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Love Beyond Borders

Love beyond borders...(Chakka and Elena)


13th Century A.D.


The map of entire Asia and Europe were changing under one ruler named 'Temujin' from very barbaric steppe tribal region called Mongolia. First time ever, largest empire as such as China and Persia were colonized by a unified tribal nation called Mongolia. Until mongols defeated Persians, these barbaric nation didn't even had writing system. As much as history was never defined or controlled by only civilized ones. As much as roman empire was defeated by barbaric northern tribes as such as franks and germans or vikings. Entire Asia and Middle east and even Eastern Europe were under threat of existentialism.


One of the grand child of Temujin, Great emperor of Mongolia, named Chaka was in charge of colonizing Bulgaria. And this hidden story of Love between Chaka and Elena was revised.


Chaka was never a strong leader or warrior. He was rather an artist of poet who appreciated ancient literature of China and Greece. He adored art of pleasure and love, he even read book of 'Kamastura' from India and 'Girl's bible of Making Love' from China, which are both illustration of many different styles and art of making love.


He was seen as weak heir who might not be suitable to be a warrior or be in charge of managing regions or colonies. But his father and grand father felt he needed to be trained to be a war leader so he was sent out in military campaign toward Europe.


His Grand father who was Khan of entire Asia and Persia wanted to expand the territory to Europe. Chaka was assigned under one of son of Genghiz Khan to defeat all European nations. Although he was trained to be a warrior he never killed any one in his life, he never had strong heart to take any one's life.


And things got tougher during one major campaign and he was with military company to attack Poland and Bulgaria, he got exhausted and got tired during battle on the field. And he fell of from horse. He passed out in the field in Bulgaria's beautiful city named " Sofia". Mongols invaded Bulgaria right after conquering Persian Empire which was modern day Turkey. He thought he was dead. He was left behind alone in the field.

Weak ones were not taken cared of in Mongol Army tradition.


When he woke up he was in small tented house which seemed like local Bulgarian natives. His body was wounded, legs and arms and right side of chest was bleeding but it was treated with herbal leaves and fruits. And very young girl came in with blonde hair and dirty clothes. She was speaking local language which Chaka couldn't understand.


Chaka was educated with many languages and Latin was one of many languages he knew. And this local girl who helped him to be healed knew basic Latin words. Thus they were being able to communicate with Latin. Her name was Elena.


According to her story, her entire family was wiped out and killed by Mongol Army and she was left alive because she was in forest for fruit picking during Mongols invasion of her town Sophia.


Chaka felt awful and asked her why she helped him to be alive. She told Chaka, she was Christian and shared the teaching of Jesus Christ, even she shall love enemies of her. Chaka was shoked and surprised of this teaching which he never heard in Asian continent.


Elena and Chaka spoke many hours every day shared ideas of Bulgarian beliefs and history and Mongols as well. Elena felt Chaka was abandoned left over Mongol army man who wouldn't be able to go back to his home town and she felt sorry for him and Chaka felt guilty toward Elena for his army damaged entire community of Elena and he felt like he owes to her his life. They both felt sympathy toward each other.


After days of Elena's treatment on Chaka, Chaka was getting better..and his body was becoming stronger than ever. Chaka knew he had to go back to his Mongol Army company but he didn't wanna leave Elena. And he was hesitated what to do ..


One day, while Elena and Chaka were staying and talking over night in the tent on the field. There were wild wolves surrounded their camp and making noises. They both felt they were under attack from wild predators.


Chaka, suddenly took his sword and tried to go out to hunt those wild wolves. Elena asked him not to go out. He promised Elena that he will be back soon.

Chaka never killed any living things. But this time was different. He had this urge of being protector over Elena, a girl who saved his life. He felt like he owes her and plus he felt in instinct that he is supposed to confront these line of his own ethical principle which is not to kill any living things and he had struggled with his entire life. When he went out, there were over 20 wolves were surrounded his tent. He took small knife in his left and grabbed big knife on his right hand. Wolves were attacking two to three together upon him. Chaka's blood pumped up so high and his eyes became so cold blue that his soul was becoming like spirit of wolf.

