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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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Look carefully this video. Yes, this is forest. Ukrainian forest. But if you look more careful, you can see the symbol if love in the center-HEART.

This video are made by our new couple. They are going to be married soon. And it is a good sign for them that their decition about marriage is right. Even the Nature helps when the people are in Love.

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 Information for our clients who are  going to visit Ukraine: You can travel  without no problem. 

 Now the situation in Ukraine  with corona virus is stable.  Vaccination is going on very well and It give the results already- not many people are sick now.

 Of course, hot weather also helps . In our days the weather is hot and  very nice.

 Dear friends!. We are waiting for you!. 

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 Lidia and Peter met each other in our Matchmaking agency "LOVE". They are in love. It it so great when the people love each other, As a ruler a big love leads to marriage. But before the marriage the people must know each other. 

 So Lidia and Peter decided to go for a trip in order to know each other better. They went to the beautiful part of Ukraine - to the Western Ukraine.

 Now there is very beautiful. They sent some photos to us and we decided to publish those photos. So beautiful place and It is so nice to travel there with love1

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 This is our driver Valeria. She is very good driver. She drives the car from 18 years. And at first it was the hobby , but later the driving the car became her profession. 

 In this photos you can see Valeria's photo and photo of her car.

 Valeria is our client also. She is 28 years old and was never married and she has no children, but she is ready for family.

 So dear our client1 you are welcome to Kiev. Our charming driver Valeria is ready to meet you in the airport and we are waiting to you in ou ... Read more »

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This is Roberto, he is from Italy. Today we publish a real Testimonials from Roberto. Dear Roberto, thank you very much.& ... Read more »

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All girls in the world are dreaming about marriage. This is the most important event in their life. But sometimes the men are not in a hurry with the marriage. 

 This our couple know each other rather longtime, but they are not still married.

 The times runs and nothing happen. He is from Sweden, has a good profession, never married and no children. She is dreaming to have the family and they love each other , but...

 Now he is in Kiev and they spend time together. She has a big hope that before he will go hom ... Read more »

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This is our client Aliona. Beautiful, well educated girl with the good manners. She is 175 cm, slim. Never married, no children. Perfect English. I think for many men will be interesting to meet such beautiful girl. Now she has good age for marriage and she is ready for marriage.

Beauty always attracts.  “Beauty  Will Safe the World”- somebody told one day. And I agree with this 100 %. We are proud to have such interesting client in our Agency! 

Dear men!  Aliona is not married yet. She is looking for her future husband. If you really want to have very beautiful, sincere, educated  lady for marriage be in a hurry. 

Now COVID-19  is almost finished and you can come to Kiev w ... Read more »

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Marriage... Some people can meet future partnership for life  when they young, some people can meet the destiny later and some look for this one special person long time.

 We want to tell you about  one our couple. They know each other rather long time. But they are still not married. 

 She is a doctor, she is a Medical Nurse. they are in love, but...

 He came in Kiev few days ago. They spend a lot of time together and she is waiting to hear from him the most important words about marriage..&nb ... Read more »

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Look what nice cakes our client made for us. It was so nice surprise when she told that  she cocked the cakes for her man and for me. I worked more then 20 years  and this is for the first time that the girl told   " No cakes from the restaurant! I will cook myself and bring in order that you tasteHow I can cock"

 Yes, I want to tell you, dear friends, that Ukrainian ladies can cock very well.

I am sure that this man will chose her for marriage between many girls. 

This article I wrote ... Read more »

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In  those photos you can see our client. She has the date with our client in the nice restaurant in Kiev. So, we want to say that even COVID-19 is not finished jet, our clients start to come to Kiev in order to find the future wife. And  in those photos you can see some pleasant moments of our work with clients.

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The beauty of Ukrainian ladies always attracts the men. Look what a beautiful new client we have. She is not married, but she is ready for marriage. And we are sure that we will help her to find a future husband. The name of this beauty is Oxana. Her ID in our site is @oksanaa

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The best season Summer is coming to us. This is the best season to travel and we invite you, dear friends, to  visit our beautiful city Kiev. And we are waiting for you in our Matchmaking agency “Love”.


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The situation in the world is better now. The life comes to be normal like before and the people start to travel. And , of course, start to look for their half. 

 Life without love is empty. For all  people of the world  Love is one of the important feeling.  And  many men  from many country start to come to Ukraine in order to find the future love, the future wife. 

Where to find the future wife? Of course, in Ukraine!

  Our agency works more than 20 years and we helped may people in the world to meet the destiny. . We were working even in COVID-19 time. And now we have the good result. Soon will be A very romantic engagement in our agency. We are very happy of this future event. 

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The life is beautiful when we have the possibility to travel. But if we have the possibility to travel with love, with your future life partner -the life ie wonderful.

Irina and Gunter are lucky  to meet each other and to travel together. Gunter came from Germany, Irina lives in Odessa. They  met each other in our Matchmaking agency"Love'.

 The first travel they  made to Western Ukraine. They sent some photos to us from there. Now they have the plan to travel to Germany.  

Maybe will be one more couple in our agency. The time will show. We hope that they will be together and happy.

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This is Lena. She lives in Kiev. She is very kind and serious woman. She likes to travel, but she travel alone and It is sad...

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Thanks for vaccination the life  step by step becomes to be normal in many countries. The people start to travel.  

 our clients also start to come in Ukraine in order to find the future wife. We are happy that the life becomes step by step better.

 In those photos you can see  the date of one our new couple. It is only first date, but it was very nice that the new season started already.

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A Romantic holiday in Egypt makes for the perfect getaway for me and my love..... 

I am so happy. Our meet in Egypt is very romantic and our feelings grow up. We are happy every moment. All things which around us is very romantic for 2 people who in love. 

Egypt is natural beauty. Here very warm and fresh water now. Our first day was perfect on sunshine!

We hear so nice song today! Name of this romantic songs “Big Love” Fleetwood Mac

It’s about big love. Love is everything. 

Looking out for love

In the night ... Read more »

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My name is Lana. I live in Kiev. Kiev is a beautiful city, but to find a man for marriage It is not easy even in so big city. I am single and I do not have children.
I am serious about future marriage. That ‘s why I am here. My dream is to find a serious man to love and eventually marry.
I am loyal, I am uncomplicated, rather direct and-not at all a woman who plays games with a man’s feelings. I am a good conversationalist and I can also listen.
As for the future, I am looking for a new beginning with a special someone who respects me, shares similar interests, is soft spoken and wishes to have a wonderful family life only with me for the rest of the life. This may sound a bit traditional and old fashioned but I hope still modern enough t ... Read more »

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 What a nice news we have today! Our client came today from Italia and had the date with the girl which he had chosen  from our site one month ago. They were writing the letters , were speaking by telephone and tried to know each other. 

 But only the personal meeting can give the result. You can write the letters one year, spend your time and energy , but when you come and meet the girl - it  will be not what you was expect to see. So, the best way is: to take a plane , come in Ukraine and meet the person. 

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