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First Step

About the beauty of Ukrainian women the people know in the all world. Beauty always attract and always will attract the men. Every men who was in Ukraine paid attention to the beauty of the Ukrainian ladies. They not only beautiful ,but also educated and charming.

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We have Ukraine Easter and we called Velykden in Ukraine language. In Ukraine Easter has big traditions. This year we celebrate Easter 28 of April. 

On this day our people go to church for  Easter ceremony. Traditionally in Ukraine for Easter we have painting eggs and backing Easter cake.

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Dear our clients! Happy Easter to you. In Ukraine we celebrate Easter next Sunday, but many our client are Catholics
 and they celebrate Easter today.
 We want to wish you Happy Easter!

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 Yesterday in Kiev was a great Party of Marriage minded people from the all world. More than 1000 girls came from all Ukraine to this Party. It was real great! I am sure, we will have few marriage after this Party.

 Next Party will be soon. We will write later the date.

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What a nice sunny day today in Kiev. .And also this is a bright day in our agency.Today we have a big Party for single people who want to create the family.

And I am sure that this day will be a special day for some our clients, who will meet each other today in the evening in our Party. You can ask me- why to some people the destiny smiles in this Party, but for some people the destiny does not smile?

According my experience ,I can answer to this question, but not today.

In my next article I will try to answer this question.

Read my next article and you will find the answer.

With respect to you Luda- {the owner of Marriage agency “Love”].

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In our agency we continue  the preparation for wedding.

Now It is time to me think what dress to buy for myself. As all people ,who are in business ,they do not pay the big attention to the clothes. But for the special cases, we have to be dressed the best way.

So,I decided to be dressed in this wedding  in  Ukrainian  national dress.

Today I  visited a special shop of Ukrainian  national clothes.

It is a very famous shop and I liked the dresses there.

I did not buy jet the dress in this  shop,but I am going to buy one.

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 A big Party for marriage minded people will be the 19 th of April in Kiev. 

If you are alone and you want to find your destiny- you are very welcome to the Party. More then !000 ladies from all Ukraine will be there.

 Many people  met their destiny , visiting our Party. We work for you. We are waiting for you!

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Marriage will be soon in our  Marriage agency, but the wedding dress we did not buy jet.

Every  woman want to be the most beautiful for her fiance in the wedding Day. It is a special day in the life  of everybody, who was married. 

So we continue to look where to buy the wedding dress. Today we  where in a  special shop for wedding dresses and we saw some nice dresses here.

We will come back to this shop one more day to look again and to try some dresses and then we will will decide what dress to buy.

Dear friends! Maybe you have some ideas to  share with us -where to go to look the wedding dress for our fiancée.  Will be thankful for you if you will write to  ... Read more »

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 As we wrote already, in our agency one  our couple will be married soon. It is a very happy event for our couple and also for us. 

 As a ruler, I always help with the arrangement to my brides. I like this job a lot. It is always so positive emotions with all those preparations.  I like to help my bride to choose the dress and also I like to my couple to buy the flowers to the wedding. This is the best job in the world!

 We started to look the wedding's dress to my bride, when we were in Portugal. We spent one week in Lisbon at the and of March 2019. It was so wonderful. 

 Now , we continue to look to buy  the wedding dress in  Kiev.

 In my agency ,there is a very talented& ... Read more »

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Wedding it’s very special day. Our clients will marriage very soon. Ower dating agency invite help Vika with designe wedding dress. She our client too. Very kind and positive person, with nice open heart, has big talents, very artistic person. 

Wedding dress need very special style, romantic style and bride should be like angel on this day. We know that Vika like her job and she is very creativity. 

She loves design  wedding dresses.

She loves fashion, style and creativity design. She has enthusiasm, creativity and boundless talent and make design work more than 5 years.

Creativity wedding dresses it’s her favorite and she will be so happy to make the best for our bride. 

She design sensibility an ... Read more »

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" I am from Pakistan, but now I live in Ukraine. My name is Asad. I am impressed by the beauty of Ukrainian girls. I want to find a simple girl from the village with the strong family values for marriage. 

