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32. Fritz   (19.07.2018 11:15)
I have been to the ‘ single party’ with some doubts about this event, but I must write that ambiance and organization were good. Pleasant and polite women, open for discussions , and not always ready to give her contact informations to everybody: a sign of seriosity. Ladies attitude was generally normal and polite . Atmosphere was pleasant, international because of the different nationalities of men. I would suggest to go to any single man. Fritz
Country: Germany | City: Frankfurt

31. Bob Barry   (29.11.2017 08:19)
I can tell you that she went above and beyond for me. I asked her to help me find a serious-minded romantic girl who wants to find true love. I worked with her and showed her some profiles of the girls that I found attractive. I could only meet with 2 or 3 girls during my short trip. She chose 3 girls who were all amazing. Each one of them seemed so nice and genuine. I could have dated any of them, but I just had this incredible chemistry with one. I have not been this happy for a long time and I truly feel that Luda can do the same thing for you. Work with her. Explain to her what type of attributes that you are looking for in a long-term girlfriend. The more she knows about you and what you want in a future partner; the better she will be able to find a good match for you. She will do everything in her power to help choose the right girl for you and help you find the love that you are looking for!
Country: USA | City: Portland

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30. Jerry   (10.11.2017 20:17)
My name is Jerry. I am a successful businessman from New York.
I wanted to say a few words about my experiences in Kiev.
I never had success with my love life in America so my friend suggested
i go to Ukraine and try my luck there.
He suggested I get in contact with a lady named Luda who has a marriage
agency in KIev.
| City: New York

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29. Jerry   (10.11.2017 20:17)
I went there and discovered that the women were all beautiful and friendly
and interested in marriage and having children. That is just what I was looking for.
I was tired of the American women and there demands for more material things.
The women that I met were so understanding, conservative and were interested
in starting a family. Such a contrast from the women I met in America.
I am so grateful to Luda in her help in finding the woman of my dreams.
So if you are tired of all the fuss and bother of American women please come
to Ukraine and find your lovely wife.
| City: New York

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28. Dev   (06.11.2017 22:49)
Today I met a blonde lady from this agency ( This lady is 25 years old, buxom and healthy. I like the lady very much. I think this agency has alot of good ladies and ladies are real and true. I will recommend myfriends to come to this web site. That is great to follow this company.
Country: Australia

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27. David   (28.10.2017 22:44)

Thank you very much for your help in my search for my soulmate.

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26. Mika Oja   (16.10.2017 21:19)
me and my friend were in kiev last week, we used ludas services trying to find the right girl we came to restaurant we were there all evening it came in girl after girl all incredibly beautiful and nice personality all girls were super nice almost miserable sort out, the evening was the best me and my friend have experienced full laughs nice mood all the time nice girls nice service from luda and the restaurant will never forget and we'll be back to luda so this will be
Country: Sweden | City: Stockholm

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25. Frank, une histoire speciale .   (22.09.2017 11:08)
La vie à Nairobi n' est pas , et j' ai du fatiguer beaucoup dans ma vie pour creer mon entreprise, en partant de zero. Je n' ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour moi-meme. C' est à cause de cela que je me suis rendu compte d' etre seul, à 50 ans, et de ne pas avoir une famille. Par hasard, un vieil ami m' a mis en contact avec Madame Luba. ET dire que je n' ai jamais supporté internet, et j' avais toujours regardé aux pays et aux gens de l' est avec beaucoup de suspect. Luba, une femme avec une longue experience dans son travail, avait heureusement du temps pour moi, avant tout. Nous avons discuté longtemps et, après avoir compris mes necessitées, elle m' a mis en contact avec une personne fantastique, pleine de vie, d' emotions, mais surtout de spontanéité, de enthousiasme. Elle s' apeelle JUulya. Elle va etre bientot ma femme. Merci
Country: Kenya | City: Nairobi

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24. Pierre   (04.08.2017 12:15)
Je dois dire avant tout, que une agence de ce genre se base sur le fondateur et manager, qui doit etre forcement une personne qui pense avant tout à donner un service en terme de reperer le juste partner sentimental pour une vie. Sous ce point de vue, Luba, s' est montrée une personne qui travaille avant tout avec ce but: rendre 2 personnes contentes. Cette -ci est sa mission, et elle se donne pour bien comprendre qui est à la recherche de sa future femme, en comprenant sa peersonnalité, ses exigences et son ame. Peter
Country: France | City: London

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23. Tom   (23.06.2017 20:48)
Thank you a lot
With your help i got my destiny and very happy now
Country: USA,Texas

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22. Paolo   (25.05.2017 19:52)
J' ai pu constater personnellement que les femmes de l' agence de Luda sont des femmes avec moralite',, qui cherchent un homme pour avoir une famille, et qui ne commenceraient pas une nouvelle vie avec n' importe qui. Je suis arrive'. a' Kiev avec les humains et communs soupcons de chaque homme europeen, mais la premiere rencontre m' a fait changer d' avis. J' ajoute que Luda a bien compris ma personnalite', en m' evitant des meetings avec des femmes qui n' auraient pas ete' correspondante a' ma personne. Je ne peux que remercier Luda, qui a une grande experience et travaille avec le seul but d' aider a' trouver un partenaire de vie.
Country: Suisse | City: Geneve

