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Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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If you are alone and you want to find your half- you are welcome to our agency. We helped many people to find the destiny, we will help you also. We are waiting for you!

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Where we are now? You can ask me. We are now in Ukraine. Yes,in Ukraine. Now we are in a special Museum- Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. This Museum is in a fresh air (150 hectares). This open-air museum is like Ukraine inminiature not only due to its ethnographic objects, but also- a very beautiful landscapes.

As a ruler, our clients like to visit this museum. And today my engaged couple Tamara and Cary visited this museum and  just sent this video. They enjoyed good spring weather ,fresh air  and this special museum.


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In the evening my engaged couple came back to Kiev. They spent together one more happy day.

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 In our  Matchmaking agency "Love" soon will be marriage. It is a great news!. In this not easy time two lonely heats met each other in our agency. Last week we celebrated the Engagement of this couple. It was very romantic Engagement.

 Now we  help  to our bride to find the wedding dress. You think It is easy? No, It is very difficult.All shops  in Kiev are closed because the quarantine of COVID-19, but we are sure that our bride will have    the best wedding dress .

 We are so happy for this our couple!

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We wish you Happy Easter!

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  Happy Easter ! 

 Dear our clients we want to wish you happy Ester. It is one of the biggest holiday of the year. Today is a special day and we want to wish you that that day will be special to everybody!


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This month in our agency was one engaged couple. You can say “Only one couple?” We can answer for you- Yes, only one couple is engaged in March. And we are proud of this, because the situation in the all world is not simple now. And the  people are thinking how to servive in those days. But the prople who are luckjy -can meet the destiny and are thinking about the marriage.

Today my engaged couple went  in the forest fo spend free time. And what is the best place for a walk now - of course, forest or park.

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The diamonds were very beautiful.


Engagement it is always beautiful. very beautiful event.In our agency  this is first engagement in this Spring. Now the situation in the world is not good for travel , but the people who was vaccinated can come in Kiev  in our days. 

And this was just this case.

 It was  love from the first sight. He was looking for her many years and as soon he saw her , he immediately told to himself " this is she". 

 Rom her side It was the same.

 We are sure that they will married soon.







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Spring came to Ukraine. This  year Spring came late to our country, but finally It si warm outsides. Many people want to go outsides, but the situation is so that we préférer to stay at home. Quarantine will be until 16th if April.


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 Many our clients miss Kiev, they cannot come to visit us now, but will be glad to see some photos of his favorable city.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. This city is very old city ,but in the same time is  Kiev is a very beautiful city.

  In Kiev there are many interesting thing to see:

 St. Volodymyr Cathedral built in the 19th century and decorated by the best Ukrainian and Russian artists;

 St,Sophia Cathedral -included in the UNESCO World heritage List for fascinating mosaics and frescoes of ... Read more »

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What a wonderful Engagement we had 3 days ago in our agency! It was so romantic and so beautiful!. They met each other in ... Read more »

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Yesterday in our agency was a very romantic engagement. One more couple will be married soon. He is from USA, she is from Kiev. This is love from the first look. We are sure that they will be happy

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Kiev  is one of the most beautiful city in the world. Kiev is beautiful in any season and in any time. Today we want to show you Kiev in the early evening .

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Tatiana and Jacky  met each other on our agency and 12 March 2016 were married in Paris.

 This was a big love from the first look.  They were not very young . but love  the people can meet in any age. 

  It was not so easy to fall in love for both of them. But Tatiana and Jacky were sure that they  were born for each other.

 Wedding was i very interesting and Tania was very beautiful bride.

 We are happy that we could help this couple to meet each other and they  were marr ... Read more »

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Sad Love Story  

 Love story can be happy, but sometimes can be not happy.It is life.  We write  about many love stories, but today ... Read more »

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 Some my clients ask me to write about the situation with COVID-19 in Ukraine . The people  are interested  to know. They want to come in our country, but they do not know the situation. 

 Dear our clients! We will be happy to see you in our country, in our agency, but the situation is not good for now. 

 The vaccination is started already, but It is need the time. We have the big hope that after few weeks the situation will be better, but for now we can recommend you  to stay at home.


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   Those photos are made by one our client.  Her name is Galia.She is in love with Peter.Peter came to our agency from France and they have for now very romantic relations. 

Galia sent to us the photos which she made for Peter. We are sure, that Peter  will like her photos.






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Today It was snowing in Kiev all day.

 Winter came back to Ukraine. Today was a real cold Winter"s day in Kiev. All day was snowing and after few hours of snowing Kiev became white. And the temperature also was about-4.  A real Windy day. 

 But tomorrow the Spring will come. And the temperature will be +9. 

 We  will be happy to meet Spring. 

 Everywhere we can see that people are tired of Winter and we say to Spring "You are welcome!"

Spring, you are welcome!< ... Read more »

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 In many countries  8 March-InternationalWomen's Day is not a big holiday. But in Ukraine It is very popular holiday. And if your loved woman will not receive the flowers this day, she can be angry to you.

 So ,our client Lena was waiting the news from her boyfriend Peter from Germany. And she was very happy to receive from him so romantic flowers and presents this day.

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This day we celebrate International Woman Day. In my country we like this holiday. As a ruler, our  woman receive flowers and  presents. In this video you can see the start if celebration if this day.

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