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We are open to all partners of the world.  We started to work whis Germany a few monthes ago. We have already one good result. Now we start the partnership relations whis UAE. We are inwaited to the Conference in Dubai the 5th and the 6th of April.  We accepted this proposal. We are sure, it will be very interesting.

Explore the world’s melting pot to host your most exclusive wedding ever!!!


With 10% of Dubai’s population being Emiratis and the remaining 90% being made up by over 180 different nationalities, Dubai is a fusion city where Middle Eastern values blend with those of the rest of the world.


Dubai has been the most advanced, ambitious, grand hub for destination weddings. Conveniently loca ... Read more »

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"When you decide to travel to find your dream woman check out Luda first.

There is no point in in chasing the high profile agencies as they are only a curse.

Call Luda up and make a deal as she is real

She will know how you feel

The ladies are there and are ready for you

Just be a gentleman in everything you do

Take Luda’s advice and her experience is what is so nice

You have a chance to meet your lady for real

Luda will understand how you feel

Be honest with your goals and desires

Luda will then build a fire of emotion between you and your lady

Luda will care  for you and is willing to share

So before you travel take the time to prepare for your time and all will be fine

Be open and fair and everyone will see you really care

Use your actions and not just words and all will be fine

You will be having fun and not just be on the run

You will f ... Read more »

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The most beautiful flowers to the most beautiful girls of Ukraine. Im my country the 8th of March is still big Holiday. Today  all men were buing the flowers for their girls, sisters, daughters, mothers. It was real very pleasant to see the  women whis flowers everywere . This holiday is so  nice. Today the weather was very good- its also was a present for our women. All men were so kind everywere around. Its a pity that its only one day in a year we celebrate a Woman Day.

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Поздравляем! Felicidades! Congratulations! Félicitations!

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We are waiting for you. 

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Muchos de nosotros les gusta viajar. A nuestro cliente Michael también le gusta mucho viajar, mejor aun si esta acompañado por una persona con la que compartir y disfrutar de viaje. El destino elegido es perfecto para disfrutar.  España en esta época de año es muy bonita, tiene unos paisajes primaverales, flores y mucho sol. Los campos y la naturaleza son ideales para conectar con tu yo interior y con las demás personas que te rodean. Esperamos que sea un viaje muy agradable. 


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 Dear Girls and Women.  Our team wants to say to you- Happy Women Day. Be happy , helthy and be loved. I want to say thatour service for women is free. All you need to do- send your good photos and profile to our or you can call us +0380679749242

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 Yes,  its not easy to find your dream girl.  But its possible. We decided  whis Michael to meet 10 girls-candidates in a day. Its difficult to meet many girls in a day, but there is no another way. People typically know if they are interested in  each other in a  matter of  minutes. But you need to spend those minutes, and any extra time you spend whis someone you are not interested in is wasted. And its difficult for everybody, but you need to do this rutine work in order to have the result. And the result is near the door  already, this we feel.

 As Michael will find his dream-girl ,we will publish her photo. We are sure , that Michael can make his girl the most happy girl in the world.

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 Michael came to our Agency from Australia. He came  whis very serious intentions- to find his dream-girl. Its seems that he already find her in our Agency. Michael gave the permition for us to publish his photos whith our girls in process to find his dream-girl.

Here is his letter about his dream:


Ideally, my partner would have a child that was 16 or older, or also ok if she already has a child, or a woman who having a child is not a critical factor. I have a son who is 29 years old and a step son who is 18 years old.


I am looking for my one and only Soul Mate to co-create the most beautiful abundant life. She would be open minded, sensual, passionate about life and learning new things, love to travel and create a ... Read more »

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In my country we still celebrate the Women's Day. This tradition was very strong in the Soviet Union.  Every year we celebrated The 8th of March- Women day. It was tradition. It was official Holiday. Now its only the people celebrate between them this holiday. But its so nice to received the small presents from dear man in this day or before this day. Our client Aliona does not like the flowers in vase. She preferes the flowers alive.Bob knows this. He sended money for this nice present. Aliona is very happy  for this nice present from him to the 8th of March, Women Day!

Aliona is an ecologist and she likes the alive bflowers in her house.