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21. Paolo   (20.05.2017 12:54)
Luda, ero venuto a Kiev con qualche sospetto e poche aspettative, come puo' essere comprensibile pensare. Ho invece conosciuto una persona che ha intuito ed esperienza, che mi ha conosciuto ed ascoltato: questa sei Tu. Mi hai presentato delle persone con un animo pulito, intuendo che tipo di persona cerco. Ho visto la raccolta di decine e decine di nuove coppie che Tu hai contribuito a esistere, e credo che questo sia il Tuo lavoro, poiche' capisci le persone, e che tu lo faccia con passione. Paolo
Country: Italy | City: Turin

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20. serge [Serge]   (26.04.2017 02:59)
Comme convenu, je vais essayer de te donner mes réflexions  sur ton pays, à savoir l'UKRAINE. 
En tout premier, je voudrai exprimer toute ma gratitude envers toi, car tu es une femme formidable, bien que parfois tu as pu me décevoir quand j'ai eu besoin de toi, mais comme tu sais, je suis assez impulsif et avec le temps tout rentre dans l'ordre.
 Cependant, je dois dire aussi que tes qualités sont bien supérieures à tes défauts (mais qui n'a pas de défauts , moi le premier). 
Ceci dit, par ce premier courrier je veux exprimer tout l’enthousiasme que j'ai ressenti lors de mon premier voyage envers ton pays,  qui a toujours su surmonter toutes les incertitudes et les adversités.  J'admire le courage de ton peuple pour la liberté et pour chercher le bien être qui vous fait tant défaut.
Country: France

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19. serge [Serge]   (26.04.2017 02:57)
Et ce que j'admire le plus, j'ai de profonds sentiments pour Maria, mais je ne suis pas dupe, je veux dire par là, que je sais très bien que ce n'est pas les messages d'amour, oui, d'amour, vrais ou faux   qu'elle a su me dire dans ses lettres qui vont changer quoi que ce soit dans ma façon de penser, car j'ai 75 ans et Maria, je crois 35 ans et pas 45 comme tu m'as toujours dit. Les sentiments que j'éprouve pour elle, sont et seront toujours sans équivoque.
Ce que je souhaite c'est qu'un jour; elle saura comprendre que l'amour n'a pas d'âge, et qu'elle saura apprécier à sajuste valeur la bonté que j'ai au fond de moi. On dit que le temps remet tout à saplace, et c'est ce que j'espére.
OUF, j'ai dit ce que j'avais sur le coeur, et pour ce premier message je vais conclure en te souhaitant, santé et réussite. 
Je t'embrasse et te dit à bientôt. 
Ton frère , Serge.
Country: France

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18. M.M   (02.04.2017 08:50)
Luda is the matchmaker from the heaves!!
Thank You))
Country: New Zealand | City: Auckland

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17. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:50)
The Ukrainian people must stay the course of Independence, of Unit and select independent, honest and courageous patriots for the general interest of the people. I have called Liuda, the matchmaker, she is always there at is post despite the difficulties of his country. She asked me to write a text for her for her company. It is one of those Ukrainians honest, loyal and courageous. She deserves our attention, she deserves our support, because she has worked tremendously for us, Western men looking for women that we do not find among us. She gaved enormously fort the women, the young Ukrainian women,that she liked and has sought successfully to marry our men our country supposedly the richiest. But what rich? I‘m going back to Kiev to meet my matchmaker, once again.
Country: switzerland | City: geneve

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16. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:46)
Ukraine is a country of 60 million of inhabitants with a fabulous humain social economic potential. It is a very rich land that was the breadbasket of the USSR. Its people are warm, well-educated workers brave. But Ukraine, in the Russian language, countries limit is a east-west fault :with the west Ukraine very patriotic and nationalist and eastern regions most Russian speakers.
For me, the only solution credible and wise for Ukraine to avoid tearing after the painful events of the past two years ist to stay independant and neutral, a bit like Switzerland, my country or Sweden. Neutral but with the capacity of self-defense and to develop with the autonomous regions organised into federations. Also much alike my country Switzerland. To respect differences but remain united.
Country: switzerland | City: geneve

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15. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:45)
We could live in harmony despite our differences for 4 years. She learned a new trade. She learned french and english in good schools . Young women of the sign of Leo, very ambitious she in a few years wanted to take courses at Sotheby’s in London. The young women now had a job. She could claim that she was looking for : economic independence. She finally found a job in a London auction house. specializing in the sale of Russian Artists. The bird has flown but I have never regretted this dynamic and exhilarating years with Natasha, the young woman loved I had met by Liuda, Liuda the matchmaker.
Years passed. Liuda also is loyalty over time. His country, 15 years of independence, Ukraine is a young democracy torn between two blocks, the Western bloc Europe and US and the Eastern bloc the new Russian which she was the cradle. with the Kiev Russ 10 century, two centuries before the founding of Moscow.
Country: switzerland | City: geneve

