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This summer in our Agency have  many  Engagements. We are very happy hope this. One our client  wanted to have the Engagement in Spain. Great Idea! 
Now  it's  very easy to  travel for the  Ukrainian people. We do not   need viza for travel to Europe.
So our client  bought the tickets for me and  to the girl, which he liked and we went to Spain. 
You can see in those pictures what a nice trip it was.

Morning in our hotel.


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Dear Ladies! We want to present you our client from Italie-Fabio.He lives in the capital of Italie-Roma. Fabio is  educated, very kind man. He is looking a decent,simple girl for marriage. Fabio is179 cm,65 kg. He likes the animals, to make his home cozy and to cook Italian food. He lives in Roma in his apartement. Fabio  like the flowers and also he likes to give the  flowers to the girls.

Fabio is waiting a letter from a nice girl 25-37 y.o. He will answer  to all letters. E-mail for the letter: Brideskiev@gmail.com

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Dear Men!  The summer is not finished yet. If you are not married and you have the possibility to come in Ucraine in order to find your future wife- you are very welcome! I, the owner of the Marriage Agency "Love" invite you to come now. The weather is very good and my country is very beasutiful now. In Kiev there are a lot of flowers.the nice beach  just in the centre of Kiev, a lot of parks and ,of course, a lot of beautiful girls .  In our Agency the new girls come everyday. Here you can meet your destiny. You are very welcome. dear men.

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Pas semblable a elle
Toujours au top,tres chers amis.
Rien ne peut etre compare a elle.
Croyez-moi,car je le dis pour connaissance de cause.
Croyez-moi,vous qui cherchez de midi a quatorze heures le bonheur.
Croyez-moi,o malheureux que vous etes,car sans femmes.
Cessez de vous lamenter par-ci,par-la.
Laissez se reposer les esprits de vos amis et connaissances.
Car ils ont en marre de vos plaintes.
Contactez votre cerveau et decidez -vous des lors.
Changez de mode de vie et ameliorez vos conditions materielles.
Diversifiez vos centres d'interet.
Lisez plus qu'auparavant afin de vous informer plus sur les changements dans le monde.
Travaillez plus et gagnez plus pour mieux vivre.
Comprenez ainsi qu'il n'y a qu'un seul passage o blige.
Pas deux agences pareilles pour assurer votre bonheur masc ... Read more »

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What about our coupleTania and Karl?.
Everything is perfect. Now they are traveling  in Spain. They have seen many sight  and now they are in Grenada. The main thing that they   are sure that they are each for other.




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The life like the ocean. If we look to the ocean ,We see that the ocean is changing every second.The waves come and go out, comes and go out.the same in the life.
Yesterday our couple was very happy to  be togather. today they are  not sure,if they will be togather in the future.It 's a pity, beaucause its took a lot of time and emerge  to make this couple ,I was whis the girl in Syprus one week. in the house of a man,they spended one week togather.

It's so painful when the hope dies.
But I steel have the hope ,that they will be togather.
They are young and  if you look to them,it's so beautiful couple.I wish them to find the way to be to gather.

Special evening in the house of my client. ... Read more »

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Mes tres chers amis,
J'ai compris.
Je suis en effet plusque convaincu du bon chemin que je venais de choisir.
Savez-vous lequel?
Eh bien,je vous le dis.
C'est le chemin de la verite.
Il s'agit d'une verite absolue au sens le plus large du mot.
Vous avez certainement entendu dire que la verite finit toujours par triompher.
Oui c'est vrai ,tres chers amis.
C'est plus que reel,
Car je l'ai vecu et j'en ai les preuves.
Mais je m'efforce de vous comprendre ,car j'etais aussi comme vous pendant plusieurs annees.
Voila pourquoi je me mets a votre place et je desire vous rendre service.
Je luttais pour ameliorer ma vie d'hommes et j'ai renonce a beaucoup de choses.
J'ai renonce aux loisirs differents ,j'ai mis de cote les futilites.
J'ai envoye au d ... Read more »

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Last week in our Agency was very interesting Engagement. Lucia and James are engaged. As she is from the the village not far from Kiev and he is from the village not far from Melbourne they decided to organize ghe Engagement in the restaurant in fresh air. They both like the nature and we are sure, that it will work between them.  The sunflowers in Ukraine are the symbol of the happy family.

