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To Ladies Only (5 Tips to Win His Heart!

Greetings to Future Beloved Wives of Some one Special


Today I want to share 5 tips to Win the Heart of Mr. Right.

You probably met numbers of Guys before you joined this Agency and All of you are trying to see if there is better luck to find your Ideal Man here.


I cannot guarantee you when you will meet but if your mind set is right and your heart is pure then you will meet Mr. Right in destined time.


Now this step is just to find Mr.Right, but when you meet this special one, how can you win his heart? This is more complicated process. Now I am going to share 5 Tips to Win his heart and share my own experiences for you to understand men better.


1. Love him back ! Treat him back ! This is classic mistakes of most of Ukrainian ladies. I met many many ladies but I remember out of 10, maybe 1 lady will give something back to his man. Men from US or Europe or rich Asian countries knows difference of earning between Ukraine and rest of the world. And they will be generous and show you kindness. But don't take it for granted for and don't take advantages! Now this is when you met the right guy. If you really want to win his heart. you have to show something. You will never win his heart by just taking and receiving gift and his treats to you. If you can't afford to buy him a lunch or dinner, then buy him coffee or tea. If you are student and have none income then make him a lunch box or cake at your home and bring it to him. His heart will be touched by your gesture. And you will stand out from rest of the girls. He will remember it when he is in the plane to go back. Most of Ukrainian girls never do like this, I remember at least two girls bought me a gift, one was very small cheap local chocolate and another lady bought me body shampoo. I was so touched by them and I bought them even bigger present later. You must know winning men's heart is very simple and easy. Do it from showing you love him with small gesture. Don't be spoiled by him and demand more. He won't stay for long and he will walk away from you. And it doesn't matter who you meet, every one who walks in your life will walk away if you don't change your attitude. Many girls told me they don't understand why good guys never come into their lives, well maybe if you shall revisit your own attitude how you treated your ex or men you met? If you change your attitude to good men, I guarantee you, they will find you more precious. Beautiful figure only attract men in the first time, and when this beauty shows shows selfish or demanding nature then men's interest and passion disappear very quickly. Remember this ! { case, I met young virgin girl in small town and she demanded English lesson fee from first date. It is too early to discuss lesson fee and stuffs and I after this meeting I walked away and texted her we are not compatible at all. Another case is that i met very tall chef girl 2nd date she asked for coat. I blocked her right away after 2nd date. When men show the ladies with good manner and flowers don't necessarily mean he is falling for you. He is showing you good respect. But if you begin to demand this and that, you will have very low chance to win the heart of generous man. Remember men with generous heart doesn't mean he is foolish with love.} { Another case, I introduced young virgin Southeast Asian girl who only had high school degree to one of my best buddy who was working for President Obama. He was so elite that he was selected as top 20 government leaders to receive scholarship to Harvard education during his career. His rank now is highest ranking in US govt below top minister in his division, his earning salary is closed to 200K USD a year and had nice house at suburb of DC. With his high ranking status and high earning, he was single because he was looking for traditional Christian girl. So when I flew with him to Southeast Asia, I asked him to deactivate all social networks for his safety and I pre arranged local security guards to prevent kidnapping or all sort of crisis. And girl had no idea of his high status, I just told her, he went Havard and he is mid rank govt officer under Obama. The girl was working at Local Travel Agency and she was making 1000 USD or less. Status gap was huge, but this girl cooked local food every day and brought to his hotel every morning for 5 days. They spent ordinary dates at local restaurants or parks, went to church together, nothing special. And they spent lots of time together in Prayer. On 5th day, my buddy told me, he wants to propose to her, I told him, slow down. But he felt she was the right one and she flew to Singapore and she proposed to her on top of roof top restaurant where they can see entire night view of Singapore city. It was fastest set up i ever did in my life. I knew both of them well for long time and I was happy for them. I still was worried how is their marriage life afterward so I visited their home in DC. They are the happiest couple I ever known.

So ladies, it doesn't require lot to win his heart! Begin with small things ! Magical Romance will happen to you.!!!


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