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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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 We continue to publish love story, which happened in our agency last month.

 This is a letter of Alex to Oksana, which he wrote to her before say "Good-bye" for always.


"Sorry, but I cannot go with Oksana, for me is not clear why she is so interested in money, I work also for my self and earn no money when we go in holiday.

Nevertheless you have a very good article about money on your website, I am not interested in women, wher ... Read more »

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 We continue to publish  the love story , which happened in our agency.

 So , it was decided that Oxana, me, and Alex will go to the vacation in a warm country. But Oxana works in Ukraine TV,  it is not easy  to her to be free the dates , when Alex could. Oxana is a very famous person in Ukraine, you can see her on Ukrainian TV  every week. She is not an ordinary girl. She was working a lot in order to be in this top. She has a job , which all girls are only dreaming to have. And , of course, in order to go to vacation she has to take the permission of her boss. 

 She has arranged everything, but she has to pay one her college, which had to work instead of Oxana  those days of Oxana's vacation.

  And  when Alex knew about this he told "No".  He lost money on tickets and reservation of hotel , but it was sure "No". ... Read more »

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 Today I have my Birthday. not 18 years old , but about...

 Look what  present today in the morning I received from my client from Barselona- Eduard. 

 It was so pleasant for my to know that Eduardo knew about my birthday and made so  special present to me. Thanks, dear Eduard.

It is real great! 

 Eduard is thankful for me, because thank for me, he met the love of all his life. He is a real man. He is a man of action. He and my client are very happy. It is means that people need my job!. It is great! 

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 This is our client from USA, California. His name is Joseph. He is very serious about marriage. He is looking for his future wife rather long time, but he cannot find this one special woman for marriage.

 Joseph is optimistic, organised, romantic, stable, curious, affectionate, sensible, understanding and caring.

 He likes: books, music, art and nature.

 Joseph was never married and has no children.

 He is looking for kind, gentle, tender, warm hearted , easy to please and get along with,beautiful and independent woman for marriage. She should be willing to learn new things and understanding. 

 Dear women! If you like the photo of Joseph - write to him to this address:

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 We continue to publish Love story, what happen in our agency. This is Alex letter to Oxana:

"Hi Oksana, I knew it’s not easy to go with a man on a trip and you don’t know this man really much, BUT!! The good news

I am not Jack the Ripper :)

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 When we where in Spain ,  thank to Eduard , we had a possibility to visit a special place- Montserrat.

 It was so  emotionally. It is a special place.

 I wanted to visit this place rather longtime , but only this  year, that to Eduard, I could do it.

In 1025 the Abbot of Ripoli and Bishop of Vic Oliba officially founded the Monastery of Montserrat. Over this period pilgrims began to come to Montserrat.

As time went on, word of th ... Read more »

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 "My name is Aziz from Morocco I am 31 years old My profession is a barber I want to marry."

 Short letter Aziz wrote to us, but the letter is sincere.  

 Everybody has his half in this world and very nice that now, thank to the Internet the people  have the possibility to look the half in Inernet. 

 We try to help to everybody , who has the serious intentions, only serious.

 Dear girls!. If you like the photo and the information about Aziz you can write to him direct.

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 They met today in our agency and liked each other. Both very intelligent, honest ,kind and serious. They  are very educated, speak many languages and this date can change their life for better. 

There is a chance , that they will be together.

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Few days ago I and my client  went back from Barcelona. We visited her future husband in Spain. His name is Eduard. He lives not far from Barcelona.

What a nice country Spain is! 

We want to publish some video from this trip.

Enjoy with us!

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I am in the yard  of Eduard"s house.

In his yard.

  ... Read more »

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 The most strong feeling  in the world -It is love. From love starts new life, love can give very strong emotions  and a person can make some  discovery, or write a nice book or paint a wonderful painting. 

 All people dream to meet this one , a special love of their life. Some are lucky and met the big love of their life in young age, some later and some people only dream to meet the love of their life.

 Our client Eduard from Spain was lucky, he met this love in our agency the first day, when he came to our agency.

 Look in his eyes. He is happy and It is clear ,that he has in his hands the hands of his loved woman. 

 Let's wish him always to look to this woman with  deep love ... Read more »

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Eduard invited us to the cafe in his village.