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We are sure that it's interesting  to know  about our couple who were in Kuyalnik. The result is perfect. Their relationship are great, they are sure that they has find each other.
And  there is also very good  medical result. Our client before going to Kuyalnic couldn't   sleep well and he  sleeps like a baby.



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Bill tried not to look to  Angelina.but it 's was almost impossible  to take out the eyes  of her.She was so beatiful,that   he never have seen the beauty like this.Angelina was a little confuse  to be in the centre of the attention of two men.

-My wife is very shy from her nature"- Bill heard the voice of  his neighbor. "But she will be happy to see you in our house  in the evening. She is going to cook a special cake cake this evening. We  will celebrate a special event in our life. We  have meet each  other  one year ago.We will be happy to see you this evening" told him.

Yes, with great  pleasure. "-  answed Bill,hearly take out his eyes  from the young  woman. We will be whis Ralf.
-But your Ralf doesn't  want to leave our house. Look   he is happy here.He feel positive energy  in our house. In our house  sinse Angelina came ... Read more »

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Ainsi chers amis.

Ainsi amoureux de l'aventure,Vous qui voyagez de temps a autre,Vous qui epargnez  pour depenser loin de vos pays d'origine,
Vous qui faites du bien aux autres,
Venez avec moi.
Imitez mes deplacements a travers le monde.
O,amoureux du soleil brillant qui rechauffe nos corps en hiver et nous ajoute des vitamines D en ETE,
Vous qui ne savez ou se diriger pendant les vacances,
Vous qui hesitez de parcourir le monde pendant vos conges d'ETe,de printemps,d'automne ou d'hiver.
Venez avec moi et vous serez satisfaits.
Je vous montrerai quelque chose,
Je vous indiquerai les sites  caches munis d'exclusives curiosites.
Car,moi je l'ai fait,
J'ai pris le risque d'effectuer des deplaceme ts a travers le monde entier
J'ai parcouru des deserts.
Mai ... Read more »

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BIll  was born in  USA in California. CALIFORNIA  is a very beautiful state and the climat very good for live. Some people  say that if there is a Paradise on the Earth it is situated  in California.
But for  Bill  California was not a Paradise. He had to work from 14 years old in a factory not far from Santa Maria, a little town near Los Angeles. His father was a drinker and in the family the scandals were almost everyday. When Bill was 9 year old ,he told to himself that he will never drink the alcohol. And the rest of his life he couldn't  support  the smell of  the alcohol. When  Bill was 16 his father died, and the life became  more difficult for Bill. He had to  take care about mother and two  younger  sisters. Mother was sick and couldn't  work and the sisters were 10 and 11 years old. So, Bill had to take care about the family. He had to find one more job. After one y ... Read more »

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Gary came to our Agency from Canada. Strong, tall. good-looking  man 45y.o. Never married,good position his country.
I was working whis him not long time, but even in shot time I have seen this man can make happy any  girl if the girl will be really his girl. Its was not easy to him to find his dream girl. But finally he was happy whis one from Poltava. Her name was Olga. Everything was nice between them but one day Gary feeled not o.k. What problem? He dint want to tell to nobody about his problem, but aftet 3 days he had to tell. Beaucase he could' nt  even to do one step so big pain he had in his back.
Doctor from the clinic "Boris" propose to stay in hospital at least 2 weeks. Oh, no. To be separated whis Olga so long time. ... Read more »

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The18th of July me and one my client went to Cyprus to visit one man. He was in our Agency in Kiev in May this year. He  choose  between many girls only one, the most beautiful. He wanted to develop the relations in his country, in order the girls could see his house and his life in Cyprus. So we were invited to visit him.

