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Fo Gentlemen

Dear Men, especially Gentlemen, not Casanovas.


If you are seeking advice to hook up with hot dates or one night stands, then this is not the place for you. You shall seek advice from pick up artist or Italian blooded Casanovas. My Irish buddy in Philly used to tell me, if had just 5 % of Italian blood then he could have got many more girls. In America, it is not french who gets more girls, usually guys with Italian blood. Also guys from Morocco and Turkey and Spain...are very known for catching many Innocent girls heart! But this is USA, it might be different ball game in Europe.


For your record, I am not Casa nova and I am not good at picking up the girls. And I am very serious person all my life. Since I was 10 years old I've been looking for my future wife. And I learned in very hard way that, finding my future wife is nothing to do with achieving true romantic relationship in real life.


And I want to share my own experience and our men's stubborn psychological characteristics and its relativity with Romance life.


Compare to most of my American buddies, I had wider experience with different kinds of countries and people in various culture. And I have very interesting friends who have inter-cultural marriages and relationships. So I will try to give you most advice as possible by sharing my own stories direct and indirect ones.


First I need to tell you, i grew up in very unique background.


My dad had job in logistic industry so he moved around a lot. I went British Academy for 1st year in elementary school in Dubai. I had classmates from over 100 different nationalities. Then I did my 2nd grad to 6th grade in Northeast Asia then I did my junior high school which was 7th grade to 9th grade in American Academy in US embassy in Saudi Arabia. Then again I did my high school 10th grade to 12th grade in Northeast Asia.

{Will publish more...}

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