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 In those days we have a good news from Spain. One more our couple had the Engagement in Spain. They decided to go to Spain to spend Easter Holidays and in Spain they decided to be engaged. It was not a love from the first side , but that love came to them slowly, but finally came. He is 50years old and was never married, she i9s 36 years old and also she was never married, that's why   it was not so easy to decide this question. But now, I am sure it will be nice strong one more family in this world. Congratulation!

 They do want to publish their photos in the site, but they sent nice spring's photos from Spain, where they are now.



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 In My country Easter is one of the most important holiday. In those days nobody works. the people go to the church and even many people go the church and pray all night.  If you pray all night from your heart -  all your wishes will be realized .soon.

 In those photos you can see the celebration of Easter in Kiev.

Special bread for Easter is very tasty.

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 Dear friends!  Tomorrow we will celebrate the Easter.  Those days are very special days. To the people who wants to  find their destiny we will open a little secret. 

 Tomorrow,  only one night in the Year the Heavens will be so  open, that everybody who will be in the church that night and pray from all the heart,  will receive what he pray about.  You must pray all night. If you cannot go to the church- you can pray at home, but do not sleep that special night.

 We wish to everybody to find their destiny! Of course , all marriages  are made in the Heavens, but  we can help you  to meet this one , special one, which God has prepared for you in the Heavens.

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 We have a new client -Lera. She is very talented person. Her paintings are very popular in Kiev.  Lera is going to open her personal Exhibition in Kiev. She wants to presents her paintings and she will be very thankful if you, dear friends, can write to her your opinion about her painting. you can write to her to this address:  for Lera

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 Dear Friends! we want to  inform you that  the Easter Holiday we do not work . We do not work The 8,9,10 April. 

We start to work the 10th April.

  We will be happy to see you the !0th of April.

 With respect to you- The Marriage Agency "Love".

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La primera visita a Kiev parece poder sintetizarse en una sola expresión, enamorarse por los ojos, con independencia de la razón que nos haya llevado hasta allí. En el paseo en coche desde el aeropuerto hasta nuestro destino uno empieza a atisbar una luz y unos colores que difieren notablemente de los de España para desembocar en una ciudad que a nadie sorprendería por romper radicalmente con otras capitales de Europa. Sin embargo, es ese primer día, en ese primer momento que uno se para y observa detenidamente cuando un tsunami de estímulos visuales te revelan que has llegado a un sitio distinto de todos los demás.

Llegados a este punto, lo convencional, lo previsible sería iniciar una suerte de oda a la belleza de sus mujeres, pero esto solo me llevaría a caer en una trampa de tópicos que solo arañaría ... Read more »

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For everybody in Ukraine Easter is very special Day! But For me it’s the most special day. Last year I meet my love when we celebrate Easter. It’s was magic meet for us. From first minute we understood that we waited each other all our life. When I saw his eyes I start feel chemistry immediately ... after t ... Read more »

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Dear Friends! Happy Easter to everybody. We wish you to be healthy and happy. And if you are alone- to find your destiny. We are ready to help you.

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 Yesterday was a very pleasant event in our Agency. Our client from France  Jean and our client Lena  had yesterday the engagement. We are very glad for them. The wedding will be in Summer in Monaco. Hope we will be invited and we will make many photos to publish in our site.

 I think the photos like this help to the men and women, who are not married and cannot to find their destiny, to believe that it's can happen with them also. 

I am always very thankful to our clients , who give us the permission to publish their photos in our site. I understand that is very private photos, but it's help a lot to believe that everything possible in this life - only Just Do It!

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 This is our client from Sweden> He is 45 years old. He is 193cm ,85 kg.  his name is Urlic.

 Urlic was never married and no children.  He is quiet, kind , honest and faithful with high moral values. He  enjoy diving, sports, watching movies, exercising and music. Looking for a serious relationship with a woman who is faithful and educated with a good sense of humor and will appreciate home coziness. No alcohol, please. 

 Urlic will answer to all letters . Write , please    ... Read more »

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  I am very loving and a Gentlemen!


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This is our client Helen. She is a singer. She has art´s soul. She is looking a man who will understand her. Information about her you can find in our site

Views: 456 | Added by: luda | Date: 2018-03-30 | Comments (0)

Our Agency is open to cooperate with another Agencies from all the world. You are welcome, dear Friends. Today we received that letter and told "Yes".

"HI ,

Hope you are doing good , thanks for your reply .

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"I am strong and dependable man who is very positive in life. I lead an active and healthy lifestyle who is very cheerful and happy man who is humble and Honest. I have great scenes of humor and enjoy to laugh often. I had a very wonderful childhood with very loving parents with great memories of our family. I am passionate about life and the opportunities for adventure within it. I am excited about doing and learning new things, whether it is new cultures, or a new activity. I am passionate about succeeding in all areas of my life. I value creating new businesses, working with and encouraging people, and caring for my friends and family. I like to balance my life with work, relationships, and taking care of myself through exercising. I love the ocean and like to swim. Living in Florida gives me the weather and opportunity to do a lot of water sports and live a healthy life style. I enjoy all types of music & films. I love to travel nationally and international"

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  We are very glad for our couple who are in Spain. They decided to stay longer in Spain in order to spend there the Easter. In Spain the people celebrate the Easter a little different than in Ukraine. We want to show you some photos which we just receive from them.

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 Our client Michael still is looking for  his dream woman. It's so difficult to find that one, only one for the life between many girls in the world. Michael is very special man:he is vegetarian ,he looks to the word another way, I can say the correct way to the world. Michael is very tender, smart, educated man and he looks the girls with the same qualities. After a lond and difficult search it seems that he has find one. Of course it's too early to speak about this, but it's possible that in a future Michael will be not alone. Let's wish him to be happy with his dream girl! 

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In Kiev still cold, even It's Spring, that's why one our couple decided to go to spend the holidays in Spain.  Spain started already the Easter. In Spain they celebrate the Easter another way than in Ukraine. My clients sent very interesting photos from Spain. We want to show them for you also.

Views: 422 | Added by: luda | Date: 2018-03-26 | Comments (0)

We are in  the restaurant "Pacher" in Kiev.

Very  nice meeting.

Mihael is very serious in his search of his dream-girl. He is very special person:very deep,very spiritual, very honest and very kind. He wants to find a women  with the same qualities. It;s not so easy, but i think it's possible. 

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What to do in order to meet a women in Ukraine?

We will recommend you what to do or what not to do. First of all we do not recommend you to write the letters to the girls longtime.

You don’t need to exchange 500 letters and meet on Skype 19 times to get to the point of deciding if a face to face meeting should take place. if you ... Read more »

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 We are always happy when our clients come back to us.  To find a right person for marriage It's so difficult. Sometimes our clients come  back to us a few times, before they can find their future wife.

 And It's a big pleasure for us to know, that our clients trust us and are sure ,that we can help for them to find their destiny.

 So, Mike was in Kiev last year , he was looking for future wife , but it was no result. But mike is sure that his dream girl is here, in Ukraine. That's why he came again in Kiev from far away- from Australia. 

 He continues his search and it seems to me ,that this time ,he will find his destiny in our Agency. 

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