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Looking for Wife

"I totally respect women and there values...I want to find a woman who will appreciate me...and be faithfull... I want to find my soulmate, person how i nead my life the person how i cant live whitout and that are mayby you!On my freetime i like to hang out with my friends. I also like to travel! not so often but when i have the opportunity. I find it be in different advirements.. meet new people...and ofcourse to see the country it self...I like this werry match!

Money is not important to me...they dont give happiness and a long life...I am a so called "middle class" person here in Sweden...But the middle class people in Sweden live a "welthy" life...who can afford most of the things in life..But we are hardworkers...And abaut my work its like this i am truck driver its means i am away the weeks from manday to friday in road and drive my truck, but i am free all weekends and all big holidays plus i have totaly 6 weeks holiday evry years i can use free when i want take them out so its this abaut my work situtation, all Girls not like this and have leave me becose this!

And i dont want to write letters chat virtual relation years to years i am serius and here becose i want find my match and then have realy relation real life and build life whit this person! i choose the girl how show my the intress and want soon do samtimg realy!!!And i hope you can english becose its portent we can speak and anderstand eatch athor you dont nead speak perfect becose i dont do that but i whis you can the basic english we can speak and come in next step sooner!!

portent for my its intresting life realy feelings, sex loyaly hapines and both anderstand eatch athor 100% and redy take chance this think realy relation whit me? and the most portent if we will match its you are the beatch girl howlike water and diving becose i am do abaut this my Life its diving diving and diving its my big hobby i do not want long time speaking internet i want girl how want reality Thinks whit me!

Hugs yours friend Mika

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