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You already know that Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. 

It is one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Eastern Europe and if you was here you saw it. 

Our city Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine and great city for tourism. Every year we have more tourists here. 

In Kiev  population is over two million people. And the most beautiful ladies in all the world. 

Our city stands on both banks of the river Dnipro which is very big and beautiful.

Kyiv is a city which is historic, political, with great architecture, cultural and centre of Ukraine.

There are many historical and architectural monuments and buildings, museums, parks, cathedral in Kyiv. We have famous  Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Golden G ... Read more »

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Thank you Dating Agency for morning surprise gift from my boyfriend with love wishes on this romantic  Valentine’s Day

I wish everyone find truth love and be happy in love. Thank you! Natalia.

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On Spring and summer start wedding season! 

In Ukraine often wedding ceremony can be on St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral. It’s Orthodox Church of Ukraine. 

Very spetiale place for romantic wedding. 

In our agency couples who have amazing relationships and planing wedding in church we often celebrate ceremony here and make traditional pictures. Ukraine bride traditionally wears a white dress and a veil. We have rich wedding-day traditions history in Ukraine. 

We have now some couples who planing wedding for spring and summer time.

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Today in our agence was a big event-the engagement.This engagement was very romantic,very beautiful,in one of the best restaurant of Kiev- “Veranda”.
We can publish few photos of this pleasant event.
Enjoy with us and wish them to be happy!

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Thank you for this sweet gift from Dating agency! Valentine’s Day is a great celebration of love and caring for everyone in this world.

Sometimes It could be platonic love between best friends or family love from a child to a parent, and of course romantic love between partners and it’s very big special feelings!

Even when you single this day, you should remember that near you can be a lot people who love you, need you and want say you “ I love you”, give this romantic change and open your heart! Just say “ ... Read more »

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Valentines Day for everyone!

Thank you Dating Agency for morning surprise gift from my boyfriend with love wishes on this romantic  Valentine’s Day.

I wish everyone find truth love and be happy in love. Thank you! Natalia.

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 They met each other in our agency and  liked each other from the first look. He is from France ,she is from Kiev, but both speak English very well. She has no children, but she wants to have them in a future, he has no children and also he wants to have them in a future. She likes to travel and she visited almost all  continents, he likes to travel and he also visited many countries. She had a possibility to do this, he had also a possibility to do this. More they were speaking- more they realized that there was many  things common for ... Read more »

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From all My heart big big thanks for nice gift service from  marriage agency.
I felt so lucky to have you as my man, my best friend  for all our  life.
I know that I not singe any more since I met you. 
I felt very lucky be your girlfriend and get this romantic congratulations and gift.
Thanks again! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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My name is Alla. I am from Ukraine.

The best thanks Dating agency for  surprise and for present from my man. 
Dear Sergio, You are a good man. No, a great one. You are the man of my dreams.
We have Every day is Valentine’s Day when I am with you together, even when you far we never feel distance! You always in my heart. Special today, when i had morning call from Dating agency with this nice communication!
My the best wish today is for You and Me to be together until the end of time in our life. Happy Hearts’ Day to you, my love, my everything! I am yours Alla from Ukraine.

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 Dear our clients! We want to wish you Happy Valentino's day.This day is a very special day for everybody who is in love. We wish you to be in LOVE all you life!

 But If you are not in love now- you are welcome to our agency. We helped many  people to find their love- we will help you also. We know how to do it. We are doing this 20 years!.

 We are waiting for you.

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   Soon we will celebrate an  nice holiday- St.Valentino's Day. Young people like this holiday a lot. It is a chance to everybody to speak about their love, to show their love.

  In this day you will see many flowers  in the hands of the ladies. Those flowers were presented by the men.As a rule the men present the flowers, but sometimes men present small presents to their loved women.

 In this photo you can see a small present from our client Mark from Sweden to his girl friend, she is also our client. How happy she was that day when she received that small parcel from Sweden. I received a big pleasure to look at her in this moment.

 Dear  men! If you really want to express your feeling to the la ... Read more »

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 Mohamed lives in Marocco, he is 27 years old , good age for love and marriage, but he cannot find his love." Where is my LOVE?"- sometimes he asks himself. But now , in this time, when everybody is so busy - Itis so difficult to meet your right person for love and for marriage. 

 Mohamed decided to try to find this one, his special girl in Ukraine. Ukraine is famous by beautiful, decent girls. Mohamed has a big hope that our agency will help him to find his dream girl.

 We will try to help you, dear Mohamed. Of course, will be better , dear Mohamed , if you will come to kiev yourself. But if you do not this possibility - lets try to publish your photo in our site. We have a big hope that some nice young girl will see ... Read more »

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Hi to everyone 

I want to thank to Luda from dating agency

She is very nice and with a lot experience.

I come to Kiev that is a safe city and contact her immediately she arranged meeting with a beautiful girl and especially smart one.

The girl know very good English and was very very nice

The meeting take place in the agency that was a safe place

I would like to recommended this agency and special Luda for everyone 

P.s. take Uber as  a taxi it’s ch ... Read more »

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 Marriage will be. It is already known. 

 He is already at home,in Israel. But his heart in here in Ukraine, in Kiev. She also is in LOVE now. She all time look at the telephone and she is waiting his sms. She told me that now all world for her is in rosy colors.

 He will come after one week in KIev. It is decided already. And we will inform you about the Engagement and we will publish some photos for you. Let's enjoy the life together with my new couple.


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 they met yesterday in our agency. He is a doctor from one country from the South. She is our client rather long time. He came first time to us.

 It was so interesting to see their eyes when they met each other. No words. Only eyes. And everything clear- they will be together for the rest of the life.

 It is can happen very rare, but can. It is happened yesterday. They were waiting this meeting all their life and finally they together.

 To help  the people to meet the destiny- It is a great job. I like my job a lot , that's why  I have many marriage in my agency.

 I am sure this couple will give me the permission to publish their ... Read more »

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This is young man from  Africa. He is 180 cm, 26 years old, but even he is young , he has a big own business. He was never married and no children. But he is ready for marriage and for children. 

 He wants to meet very beautiful young girl and fall in love and be married and love her all his life.

 Dear girls! if you like the photo and information about this our new client- write to him direct to his WhatsApp +212 600-476622


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 This is our favorite client Bijan. He is grown -up man ,but his soul is so clean like a soul of young man. He is kind and tender. Many years he was studying at the Universities in Iran ,then in USA. Bejan has his small business and he is successful because he is honest. Bejan is looking for his dream girl rather longtime, but it takes sometimes many years to find that dream girl. 

 But he is optimist. He is sure that one day he will meet her. Bejan will come in Kiev after one month. Dear girls!. If you like his photo and information about him- write to him the letter. He will be happy to receive it.

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 Dear men, if you decide to come in Kiev and prefer to stay not in hotel , you prefer a cozy apartment in the center of Kiev- we propose very clean, very warm apartment  , 2rooms apartment for reasonable price 60 eur a day. 

If you need long term to rent - you are also welcome!

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 Dear Men, Dear our client! we want remind you one more time, that in our agency  there is a low-DO NOT send the money to the girls before the engagement, After the engagement , after you will meet her parents at her home and will start arrange the paper for marriage - you can sent to your future wife some money for her preparing to go to your country; but ,please not before.

 But if you want to attract  the attention of the girl which you like- buy to her flowers, the beautiful flowers. It will be great!

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