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Love story. Part 2

Bill tried not to look to  Angelina.but it 's was almost impossible  to take out the eyes  of her.She was so beatiful,that   he never have seen the beauty like this.Angelina was a little confuse  to be in the centre of the attention of two men.

-My wife is very shy from her nature"- Bill heard the voice of  his neighbor. "But she will be happy to see you in our house  in the evening. She is going to cook a special cake cake this evening. We  will celebrate a special event in our life. We  have meet each  other  one year ago.We will be happy to see you this evening" told him.

Yes, with great  pleasure. "-  answed Bill,hearly take out his eyes  from the young  woman. We will be whis Ralf.
-But your Ralf doesn't  want to leave our house. Look   he is happy here.He feel positive energy  in our house. In our house  sinse Angelina came here, lives the love"-told Tom.
And Bill  paid attention, that his face   changes for better.Tom looks 10 years younger. Bill  couldn't  wait  when the evening come. He was looking to his watch  every hour and wa ted to tell "Quick ly, more quickly, please." Suddenly  Bill felt the  smell  of the cake and felt  the pain in his heart. It was the same smells   which  he remembed from his childhood, when his mother cook the cake for Christmas .And Bill realized  only now his lonely. Never in his life before he so wanted to  have a wife and the family."maybe  Im old olready" came the stupid thoughs. But the example  of  Tom gave to him the inspiration.
Bill bought  a big  bouquet  of roses  and went to visit the  neighbors.   "Mayby Angina has a sister like her. Why not?" Thought  Bill suddenly. Whis this  big hope and whis big bouquet  of  rose Bill came  to the neighbors. 
-you just in time" told Angelina. " Everything is ready already. And Ralf is also here ."-told Tom.

The evening was magic for Bill. Everything in this house  was so nice that Bill  wanted that that evening will not finish. All   evening   from the beginning  Bill wanted to ask Tom where he met Angina. But Suddenly  Tom asked Bill " Do you know where I meet  my destiny?" And not waiting  his answer, answed himself.-" in Ukraine. In Kiev."

-So far away " told Bill.   "And Angelina speaks so good  English"   -" She is a teacher of English language . But in Ucraine the young girls almost  all speak good English. We will give you  the card  of the marriage  Agency, which helped us to meet each other  and  you also will find your dream girl. In this Agency there are 10000 girls from all Ucraine and even from Moscow and Biloorussia -" told Tom. 
-And all are so beautiful  like Angelina? - asked Bill.
 -No. My wife is the most beautiful  in the world, because  she is my wife and my loved wife.
As you guess, dear friends Tom and Angelina were our clients. They married  one year  ago and its a happy  marriage. 
Now Bill is our client. We are sure,  that Bill also will find his dream girl in our Agency. We will   help him.
And here the     card which  Tom gave to Bill. Maybe  somebody else in this worl feels lonely. We will be happy to help you.


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