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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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My name is Tania. I am from Ukraine!

I have boyfriend from Spain.

I want to tell you my love story, how I met my dream man. Sometimes life made surprises for me! How it’s happen last time? Ones in the morning on my birthday, it’s was beautiful and spatial sunny day. Dating Agency called me and invited or date. It’s was nice surprise for me in that day. He saw my profile and filled something magic. We met in cafe for coffee. He told me beautiful words, compliments, wanted to meet with me again and invited to his country. I filled something very special with him. It’s was very fast reflection. All his words makes me warmth inside, I was really happy from our first date. After our communication by e-mails and phones I was sure that ... Read more »

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Welcome to Dating Agency "Love" in Kiev, Ukraine. Now you can see me, Luda, the owner of the Matchmaking agency "Love" in a very special restaurant in a uninhabited island, in Portugal, not far from Faro. A little wooden restaurant, “O Estaminé”, with a wide offer in traditional dishes as well as some quick meals. All products and menus are based on traditional flavours from the Atlantic and Ria Formosa, shared by the people throughout the centuries, from the use of dry and salty products original from the Roman occupation, which had a growing fishing, salt extraction and conservation industry to the freshness of coal grilled fish. Clams, shrimps and all of the Ria Formosa’s own sea fruits are also a much appreciated delicacy. But ... Read more »

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 In those photos you can see our client Eduard from Spain.  One week ago he  was engaged with his future wife in a very beautiful place - in a uninhabited island , near Faro, in Portugal. This was not usual engagement- very special and very beautiful.  Now  this my  new couple are thinking about wedding. We thinks that will be 2 wedding- one in Kiev and the second in Spain, where Eduard lives. 

 But there is a idea to celebrate the wedding in this  uninhabited island , where was the engagement. In thi ... Read more »

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 Our client Galia made her choice. Finally. She was our client 3 years and finally our client from France took her heart. We are very happy for them. Next week Galia will go to Paris to visit Laurant, her fiance. Laurant   have done everything to take Galia's heart: flowers every week, sms every day, every month Laurant visited her in Kiev. And today Galia called us and told that she is ready for marriage. She is 31 years old. I think , It is a good age for marriage. Congratulation!


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New Service for Men

To find the dream girl sometimes very difficult. Men can look for her many years and no result. Sometimes you can find her just near your house, sometimes you go to another country or another continent. The same with our clients.

... Read more »

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 The name of my agency is  "Love",.The name of my agency corresponds to the name "Love". Lo ... Read more »

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This is our new client from Iraq. He was born 10.02.1986. He is 185cm, tall handsome man. He has very serious profession - he is a blacksmith. He likes his profession and we are proud to have so nice client in our agency. He likes music, nature, swimming,  art and everything beautiful.

 He is looking for a kind, beautiful and  tender girl for marriage. 

 His name is Yousif. This is his e-mail: ... Read more »

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Those video we made with my new couple.  They will be married soon. He is from Spain, From Barselona; she is from Kiev. They are very happy and I am also happy for them!

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 Yesterday in Kiev was a big Party of marriage minded people. It was real great. Music, vine,positive atmosphere, a lot of beautiful girls from all Ukraine- everything was great. 

But the main thing , that in this Party some people met their destiny. Of course, It is too early to speak about this, but  later we will know. We are very happy about this result.

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Everyone needs some love, needs someone whom they can love for life  and trust! We can’t live without air. Also we can’t live without our soulmate. I have great experience with this Dating Agency. When you sure about your dreams and wishes - the world is in your hands! In 21-st century it’s the best way to find   Your partner with Marriage Agency. When two serious people who want have a family, they have possibilities be blessed! If you are  dreaming to find the love of your life Brides-loves can help you! I had dream to meet my second half and my love of life, someone very special for me! I met my destiny man here. 

We trust each other, have big open feelings and a beautiful romance. He find key to my heard and open door ... Read more »

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 Our client is very happy. Finally she met her destiny. She was looking for him a long time. Now she is very happy and she is going to marry him. Today she wrote a letter  and sent to us. Thanks a lot for letter. WE are very happy for her and Eduard.

 This is her letter:

"Everyone needs some love, needs someone whom they can love for life and trust! We can’t live without air. Also we can’t live without our soulmate. I have great experience with this Dating Agency. When you sure about your dre ... Read more »

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In this island they were engaged. 

Happy moment.

 This  is my new couple. They are going to be married soon. I am very proud of myself that I could help to them to meat each other.  I am sore , they will be very happy together, because there is the big Love.Let's wish them to be happy.

  In this photo ... Read more »

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Sandy island surrounded by the clean and crystal waters both belonging to the Atlantic Ocean and Ria Formosa. Its quietness and tranquillity are quite impressive, and this is the only completely uninhabited island in the entire Natural Park.

... Read more »

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 The engagement in our agency -It is always a very pleasant event, but the engagement in the uninhabited island - this is so special , that I cannot even express all my feelings , which we had there. We - It is She, He and Me. She is our client rather long time. She was looking for a very special man, for her prince. And finally he came to our agency and she understood from the first look, that this is he. He came to our agency from Spain at the beginning of the spring; tall, elegant.blued eyes, black hair  and with the serious intentions.

 He was first time in Kiev. And he also was looking his special woman. With the Spanish women he had bad experience and told to himself, he will find his future wife in another country.

 It was love from the first look. Then he had to go home, to Spain.

  And they start to communicate everyday, then a short meeting in Spain and now the engagement. But what engagement!  In a uninhabited island.< ... Read more »

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Love... On love is based everything in this life. We were born as a result of Love of our parents. Our children came because we met a big love in our life. You children will come in this world if you will fall in love and married with loved person.

You never was thinking this way?

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  One more  marriage in our Marriage agency? Possible.

 He came to our agency for recommendation. His friend recommend our Matchmaking agency for him. He is from Egypt, 40 years old, handsome man;tall, educated, healthy and wealthy.He is muslim man,  she is orthodox, but it it no problem now for the people to be married , even they have the different religion. I have arranged many marriages of our girls with muslim men. And  those couples are happy. The main thing in marriage - it is LOVE.

 Sophia is our client not long time, but I think , she will be engaged soon. They liked each other from the first look. Sophia graduated from the University, she speaks English well, she has her own apartment and she has her own hou ... Read more »

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The Slavonic Soul

Sometimes my clients ask me about the difference of mentality of Slavonic ladies and European ladies.

Yes , there is a big difference. Our women are more tender, then European woman. Our women a ... Read more »

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Romantic relations...

Everybody dreams about them. I work as a Matchmaker about 20 years and I can say, that the best place to develop the tomantic relations-Its some place near the see or near the ocean. As a ruler, in those place the  romantic relations are finished by Engagement.

The good whether, ocean, sunshine - all those things  help the couples to understand each other better and to feel more close to each other.

My couple Alain and Tania also realized that they can be happy the rest of the life.

They decided to be engaged in Kiev, when Alain will come to visit Tania’s parents.

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Hello my name is Samir from Algeria. I am 25 years old. I want to marry. I am a Muslim. I want woman. I do not care about age. I just want to make a small family.

Dear  ladies! Look to the photo of Samir.Look at his eyes.What a romantic person he is!

Dear ladies! Write the letter to Samir and, maybe, the destiny will knock to you door.

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