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Sono venuto a Kiev con i soliti dubbi che tutti possono avere, in riguardo alla serieta' ed alle intenzioni delle donne dell' agenzia di Luda. In piche settimane ho potuto constatare che la maggior parte delle persone incontrate erano serie, ed avevano delle aspettative oneste. Erano donne con un lavoro serio, una vita stabile, e la speranza di incontrare un partner per la vita, indipendeSender's name: Mario


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 Today  our client Oxana  came to visit us in order to speak about the helping homeless animals. Oxana has a big heart. She try to help  every ceature in the world. In Ukraine there are a lot of homeless animals. Its a big problem in our country. And the people whis big heart  try to help those animals. Oxana is one of them.If you like the idea to help the animals in Ukraine - you can contact Oxana and do this work togather whis her. Our Tel.+380679749242

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 Dear Ladies ! We are happy to tell you a very good news.

 The 8 of July  will be a big Party whith the marriage minded  men from all Europe. the age of men 28 -50 y.o. They all are educated, whith good position in the life and from  good  families. We will arrange the Party like this the second time. First time we had the Party like this a month ago. I was very nice. Some people has find their dream in this Party. They are not married yet, but in the future, we are sure , will be weddings.

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In May 2017 in our Agency was a great event- Engagement of one our couple in Dubai. We are very happy for them. The marriage will be soon. We have the hope to be there and to show you some Marriages photos. $IMAGE4$

 But  for now, I can publish only the photos which I made when I was in Dubai in the Engagement of my new couple. Maybe It will be interesting to see those photos to somebody and those photos will give the hope to some people to start to look their destiny. For now I dint receive the permition of my couple to publish their photos, but I can say, that he is 50y.o. and  he is from England. She is 35y.o. and she is from Ukraine, from Kiev. They are very happy. Its real big LOVE.

 So,  dear friends! Its never late. Be optimis ... Read more »

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Paul our new client. He came in Kiev in order to find his future wife. Dear  ladies!Look  to the picture of this man, Look at his eyes.  He is so kind and nice.

 If you feel that his soul can be native to your soul- write to Paul. He was never married and maybe, if God wants, he will be happy whis you, dear Lady,

 This letter Paul wrote himself about him.

hello, my name is Paul Stankewicz. I was born in u.s.a. I come from a Christian family and there has never been a divorce in my family.
both of my parents and one of my brothers died. now, I have one married brother who lives about 15 km from me. we meet each week
for conversation and sometimes we go out to eat. I was in the u.s.a. army but, never killed anyo ... Read more »

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Good news, will be one more marriage in in our agency. We are very happy to tell you this. We rece ived some photos from Dubai  when was engagement  in Dubai  in May 2017. Our  couple is going to be married next month. We have the hope that we will have their marriage's photos and  we will publish those photos in our site.

 My couple enjoy to be togather- I enjoy to be near the sea. But the sun is very strong in Dubai.

It better  to be like this, beaucause the sun is so strong.

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After a beatiful 2 weeks holiday in Kiev with the help of Luda I return back to my country. It was a so amazing time and Luda was a very responsible lady. She always calling me during my stay in Kiev and asking if I need something and did her best to meet me with my future wife.

When I think about my vacation in Kiev and the interest of Luda I was really feel so sad that I waste my time by visiting Odessa and meeting with the ladies from mail-order dating sites because I see that I was definetly married if I was meet with Luda some years ago but happy that finally I meet with a serious and honest agency owner who is doing her best.

I am still in contact with Luda and on the summer time I am impatiently waiting her to welcome in my country with the lady who I like seriously and feel that I can build a nice future with her.

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 The love story of Serge is very interesting. He promised us to write it one day. Serge lives in a small  village in the south of France in a very big own house, too big to live alone. One day Serge came   in Kiev .in our Agency and the destiny smiled to him- he met a real love of his life. "She is the most charming creature in the world"-told Serge about this  woman.

 In June Serge is going to visit Kiev again. We has a big hope, that in our Agency will be one more happy couple.

 Dear Men and Ladies!

 Love   does not look to the age of person. Look at Serge. He is very positive and optimistic.Thats  why the destiny  smiled to him. Lets wish to him to be happy whis his lady.

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My favorite client  from Canada Gue has a big heart. He came in Kiev to find his dream girl, but in the same time  he helped to many people. he helps a lot  the  children. In those photos you can see  the children to whom  Gue organised a nice dinner. The children were very  glad and happy.And   in  another photos you  can see   me and Gue in Globus


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In those photos you can see The  engagement in Dubai of our new couple It was so romantic.  Their are going to be married soon. We are sure ,that they will be happy.  We are wery thankful for them that they gave to us the permition to publis so private photos. We have the hope to be  invited to their wedding and to publish thier marriages photos.

 Look , So specil engagement and so special photos.

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As we wrote , this year we started to work togather whis German Marriage Agency.

 Dear Ladies! The name of our Agency is LOVE. You can find your love here.  We arranged many marriages in many countries.

