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How to Pick a Family Man ?

How to Pick a Family man ?


  • Okay this is going to be a bit harder than you think. And trust me on this, these is no short cut in this part ! In short words, you must spend lots of time with him and get to know him.
  • Feelings of Romance is great and nice chat and conversation are wonderful but you need to spend lots of time in many different situations. I personally think, you shall spend more time in daily, ordinary times to find out if he is family man or not?
  • Usually, girls tend to attracted to her father's type when they are coming from well taken happy family and like to follow this trait, but it is not always the best choice to choose some one like your dad. Your personality and style and your destiny may be slightly different than your mom, thus your compatible one may not exactly similar to your dad. Yes, core values and ethics is better to be in common, but personality compatibility shall be really tried out and see if you guys can get along. Most of relationship is broken in crisis time not in happy time. You need to see how your man handles you when you guys are in quarrel or in dispute. And you must observe yourself if you are contributing enough to handle the crisis situation. Don't regard the marriage as your problem solution. Many traditional Ukrainian girls I met, especially young ones think their problems is gone thru marriage or they think their men will take care of every problems in their life. Well you must know, first, no one knows what may happen in future. Your husband may die without expectation, with kids left with you, how will you survive ? Even your husband may leave you property or money, how will you manage to go through life without him? You shall always be ready for crisis situation and only way is to keep learning and improve yourself. (My grandfather died during war and my grand mom was left with large estate and money but she didn't know how to use it, at the end she almost lost everything to cunning business people and corrupted government. This is Reality. Before you make decision to get married, ask yourself if you are ready to be married. Being a wife and mother of children are serious step in your life.)
  • Choose your ideal desirable qualities of future husband before you look for them! If you are not sure what kind of man you desire then you need to spend some time to revise yourself and what you need to be seriously revised and meditated. Know what you want and be prepared. And Keep improving your list of qualities you want by meeting new guys. You may didn't know what you needed but after dating a few guys you might find out more things you need. Improve your list of qualities but at the same time you shall improve yourself as well.
  • Every one of you will have your own ideal image of family man and you shall explore yourself to reach actualization of what type of family man you need, rather than what type of family man you want !

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