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 The letter of our client:

" I choose Switzerland for holiday, an Switzerland is known for its mountains, its Alps in south, Jura in northwest... when I was there before it's was nice weather. But usually Switzerland has cold, cloudy, rainy/snowy winters and cool to warm, cloudy, humid summers with occasional showers.
But with my boyfriend we will have warm weather because in our hearts it's very warm and very romantic now. We are happy and we want make each other more happy. We want wake up with love in our hearts! I am sure that Switzerland will be best country for our first romantic trip. 
I dreaming visit some of region. First want see Zurich, after Lake Geneva, 
Jura Mountains and Fribourg in Switzerland. For people who feel in love it's great trip!"she wrote

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C’est l’heure exquise et matinale
Que rougit un soleil soudain.
A travers la brume automnale
Tombent les feuilles du jardin.

Leur chute est lente. On peut les suivre
Du regard en reconnaissant
Le chêne à sa feuille de cuivre,
L’érable à sa feuille de sang.
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My name is Mira. I am Ukraine girl.
My dream to meet man from France. I was in France before, I like culture, language and style of life in France.
I was in city Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques!
City Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques
I like very much.
This town was fortified in the 11th century. And the château de Pau was the birth place of Henri IV of France, I read about it there. Pau h ... Read more »

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One our client Mira fall in love with a man from France. also our client. Her impressions she just send to us:

"Some weeks ago I was in nice city Le Mans in France. 
When I visit the city's newly renovated museum, the Carré Plantagenet. And I'm surprised to see just how rich the area is in archeological history. It's thousands of years old, that sits in a field in a nearby village.very interesting. It's romantic for me, because I told before how I love France and all city's in France, all village in France. 
I know that two people can be very rich when that have open feelings, when they love each other. When relationships is romantic. Sometimes is very nice have romantic dinner in nice restoration because I live France food, I love style of life in France"

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 Those two persons met each other in our Agency. We ate very glad for them. We are sure  they will  be married soon.

 Here is a letter of our client. She is very happy now!

Every year I wait Christmas and New Year! It's very nice period every year! I am very happy when winter time start! This year will be very special for me. Because I met my destiny! This New 2018 year and Christmas I will celebrate with my boyfriend. Christmas is a special time for families, friends and loved ones and for me important Christmas time. It is especially exciting for lovers who are considering taking their relationship to the next level and I am sure that we need have very romantic celebrations!
My boyfriend is " the one" we just met, but I am sure about my feeling. I want show him how much I appreciate him! He brings a lot of feelings and love to our relationships! I want that this Christmas time have great remember for both of us.
I want ... Read more »

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Today November, 13, 2017 year!

I am Sopfia ( 34 y.o.) I am from Ukraine, from city Chernigov. ... Read more »

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So nice when the people met and fall in Love. I" m the owner of the Marriage Agency many years, but every time when the people  meet in my Agency and Fall in LOVE, I'm so glad.  I  always try to help my couple to know better each other better before  to take so important decision about the marriage.

 Jerry is my client  rather long time  and finally he  met in my agency his dream girl. I'm so glad for him. Let's hope that will work.

  Jerry  and Tania are very happy to be togather.

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Here you can see our client from Norway. he is very serious about the marriage whis Ukranian girl. Mika was never married, no children. He is  36y.o. He is very kind and honest person Mika is tall 185 cm and slim. He believes that love is not just a feeling, but also a behavior. You must perform acts of love and demonstrate your love every day with kind, tender, compassionate behavior. Like caring for someone when ... Read more »

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Last week was very lucky in our Agency. We have new couples in our Agency.  They are not married yet, but in the future they will be. At least we have the hope.
For now they spend time together and have the plans to go to the warm countries to spend their holidays.
Today  I helped to one of those couples whis translation. We decided to go to the International Exposition of cats. It was so wonderful, that I do not have the words to express those feelings. It's better to see, than to read.


This is me in the Exhibition.                                       Thi ... Read more »

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Last week  in our Agency  one our client met his destiny. As soon she came  in the restaurant- he understood-SHE. Now they are togather and we are very happy for them.

 It was the love from the first sight for both.  We wish them to be happy!

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In this photo you can see me and my client Serge fom France. This photo I made in France when I visited Serge.  Serge was fall in love with one of our client. But It dint work very well.

