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My Advice

I truly hope all of you to find Good Wife who will bring Heavenly Blessing!

and always try to take advice from Miss Luda. She may not be able to explain to you all your questions but she brought over 2000 couples to be legally married and most of men are from out side of Ukraine. She has extensive knowledge from real experiences and her wisdom is lot more precise than many theories. Miss Luda is very reknown matchmaker in Kiev and she has very high reputation to bring good couples in marriage. If she gives you advice then just try it even you may not understand 100% but later on, you will realize her advice was correct. She knows Ukrainian women better than all of us.


The cultural value can be only learned by experience. There is no short cut in this.

I have learned so much from ladies like Miss Luda, my male and female friends in Ukraine. One thing you must know about personalities of Ukraine is there are so many various types of personalities here than other countries. I've been to more than 50 different countries but i have never been to country with so many diverse characters. Psychological method of USA can't really be applied here in Ukraine. If you want to master all the types of Ukrainian ladies, then it might take more than 10 years or more. God knows how long it will take. So this is why so important to listen to local adviser like Miss Luda. I also consult with her many times. But I also discuss with local male friends who are actively dating local Ukrainian ladies. The complex of emotion and characteristic and materialistic value and interaction between corrupted government and business practice ... and many religions and border conflicts and countries around Ukraine and long rich history of warfare..makes Ukraine very very complicated to even define what is core culture of Ukraine.


I hope some of my writings can help you to make better sound decisions for you.


God bless all of you gentlemen!!


from Kiev with Love


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