The relationship between a women and man from different countries its always not easy. Different mentality, different  educations, different language. But if it there is Love all those problems will go out very quickly.The main things- its the feelings. If the feelings are deep-the couple wlll ... Read more »

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O,mon amour,Toi qui es mon destin,
Toi qui est le vrai sens de ma vie.
Toi qui me fit sortir de la depression a cause de l'echec dans ma vie conjugale.
Viens a mes cotes  et embrasses-moi.
Ne me laches pas afin que je ne  puisse pas te perdre de vue..
Serres-moi aujourd'hui tres fort,
Fais-moi sentir toute ta tendresse,
Fais-moi revivre toute mon enfance quand j'etais dans les bras de ma mere,
Garde-moi dans tes pensees 24 h sur 24.
Essuyes les larmes qui coulent de mes yeux a cause du vent tres frais qui souffle.
Berces-moi par tes belles paroles qui soulignent ta generosite.
Aime-moi si fort comme je t'aime aussi.
Deviens ma femme pour mon bonheur masculin.
Car,je t"ai choisie parmi tant de femmes a travers le monde entier pour etre la mere de mes enfants.
O,amoureux de la vie et du p ... Read more »

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Ainsi,chers amis,
vous qui n'attendez plus le  destin et agissez par consequent en ecoutant votre coeur.
Vous qui honorez la vie de depravation,
Venez voir.
En effet,moi je crois au destin et a ses amendements.
Je crois a la croisee des chemins.
Dans la recherche de ma femme,je fis connaissance d'une dame divorcee a cause de l'infidelite de son mari.
Etant dans la meme situation qu'elle,je lui proposai de se reunir.
O,quelle croisee des chemins!
C'etait plusqu'un songe,etant donnes que nous nous sommes croises devant la porte d'une agence de rendez-vous et de mariage ou elle se rendait pour enregistrer sa candidature alors que moi aussi je partais pour me faire enregistrer.
Alors qu'au meme moment,ayant pris contact avec quelques agences elites,je les visitais a tour de role avant de f ... Read more »

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This summer in our agency was very romantic Engagemet. Our client from Syprus is ready for marriage. He is very serious person and shoose also very serious girl from our Agency. In May he was in Kiev and meet this beautiful girl. And now  he invited her and me in his country in order to know each other better before the marriage. Its not decided 100% about The marriage, thats why we cannot publish their photos, but some photos from this beautiful place we can show to you. We want to have the hope that their will be together. Lets wish them to be happy. But even they will not marry, at least they tried to be  together. Its not easy to make the first step.This couple has made this step and we wish to them to make the second step. The happy step and to ... Read more »

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I visited this country for the first time and the impretions so nice, that the words cannot express  all the beauty of this part of the world. Its better one time to see, thet  seven time to read. We want to publish some photos ir order  to prouve that we are wright. And in this part of the world there are so many not married man. Nice man-educated, strong, non drinking and marriage- minded. We want to invite you, dear marriage-minded man from Cyprus-you are very welcome to Ukraine. Ukranian girls are waiting for you. They will be happy to marry  those man.

Dear man! We invite you to our Agency. Thousand girls are waiting for you. Call  us+380679749242

... Read more »

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Ayant souffert,o mes amis,
Ayant ete pendant longtemps dans le desert,j'ai retrouve la lumiere.
Cette lumiere qui eclaire tous les allentours est un veritable soulagement.
Il s'agit d'une lumiere qui me fait combattre l'obscurite autour de moi.
Mes yeux noirs-marrants remplis de tristesse car je vis sans femme,comme un celibataire convaincu furent frappes subitement par l'effet momentane de cette lumiere.
Emu pour la possibilite de voir plus clairement grace a ladite lumiere,j'ai crie joyeusement et vivement afin d'etre ecoute par toute l'humanite.
C'est elle,tres chers amis 
C'est la belle et charmante   IRINA au corps sexy et aux  yeux brillants comme de l'or.
C'est elle,ma bien-aimee qui m'a offert deja 3 enfants.
C'est elle qui m'a apporte un nouveau  ... Read more »

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