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Experience from Our Client from Australia

Some times the experience of our clients can be not perfect. It's life. We always tell our clients be careful with presents before marriage. We let them only flowers to buy before the marriage, but sometimes our clients do not listen. We wrote many times in our sites, but man is man. He always doing what he think to do. One our nice client wrote a letter about this. We want to publlsh it in order another men can read and not to do the same mistakes.

" I had an experience while in Ukraine with one of the ladies that Luda highly recommend it was 2 ladies actually but I will start with the one that I thought I had a connection with...all I can say is beware of ladies that on a second date go looking for dresses;).. me being the generous man I am I went along with this I had as I thought I had a connection with this lady.. mind you I had a funny feeling when we met on that second date she was a bit different a bit offhand but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. (I should of walked away) So we kept walking and ended up in this dress shop she told me she had been looking and saving for this dress for a while. I said try it on and I’ll see how it looks on you it was $150. It looked nice and I could see how much she wanted this she didn’t ask but I don’t get to buy gifts for people much let alone a beautiful lady;) so I did this for her. She was so happy and so thankful, The day for us obviously was a fabulous day she was so happy that I bought her a gift and she wore it out the door and for the whole day, she looked stunning in the dress.. but there was a catch she started to worry about what Luda would think about me buying her this dress on second date which I thought was a good mark in her. I told her not to worry nothing will be said and if it ever is said I’ll tell Luda that you were worried how it looked on her part plus I was the one to offer to buy the dress anyway:) all good there. All this time I noticed this lady having trouble with her loan phone which was on loan while her original phone was getting repaired or had tried to get repaired she had dropped it in the bath. So on that same day on the evening we were to depart each other’s company for the evening I just said in passing I have a spare iPhone that you can have... well this dear lady just cried and she said “you hardly know me why you care about me do much?”.. it touched my heart it really did and I thought we were going to create such a beautiful relationship. The 3rd was an unusual day I had some questions for her that I didn’t understand about how she was on the second date, we sorted it all out because I thought I had seen some red flags but obviously it was my imagination;) so straight after this as a surprise, this lady had thought by now that I might not go through with giving her the phone but while we were eating at a restaurant I said close your eyes... I put the phone in her hands and she cried again and come around and gave me the biggest hug to say thanks:)).. is was obviously another great day but things started to happen she kept asking about setting up this phone thinking I was going to forget about doing all this for her. I asked her to trust me I promise I will do this today or Tomorrow. She made a comment that Ukrainian men are stupid and forgetful, I said gently with a bit of a laugh I’m not a Ukrainian man and I’m sure they are all not like this;).. she was starting to irritate me it takes me a bit to get irritated and I was starting to think this is not what falling is love is meant to be like especially on the 3rd day... so we departed again and met on the 4th day it was an average day I had some doubts about the whole deal I just was not feeling a connection to this lady as I thought I had I could feel her kind of get frustrated when she asked me to do something that I didn’t want to do. We went into the pavilion where all the shows were on in Kreshchatyk st for the football she asked me to go into the little competitions they had there. I was tired but just didn’t feel like doing this plus I’ve never been into this stuff I just wasn’t in the mood. She didn’t get mad but I could feel she was mad silently at me. Anyway that day ended but the straw that broke the camels back was when she acted all lovey dovey saying goodbye getting into taxi, as soon as she was in the seat It was like I was not ever there her whole attention went to her “new phone” I tried to wave to get her attention as couples do and nothing she didn’t even look...she was going away for the weekend so we both knew it was sad moment that we will not get to see each other for 4 days, obviously not for her, this what I thought normal couples would do it get that last glance driving away and wave to each other;)
I made my decision to end it the next day with all the add up of things I knew this is how it should not of been. Actually it wasn’t the next day I was 2 days after she was gone. I could not get to talk with her so I texted her which I don’t like to do but I needed to end it ASAP as Luda kept telling how much time I’d wasted being with the one lady instead of meeting a few more ladies(refer to my other article of taking notice of Luda) Anyway I wanted to end this to be fair that would leave me free to go on other meetings.
She took it ok then out of the blue she called me while I was in Odessa and asked me if I had told Luda about buying the dress for her?.. I said yes I had told her but I told her that it was exactly how it happened and I told her how I presented it to Luda how you worried about what she thought. WELLLL did she go off!!! “You promised you would not tell her about this dress what did you tell her??... you can have the f....king dress I don’t need this!!! Then she said “did you tell Luda about the phone?... you can have the f...king phone back I don’t need this also!!!”... here is a lady that when I was sitting across from her looked (or acted disgusted) was disgusted and told me to not use language like that again...I hear swearing all day everyday at work and sometimes it slips out very rarely it was the “f” word and I felt really she was a strong contradiction on her part when things didn’t go her way! She made out that Luda had told her about the dress when she called her. In confidence I told Luda to never say anything about the dress to this lady it was not a big deal. But she invented this big story that Luda had told her. It was lies later I found out that Luda kept her promise, this lady just was living with guilty conscience. She even went as far as to say “Luda was not happy with her and she was forced to find another agency and she will never be able to get married” it was just a mess!!"

DEAR OUR CLIENTS! Please, do not do the same mistake! This letter for you.

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