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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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 Dear Friends!.  The 1st of November 2019  in Kiev in our Matchmaking agency will be the big Party for single people. We invite everybody who  wants to find a destiny.We invite the women and men from all the cities and from all the countries. 

 The is the chance for everybody to find a life partner and to meet Winter in couple. The people who are alone suffering in Winter a lot to be alone. 

 So this is a chance for everybody to say" Bye " to lonely.

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  I work as a Matchmaker about 20 years and only this Summer I found a romantic place for my couples to spend the ho ... Read more »

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Its the best idea how to be happy with your love.  Our couples had the most romantic moments on this  romantic isle. 

In Mallorca a lot of nice places where possible start the most romantic evening.

We Surprised and enjoyed  on the nice restaurant near the beach. 

Our couples had dinner with candles and roses. It’s was very romantic. 

We was in magic restaurants with excellent dinner and sea views. 

In Mallorca a lot of the most romantic places for couples. It’s place where you can surprise your girlfriend and propose marriage.

In Mallorca the most beautiful villages, featuring coves hidden.

Perfect restaurant with sea views and spectacular sunsets. 

We had great time in Mallorca and visited many romantic places.

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 This is our couple. It is not our new couple. They met each other in our agency some time ago. But they still are not marry. 

 From one side- it is good, but from another side It is not good. They both are ready to be together, but every time some problems come and they still are not married.

 Let's hope that finally we will have in our agency one more marriage.

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Name: Arslan Mehmood.
Father Name : Arshad Mehmood.
Age: 22.
Date of Birth : 13-06-1997
Height: 5'4.
Status: Single.
Religion: Islam / Sunni-Always Halal.
Caste: Mughal.
Education: A/Level.
Diet: Anything goes-Always Halal.
Nationality : Pakistan.
Languages : Urdu - English - Punjabi.
Job : Office Assistant DHA Head office Rawalpindi.
Income : 25000/ 30000 Monthly .
Whatsapp: +923015275563

Age limit - 20 to 30
Height - 4'5 to 5'6
Caste - Any
Nationality - USA ,UK another united ... Read more »

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 Very interesting photo I made in Spain , where we [Bride, her fiance and me] spent the holiday in September.

 They met each other  in our agency last Winter. It was the love from the first look. The relations of this couple were developed very interesting way. They both  have the special character, different culture, different education - but ,the main thing, they loved each other and all problems can be decided.

 We are proud of the result of our work- this couple will be married soon.

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  In this photo you can see me and my favorite client. He is very educated, kind, serious and hight moral person. He has a big heart. It is very easy to work with him. He likes Ukraine and feel comfortable here. And he is a very positive person. 

 His karma is good and , I think, that soon he will find his dream.  I will help him and my intuition says, that the destiny   knocked already at his door.

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 A very important event in our  Matchmaking agency. 

 Our client from Spain Eduard will come soon in Kiev in order to meet all family of his bride.  As a ruler in Ukraine It is a big event. The family prepare everything the best way. It is a tradition in Ukraine. A very good tradition.

 The family will cock the traditional Ukrainian food and will cock only Ukrainian food. Eduard is tired of restaurant food and this meeting will be in the cozy  home atmosphere.

 You are very welcome, dear Eduard. We all are anxious to see you in Kiev.



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 The best presents  in this world- to loved woman. Our client from Sweden always try to make the simple presents to his future wife. He is going to be married soon with one of our client. They almost every month in kiev and they  are engaged. .

 Those simple presents make his girl very happy.

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 Many our clients wanted to come to Kiev and visit the Party of marriage minded people. But they could not do this. ... Read more »

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Welkome to Kiev! I you alone, I invite you to visit Kiev. Here we have alot of single and beautiful girls. This photos I made in the central street, Maydan Nezalezhnosti, I am shure that you can find your wife here. 

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Dear men!

We wrote already about this subject many times.

We want to say to you, that it is so important for our ladies if you come to the first date with flowers.

Ukrainian women are very romantic. They likes a lot if the men come to the date with flowers.

The flowers can be  any colors and It can be the simple bouquet of not expensive flowers, but  if you will come with flowers you date will be more romantic and who knows? maybe will lead to marriage.

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This is our client Joseph. He lives in California.Now he came in Kiev in order to find a wife. He is looking simple Ukrainian woman for marriage. Even we have a lot of single woman in Ukraine-it is not simple  for Joseph to find his dream woman.

We try to help him to meet this one special woman for the marriage.

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 Look at those photos!. How happy those people are. 

 They are happy thanks to our agency. They met each other in our agency and now they are going to be married.  

 The  papers are not ready jet for the marriage and they meat each other almost every week in the different countries:In Spain, In Portugal, in Ukraine. So nice romantic week end they have.

 The main thing , that they are very happy. 

 Those photos I made in the airport of Barcelona last week, where we were in ... Read more »

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 In our agency soon will be the marriage. Our client from Spain  Eduard is going to be married with our client. 

 It is a big event for our new couple, for their  families and , of course, for us.

 About dress we are already decided- the dress  the fiance will buy in the best shop of Spain "Rosa Clara". We already visited  this shop, when we were in Barcelona in August.

 Now  , we are looking for presents. What will be the best present for wedding for Eduard and his  fiancee? A good question. 

 Today I was in the one of the best shop in the center of Kiev and have seen very interesting things for  wedding 's presents. But which one to choose- I ... Read more »

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 This is our new client His name is Mahmoud. He is 24 years old.  he lives in Egypt. He was never married and no children. He is young, but he is serious about marriage".I like swimming, diving, and love go to gym, and I play MMA-" This is a short letter, which he wrote about him.

 this is his Whats App:+20 112 096 0587 ... Read more »

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