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A letter of Our Client About LOVE

Dear Lovers and Ones looking for True Love !


Previat! Ladies and Gents who are in the Journey of Searching for Treasure of Love...


I salute the beginning of Summer with film "Wine of Summer!"

directed by Maria Matteoli. This film will change all of your perception of Love!


I am "Love from Kiev who is actually from Northwest of USA". I lived in North America more than 20 years plus. Studied in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Washington DC.

I've driven to 48 states of USA and visited every Western European countries except Finland and Norway. Worked with French, Germans, Brits, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Russians, Polish, Greeks, Swiss and Italians. When I was negotiating with Russian supplier, I had chance to work with Ukrainians because Russians didn't speak English. On top of this, I've been to almost every Asian Countries and Australia and New Zealand plus Brazil and Argentina. 


When I was in University, I was fascinated with European History and I studied Latin for 1 year just to understand the root of languages of Western Europe. Since USA was the most powerful product of Renaissance which saved Western Europe from WW2, I had to dig into heritage of Western European civilization. But until recently, I never really studied or had experience with Ukraine. I dealt with Russians all the time but Ukraine was one of the countries I didn't have a chance to explore.


After dating numbers of Ukrainian ladies and communicated with various local Ukrainian lawyers, professionals, translators and etc, I've been learning mind and soul of Ukraine. And learning never stops. 


And I want to share why I fell for Ukrainian Soul than others.

plus I offered alternative advice for other options. My wish is that my little stories could help you to realize what you really want in your love life and future marriage.


First, " Love is Every Where!" from UK film, Love Actually.


In Real Life, Love is actually everywhere, in your own country, or in Ukraine or in Romania, Moldova and plus plus. So let's try to have an attitude of adventure to focus on Love itself rather than finding our soul mate in Ukraine. Every one has different unique destiny and life path. We might find one in Ukraine or in Russia or other neighborhood countries or some of us might find our soul mate in our own country. 

I do have very close relationships with Jewish community in North America and Ukraine, and one of the most successful AMessianic Jewish pastor had very romantic relationship with Ukrainian lady for years but he ended up find out his Ukrainian girl friend was after his wealth. He was pastor and famous TV show host. He had no idea about his girl friend but one of Ukrainian Christian female pastor informed about this ugly truth and he had to make hard decision and let her go. Even man of God can be trapped with awful gold digging woman. Later on, he was alone for while and he found his true soul mate, or spiritual mate in Brazil who happened to be such a spiritual and platonic giving lady. They have two kids and traveling all around the world giving God's resources to poor countries from Africa to Eastern Europe and even to China. Let's not be trapped or limited to Ukraine. Maybe God brought you to Ukraine to open up your heart for new possibilities. Your soul mate could be coming from any where in the whole world!!! 


Secondly, open your chances to many ladies as you can. I am a man too. And I understand our male nature. We tend to want to believe we are hunters by nature. Well world has been changed a lot. And we are not living in the Animal Kingdom or Ancient barbaric times. We are in the middle of 4th industrial revolution which is information based industrial age. We connect via information net and so does ladies too. It doesn't matter where do they live. The norms and behavior of our human kinds have never been so closer than ever. So let us not be too attached to old habit or our animal instinct. We need to open our mind and heart to any forms and chances. I strongly and extremely recommend, meet many ladies as possible. I know we all men have strong attachment on certain types of physical looks and ages and plus plus. But you will never know what you've been looking for until you meet. When I came to Ukraine 1st time, I was obsessed with certain kinds of physical looks. But later on I realized, i was being trapped by my own attachment. Yes I totally agree with physical chemistry and we shall follow our feelings instigated by visual attractions first, but never limit yourselves only to looks. Because if we let us fall for our ideal visual physical looks, then I can promise you, we will all feel bored or loose interest with these physically attractive girls after we have physical intercourse. We all have fantasies but these fantasies will never last for long in real marriages. Remember we are looking for marriage partner. Soul mate with soul we can share, some one we can talk and discuss any issues or any problems. You may hook up with Miss Kiev and have kids and marriage life, but honestly, do you think you could still feel strong passion when she become fat and old? Falling in Love can happen in 2 seconds but having life partner with sharing every kinds of stuffs and sharing all kinds of feelings..that is something else. My focused point here is...try every girls as possible. Meet many as you can, even Steve Jobs said, " People don't know what they want until we present amazing product!" Jobs knew the curiosity and adventurous desire of human nature. Other wise why are we here in Ukraine ? Searching for True Love in Eastern Europe where most girls don't speak English. We had experience in our own countries or other places but we are here to seek something different and unique and out of ordinary or good old traditional ordinary type of girl. We all need to ask ourselves, do we really know what we want? And being attached to only one type of girl is not healthy. And remember we are looking for wife, not girl friend. Girl friend is some one you can try for a few months or a year and walk away if it doesn't work out. BTW when you marry the lady and she will become wife and you will have serious consequences if you try to walk away. You will loose time and money and most importantly your heart. Before you decide to marry some one, you must meet many girls as possible until you feel almost perfectly match yourself.  More ladies you meet, more you will realize what you need more than what you want. Love and Passion may begin with similar chemistry but you invest and take heavier chance with Love for some one who is more valuable. What is most valuable thing in marriage in your value system? Including myself, we need to constantly asking ourselves, which qualities of lady will make me change myself and who is worthy to take a risk of my life. Never stop dating and searching until you find one !


