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My Love Story

Our client continu to tell his story. He really fall in love!

Hello Luda and Thank you for your answer , i want come on 23 December , or i will fix my heart there or i will break it complete ! i dont know what do ? You think i should come ? i would like to see you , i had a better time with you than the girls i meet there , i enjoy a good company of a true friend , if all the gils that u have there in your agency had the half heart and soul you have they would have all succeded in happy marrieges and familys , SHe ask for help again for teeth , i dont give any help no where , because i have given more then i recieve , its better to help my self get out of this situation im mixed in and find my Real and true way with a decent person WHO will love me and need me all the time and spend every minute of our life together  and not use me as a ATM in a bank ,  , , the fisrt night i arrive in Kiev i went to my hotel , i was waiting for my love one i was speaking over one month , and we have developed feelings and emotions for eachother and i believed that she would come soon , as long as the time was passing i was feeling the room im in getting hotter and hotter , a few hours passed and it feeled like a century , i wasent recieving any answers nothing i was in darkness , i thought i should go out but i couldent because i was looking at the door and felt it was on fire , and i assumed is this my end , is this how everything finishes for me , it was the First in my life meeting a girl with feelings coming out of my heart and i sit and think maybe this is a test for me maybe she is trying to test me if i am really faithfull and hurt and feel pain for her before she sees me , i had to keep calm , my head was telling fool go out your in kiev its full of women here , but my heart was telling me wait because Real and true love hurts and u should wait , after i fell in bed alone and i couldent breath , i belive if my phone was working and i could call luda she would be very helpfull , because i was stuborn and looking for one it wasent about the Money it was about opening my self emotional with 5 or 10 dates , but she was right , u should meet afew and where u feel more comfortable , and needed as a person and not as Money u will find where to place your heart in safe hands , its not how good is looking the girl or how big her tits are or whatever , it more to find someone you are welcome for who u are and not for what u have or how much money u Carry in your pocket , i should of listen to ludas advise and work with her as she said so we can have the best results , the next day i met with the girl , i could feel that we were more closer on the phone then in Real life , im sure that u cant buy love , because love comes for Free its a natural feeling and its dangerous and it hurts , and when u have Real love with your girl no one can take this away from you ! i believe love is for the rich and the poor its dosent count how much Money u spend , so u should be carefull and have patients , the ukrainian women need patients , they are not like the European women , like fisrts u have SEX and after u know her name and start to meet here , its the Real oposite , u have to work close with the girl and get inside her but when u get in i asure u that some of these women are very Special for creating a family , i am waiting my sweet Luda for answers i write here exactly how i feel that night , with her nice bombs or torpidoes infront she has for me ,   its time for her to work for me if she really want to be with me she has only 1 chance and if she make mistakes again she will never see me again because i tell her to fix papers if i come and again the same its over , how much money she take , she take she can remember from this , i dont care about the Money i lost because i have brains and hands and i know how to make them , the only thing i cant fix is a hole in my heart , im sorry but i dont know , i will wait very much for your good news your miaou miaou , lover boy Tom




About crym i do not know. .About Oxana and Vika i will chec.Sometimes the girls can have double name,its new girls just came in my Agency,but if its the same i will give you tele N of other whisout money ,Because you paid already.Dear.  CRIS. Write more about feeling for my site. Because my Agency works only for feelings and marriage.You will help me a lot if you will write about that night you couldt sleep etr.....of course i will not put your name

11 дек. 2015 г. 0:42 пользователь "chris tsimbourlas" <> написал:

Hello Luda , im very complicated with this ukrainien storys , i want to ask you is it possible for a ukrainian to travel to krym without pasport ? because Gloria tel me she is busy and goes to krym for the weekend to reletives ? ? please help me , is something happening or im losing my time and heart with her , i really need your help ? ? and second show what pictures u like at 308

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