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Dear Gentlemen who in Journey to find True Love

Dear Gentlemen who in Journey to find True Love.


I am writing short article about 5 points of RED FLAG in your dating process.

Hope this would help all of you to be alert and cautious so you may distinguish between Angels and Demons. And if you read bible, Lucifer used to be most beloved Angel by God before it became fallen dark angel - Satan or Demon. So their origins are same but Demon was corrupted by their own Narcissism. Just like our human souls. And most of beautiful young ladies have these common potentiality of nature. So Be Alert !!!


1. Decorative Angel: I met law students and medical students both, young 19 years to 21 years old. And every profile or their PR statement of their own value is always Angelic purpose. Social Justice or Human Right are most important value ! or helping other people in need is my reason to study law or medicine. Well it sounds really glorious and amazing, especially coming from young beautiful girls. But I've met many successful human right lawyers and medical doctors in US, Europe, And Asia. Almost 90% of their family life was in mess or very unhappy or simply they just don't have time.

Their career value and family value are two separate issues! When young and beautiful girls are emphasizing these Justice or Helping others are not necessarily a good quality. Because chances are they don't really know how hard is to achieve social justice or helping others due to their lack of experience. They were too busy studying all the time. Whether they are saying these seriously or not, it is probably functioning as Decorative tools to make them look nicer. Don't get mixed up with these two different issues. These girls can be most successful Lawyer or Doctor in Ukraine but can be worst wife at the same time. So be Alert!


2. Broken Heart Angel: This is very typical sign of Red flag. When you ask them how did they break up with past relationship or why things didn't work out. Most of girls would say, my ex bf cheated on me!, Ukrainian guys are unreliable!, my father left me when I was young so I have hard time trusting man! All of these sad miserable stories are almost identical. Don't try to be a Hero to save her! It is not your problem nor is not your purpose to come here! And I met many of both local men and women in Ukraine, and stories are almost same. Women complain about their local men. And let me tell you something, do you know how young and mid aged Ukrainian men complain about their local women? All most every Ukrainian men feel they are exhausted by demand from local women, mostly money and material needs! It is part of Slavic culture that men shall take care of women. So women expect men to take care of them, but at the same time, in real life, many young men's opportunity to have high earning salary is very limited. And when you are young, men don't to settle down easily as well. It is same as America, but actually in US or Sweden, it is quite common for men and women to share cost of living or dinner or whatever happens together. So Try to understand both sides of story. It is not so Cut and Dry! Don't take every words of Broken Heart Angel's past story. If their ex bf treated them badly, then there must've been a reason. What I am saying is that there are some really devoted and dedicated women in Ukraine but many young New Generation Ukrainian ladies are changing quickly! If you don't pay attention and not being careful, you might end of with worst combination of Ukraine and worldly trend!! Be generous but reasonable and there is nothing better than spending long time.

{ will be more}

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