A little calm village  near Barcelona- perfect place to live after marriage.

 This is the village where my client lives , in the mountains , near Barcelona. He invited her future wife and me, {the owner of Matchmaker agency "Love'} to visit him  at his home and to show& ... Read more »

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 This is my new couple. 

 He is from Spain, she is from  Ukraine, from a s mall village not far from Kiev.  They met each other in our agency few months ago.

 I cannot say that it was a big love from the first look.  But they liked each other. 

  They met few more time in Portugal and Spain and the miracle happen- they  in love. To say that they in love - it is say nothing. They cannot live  separated. 

" First time in my life i fell is love so deeply" - yesterday she told me.

 Marriage will be soon.  When they will meet each other{ It will be soon} I am sure. that it will be  one more engagement in our agency.

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Ukraine is famous for the beautiful girls and women.

But the main thing not only the beauty, but also our ladies are very good for marriage and they take a good care about the children.

That’s why many men from the different countries come in Ukraine in order to find their destinies.

Portugal is a very popular country to romantic trips for the people, who are in love.

In this video you can see me, the owner of the Matchmaker Agency. I am with my new couple. We spent a very romantic days in Portugal and now I know that this couple will married soon and they will be happy.

Why Am I so sure about this? Because they love each other. And this love is very deep.

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When the people have a possibility to travel-It’s always very nice. But if the people are travelling with loved person-the world is another. The world seems in another color.

My clients had this possibility to traved and fall in love. For me it was a big pleasure to travel with them in the best parts of Spain.

They met each other in my agency and thanks for me they have this possibility to develop their relationship.

I am very glad when the people are happy. Happy the people can be only when they are in love.

This couple are in Love and soon will be married.

... Read more »

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 This is a photo of our client from Spain -Eduard. His future wife and me, the owner of the Matchmaker agency, just came back from Spain, where Eduard lives.

   What a wonderful trip it was!. Eduard invited us to his house. His house is not far from Barcelona, in mountain.

 The place is so romantic and his future wife liked this place a lot. 

 If you want to know a person -visit him at home. And we visited Eduard at his home. What a great person  he is!. In Kiev , when we  met him he was nice , but in his country we saw a real deep, hard working person and with a big heart. 

 She loved him so much, that as soon we landed today in Kiev's airport , she told me" I want to come back ... Read more »

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Love never can be without suffering. And the relationships between Eduard and his  future wife also have the problems.

Now she he and me, we are  spending the holidays in his home  in the mountains near Barcelona. The place is wonderful: a big house after the renovations, the nature, the absolutely silence around, but the main thing-there is Love, real deep love.

Even yesterday they had a serious problem in their relations , Its so great when the people are in love.

Of course, when there is a love all problems will be decided.

Its better to have problems and be in love, that no problem and no love.

The problems come from the different mentality, but if the people loves each other -they will decide all problem ... Read more »

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Very beautiful city Barcelona soon will be  the second motherland for one of our client. 

She is going to be married with Eduardo, who lives in Barcelona.

Congratulation for both!

They met each other in our agency and liked each other from the first look. She was alone longtime and she  she was looking for her life-partner many years, but she couldn’t find this special man for longtime. He just came to our agency and he was lucky to meet this one special woman sa soon he came to our agency. It was attractions between them from the first minute. They spent in Kiev only one day, because Eduardo had to go back  home, but Eduardo invited her and me to spend week end in one romantic place in Europe. She wanted to go to  ... Read more »

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 I am a matchmaker about 20 years. I arranged many marriages in many countries and , of course, I had the deal with many people. As a ruler, they were nice people:  women. men- young, not very young; different nationalities, different characters, from different countries.

 But   Eduard - It is very special story. One day , if he will give me the permission, I will write in my site his love story.

 For now  he gave me the permission to publish his photos and tell that he is very happy to meet his dream girl in my Matchmaker's agency.

 His dream girl and me  spent our holiday with Eduard in Portugal  last month.In this photo   you can see us, when we met all three in the a ... Read more »

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In our agency today a nice news!. Maybe today was born a new couple. A very romantic meeting in a very special place- a restaurant in Podol.  They both are doctors and they feel very comfortable together.  I was also in the restaurant with them and I had a feeling , they they  will be together. Let's see.

Very interesting restaurant in Kiev ,in Podol.

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