 Now his heart is open for a new love. Serge is very well educated . He was studing in Sorbonna and he was the best student there. He has two children. they have their life.

 Serge lives alone in a big house  near the Mediteranian sea in the South of France not far from Spain.

 He will be happy to meet a kind woman about 50y.o.  He will answer to all letters with photos.

 Dear women! do not be shy! write to Serge first! And Im sure that if you meet him. he can make yo u happy. He knows how to do it.

& ... Read more »

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 We are open to the collaborations whith all the countries. Today we received the letter from Spain about the collaboration, We are glad to work togather.

My name is Marcos Romero and I am contacting you on behalf of a group of entrepreneurs who are in the process of launching a new dating web site called "Lady Zarina", connecting eastern European ladies with mainly Spanish speaking men. Our page aims to become the world's biggest dating site of the kind for Spanish speaking clientele and for such objective we are currently seeking respectable dating agencies who could be interested in establishing what we hope will be a successful collaboration.

We are in the process of planning a trip to Kiev to meet some agencies and would be happy to meet with your company in order to discuss the terms of a potential collaboration.

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This is our client from Canada. His name is Ģuy. He is not married and he came in Ukraine in order to find her future  wife. He have everything in his life, but he has no wife. But the most important, that he has big heart. He always try to help the children. This time  he also wants to do something nice for the  children and I'm sure he will do. 
Dear women. If you are 45 or plus y.o. and you are looking for future husband, please, write to him.  Adress is
WE will give your letter to him.
He lives in Canada in a big house alone. He is a owner of TV  companies in Canada. He will answer to all letters whis photos. If it's possible send also short video. Dear women! Do not be shy,&nbs ... Read more »

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What  a nice news we  have receive today!   Our  couple Tania and Jacky called us and told that finally Tania has receive all  papers to have all citizens rights to live in France. We are very glad  For them!

Tania and Jacky were married  two years ago in Paris. They met each other in our Agency. It is big love in their family. They live in Paris in winter time and they live also  in the South near the sea in summer time. All their dreams came to truth. Congratulations!


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Dear men! 
WE inwaite you to come in Kiev in those last day of Autumn.
Its so nice in those days in Kiev. The weather is very warm for this period of year.
If you are not married , you are very welcome to come in our Marriage Agency.We have a  big Catalog of Marriage minded girls and you will have the opportunity to meet  your dream girl.
As we wrote the 24 th of November we will have a Big  Party. You are very welcome dear men ! . 
Kiev is a very beautiful city. You will like it. Everybody who come one time here , always will come back. We publish the video of Kiev, which we made today. Come and enjoy to be in our city whis us.

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This is photo of our client from France . You can see  us  in the beach of Meditaranian sea where Serge lives. He was not happy whis one of our client and now  his heart is open for the new love.

 Dear women! If you are alone and you are  about 50y. o. and you are marriage minded- you are  welcome! Serge is waiting your letter and you!

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My name is Jerry.  I am a successful businessman from New York.

I wanted to say a few words about my experiences in Kiev.

I never had success with my love life in America so my friend suggested

i go to Ukraine and try my luck there.


He suggested I get in contact with a lady named Luda who has a marriage 

agency in KIev.


I went there and discovered that the women were all beautiful and friendly

and interested in marriage and having children.  That is just what I was looking for.

I was tired of the American women and there demands for more material things.

The women that I met were so understanding, conservative and were interested

in starting a family.   Such a contrast from the women I met in America.


I am so gr ... Read more »

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As we wrote already the 24th of November will be in Kiev a big Party for  the marriage minded women  and marriage minded man.
Dear  men! 
Join the hundreds of satisfied clients who have found love and happiness in  those Parties.
In the Party you will be exposed by hundreds of charming ladies who are extremely interested in establishing relationships whis men from another countries of All ages!
If you come in Kiev to take part in our Party, we also will organize a cultural programme. In Kiev there are a lot of sightseeigs. And during you visit in Ukraine we will organize you some excursions.
Dear men! If you have the opportunity to travel in this period of time-you are very  welcome to Kiev.
Many of our gentlemen will get engaged or married  after participating in our Parties.
Ca ... Read more »

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Our new couple are very happy. Yesterday they are visited a palace of ex president of Ukraine Yanukovich. They send to our agency photo and video. 



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