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How To Find TRUE LOVE!

How To Find TRUE LOVE! The psychology behind love! @LayanBubbly

 How can you win the heart of Right Man when you find the One?


1) When you find a right one, it might be even harder to maintain and improve or fall deeper into stronger love, but I have serious tip for you. Never never play game with your right man!

When he loves you and express his love, just accept and move along and move forward. Don't play games, at the end you are risking your true love who might fly away. I believe every one in this world gets at least once or twice of opportunity to meet their soul mate or true love. If you loose the right one, you might get second chance, but it might come in 7 years to 12 years later, when you grow up and learned lesson. Don't be stupid by playing game so you can be in the upper hand. Love is not game. But dating can be game. If you want to date the guy who you don't feel right or serious you just want to spend some time for fun then be my guest, play as much as you want. But not with some one special you met. He won't be patient long.

Remember Love is two ways! not one way or the other!


2) When a Man is falling for you as much as you are... don't be spoiled by his generous gift and expressing his love to you. You don't need to split the check or buy him back expensive gift to him but don't demand more and more. Men are human being, they are not Jesus. Jesus is God, not human. Don't expect your man will be continue to give and give for good like your dad. Even your man may be lot older than you, you have to give something back to him so your love and relationship can last. I know one American guy who fell in love with lady in Kiev who was 25 years younger, and he spoiled her from beginning stage of relationship. 7 years later they got divorced. And his wife never really got satisfied internally from him and he was reluctant to observe this loss in relationship. Gifting and economic support seem very fulfilling in the beginning but later on it wasn't enough. She later on married local man and my American friend stayed as single for many years and recently found 21 years old girl and got married. It doesn't matter how much money he spend or how much he loved her, if there wasn't two way give and take love, love simply don't last. Never take things for granted from your man. This is very important ladies. When you show your gratitude and more humble and modest, and if you express your appreciation by giving him back, whether it is small chocolate or small flower when he arrives to airport or cup of coffee or your own cooked lunch box, if you give him back, then he will even love you more and give you more ! In this way, love between two of you will grow every year, and your marriage will be prosperous over the time!


3) Study your Man's Love Language! And study his actual Language as well!


Every one has love languages and every one are different. Both of you can have different languages of love and it is fine to have different types of love languages, but study each other's love languages and try to satisfy each other. Both of you can test which type of Love languages you have by trying at website

Finding True Love is 1st part but improve and maintain long lasting relationship is 2nd part and it will be more challenging, nothing comes as free or automatic. Both of you have to work out to keep the precious Love between you.


And try to understand his background and culture, way of thinking, and learn his own language. Eventually you will have to get along with his family members too.

Many women think when a man is in love with them, then they don't have to any more to impress their men. Well, love is incrementally growing fever and life itself. When your man and yourself fall in love, it is like baby is just born. Love is like a baby. and you need to nurture and take care of this baby of love. Even though it might be not easy, try to learn his languages and his culture. And he shall do it as well. Understanding the expression of love in each languages are key to deepen your relationship.


In Russian culture, saying I love you is not every day expression, it is quite serious and heavy words. But in American culture, saying I love you is like a greeting. Even between brothers and friends ..or even to puppies.. i love you is every moment expression. It doesn't mean Americans take Love less seriously. It is just the way how they express.


I have Russian female friend from Vladbostok who speaks Japanese, Korean and English and of course Russian, who men my buddy from DC, Asian American who also speaks Russian and English and Chinese. When they met, their relationship became so deep in such a quick manner, for these couple, it was so easy for them to really understand each other because they already understood each other's culture through learned languages. And my Asian American buddy lived in Russia for 2 years together with his Russian Girl friend really helped him to get to know her culture.


We all have jobs and busy life, but if you truly serious about finding true love and maintain and protect love of your life, both of you have to give lots of time and energy to make it happen. Remember you get what you paid for!


So that's all for today! but I will write about guy cultures in different states in USA, France, UK, Germany and Italy from my own experience in next article which may help you to find your own fit or preference.


Good Luck with your journey of Love and

May God bless all of you Ladies!


- from Love Guru Panda

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