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Cheres Femmes! Bonne fete du 8 Mars.

 Si vous etes seules nous vous invitons  a notre Agence. Vous avons beaucoup des  hommes dans notre Catalog qui souhaitent rencontrer la femme Ukrainiane.

 Nous vous conseillons ne pas perdre le temp. Nous vous conseillons d'ecrire la lettre a propos de votre intations et surtout sans oublier  d'y joindre des photos de vous.  Quelque photos sera mieu.

 Avec respect  a vous Luda, the owner de Agence.

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 Cher Monsieur! Welcome a notre Agence! Luda, owner of Agency.

 Nous pouvons organiser a vous des rencontres avec les femmes et ces rencontres qui peuves changer votre vie pour mieux. La solitude c'est ne pas bien. 

 Notre femmes sont belles, fideles,  bien souvent, elles parlent Anglais ou Francais.

  La femme Ukrainian est jolie, de bonne moralite, fidele, simple, feminine, douce et devouee, attentionnee, et d'un caractere souple, avec une grande capacite d'adaptation et attachee aux vrais traditionnelles du couple.

 Ses criteres dans le choix de son futur compagnon, ne portent pas sur sa situation sociale et financiere,mais sur ses valeur morale.

 Cher Monsieur! Nous vous attendons a n ... Read more »

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 Notre Femmes Cherchent hommes en France. 

 Cher Monsieur! Vous avez la possibilitee de rencontrer  des femmes Ukrainian qui souhaitent correspondre avec des hommes Francais afin realiser des rencontres serieuses.

 Les annonces des femmes presentes dans notre site sont resentes, nous mettons des candidatures totalement nouvelles chaque jours.

 Nous vous attendons, Cher Monsieur! You are welcome!

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 It's so nice when the people are looking for LOVE and finally can find it. It's happen in our Agency. They met each other 2 years ago in our Agency, It was not a love from the first sight, but  they  in LOVE now. Congratulation!. It's too early to speak about marriage, but they are together and enjoy their company.

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 This is our client Brus. He is  from USA. Brus is 187 tall,70 kg, divorced. He has his own business.

 He is very lonely and suffering of this. Brus has everything in this life, only one this he has not- his loved woman. 

 Brus is ready to fall in love, but It's so difficult to find this special woman in order to fall in love.

"LOVE is only a word, the real feeling should exist in one’s own heart.

We should select our partner carefully rather than select we have to find….”

“well those words came right from your heart”

“Really….then my heart tell’s me that I am right behind my true love”

As I approached her, my heart started picking up ... Read more »

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The weather is cold. It's  snow. the cold wind, but in our Agency It's very warm. Why? Because two people in LOVE! They met each other almost one year ago in our Agency. They relations develop slowly, but now It's a good result. I cannot say that it was the love from the first sight, but they relations started from respect. 

  He came to visit her in so cold weather , because he has a hot heart towards her. Let's hope that it will finish by wedding!

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 Anna is Ukrainian girl and we are proud  of her! She is not our client she has her own life, but when I hear something not good about Ukraine or Ukrainian girls- I want to speak and to show our perfect girls and women like Anna.

  Muzychuk was taught to play chess at the age of two by her parents, both professional chess coaches. She played her first tournament at five and in the same year she placed second in the under-10 girls championship of Lviv Oblast.[3]

From 1997 to 2005 she won several medals at Ukrainian,  ... Read more »

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 Today is the first day of spring but the weather is very cold. Winter doesnt want to give the way to spring. Look to Maydan. No people only me and snow. But I try to make nice photo of last snow this year that's why you cannot see me,but the snow  you can see.

 But let's be optimist! After 3 days the weather will ... Read more »

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 " Life alone is not good, I do not like that kind of life. I do not like going home and nobody is there and I'm tired of looking "4 walls". I do not want a girlfriend, I want a Wife to share and to fall in love with someone with same vision. I want to have my own "Queen" to see her smile everyday because she is happy. I want to love and to be loved. I'm waiting for you my dear "queen". Where are you? write a letter for me and you will make me happy ."- Piosh from India.