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14. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:45)
Liuda do not worry :I could very well match me with a young women, more than 25 years younger than me. Ukraine possible she told me. It is even often the case.
Meeting and it’s love at first sight. I immediately flet that I was in love. It met my expectations. Henceforth I did’nt need something more than her I felt. But I had to be careful and patient. I first proposed the fine to work with me as academic model because I needed to draw this young beauty, to paint and my friend was there, Boris, painter attentive and very good teacher. During 5 months I have courted and finally the young graduate in history chose adventure to fellow me to Geneva and helped me to promote his country’s artists in the gallery I have done in the Old City of Geneva.
Country: switzerland | City: geneve

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13. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:44)
Simply. After a meeting with youg women whose contact finally had proved inconclusive, Liuda was out of young women to propose me. I was so demanding that none of these did not suit me. Liuda but never abandone the party She always has a new trick to play. Because she as a capacity for empathy and exceptional contact and she maintains relationships with colleagues that can help her. Tha’s what happened. I finaly found a small agency with a small women alone that made me flip through album. The opposite of Liuda she seemed in a hurry only gave me little time.and however...
Suddenly an appearance. One photo with a very young blonde women in the distance. Few details but a silhouette seductive, a smile, an aura. She was very young, 22 years and half. We were in January 2000. I had to choose quickly between her and a choice of an older women who was better suited to my age and please me enough .But I settled for the next five years. I settled fort the young girl.
Country: switzerland | City: geneve

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12. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:43)
For each she could give details on age, education, tastes, psychology but mostly she clasped voice with actions. As soon as fell on a women photo I liked, she did not lose one minute, she call, talking about me with enthusiasm and happened every time manage to get a meeting. And however I had aestetics tastes very particulars and decerning.Sometimes I stood for hours to consult books with hundreds of smiling faces to decide without me. She had the patience of a angel. For her time was never money. Sometimes she received a phone , responded quickly and caught his attention again towards me. As Liuda lived his profession as a vocation and practiced with psychology, attention and sincere love. The financial aspect was almost anecdotal, the low cost for the service accepted without hesitation. Because we flet that his happiness, his reason for living was contacting a women and a men together for love each other and live happily.
Country: switzerland | City: geneve

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11. Peter   (30.03.2017 11:41)
I needed something else, a other approach. By chance we came across someone who gave us a phonenumber : the voice was friendly,loving, understanding, hospitable. It was my first contact with Liuba, who would become my matchmaker, one that would encourage my meetings. I would not be disappointed. We were in 2000 I would have 50 years, but for her I was young, I had life ahead of me. She lived in the modest little apartment in the suburbs of Kiev and received in the living room who was also his own room , the single room of the apartment, separeted by the corridor adjoining kitchen. The reception was both very quaint and very simple. She was surrounded by beautiful books of photographs whereI discovered a whole gallery of young women where some of which were very pretty.

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10. Peter   (30.03.2017 10:37)
During my stays in Kiev, I had contacts with painters that I have exposed in Geneva, since 1998. I visited studios and I discovered a other world. A world in wich artists had the true art of painting, which had continue through the socialist realism mouvement in the country in the USSR, unlike many artist of our regions who had lot a lost with the anti-art and conceptual art.
To be frank, Kiev did not interested me only for its artists for the beauty of its parks, its , museums, its churches, its historic buildings but also for the beauty of its women, which corresponded to my ideal beauty. As it is with a artist friend I started to find a women I could be in love, and wherein I can imagine a common life. Different marriage agencies who had store front soon proved desappointing because very anonymous. For them you were simply customers they can take monney. The contact was impersonal and a bit cold.
Country: Switzerland | City: Geneva

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6. Mika Oja [MikaSweden]   (13.10.2016 20:28)
Joined today this site so tell me its this seriys site? Bern dating 8 years whit wrong sites and meetings girls was not int in marrige vecose that why i am here....
Country: | City:

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5. Bill   (27.01.2016 23:38)
The best dating agency in Kiev!

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4. John O'Scanlon   (18.06.2015 14:28)
Luba is great lady. Very nice ladies. All very attractive. The best thing is that she knows all the ladies on a personal level. Excellent agency and I highly recommend using her. It is worth the expense of going to Kiev that is beautiful, clean, and friendly city. Her attention to your needs is very much worth the $100 per lady.
Country: USA | City: Waialua, Hawaii

3. Luda [luda]   (18.10.2014 14:42)
I'm very happy I found this agency and I highly recommend.they are very professional Roberto from Brazil

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2. Roberto   (16.10.2014 23:20)
I'm very happy I found this agency and I highly recommend.they are very professional
Country: Brazil | City: São paulo

1. Stephan Z   (08.07.2014 11:51)
This Agency has only real profile. Beautiful girls and honest. Stephan Z.


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