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The language of love

Julie  shares her online dating success story that sounds more like a delightful rom-com than real life.  The wedding date set for May 2015, sets the scene, "A Polish Canadian living in Spain met a Frenchman living in La Reunion. We met on the internet, and we started emailing each other. He knew little English, and all I knew in French was 'Bonjour' and 'Je suis Julia.'"

She continues, "We started writing every day, and then finally the day came for a Skype call. He came online, and he was super cute with a heavy French accent and started to speak English. I would pre-write my French sentences and struggle with accenting the words correctly. Sometimes I would have Google Translate do the talking for me."

"Now it has been three months, and he is finally coming to Spain. I am now providing audio recordings of my voice saying all the irregular English verbs in the past, past ... Read more »

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"My husband and I met in agency in 2015 just in  the first day of 2015.. We meet in agency and liked each other. The next day, he invited  me and my mother to the restaurant. We spend three days togather. After kissing for the first time, John said he was going to marry me,  because it was love from the firt sight.. A little  later, he proposed  me to buy the marriage ring, very
expensive, very special ring. I understood , that he is real very serious towards me. I presented him to my parents. They liked him. My choice was right. Im very happy whis him.My marriage is very happy. Thanks for Agency"-Inna Smith.

 This letter wrote to us our ex-client Inna. Now she lives in California, Time to time she writes the letters to us and calls us. We are sure, in her life everything will be nice, beacause there is LOVE between Inna and John. ... Read more »

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Easter is biggest Holiday in my country. As a rule we celebrate it whis the family.In Ukraine we did not lose thiis family value, thats why the Ukrainian girls are the best for marriage!

 The celebration of Easter in Kiev.

Happy Easter!

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 One more couple in our Agency! They met each other not longtime ago, but they are happy to be togather and their relations develops very nice. Lets home that will be one more couple in our Agency


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Wellcome to   our country. If you are marriage-minded man -its just a good time to come to Ukraine. You are very wellcome

... Read more »

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 Our couple Zina and Ted are still in Egypt.. They sended so beautifull photos, that we wanted that all the people will see..

The flowers are the symbol of LOVE.

I enjoy the beauty of Egypt.

I received the flowers every day.

... Read more »

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Zina and Ted enjoy the trip in Egypt. Time from time she sends us very interesting photos and short letters from Egypt. We think its will be interesting to see those photos and to read Zina's letters.

Im happy fiancee.

The juce from the hands of my man is so tasty!

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 Experience with Luda the Matchmaker I arrived in Kiev from a long flight and called Ludawithout prior notice and checked into an apartment that was recommended by Luda. She said to come to her office afterwards which she gave directions to my taxi driver. I arrived at her personal apartment and I wasinvited to come inside. She told the taxi driver to wait, it would only take 15 minutes. As I entered her apartment,which was in disarray, I realized that this was where she worked from. Luda said never mind the mess, and showed me a picture book of hundreds of marriages she arranged over 20 years. Next she asked me to look at another photo book with many beautiful ladies and put a marker of those I would be interested in meeting. All the ladies in the book were really very beautiful and they were candid shots not photo shopped. There was no description of the woman or age. I am 64 years old and was concerned about the age differences but she said that it was not important and that ... Read more »

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Hay personas que preguntan porque muchas mujeres de Ucrania buscan a un hombre en el otro país.

Hay varias razones. Para empezar hay más mujeres en Ucrania que hombres. Para comprobar esto sólo hay que dar una vuelta por las calles de Kiev. También está demostrado estadísticamente por diversos estudios de la población ucraniana. Os propongo un juego, porque no contáis cuantos hombres y cuantas mujeres encontráis en la calle principal de Kiev durante un día, calle Chrezhatik, los resultados os sorprenderán.

Las mujeres ucranianas son leales con su pareja. Si deciden que es el hombre de su vida harán todo lo posible para que las cosas funcionen. Lógicamente el hombre de sus vidas es el hombre que les enamore.

También son románticas, les gustan los gestos simbólicos, como por ejemplo las flores. Es comprensible que en el país donde el invierno dura a veces unos seis meses le ... Read more »

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 Our couple now are in Egypt before the  marriage and time to time write the letters to us. And ,of course ,send some photos. Look those photos! Are they nice?


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 More we know Egypt- more we like it. Look at those coulers!. Its so wanderful!

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We started to publish the letters of our client. She met her destiny in our Agency. She wrote the letters very open. Maybe for some people her destiny will be interesting to know.

'It was love at first sight. There was literally that spark and connection between the two of us from the start.