I'm so simple. I don't make deals and promises. I like the truth, simple and short. That's it. I don't know what to do, how to impress girls. Even I don't have any, girl like a friend."

He is waiting the answer to this address:+380 (98) 981 72 39 Viber

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 Today  one my couple, which I arranged a couple weeks ago, had a serious talk. I think It is can the beginning of long happy family life. 

 He is very serious about the marriage. He was looking his special woman long time. And  this time the destiny smiled for him. 

 She also had a lot of problem to find her half. She is also very serious about marriage, but she could not to find a man of her dream. And finally It is happen. 

Today he invited her to visit his home, where he lives now. And she was happy  about this. After few weeks she will go to visit him . And let;s hope, that in our agency will be one more marriage couple.

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 This is Asad from Pakistan. He is 32 years old. It is good time for marriage. Asad is kind and serious. He wants to find serious Ukrainian girl for  marriage. He wants a kind, tender , simple girl from the village.  Asad will be happy to answer any   letters with photo. He is waiting the answer to this address:+380 (98) 981 72 39 Viber Dear Ladies!. You can call Asad any time. He will be happy to speak with you. Now he is in Kiev.

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 Soon will be a happy event in our agency- we will celebrate the wedding of our new couple. It will be the wedding of century. He is 54 years old and never was married and  only in our agency he was lucky to meet his dream women. He is very happy now and very thankful for us. It will be very special wedding and we want to prepare everything the best way.

 She was married before , but the marriage was not happy. But now, when she met him- she is the  very happy.

 We- she, he and me, all 3 went to Portugal at the and of March , from 23of March to 30 of March. It was so wonderful to spend a week there, it was like in Paradise. And what was also so interesting , that the weather was very good for us, it was +23C all day as soon as ... Read more »

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 If "Yes" -  this article for you. The 19th of April 2019 in Kiev will be a big Party for single ladies and men. 

We are waiting for you. If you need apartment- you are very welcome. We can meet you in the airport. Our drivers  speak English. If you need the interpreter - you are very welcome.

 The Party starts at 17.30 and   will finish at 21.30. Music,  good atmosphere,  many ladies from all Ukraine are waiting  for you in this Party.

 For more information call +380679749242 Luda or you can write Brideskiev @

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 In Kiev  It is Spring  already. It is the most beautiful Season in my country.Not cold,not hot yet. Everywhere you can see the flowers. It is time for the first flowers. 

But the most interesting in Kiev now- It is the  beautiful women.

You can see them everywhere’. It seems that they  were sleeping all Winter ,but now They woke up.  Our women-It  our beautiful flowers.

Dear men! If you are alone and looking for you special woman-you are welcome.

We are waiting for you in our Marriage agency.

 We can arrange you a cozy apartment in the center of Kiev for the reasonable price,we can meet you in the airport( our drivers speak English) and  we can organise the dates with the girls from our   Site.


 Dear men!we are waiting for you. For more information call us + 380679749243 Luda or write to us  Brides - ... Read more »

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I am Yusuf from Egypt.  I am 28 years old. I am young and creative. I am kind,educated and serious. Length 180 years Weight 60 Center

I know about Ukrainian girls-they are very beautiful. Not only beautiful, but also they have family’s values. 

As for me, I want to meet a serious, single girl for marriage.

I work in bank and It will be nice if the girl also will be educated. Will be nice if she has Instagram or Facebook. 

I will be happy to receive some news from the girl to this adress:

I am waiting for a reply.

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Today sunny and beautiful day in Kiev. And also sunny day in our agency. Our client from USA  finally met a woman , which he liked a lot. We are very happy for him. Her name is Vlada and she is Ex-Miss of the University.

 When she came to the restaurant today , where I was arranged their meeting - me and my client saw the new sunshine; so she was bright and beautiful. It was  love from the fist look. At least, I felt that It was the love from the first look. So , let's see what will happen tomorrow.


$I ... Read more »

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 Dear Friends!  The 19 th of April  in Kiev will be a big Party of single ladies and single men, We are waiting for you. For more information write to us Brides-loves. com

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