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 Many clients ask me to recommend them how to shoose between many girls the right one for marriage. I think, this article can help some men  in this question. At least ,I hope.

How to find good wife! I want to give some recommendations for men. Will be happy, if this information will be interesting for the men. In photo -Its me. I have 2 apples in my hand- it  means ,that you must shoose very careffuly your future wife

How to find good wife!

When choosing the right woman, you must be clear-headed and sober. Don’t marry a girl for superficial reasons (i.e., because she’s “hot”) — unless, of course, your primary reason for marrying her is to have a trophy wife which you’ll parade in front of your friends and colleagues. Hotness and looks can radically change in just few years. There are also lots of hot women who have annoying and nasty personalities.
It’s important for there to be a certain connection, some kind of mutual understanding and support that’s beyond mere lust or passion. The woman has to “get you” and support you in various ways. While hot women can definitely do that, there isn’t much of a difference between a 7 and 9 once you’re able to establish a solid emotional connection.
One of my girlfriends here in Eastern Europe would greet me with a huge smile and then offer me a nice cold glass of water whenever I came home from a vigorous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in the evening. I know it’s a small gesture, and it’s something I can definitely do myself, but it’s these little things that add up and help make the relationship worth it.
I’ve also been with women who’d never even lifted a finger and would just sit on the couch, pretending they didn’t even see me entering (a girl I used to date would point to a microwave and tell me to warm up the leftovers instead of fixing me a nice plate). Maybe it’s my traditional Eastern European upbringing, but I believe the woman needs to support her man while the man brings his masculine energy and hustle into the environment. Otherwise it’s two androgynous people living together like roommates.


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