We have new client. Very deep personality and he is looking for a special girl for himself. We want to publish his letter and if some girl will feel that this man for her- please write for us: Brideskiev@gmail. com   for man , who is looking very special girl.


Dear Luda:


There are so many things that I like. Some are superficial, some are deeper, some are lifestyle, some are fetish. I am very open minded.


1. I like a girl who is ultra-feminine and loves to dress up very sexy all the time, and who loves to wear make up.


2. I like girls who can also look great without make up too.


3. I like girls who take care of themselves. Hair, skin, fingernails, and toenails.


4. I like a girl who has perfect nails and toes with just a hygienic maintenance manicure and pedicure, without any nail polish.


5. I also like a girl who loves to go to the nail salon to get her nails and toes painted every week, all year round.


6. I like a girl who loves to wear strappy flat heel sandals and high heel sandals and high heel platform sandals to show off her sexy painted toes.


7. I like girls who have a tattoo, as long as there are not too many of them, and as long as they are not overpowering.


8. I like girls who have piercings, as long as they look sexy and great, and as long as they are not overpowering.


9. Examples of piercings that are hot, are as follows:


A. Navel


B. Nipples


C. Nose stud


D. Nose ring on nostril


10. I like a girl who is smart, honest, emotional, passionate, sensitive, sincere, affectionate, adventurous 

, and is willing to experiment and try new things.


11. I like a girl who likes to go out to restaurants, museums, sporting events, casinos, comedy clubs, karaoke clubs, night clubs, and strip clubs.


12. If a girl works as a dancer in a strip club, I am definitely good with this, too. To me, it would be extremely exciting to see my girl dancing on stage and having all the fun that goes along with working as a stripper in a night club.


13. If the girl is extremely feminine and extremely bi-sexual, and enjoys lesbian activities, that is great. It is very exciting for me to see this and experience this. As long as I am her special man, everything is possible.


14. I am open minded about many other things too. I will send you more letters."