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To Ladies Only (5 Tips to Win His Heart!)
4. Communication: I understand in Ukraine, men should initiate first move, mostly, not any more but it is classical boy proposes to a girl and all sort. Yes but when you find a right man and when you enter into relationship, don't be lazy about it because he is in love with you. You need to communicate with him often as possible, with viber chat and even talking or video chat, if you don't have enough money ask your men to support monthly data fee or phone bills, communication is most important when you are in long distance relationship. If you don't communicate enough then he will feel lonely in his home country, (if he is really in love with, he would want to more frequent communication with you, if he doesn't he might another girl going on side or in his own country) so I am advising you, you are busy and he is busy but both of you must make time for communication and keep on going with passion flow. Men's emotion is different from women, Men is very focused animal. When they are focused on job, they usually use high concentration on job, when men is in love, same thing, they want to focus on you, want to know how is your social life, who you hang out with thus send him many photographs of you and your friends and family more often. As I told you, if you want to win Mr. Right, you actually have to put lots of work to maintain relationship. If you don't put energy on him. His passion won't last for long. Soon or later he will look for new girls and if you like this Mr. Right with stable job with generous heart, then other girls will find him attractive too. When you pray for true love come into your life, God usually opens the door of chance to you, and when you find the right one, it is upto how to maintain and develop and keep him in your eternal life! When he falls in love with you, doesn't mean your job is done, it is only beginning! { In my own experience, most of young Ukraine girls like to keep in touch very often, but some girls are exceptions who are busy with their own studies or work. And I will be honest, when a girl communicate with me less frequency, my passion and feelings slowly decreased. Most of men fly to Ukraine to date younger ladies for younger passion and feelings. If you want to lock his heart on you, spend time and make lots of effort to him other wise his passion will turn away for other younger girls. }
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