trouve le secret du bonheur masculin,remerciez-la
Car c'est sa sagesse qui vous a rendus heureux aujourd'hui et pour toute votre vie.
Tenez sa main droite et faites un baiser tendre pour manifester votre consideration envers elle pour son excellent management.
Honorez-la pour l'eternite car c'est elle qui vous a montre le secret d'une bonne vie conjugal ... Read more »

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Opinion of our client about Kiev:

"Kiev is a special city. I have been in Kiev few times on different seasons of year. The most important thing which impressed me: people keep alltime their high good mood although the weather political and economical crisis. Ukrainians love their city and their country. Hereby I understand the reason Ukrainians don't like to move abroad except only for Love"

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 We also thinking about the health of our clients.

М еня зовут Марианна, я менеджер отдела медицинского туризма клиники Astra Dent.


Пишу Вам, чтоб предложить сотрудничество в сфере предоставления стоматологического

лечения Ваших клиентов, если у них возникает в этом необходимость, в течении их пребывания на ... Read more »

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