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Look at what has become of a writer of love and pain because i never felt in love and i think soon i will escape and find my way because i deserve better and all this is because Nata sold my heart out or whatever she wishes her name to be its Sunday maybe pops is doing a great job with her  , everytime that passes i try to forget you , every minute i breathe i try to think u never exist , but my love to you is to strong and Real , never let me forget you any second , you are my angel sent from heaven and u also the demon sent from hell to haunt me and give me pain but why ? you know u are the love of my life my only precious tresure , u will warm my winter and full fill my desires but life is too jealous and unfair to our happines , now u walk away with the other one and hide and lie to me , i feel i have lost you foreve my princess , everynight before i close my eyes , i think of u lay by my side , every single time i try to smile , the memories come and make me cry ... Read more »

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Hello my sweet Luda , i like you very much and can consider you a second mother , and will listen to you because u know better this trap called Love , i dont know because we men have two heads one up and one down , i always followd the down head and never had problems , this time u make me follow the up head that is conected with the heart , and my heart open , but it open only for my pusycat miaou miaou Nata , First time im blocked in my life and caught in this trap of love , if i told any one here WHO know me that i come there and did nothing it would be discrace for me , but when u follow your heart u make sacrifices , and hurt , this pain i take it all alone , it will never be the same with the next girl even if i meet because all the feelings and romance i kept inside me all these years i have taken them out with Nata , and i dont have nothing left to give , this i can say is love , my body has returned to Greece , but my heart has remain in ki ... Read more »

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 Somebody can say that I’m big dreamer, but it’s only those people, who are afraid to be happy….I know, that I speak about real things and all my dreams will become true.
 If two persons dream about the same things, chance to get them become bigger Im not  afraid to be Happy, Thats why I went to Kiev to meet my desteny, Tom

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Our client continu to tell his story. He really fall in love!

Hello Luda and Thank you for your answer , i want come on 23 December , or i will fix my heart there or i will break it complete ! i dont know what do ? You think i should come ? i would like to see you , i had a better time with you than the girls i meet there , i enjoy a good company of a true friend , if all the gils that u have there in your agency had the half heart and soul you have they would have all succeded in happy marrieges and familys , SHe ask for help again for teeth , i dont give any help no where , because i have given more then i recieve , its better to help my self get out of this situation im mixed in and find my Real and true way with a decent person WHO will love me and need me all the time and spend every minute of our life together  and not use me as a ATM in a bank ,  , , the fisrt night i arrive in Kiev i went to my hotel , i was waiting for my love one i was ... Read more »

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  The name of our Agency Is LOVE. Its real name.  Majority of our client   fall in love, Its normal in our Agency. We work whis Astroplogist, its help a lot. Thats why  we have good result and people are happy and stay married, no divorses after marriage. One more client fall in love whis our client. We cannot show their pforos because they are not married jet, but later we will do this. Here is his letter about his feelings, the most interesting thing is that client never fall in love in his life, Its first time in his life ,he is 45y.o.

 'This is for my Love from Kiev  I"ve got her under my skin and its so deep it reaches to my heart , its so deep in my heart that your really a part of me ! i"ve tried so not to give in , i said to my self : this afair will never go so well , but why should i try to resist when baby i know so well that i have got u inder my skin already , i would sacrifi ... Read more »

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! Christmas Traditions in Ukraine.

We start celebrate Christmas in Ukraine January 7, according to the Gregorian calendar as in ... Read more »

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 Our Client Tom just sended the letter about our Agency. He arrived first time in Kiev and we helped him to find a wife. He is in love whis Aline and we have the hope that they will be married soon.

Hello for men abroad usa , europe , Asia , Australia even Africa , what i will tell u now , YEs its posible to find  a ukrainian wife , i will u tell u from my opinion , i am a man who has lived life and action to the limits , i have traveled a quarter of the world and have ridden so many bicycles i dont even remember , coming to ukraine to find a wife and create a happy loving family is possible when u arive here  there are 2 roads one is the easy way escorts , that will get u no where onley a loss of Money and some plesure keeps an hour or two , the second road is the way finding a wife , guys from experiance the road is difficult and bumpy u have to romance and love in your heart be tender and calm and show your Real face& ... Read more »

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A Christmas carol (also called a noël, from the French word meaning "Christmas") is a carol  ... Read more »

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 She likes   The nature and flowewrs. He sends the flowers  every day. She is happy for this. Its the best presents.

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 Our client received those flowers [look the photo] from our client.

She likes the flowers a lot.


 I think after the flowe ... Read more »

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I was very lucky to meet Luda when eating at a restaurant in Kiev. While eating, I noticed a foreign Man being introduced something like two beautiful women, that in a quite short amount of time. Having a few more days left in Ukraine, I met Luda and she let me choose among many beautiful women (including the two I had noticed at the restaurant). Most of these women were very nice to talk to as well. I kept in touch with some of them.

What impressed me with Luda is, in addition to her numerous attractive ladies, the efficiency with which she can call and make the ladies come to meetings, often on the same day. She is very efficient to plan a schedule of meetings, according to your time and needs.

For her large choice of women, her helpful attitude, the efficiency in getting meetings with ladies of your choices, good quality ladies, I highly recommend you Luda and her services.

__________ Client (from Canada)

... Read more »

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A fter I met Tania I feel immidiatelly That she is my Woman,But stange strory;When Lyuda sended my the Tanias photo, I dint like it, Only thanks for proffecialism ... Read more »

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When I was in Frankfurt i visited big Shoping promenade.

If you want find something special for you, for any taste you can see it  on the Zeil shopping promenade, the home of well-known department stores, retail chains and specialty shops. When I was in Frankfurt i visited big Shoping promenade.

If you want find something spetial for you, for any taste you can see it  on the Zeil shopping promenade, the home of ... Read more »

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 Presents for me for Christmas.

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Im In Austria and in Germany.

Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2 ·Image 3
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We were In Austria and in Germany and everywhere we were doing shoping.

The Zeil, Frankfurt’s premier pedestrian promenade, ranks amongst Germany&rsq ... Read more »

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WE visited many shops....

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We had breakfast in very cozy cafe.

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