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Para empezar nos gustaría advertiles que no todas las chicas pueden utilizar este servicio en sus casas. La principal razón es que muchas de ellas no hablan bien el ingles, muy pocas hablan en castellano, francés, italiano, portugues o alemán. Por ello es más fácil que la chica se acerque a nuestra agencia, donde le ayudarán nuestros interpretes. Si le gustaría hacer una videoconferencia con alguna de nuestras chicas no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través de nuestro teléfono móvil en Kiev +380679749242 o nuestro correo electrónico o rellenando nuestro formulario en las paginas o e consultar las o ... Read more »

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 Dear clients! Finally in our country Spring came. We were waiting for it long time. The first forest's flowers start to appear in the forests. The birds start to come back home from far away  to start to create their families. And its good time for the marriage-minded men to come to Ukraine. You are very wellcome, dear men! Ukrainian  women are the best for the marriage.They are family  oriented, affectionate and comfotable whis their  femininity. They are pleasers, beautiful and not competitors. They expect their man to be the head of the family, they expect their man to be the head of the family all time, all the life. Ukrainian women try to find what is positive in a man and do not pay big attention for negatine things, if its not  the vulgarity. They  dont't care about your look,or possessions; they care about your personal qualities. They look for sensitivity,love,trust,understanding.Very important for them -to find a man who is non- ... Read more »

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Yesterday in my country we celebrate very special Day- Proshtennoe Voscrecenie. In this day all religeous people ask each other to fogive them for every thing, what they have done not good during the year. I think its very good tradition. Its not easy to say to some body "FOGIVE ME ,PLEASE". Its spiritual work in yourself and its clean your soul. We all need to clean our souls and the world will become  better.

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Hola a tod@s, estrenamos nuestra nueva pagina en Facebook. Si te gustaría conocer las novedades, publicaciones y todas las noticias de nuestra agencia únete a nosotros. Busca Amour-cupidon en tu Facebook y dale a Me Gusta ;) Te esperamos! Un cordial saludo!

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All women like the presents.The presents for women-its a symbol of man's attention. Our woman like the flowers. What  present can be better then real flowers in a cold time of year-in winter .

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Dear   man! This news for you. In Kiev the spring come  back this year early. Now its sring already. If you were afraid of cold wheather and dint want to come in Kiev, now no h ...

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 Dear Ladies! We have an interesting proposal- to make the photos in our  Agency.    From your photo simetimes depend your destiny. You know many stories about some girls,[ models,not models] which destiny changed for better thanks for good photos.We srarted to do the photos to our clients for free. Do not loose this chance. We are waiting for you every day  from10.00 m.p. to14.00. Satueday - from 11p.m to14.00. In Sunday  we do not work. You are very wellcome, dear Ladies.

This is our client. We can make the photos is this style,

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Dear Ladies! Soon will be your holiday, the Women's Day ,The 8th of March. We want to wish you be healthy and happy in your private life. But to be happy you can be  only if you have your right man in your life. So, we wish you to find this man if you are alone. To everybody, who are alone we propose our service. We will look for your futute half in the alt countries: Ukraine, Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Japan, New Zeland. Be sure,if you are very motivated - we will help you. So, JUST DO IT! Send us your photos and profile and the rest we will do ourself. Call us +380679749242 or write to us

This ring for you. JUST DO THE FIRST STEP

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Today  our client  Bill proposed marriage to Lena. Its was so wonderfull. Lena was waiting this day almost one year. She is so happy. We are also happy for  Lena and Bill. We are sure ,that they will be happy. Where is love-the couple is always happy. When will be marriage we do no know yet. Tomorrow Lena and Bill will go to Paris to romantic trip. Congratulatins!

Lena was so happy today.  This day was the most emotional in her life.

Those tulips can say about Bill's feelings more than the words.

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This is me Luda, The owner of this Agency.  In those difficult times for Ukraine I decided to help a little for our people. I will do what i can do. I think, if everybody will do something nice in this world- the world will become better. I have many clients whis a good heart. Tery from Canada is one of them. He will come in Kiev in April and  he wants to take Dear single men! If you are serious about finding a charming, deautiful and decend Ukranian wife, there is no better way  to accomplish it than by attending the Tour to Ukraine  the 19 Th of May2017. Olso you will have the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful city in the world-Kiev. We are sure, that here you can find your dream lady. Everybody who wanted to meet his dream girl-met her.

 Our city is very beautiful in any season. Even now, its winter byt there is some mistery beauty in this period of year.  We will publish some photos. Look how spendid are our yards are now,even pla ... Read more »

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