 We invite you  to our Agency. If you are alone, do not loose the time. Call us now, not tomorrow, not  next week, just now. WE are working for you. From today you can  be registed in our site  be youself. Just do it!

 Our telephone +380679749242. We are waiting for you.

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 Look our new.

Views: 492 | Added by: luda | Date: 28.05.2017 | Comments (0)

Если Вы хотите выйти замуж за немца ,мы Вам поможем!

Брачный тур в Германию - самый успешный путь к вашему счастью!
Aгентство работает  с 1 июня 1994 года,лиценция в торг-пром.палате Дортмунда N 376983.
На протяжении 22 лет мы  помогаем женщинам всех возрастов из стран СНГ найти свое счастье.
У нас собственная большая картотека мужчин,в г.Дортмунд работает "Школа жениха".
Агентство не организовывает поездки мужчин в страны СНГ,знакомства происходят в Германии.
Mы не занимаемся фиктивными браками,т.к.работаем в рамках немецкого законодательства.
Наши преимущества :
1.Многолетний успешный опыт.
2.Два бесплатных урока немецкого языка с высококвалифицированным преподавателем в Киеве(очно),
для жительниц других городов по cкайпу.
3.Мы оказываем помощь в получение визы сроком на 4-7 дней в посо ... Read more »

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 Mario   (20.05.2017 12:54)
Luda, ero venuto a Kiev con qualche sospetto e poche aspettative, come puo' essere comprensibile pensare. Ho invece conosciuto una persona che ha intuito ed esperienza, che mi ha conosciuto ed ascoltato: questa sei Tu. Mi hai presentato delle persone con un animo pulito, intuendo che tipo di persona cerco. Ho visto la raccolta di decine e decine di nuove coppie che Tu hai contribuito a esistere, e credo che questo sia il Tuo lavoro, poiche' capisci le persone, e che tu lo faccia con passione.Mario
Country: Italy | City: Turin

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Paolo  from Geneve (Yesterday 19:52)
J' ai pu constater personnellement que les femmes de l' agence de Luda sont des femmes avec moralite',, qui cherchent un homme pour avoir une famille, et qui ne commenceraient pas une nouvelle vie avec n' importe qui. Je suis arrive'. a' Kiev avec les humains et communs soupcons de chaque homme europeen, mais la premiere rencontre m' a fait changer d' avis. J' ajoute que Luda a bien compris ma personnalite', en m' evitant des meetings avec des femmes qui n' auraient pas ete' correspondante a' ma personne. Je ne peux que remercier Luda, qui a une grande experience et travaille avec le seul but d' aider a' trouver un partenaire de vie.
Country: Suisse | City: Geneve

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 Today our client John from USA sended a very nice present for his Lady.  He  sended her very beautiful  flovers in order to show his interest  to her. She was very happy to received so beautiful flovers in this rainny day.  We hope, that its very nice start to develop the relations. We wish them to be happy togather.

Dear Ladies! If you want to receive the flovers like this-  come in our Agency "Love". We are waiting for you. Call us +380679749242 We will be happy to see you in our Agency.

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The dood was so tasty.

Interesting conversation.

This is  me, Luda the owner of Agency, is waiting the guests.

 In  ... Read more »

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 The 20th of May it was a big party of marriage-minded girls  whis marriade-minded man from Europe. It was in  one restaurant in the centre of Kiev.  Good food, good music,good wine and ,of course, good companie. Everybody was very glad to be there. And we have the hope that will will have new marriages in our Agency.

Views: 535 | Added by: luda | Date: 24.05.2017 | Comments (0)

Today is my 8th day is Kiev. I know some people are afraid to visit Kiev but I can tell that there is nothing to worry to visit this wonderful city. I see people are very friendly and I spend many time st morning and night time outside and there was nothing to afraid.

I stay in a wonderful apartment which Lyuda booked for me and I am happy to share a picture which I take from my balcony ))

Maybe the economy in Ukraine is not so good right now but I appreciate that people are still happy and smiling also they can find a way to enjoy their life’s.

Especially at the Maydan I see many young people,families and young beautiful ladies sitting at parks,coffee shops,restaurants and enjoy their time.

This is my first visit to this amazing city and sure that it will not be the last.

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Hey Luda, I'm off to a conference in Frankfurt this week and then to Kiev next week, do you have any "super model" calibre prospects for me? (That being said I'd like to steer clear of the 25-28 year olds that just want a guy to take them on fancy trips - so unless they're really mature and ready to settle down, I'd prefer someone 29-39, but who's absolutely beautiful. Again I don't mind if they have kids already, but I'm hoping to find someone that's content not to have them). I'm going to be honest though and say that though all the women you've introduced me to are nice, the only ones that I felt really attracted to and would want to date were Oxana and Maria (but both of them wants kids of their own), so I'd like to see if we can raise the bar in the looks department if at all possible. So I don't care if we have to widen our search to the outskirts of Ukraine and then we bring someone into Kiev, but I'm really picky ... Read more »

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