After many messages,mobile text messages, calls, live skype conversations and emails, we finally met in person when  he visited me in Kiev and went on a journey of visiting family, friends and surrounding places. Then two months later I came to visit him in his country. All relatives accepted me very well. We were so happy to be togather.

This agency making it possible that we could meet each other. We will always recommend Luda as best Agency. Now we are in Egypt. Its real Paradise."

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 We want to publis some letters from our client. She met her destiny in our Agency. Now she is in Egypt whis her future husband and wants to show to everybody how happy she is.

"Everything was not easy. Different language, different couture. It's not easy for beginning.
But I learn language, we start undarstand better each other. But the most important when we close  to each other... We want be more closer.   
I can tell for lady who want family, it's important try undarstand more your partner.
Foreign man is very big romantic, very nice man for family, foreign man know how make lady happy.
Every day happy, a lot of fun together, active life, a lot of cline love!"

We are togather.

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Now I can tell about my story! 1 years ago I came to dating agency first time. And, now I am with my partner. We have romantic relationships. We traveling, we love do it together. Life is great. Life is very nice. We thinking about start live together. We have date for our engagement.  He propose me to be his wife. I told: "yes", because it's my best friend and lover, he my big love.
We have many the same interest. We like go out to nice restaurant, go to cinema together, traveling,we visit many nice place. We like scuba diving together,  we like pay golf, we like swimming, we like yoga together, we like fishing and eat sea food. And, the biggest happiness - we love each other. And all this things is interesting for us make together. We best partners.  
We planing our honeymoon, I dream go to Dominican Republic.
 I am happy Ukraine girl, because I have serious relationships with nice  guy. I wish for everybody who still single ... Read more »

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About Our Work

 Many clients ask us about our work more  clear. We are MATCHMAKERS. We  work for the result. Of course, the people will not marry next day after the first date, its take time to know each other,but we help to establish the relations

What we do guarantee is that we will match you with suitable single members who we have met and love working with and so it is up to you to decide whether you go on a date with them.  We don’t force people,yes, never we don't force people to go on dates as people aren’t widgets.  What we will say though is that you need to trust us..  Our client testimonials, business and industry awards speak of our successes. Read the testimonials, which wrote our clianr Peter from Geneve. You will understand more clear our work.

We also want you to get the most out of your membership, after all it’s a big investment.   It’s well researched and documented that th ... Read more »

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Ted and Zina met each other in our Agency. They liked each other and decided to devellop their relationship in Egypt. We are very happy for them. Maybe they soon will be married. We have the hope. They sended to us some nice photos. In so interesting to look those warm photos when in our country its still cold. In Egypt is already summer. Ted and Zina enjoy to be togather and so beautiful country. Lets wish them to be married and to be happy!



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During my stays in Kiev, I had contacts with painters that I have exposed in Geneva, since 1998. I visited studios and I discovered a other world. A world in wich artists had the true art of painting, which had continue through the socialist realism mouvement in the country in the USSR, unlike many artist of our regions who had lot a lost with the anti-art and conceptual art.

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We want present you A very talented designer Victoria. Her paintings are very popular in our country. Few days ago it was her Sprning Exhibition. It was  veWe want present you A very talented designer Victoria. Her paintings are very popular in our country. Few days ago it was her Sprning Exhibition. It was  very beautiful and modern. Some of her work we want to show you. We are proud to have so  interesting client in our Agency.

Painting on the natural silk.

... Read more »

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The main reason our Agency enjoys so  much success is  because our approach  gets results.We do everything in order to help our client to have the result..We believe, that it is highly important to discuss your hopes, aspirations, and personal requirements. We would encourage you to call us and chat   to discuss our various membership packages.
An interview will be carried out for approximately one hour to get to know you and identify the type of person you would like to meet!

This is not internet dating; this is a Marriage Agency.
Call us . Write to us. Come to us. We are interested in
getting results. During many years we helped many people to find their destiny.

 our tel.+380679749242 or write to us We are ready to help you.

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In our days more and more people have to use the Marriage Agencies in order to find thier future life-partner. Its nothing strange. The people are very busy in their jobs. And also now their have more opportunities to find thier half in any country of the world. There are a wealth of potential daters out there who are hoping to meet someone they can share their time and thoughts with. Dating can be one of the most exciting – you know what it is you do and don’t like, you are far less inclined to suffer fools gladly and if there’s the opportunity to try something new then you can make the time to do so.
So whether you’ve a broken or bereaved heart, you’re a previously confirmed bachelor or bachelorette or you just fancy meeting some like-minded in Kiev then you’ve come to the right place.

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