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Dear Gentlemen who in Journey to find True Love.

 We continue to publish the article of our client from USA"Dear Gentlemen who in Journey to find True Love."

"Bring flowers some times and skip it some times, go to modest cheap restaurants and go to good ones, and see how she respond. Watch their behavior. And try to give them advise if you think they need it. If they listen to you and try to learn, you might have a chance. If she says yes in front and action doesn't follow, then give up and find new one. If she doesn't take your advice now, then later after marriage, she won't listen to you at all.


3. Priority of Angel ? You or something else?: If your lady regard you as secondary option then priority then you better rethink the whole relationship. She might say you are the priority, but if in real action, she does other things and then come to you. This is usually not a good sign. But you have to evaluate in reasonable way. Some times in Emergency case like health issue or extreme cases, you have to pardon her. But one of my buddy's British Girl friend said to me " If the girl really wants to see you then she will make it happen, even her leg or arm is broken." So gotta figure this out with your own standards.


4. Friends of Angel? Does she introduce you to her friends or family? Does she talk about her daily life to you? Her photos with her friends ? These are very important aspect in relationship. If she is serious about you then she will try to bring you to her friends and family. But each girls have different timing line and different kinds of friends, so you might need to ask her if she wants to introduce you to her social circle, if she says no then you might want to rethink what is going on... and her friends can be her real reflection of her lifestyle. So you might get a better idea by spending some time with her friends.


5. Ego Angel ? This is worst kind and hardest to find out in early stage of relationship. Usually Ukrainian girls are well mannered and well read. This is quite attractive part of ladies here. Most of other countries are loosing this mannerism, maybe except Japan and Southern Europe. But this exceptional manner polishes their true personalities and we men are easily seduced by these feminine charm of ladies in Ukraine. Thus you need to observe their way of communication and interaction with you very carefully if their true color is self centered or selfish. If the girl doesn't show flexibility to adapt your situations or method and if she only demands to fit into her situation then it can be Red Flag sign. Egotistical character is very hard to change. Some Priest I knew from Florida told me Ego of human being is almost impossible to change except God's special curse upon he or she. So be alert !!


One of my Ukrainian friend told me during his family meal party,

" The wife can be the most expensive whore!"

I know this sounds crazy but this one sentence has lots of meanings underneath.

And I believe this is the case when you meet the wrong demonic greedy woman as wife. My friend is early 30s and most of his girl friends were early 20s in past. And it is true that the tradition in Ukraine has been changing a lot in all the major cities and even to small cities too. My friends told me there are still good traditional women in Ukraine. I met an executive hotel manager in Ukraine, and he used to be an actor and traveled all around Ukraine and he told me he found very good wife who is also very beautiful as well. He had 4 to 5 girl friends but most of them left him when he didn't have a job or money. But his current girl friend stayed with him almost 3 months of period while he didn't have a job. And now they are married. This story alone shows that Economic support of man in the family is very critical issue here. So you can't apply same logic or value of roles of man and woman from Western Europe or USA. I've been to Portugal and Spain a few times but almost every young girls want to have a job even after the marriage and have partnership with men. It wasn't like this 20 years ago in Southern Europe. But most of Ukraine still has traditional economic system. So women expect men to pay for almost everything. Not all the ladies think this way but most of ladies are. And with this innate culture of Ukrainian family, if you end up marrying wrong one with material greed, egotistical, pretentious, with evil witch friend groups, you will suffer for the rest of your life and your fantasy of Romantic marriage will end up into nightmare every night! So please be aware and take your time and try out every situation to see your lady is True Angel or Fallen Angel.


Donald Trump was asked by BBC anchor during interview why he chose Melanie as his 3rd wife. He owned several Beauty contests and fashion modeling agencies. He could have married almost any of Miss America or Top Models whom he wanted to but he chose Melanie who wasn't most beautiful girl among his choices. He answered, " We just get along so well." They dated almost 7 years until the wedding. Trump had 2 divorces in prior and he learned which qualities would be more important in marriage.


I wish you a better luck in your journey and hope these points would help your process of selections!"


- from Kiev with Love



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