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Do's and Don't s in Dating !

Now it is time to pay attention to Don't do !!!

Avoid 3 traps we men commonly fall into ...


2. Family Value: It can be a good news or bad news or both. But let's face it. Every one says family is most important! And even Evil people would love their mom and kids. Don't get mixed up with this family value mumbo jumbo. This is supposed to be basic. If we know family value is important than why do we have to emphasize it? The countries who emphasize this family issue overly, usually have family problems in their society. USA has over 65% of divorce rate and Russia and Ukraine has over 70% of divorce rate. The members in broken family society will emphasize more of this issue because their society has serious problem of family values. So don't get trap on this family value mumbo jumbo. The fact is she could be telling you the truth but that doesn't mean she has strong family value. Ask her if her parents are divorced or not, find out why and what happened to their parents. You must know this background story from very beginning before you fall in love with her. The girls coming from broken family tend to have very strong attraction and have naturally developed way to seduce men with emotional manipulation. Not all of the ladies are like this but many of them have similar patterns, why? i have no clues but it is just the way it is. There are very a few exceptions but i would still recommend you to be careful. Love based on sympathy is very unhealthy emotional attachment from begin with. It is not your job to help these girls with issues. You have come to Ukraine to find both mentally and physically healthy lady who will be your wife whom will bring beautiful children and happiness. In many cases, women who are extremely sexually attractive and seductive characteristics have these issues. So stay away from strong sexually seductive ones. If you want have fun with sexually attractive ones, go to night clubs or bars with full of sluts. If you are looking for good wife in marriage agency then look for emotionally healthy ladies. In Ukraine there are many healthy traditional types of women. But don't take their words of Family Value directly. You actually have to experience and get to know the girl's involvement and action in family matters. Relationship with her dad and mom and her sister reflects a lot. This kind of things can only be proven over the time. Avoid trap of words only! Hold your decision until you actually see her action in her family!

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