First wolf jumped from his right side. He blocked bite of wolf with big knife and cut the throat of wolf with small knife. Then another wolf ran into his left leg. He took small knife again and slashed the head of wolf with small knife on his left hand. One by one, his trained movement and instinct were becoming natural block and slash. He was sticking his small knives so precisely on to head or eyes or neck of wolves every time he slashed each of them. After a few minutes,19 of wolves were dead and 1 wolf ran away. Chaka's body was soaked with blood of wolves. He came in to tent and laid down on the floor. Elena began to clean up his body with clothes and heated water.


In this bloody night, Chaka was watching Elena's face whole night, while she was cleaning up his bloody mess on his body.


And Elena began to take of his entire clothes to clean every parts of body.


Chaka felt arousing and felt extreme passion and desire over Elena. He would do anything to have one bloody passionate night with Elena after confronting 20 wolves at same time.


Elena felt what Chaka wanted, they didn't say anything but Elena began to clean and touch Chaka's genital. They all could have become dinner meal of wild wolves but they were all breathing alive.


Chaka quickly got aroused and his primal genital became firm and rock. And he wanted to make love to Elena, but he wasn't sure if this was what she wanted.


Elena blew the Candle light away and they were two people in darkness.


Elena started touching and kissing Chaka's body and finally kissed on his lips.


Chaka turned over Elena's body and he began to kiss her heavily and touching her body. They were making love in the battle field under small tent. Their flames of passion were devastating.


Next day morning. Chaka promised to himself, that he will make Elena as his wife in soon future and began journey to his Mongol Army Camp.


And of course he brought Elena together. They got the horse from next township and rode together.


When they reached border of Poland, the great Mongol Army Camp was there. Many were shocked to see Chaka alive. And one of his relatives came and shout, " non-Mongol women are not allowed to be accompanied by any Mongol leaders."


Chaka took the sword out and slashed his relative's head in front of entire army.


No one was daring to speak after him. He basically told entire leaders of Army. He will declare his choice of wife for himself after destroying Poland and Hungry.


Every one were shocked with his changed his attitude. The poet nerd and book worm like Chaka has changed to be ruthless leader. And Chaka's heart was filled with protective heart toward this Elena for saving his life.


Every night before he goes out to battle in next morning, he would make love to Elena. Every time he made love to Elena, he felt like he was new man of his own life.


For him, making love with Elena was divine thing. He rediscovered his hidden energy and identity through making love with Elena.


Elena would whisper all the wonderful positive characteristics which she saw from Chaka every time they made love. Chaka knew Elena was special girl who enlightens his soul and heart, whom he never knew in his real life before.


Under leadership of Chaka, Mongols colonized, Bulgaria, Poland, and Hungary.

The success of their military campaign was so grand that they would defeat every European countries they entered into.


Right after they seized Hungary, Chaka declared officially Elena as his beloved wife in front of entire Army. And they were married in Christian Ceremony.


Suddenly Genghis Khan became very ill and he had to declare his heir, and all the leaders went back to Mongolia to receive their shares of thrones in each different parts of empire.


But Chaka decided to stay with Elena, for he was deeply in love with her. He asked Elena where she wish to stay. Elena asked Chaka if it was alright to return to Bulgaria. Without hestiation, Chaka went back to Bulgaria where he met Elena first time and he became a ruler of Bulgarian colony of Mongol Empire, along with Elena.


Chaka and Elena stayed in marriage until the end of their life ..lived long happily after.


p.s. the facts of story contains 30% truth and 70% fiction. This classical intercultural story shows how woman can affect men in many different ways. In real history, Genghis Khan's numerous sons married to Christian ladies, and many of Emperor's sons became Christians as well. For example, Maria Palaiologina the daughter of Byzantine Empire married to Abaqa Khan who was 2nd ruler of Persian part of Mongol Empire. Life is full of surprises. I hope all of you could enjoy the process of building romantic relationships in creative ways. Yes.


Written by Love Guru Panda


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