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Ptesent forThe Girls

 Our Agency will give to all our clients a nice present for the 8 of March. We oganised a seminar 'Telegony'.

Telegony is a theory in heredity, holding that offspring can inherit the characteristics of a previous mate of the female parent; thus the child of a widowed or remarried woman might partake of traits of a previous husband. Until recently, previous experiments on several species failed to provide any evidence that offspring would inherit any character from their mother's previous mates.[1] A similar phenomenon, whereby environmental (non-genetic) traits were passed, was later discovered in a species of fly.

The term was coined by August Weismann from the Greek words τῆλε (tèle) meaning 'far' and γονος (gonos) meaning 'offspring'.[2] The name may also refer to Odysseus' son Telegonus, who is mentioned in the ancient Greek epic poem Telegony.

Like father like son? Nongenetic paternal effects reinvigorate the possibility of telegony

"As a first step towards disentangling whether the effect is borne by the sperm itself or by accessory-gland products (ACPs) in the seminal fluid, we mated females initially to a male in high or low condition and then remated the female to a new male in high or low condition two weeks later. Interestingly, offspring size and viability were determined by the condition of the first male, with no effect of the condition of the second mate. Genetic tests confirm this result holds even when the second male is the biological father of the offspring. These findings suggest the paternal effect is mediated by ACPs, and provide a compelling case for reassessing the possibility of telegony as a valid phenomenon."

Crean AJ, Kopps

The seminar will be the 7th of March  at15.00. Please, call before for registration +380679749242 Luda

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