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With love


Gary came to our Agency from Canada. Strong, tall. good-looking  man 45y.o. Never married,good position his country.
I was working whis him not long time, but even in shot time I have seen this man can make happy any  girl if the girl will be really his girl. Its was not easy to him to find his dream girl. But finally he was happy whis one from Poltava. Her name was Olga. Everything was nice between them but one day Gary feeled not o.k. What problem? He dint want to tell to nobody about his problem, but aftet 3 days he had to tell. Beaucase he could' nt  even to do one step so big pain he had in his back.
Doctor from the clinic "Boris" propose to stay in hospital at least 2 weeks. Oh, no. To be separated whis Olga so long time. Gary was looking for Olga so longtime and now, when finally he is so happy whis her, to stay separeted?
But nothing to do.He had to do  this.
Many years ago Gary had an accident  and had some problem whis back. But  the problem was not so big and Gary was young and strong. After some time he fogot about this problem. Time to time  when the wheather  was change he was feeling a little pain in his back, but he dint pay attention  to this. And now in Kiev, in so special  and important  period  of his life this problem  came  up.
Nothing to do. He staid one week in clinic and the second week the doctor  recomended his to spend in Kuyalnic, the special  resort  near Odessa. Why Kuyalnic?  Beaucause  in Kuyalnik there is a special  lake. we can say a magic lake. The water of this lake is very salt, like the water in Dead Sea. But in this lake  there are also the special minerals which  help to treat  many problems. In the Soviet Union Kuyalnic was one of the most populas  place  for treatment. Even  the first cosmonauvt  Yuri Gagarin was  receiving the treatment  there. In our days  we can see the monument to Yury Gagarin in Kuyalnic. 
Gary  dint know about this place, but  he decided  to go and to try. Especialy when the doctor told him, that after Kuyalnic he will forget about his problems whis back for always.
SO, decided. As Olga dint speak English very well, Gary invited me also as a interpreter.
To fly to Odessa takes only one hour.20 minutes by taxi and we are already in Kuyalnic.
First impression  was not good. Gary even wanted to go back in kiev. But Olga so wanted to help him, that she has find the right  word s to stop him. As for me, I translated  her words  the best way, even better, beaucause  I also wanted to spend one week there.

So,we  are in Kuyalnic now. The weather is very nice, the water in tbe lake is about32' C. Its very nice for treatment. why? Because  in order to receive  the good result in treatment  you have to stay 20 minutes  in the lake. So,the water  must be warm.
Oh, the lake made the miracle. After few days  Gary has fogot  his pain. Olga was so happy for him. Now they can enjoy  to be together. In this romantic and a little wild place  Gary made a proposal to Olga to be his wife. He realize, that Olga will be whis him  always  and will take about him even he  will be sick. Its very important, if the people  will be together even they have the problems. Olga is very happy now. She is sure that her love helped Gary  to receive the victory whis his pain. So,in our Agency will be one more Marriage. Congratulation dear Olga and Gary!
For the people who  have some peoblem like Gary we can publish some information about this  place.

Kuyalnik spa resort.
Health resort named after N.I. Pirogov, Odessa, Ukraine 
Kuyalnik spa resort is a unique and one of the oldest health resorts in the world. 
LOCATION: Health resort is situated in the north-east part of Odessa city, in the suburbs, 2 kilometers from  the Black Sea coast and 9 kilometers from the center of Odessa, at the foot of Zhevakhova Mountain, on the right shore of Kuyalnik Liman(estuary). Today Kuyalnik is a large spa resort center. In the center of spa resort Kuyalnik, 50 meters from the beach there is an institution for mud-cures andresort polyclinic, where diagnostic and treatment base of resort is concentrated. 
Accommodation: Multistory buildings
Specialization:   children and adults Musculoskeletal System  diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatic polyarthritis, et al.), Nervous System (neurologic syndromes of vertebral osteochondrosis, consequences of arachnoiditis, condition after neuritis of cranial and peripheral, et al.,), organs of Respiratory system, Female Reproductive system  (inflammatory processes, infertility), Male Reproductive system (infertility, impotence, prostatitis), vascular malformations (trombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis), skin deceases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis…) 
Manipulation treatment: salt-water baths, conifer salt-water baths, iodine-bromine salt-water baths,  sulfurated hydrogen baths,  mud poultice application, mud rectal tampons, mud vulval pads. HYDROKINESITHERAPY: Charcot's douche, rising douche, vaginal irrigation, salt-water swimming pool, underwater spine and joints traction, hydro-massage, different types of underwater massages; variety of physiotherapeutic procedures, massages, mechanotherapy, inhalation.
Meals: 3 meals a day in the cafeteria of health resort. BUFFET, dietary meals. 
Peculiarities: The main therapeutic factors of the resort are particularly valuable Kuyalnik sulfide-silt mud, salt and mineral water. They are admitted to be one of the best in the world for their disease-curing properties. Due to a complexof biologically active substances and a number of macro and  micro elements, they  help to reduce inflammatory processes,  stimulate protective and adaptive reactions, restore the functions of affected organs and human body. Kuyalnik mineral waters are successfully used to cure diseases of gastrointestinal tract.





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