 This is ou ... Read more »

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So nice in those cold winter weather to come in  warm country.  But the main thing   not country. the main thing with whom! 

 Julia met him in June in kiev in our Agency.  For holiday he invited us to Spain for 2 weeks. It was so nice. Then they had some problem. 

 And now they are in Monaco together. Lets hope that trip will finish by marriage.

After so cold weather at home It's so nice to be here with loved man.

... Read more »

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Алёна Валенти́новна Са́вченко (нем. Aljona Savchenko, укр. Олена Валентинівна Савченко;

  Look at this beautiful Ukrainian girl. Now everybody in the world know  her name. She is  a champion of Olympic  games2018.

 She  was born in Obuhov, little town near Kiev in the family of teachers. The family was ... Read more »

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"At the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, as the different flags entered the Ukrainian flag led all the other flags. With the flag's simplicity and two colors it was beautiful. I felt good inside that I have spend a small part of my life in the Ukraine. I felt proud for you and your country" wrote our client John from USA.

 We are very thankful to our client John about nice words about our country. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and read  something nice in your Viber.

 We also are proud about our sportsmen. It's real very, very nice. My English is pure to express the feeling when you look to those sportsmen. All world enjoyed.

 About Ukraine you can hear a lot of bad things , but in Ukraine there are a lot of nice things,only the people do not know about this nice things. 

 Now all world can see, that we have so talented people in our country.

 So , dear men, look what gir ... Read more »

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 Dear men! soon the 8th of March in my country we will celebrate  a nice holiday - Woman's Day. This holiday we keep from the Soviet Union's time. 

But I's a beautiful holiday. We all like it. I's tradition to give the flowers in this day to all women.

 Dear men! if you like somebody from our site - it's the best way to attract attention of woman-to send her flowers. It's very romantic. 

 So , you can send any flowers for her, it's depend of price. 

$140 it's a big bouquet.

$50- 3 roses.

 We also make the photo of the girl with flowers and send for you.

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This is our client from Sweden. He was never married, but he wants to be married. His name is Urlic. His has his own business. He is succesfull in business , but not in love and he is not real happy.. Urlic  did visit Ukraine already and was very interesting to be in our country. he did like it very much. Travelling by night-train did show him there is not a big difference between Ukraine and Sweden in case of mentality, ideas and family values.

 His hobbies and interests are : sport, dancing and diving, nature, travelling[to visit other countries and meet there people] and a warm family-life. His dream is to have a happy family with kids in the future. He is looking for a warm, sensitive woman for marriage.

 Dear women! If you like the ph ... Read more »

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 This is our client MrX. He is 33y.o. ,never married, no children, has a possibility to live in any country of the world, he is very kind and educated. He wants for marriage a beautiful girl from good family. He is 175cm,60 kg. Speaks many languages. very educated, finished the University in London.

 Dear girls! if you like his photo and profile -write to him-     for Mr X

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Dear Men! After one week the Sprig will come. In this period of year the people feel new energy and have big hope for  the Spring- that this Spring will bring something nice and not usual in their life.

 Our women also are waiting  that Sprig will bring them the love and maybe the marriage. But with whom marriage if in Ukraine for one man is 12 women?

 So, dear man, we have the big hope on you. 

 Our women are the best in the world. First of all, they are very beautiful.Slavonic beauty is known in the world.  Many men from many countries  could find the lady of their dream in  Ukraine.High level of education of Ukrainian brides and their beauty attract the men from many countries. We  have the marriages  almost in all  the world.  The happiness of the family is a priority for  our women and they try their best, taking care about husband, children and making their house full of warmth a ... Read more »

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 In our Agency a Special Day.- we celebrated the birthday of our new client Lilia. She is very special and nice. If you like her you can write to her the letter Brideskiev@gmail .com     for Lilia

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 Dear clients! We propose for you a modern, new apart. in the center of Kiev. Only for our client a special price 50eur for night. Apart. is very cozy. warm, just we finish the repairs.  You can  rent it from 14 March. We are waiting for you


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