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Tom`s Love Story

When i was married my ex wife , didnt cook , didnt clean , and didnt want Children to not break her body and was also afraid , but she also had some good in her she was trustfull and honest , and she loved me and she also spoil me  , i could call her Lady with all the meaning of the Word and everyone here where i am was jelous of us she even knew how to look at one man and her eyes were telling him fuck off , when i told her we will divorce and dont love you anymore was a lie  because its very important for me ta have Children and it was the only way to escape and find another willing to have Children i passed a dificult moth then but now its even more harder beeing alone and not knowing WHO to TRUST and WHO is faithfull , life is hard but we people make it even harder  ,  i can remember the tears in her eyes , for me now i quess its payback time because in life always u get payed back with the same coin , i can love but i cant see or feel any love coming back to me , thats why i said payback , the next woman i will love again will be be my future wife and the second woman i will ever love will be only my daughter if we have .... This Christmas and NEW year i will spend it in Kiev , hopefully to full fill my wishes of a ukrainian wife judging they are honest and faithfull and home oriented at least some of them and that one will love me for WHO i am and not for what i have  , and may every NEW year to pass it always together and happy , its not the present that makes christmas so Special , its the presence of those u love , whether they are with you in person or spirit ! but for sure i have Luda there and will not be alone !

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