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We wish to everybody be healthy,for the men and wmen who are alone-to find in2017year their  life-partner.If you are alone -write to us.We work for you. We will be happy to help you.. We helped to many people -we will help to you also. Just do it! Just write oe call us.

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 We are writting a book about our Love Story. We hope that our book will help many peaple to find their love.

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For the Ladies who want to be married whis Europinian  man we start new service. We started the trips to Germany in order to meet the man for marriage. We work in Kiev and in Germany. The trip 2 or 4 days. We organise the party in Germany and you can meet the man of your dream. For more information call +380679749242 luda

They are married in Paris  the12 of March2016.

Thank for our Agency they  are very happy now. You also can find your dream. Just call us. Just do it! We are waiting for you, dear Ladies. We work for you!

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Kcenia win the First Place in Designer's Competition. She was awarded - Free Trip to India. We are very glad for her.

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Rucia win the price Real Ukrainian Beauty. Congratuation!

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Our client Inga win the prize ' The Beauty' Our Congratulation!

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. I have drunk from the river of love ,  to find my true love and keep her safe in my arms forever

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Very important moment before  the relatives come.

The relatives came.

The last preparations.

 T ... Read more »

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Our couple just sended us their Certificate de Mariage. Now they have all official papers prouved that they are the wife and husband. Congratulation!

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 Its seems that in this day everybody smiles. happy and the world exists only for you.

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During my stays in Kiev, I had contacts with painters that I have exposed in Geneva, since 1998. I visited studios and I discovered a other world. A world in wich artists had the true art of painting, which had continue through the socialist realism mouvement in the country in the USSR, unlike many artist of our regions who had lot a lost with the anti-art and conceptual art. 

To be frank, Kiev did not interested me only for its artists for the beauty of its parks, its , museums, its churches, its historic buildings but also for the beauty of its women, which corresponded to my ideal beauty. As it is with a artist friend I started to find a women I could be in love, and wherein I can imagine a common life. Different marriage agencies who had store front soon proved desappointing because very anonymous. For them you were simply customers they can take monney. The contact was impersonal and a bit cold. I needed something else, a o ... Read more »

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LIUDA, LA MARIEUSE IDEALE Lors de mes séjours à Kiev, j’avais des contacts avec des artistes peintres que j’ai exposé à Genève depuis 1998 . Je faisais des visites d’atelier, et je découvrais un autre monde. Un monde dont les artistes possédaient le vrai métier de peintre, qui avait perduré à travers le mouvement réaliste-socialiste dans les pays de l’URSS, au contraire de beaucoup des artistes de nos régions qui avaient beaucoup perdus avec l’anti-art, l’art conceptuel. Pour être franc, Kiev ne m’intéressait pas uniquement pour ses artistes, pour la beauté de ses parcs, des ses musées, de ses églises et bâtiments historiques, mais aussi pour la beauté de ses femmes, qui correspondait à mon beau idéal. Aussi, c’est avec un ami artiste que je suis allé à la recherche d’une femme dont je pouvais être amoureux et avec laquelle je pouvais envisager une vie commune. Les différentes agences matrimoniales qui avaient pignon sur rue se s ... Read more »

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Chère Liuda,

J'ai enfin fini le texte que j'avais commencé. Désolé pour le retard.J'ai dû aussi traduire en anglais et cela m'a pris beaucoup de temps, car j'ai cherché un bon anglais , le plus littéraire possible pour votre site.

J'espère que vous allez aimer le texte qui parle à la fois de vous, de mon expérience avec vous, de l'Ukraine, des femmes ukrainiennes. C'est un texte très personnel qui donne aussi ma vision pour une Ukraine prospère, dynamique, pacifique, libre et indépendante.

Peut-être que vous pouvez l'insérer dans la rubrique CLIENTES de votre site. Il n'y a plus de texte depuis 2014, je pense que c'est bien quand vos clients ouvrent le site s'ils voyent qu' il y a des témoignages et des informations actuelles.

Comme je vous l'ai dit, je pourrai me déplacer à Kiev entre le 15 et le 31 juillet. Je me réjouis de vous retrouver, et de retrouver  les sourires ... Read more »

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First congratulation was from me.

Tania and Jacky sended more photos to us.

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دوستان عزيز فارسى زبان


سلام من ايرج هستم ..ميخواهم از تجريبات ديدارم از كيو  Kiev در اكراين Ukraineً برايتان بگويم ..

كيو شهرى است بسيار زيبا با طبيعت خيلى قشنگ و نفس گير و ديدنيهاى زياد. يكى از قديمى ترين شهرهاى شوروى سابق و بزرگترين.. و يكى از قديمى ترين شهرها در اروپا ى شرقى.  


اما مهمترين چيزى كه توجه مرا جلب كرد ديدن دخترهاى زيبا و خوش اندام و مهربون و خندان در اين شهر زيبا بود!!!! به گفته همگان براى هر يك مرد ١٢ تا دختر وجود دارد... ديدن اين همه زيبا رو در يك شهر باور نكردنى است !!! به نظر من زيبا ترين هنرپيشهاى زن دراين شهر جمع هستند......

دوستان عزيز به شما توصيه ميكنم در اولين فرصت به اين بهشته روى ز مين برويد...

    با ارزوى

 موفقيت،،شاد و خرم باشيد

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In this sunny day everybody were very happy for Tania  and Jacky.Of course i was the first who say Bravo.yuo can see in this photo. I show by my hand the result of my work. I was very proud of me and very happy for them.its not easy to create the couple.ButI have special capacities to do this and I m very proud and happy of this.

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 I want to be the most beautriful for my Jacky  in this special day for us- told Tania.

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This is  a present  from Jacky to Tania for marriage.


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