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I wrote another article for men only.

it is advice for them to discern good girls from greedy girls.


please post this article on your website.


thank you



How to distinguish if your Lady is Golden Heart or Gold Digger?


It is absolutely crucial question to any men who are looking for Good Wife Material Lady in Ukraine.

Over age of 40 who has already established property and secured certain level of income and trying to legally marry young and attractive lady need to make sure they are marrying the right lady with Good Heart or Golden Heart.


Each men have each own eyes of beholder to be attracted to certain types of beautiful ladies. But we all have same common idea of Golden Hearted Wife who will last long term in future married life.


There is Old Chinese Proverb, “Good woman is more precious than Million tons of Gold but you can never buy the heart of Good woman with Money or Gold.”


I believe there is quite good logic in it.

If a beautiful lady can be bought with money or power today then in future she can change her heart to a man with more money and power when she has a chance. It is very simple logic.


But problem to this logic is that when a man loves a woman, it is very natural for man to spend money and buy a gift and wants to take care of that woman. And how do we know if these women we love will stay with you when we are out of money or in difficult situation? Just like a song “Locked Away” by Adam Levine. Would she still love you the same if you couldn’t buy the fancy things in life?


I know this is million dollar question. And if you ask your lady while you are in blind love then I am pretty sure she will say yes. But question still remains, this won’t be easy for you to find out in a few months of dates or passionate feelings. You might just get lucky or you might never find one.


However, before you make huge life time commitment decision, try to observe your lady in a few simple situations. And these situational discernment can happen from early stage to matured stage of your relationship.


1. Take her to very nice restaurant and see which price level of dishes she is ordering. If she is ordering quite expensive ones then this is not a very good sign. Whether you are rich or not, lady with considerate heart won’t try to give you financial pressure. Kiev is quite expensive city. Many of hotels and restaurants are price of London or New York. And it is not about how much money you have or you can afford, it is about how she treat you. If she is inconsiderate now, then she won’t be considerate for the rest of your life.


2. Give her flowers and gifts often for first 7 dates or 10 dates and stop bring flowers and gifts for a week or longer. And see how she reacts to you. This is very common sense. You will find out quite soon whether she wants to meet you because she actually likes you as a whole person or she likes you because you are bringing gifts and flowers all the time. This observation shall be done after your relationship began. If you try to use it from beginning, it won’t work at all. Because she will probably try to be modest as possible to give you good impression to you.


3. After you have given many gifts and support for her, if she continue to demand more in a week or two weeks later, then you might want to revise the whole relationship process. And more than ever, if you already proposed to her then you shall observe her demands and attitudes more carefully. If she is a lady with Golden Heart then she will try to support you and care about your expenditure and will try to minimize your financial burden. If she is Gold Digger, like any where in the world than she will demand even more things. When a Man is in Love, their rationality is also weakened and try to embrace his lady at all cost. Embrace her with reasonable acceptance! Love is two way. If you feel that your lady is demanding unreasonable amount of things then you shall wake up and smell the coffee! Then try to re-evaluate the whole situation.



4. Spend much time as possible with her. Don’t tell yourself you have not enough time due to work schedules and limited traveling time. You are about to make life time decision. Never make rapid quick decision. Let destiny take you to the right course of relationship. Time is best method and solution to get to know each other. Gold diggers can’t pretend like Golden Heart for too long. Usually Gold diggers don’t have long term patience. Their goal is to make a profit out of the relationship. More time you spend with her, she won’t stay with you longer unless she gets something from you. If she realizes she can’t get any of her material interest from you then she will move on to next target. Don’t focus on her words. Focus on her actions and how she treat you. Be Generous to her but always observe her reaction to you. Does she try to treat you back with her respect and care to you? Does she actually care about you in daily life? Spend lots of time in various activities like you did in your own country.


5. When you find out if she is Golden Heart Lady then move on to next level and pursue her in more serious way but if you found out she is the Gold Digger then just move on to next meeting with new ladies. Don’t try to change her. Don’t think you can do it or don’t expect her to be changed. Generally people don’t change. The people can pretend to someone else but not for too long. It doesn’t matter how perfect beauty she is or how eloquent she speaks and how real you felt that she was perfect girl for first a few weeks or months. You need to be…actually we all need to be with someone we can get along. We have to be with someone who we can handle. Think about all the obstacles we already have as such as


- Cultural and Language barriers to be overcome

- Age gaps and generation gaps

- Long Distance and Time differences

On top of these, plus Greedy self-centered Gold digger? Just move on Gentlemen. There are many other single ladies in Ukraine. Have a little trust in God. Believe in yourself. If you have a true good intention to marry the right minded lady with Golden Heart and plan to treat her as your Princess or Queen for the rest of your life then you are Golden Man. As long as you don’t give up, you will meet your Soul Mate soon or later.


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