Thirdly, when you find attractive and compatible and mutual chemistry lady...slowly show your generosity and express your love in various forms. Write poetry, bring beautiful flowers, small gifts, do whatever it takes. At the same time, observe your her ways to make you happy. In first week, guys usually try to impress and give and give and try to win her heart. That is very nice of you but however, at some point you might want to ask yourself, how does she make me happy. Because you can't always make your beloved girl friend happy all the time in one way. Find a balance, give and take. Love is two ways. Observe your heart and her attitude toward you. Does she respect you and care for you? Once you find the right one, falling love will be very fast. However maintain and improve the relationship can be quite challenging for the rest of your life. At this point of your love life, I recommend you to read " 5 Love Languages" written by Gary Chapman. More than 11 millions of copies were sold internationally. This is not the solution but can give you Kick Off start to extend your love life longer and possibly better. It all depends on your individual cases. 


Fourthly, when your love partner turn out to be disappointing or not as you expected, don't get upset too quickly or don't give up easily. Believe me I was in your shoes many times. The most important thing in the relationship is not the result but the process. If we believe in destiny in any forms, then we must believe that every relationship we encounter has reasons and lessons to be learned. Do not take it as some kind of business project or goal to achieve. The relationship is supposed to be natural and it is gift from God. If you believe in God. Our life is Journey itself. We plan our life in every stages of our life. But did our plan went as we planned all the time? Even schools and jobs, did we obtain degree from university from the school we wanted or did we get the job from exactly we planned for? I have to be honest with you about my first job. I originally wanted to get a job at top PR marketing firm but the interviewer was from Canada and he picked Canadian candidate over me. I was so depressed with result but I ended up working for CNN news company which worked out lot better than simple PR firm. I learned so much more in News Agency than PR firms.


Life is full of surprise. Don't limit yourself or being trapped from your own narrow attachment. The result is less important from process. We are to learn something from every experience we go through. If we learned something then we will be able to use this know how to make things work from next chance or for the rest of our lives. 


Love is Learning Process. We came to Ukraine to Learn how to Love our future wife, how to love ourselves and mostly learn how to realize who is most suitable wife material lady in our life? Don't think you have wasted your time and money because you haven't found your soul mate yet. 


Romantic Love stories or movies make us feel like Love is coincidence and some kind of twisted destiny. Partially it is true but we got to learn how to find our true love and we must learn how to express our feelings and need to learn how to attract the lady we choose. Every single parts of our life needs training.  Opportunity to meet potential soulmate is gift from God, but we have to be ready and prepared. And treat every date with every ladies as chance to learn another soul and their personalities. Ukrainian ladies are very passionate and attractive yet very complicated and well mannered and very well read. Study the culture and languages of Ukrainian ladies. Read life of Pushkin and how he proposed to his beloved wife. Read Brothers of Karamazoff written by Dosevsky! If you are from USA, watch prime video of Russian TV Shows like " Red Queen" " Kitchen" or " Queen Ekaterina" You won't become an expert by watching these shows but you will get a sense of emotional characters of Slavic ladies. Many men who visit Ukraine usually concentrate on physical beauty of ladies here and forget rich history and literature of Slavic civilization. Many of best fiction novels come from Ukraine and Russia, many of best classical melody comes from Ukraine and Russia. Even Steven Spielberg was from Odessa, Ukraine. Even best software engineers come from Russia and Ukraine. The founder of Google is from Russia and Ukraine. The hardest encrypted code in social media is developed by Russian firm called Telegram. Did you know the best small size Jet engine is still manufactured from Dnipro, Ukraine? These engines were supplied to F-16 builders in USA and now exported to China and many Asian countries world widely.


