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Client 's Letter

Dave , our  nice client wrote very open letter about our  work..

"I found Luda when I did a search for match makers in Kiev. I have to be honest that when I first saw her site I thought it might be one of those dishonest scam sites like or but I decided to meet with her for a coffee at The Cake in the Arena and was pleasantly surprised to find she was a down to earth, kind hearted woman that was genuinely interested in helping match people together. Luda is formerly a school teacher who has been matching people together for the last 25 years. She is old school in that she's not really up on technology and her site ( if full of errors... I saw one woman was listed 6 times! Thankfully she has a new site on the way. But that aside, Luda was all heart. She met with me a few times even though she has to travel for an hour to get to the center of Kiev. She also spent time consulting with me on the phone when I needed feedback or guidance. I met two women and both were beautiful and matched the qualities that I was looking for quite well. I didn't sense a fit with either however, so Luda went the extra mile to introduce me to a couple of her friends who are also matchmakers in Kiev and through them I was able to meet some that I really like. This was awesome of Luda and showed me she's not just about trying to get as many women in front of you as possible so she can make more money but it genuinely interested in helping people find their match. Even if she isn't the one to do it. Luda also went the extra mile to help me in a situation where I had invited a woman in from another city for a week to get to know her. I told her the situation and she helped me identify the woman's true intentions and saved me much heartache. I love Luda, she was a great matchmaker and an amazing person so I'd recommend you talk to her if you'd like to find a woman in Ukraine as she knows her women well and you won't just another number. She will do her best to help you find your match."

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