My point of advice is... try to have intellectual dialogue and discussion with your romantic partner. If she truly loves you and have strong intention to pursue the relationship to deeper level then she will try to communicate with you. Never get angry or emotional to your partner when she turned out to not to be what you expected and never try to resolve problem with money. 


Fifthly. Always leave your one eye opened and one eye closed until you get married. This wise words are from Old French lady I met in flight from San Francisco to Paris in 2003. This is very French Proverb in art of Loving. Always leave 50% of your heart until you make big decision. It is very similar to investment theory. You never bet 100% on one single stock or one area. What if it doesn't work out? You will loose all of your money where you invested. Diversify your money amount in different categories of fields. Real estate, stocks, fixed cash deposit, plus plus. Our heart is limited one too. We are not God. We have limited source of heart as well. Love your partner and be generous and don't be afraid to give but don't give everything. Love is not gamble. 

Some people think it is like gambling and must give everything they got. Yes indeed but not your whole heart. You can give whole heart after you are married. 

You must save your heart in worst scenario case. What if your soul mate is not in Ukraine? Ukraine could have been just entrance point, your future wife might be in Brazil or Peru? Or Belarussia? or Moldova? Never underestimate the power of surprise from God. Whenever we try to follow way of God, God always surprise us. Saint Paul wanted to enter into Rome and he did entered finally, but he rarely had any chance to convert any one in Rome because he was in jail while he was in Rome. Most of his evangelical work was done outside of Rome. God chose him to spread the most important message of Gospel. Don't you feel a bit strange why St. Paul never got to convert any one in Rome? I mean he was Roman Citizen. He was Jewish but he was Roman citizen legally. Same with Moses, he was prince of Egypt. He left his fancy palace to save his fellow Jewish but he ended up marrying lady from Median Tribe and he spent most of his life outside of main stream kingdom which was Egypt and most importantly, he never entered into the promised land. 40 years in Media and 40 years in wandering desert, do you honestly think Moses doubted that he won't step his foot in promised land? 


Gents and Ladies, my point is is full of surprises. We plan our life but we can't promise ourselves that our plan will work according to our wish. We try our best and if things don't work out here then move to another place. I honestly believe this is how American Continent was found.  Italian exploring sailor wanted to reach land of spices and gold which was India and eastern sea route was controlled by Arabs and he had to take another direction and he found American continent. 


We may be here in Ukraine to find our soul mate, and some of us might find here but some of us might find our soulmate in another countries or even continent. 


Now finally, I want to tell you why I fell for Ukraine than any other countries.


To be honest with you, mentally, I better click with Swedish ladies. Very independent and self preserved and hard working ladies. And emotional stability is best preserved by Brazilian ladies. I can tell you honestly, if you want really warm and caring wife material women, go to Brazil. Well, Go to South Brazil, as such as below Sao Paulo. 

Curitiba or Rio Grande Sul. South Brazilian ladies are well educated and hard working and very protective wives. And their attitude is extremely positive in any worst situation.


But why do I still in Love with soul of Ukraine while I can go to any countries in the whole world?


I find Ukraine has very similar emotional soul as my original country. This is how I feel.

Ukrainian women are very unique in this sense. 

The history of Ukraine was far from Peace. Since 1000 years ago or even longer, 

the country was invaded by all kinds of nationalities. Probably almost every kinds of nations around Ukraine. From Swedish to Germans, Polish, Turks and Mongols and plus plus and now recently Russians...endless invasions from others. And women in Ukraine still survived with strong pride and dignity. Yet still holding on to traditional values and remain their physical beauties as well.


I fell for their souls of awakening power in the worst sorrows of tragic. They are happy and they are sad. Heart of Ukrainian ladies are crazy, mystical, survival, and caring...more than anything they transform their tragic reality into better tomorrow hope. And they are constantly studying and improving themselves to survive in fast changing real world. 


Safe bet is to go with Brazilian ladies but soul of Ukrainian ladies haunted my heart.

I can express my feelings toward Ukrainian Ladies only by Poem... I just wrote it now.


"Lost in Ukraine" by Love from Kiev


Glory of Past never exited in this fertile land.

But hope of Golden Eyes in her soul destroyed my lust.


Life was calm and flat until I saw your smile.

My heart is broken thousand times with your charm,


However, millions of pieces of my broken heart resurrected with your kiss

Every time when my heart is born again, your touch brings magic in me.


I am lost in love with you, once I tasted your kiss,

My soul will never settle without you my love, Ukraine.



Gents and Ladies..


There are no rules in Romantic Love. 

Free yourselves and try everything or anything...


The whole world is your stage of Romance.


May God bless you with Journey.






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