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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client




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 Yesterday  in our Agency was very special date. They liked each other from the first sight. It was so pleasant to be near this couple. He was never married , she was never married- and when they met each other I felt that the Angel of Love came in the restaurant , were we were sitting.

 Of course, It's too early to speak about something serious, but everything possible. Let's see.

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  1. vs Dating - (by Love from Kiev) “ Love is Blind.” Shakespear said this, but he also said “ Journeys End in two Lovers meeting.” Probably this is why he killed Romeo and Juliet at the end of his famous Romantic Novel. Love is such fanatic state of affairs of our human kinds which involves biological innate reaction, unexplainable passion and crazy contradictory journeys of spiritual twist. The most of government promote marriage even in the divorce rate might be higher than couples stay together. The countries like Sweden, Denmark, Japan, still promote light porn TV shows to stimulate the rate of sexual intercourse of both married and unmarried couples. Sounds like these government is worried about ... Read more »
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Miss Luda,


I wrote another article for men only.

it is advice for them to discern good girls from greedy girls.

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This video send to us our client. We are very glad for him. He is a real man. Even he had some problem with back, he took the part in the competition. Bravo!

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  Our client  John from USA  finally met his dream girl. John had difficult time to find this woman ,but he was always positive in his search. And now he is very happy. We are also happy for him.

This is our client John.

John and his loved woman enjoy the life in a good restaurant together.

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 LOVE... Everything starts from love.  Everybody are dreaming about love, but to find it -It's not easy. The  name of my agency is also "LOVE".

 But today I want to tell you about the Exhibition" Love  Contemporary" which was in Kiev.  This exhibition had a great success. why ? Because love It's everything in our life. From love starts a family and children come in this world thanks for love. And we came in this world thanks for love.

 In the exhibition fifteen couples offed their views on love to visitors at Kiev History Museum.  In  the  "Love. Contemporary exhibition"  the visitors could see art, graphics, photography and video.

 It was very interesti ... Read more »

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You are  welcome to our Agency.We guarantee that you will find your dream girl. Our ladies are beautiful and extremely interested in establishing relationships with foreign men of all ages. The women you will meet have good morals values and marriage minded. We are waiting for you.

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 We have a new client from USA. He is  a writer. He is very talented and educated person. He is special and he is looking for a special girl. It's seems to me that Mark is close already to his dream.  It's too early to say that Mark  has  met the dream girl, but It's possible.  

 Mark is very serious in his search. That's why it's so difficult to him to find his right girl. But , I'm sure, that after couple days we will know about her.

I choose for meeting the restaurant "Pacher" and Mark also liked it.

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Today we are proud to announce that the relations between new our couple,which Engagement we celebrated couples weeks ago, are progressing.

 They are going to go to romantic trip this Summer. We have big hope that after this trip they will announce the date of wedding.We all are waiting this news. 

This engagement was the most romantic in our Agency. It was very beautiful, special and wonderful. It's better to see one time then to read ten times. 

Better you can look their photos and you will have your own opinion.

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 This article for you , dear men!

 I wrote many times about our city: about cultural life, about the sights of Kiev and Ukraine.

 But what is the most beautiful in Ukraine ? Of course, the girls. The clients from the whole world say this. It's true.

 What else interesting I can tell you about this?  In my country for one man is 12 women. It's sad for us, but I's good for you, dear men. If you are alone- come to our country and you will find your dream woman.

 But  better one time to see than 10 times to read. Look yourself. Yesterday i made those photos in Kiev , and in all places you can see only girls.

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He came to our Agency from far away. She came from the village not far from Kiev. It was the LOVE from the first sight.

Now she is going to visit him in his country, in the center of Europe. They will spend 3 days together in the mountains in Alps and we, are sure, that he will propose to her marriage. She is waiting ... Read more »

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3. Personality


Just like any relationship, no body wants to be with unhappy person. Whether it is family members or friends from high schools or just business associates....we all want to be with positive people.


In many times we forget this important part in finding our true love, too many movies and dramas present all kinds of love story with saving miserable deepresed emotional girls.


Positve energy with happy personality. When you spend time with her, does she give you this bright pleasant feelings?


Now don't confused with sexual stimulating energy or seductive feelings..we men are very weak and born to be attracted by these sensual lustful energy. Becareful not to get mixed up or being maneuvered by these types of feelings.


And don't worry about having different hobbies or interests. The simlar hobby may help both of you to ice break and allow you to open u ... Read more »

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i believe there are uniquely smart and intelligent girls who already found their true identiy at age of 19 to 21..very rare. But they do exist but very hard to find. But most of ladies like men..age over 24 or plus plus..25 to 26 years usually establish their self identity.


But..these are just numbers and true question is to be not so much of lady's age but rather if she is happy with herself at where she is at and does she feel comforta ... Read more »

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We men, most of us like to be with younger ladies. Being with lively passionate girls make us feel younger and give us lots of energy. Largest Vodka in Russia (standart) owner ended up marrying Miss Universe with age gap of nearly 30 years. And remember this guy is one of the richest man in Russia.


But let's all forget about all these factors and conditions and circumstances and let's just focus on two people. Older man and young lad ... Read more »

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How to find Your True Love with


(Right age with your Ideal Appearance and compatible personality) ?


There are thousands of ar ... Read more »

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This song about the girls  in the war 1941-1945. This is our client Anna who is singing this song. Anna has a big talent. 


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 Today it's  a  special day in our Agency. We had a special Engagement of our new couple , bur=t not in a restaurant ,like usually, but in the village of the our client Marina,where her parents live. Her village is small , not far from Kiev.

 The Engagement was in Ukrainian style, it was very special and very nice. Marina and her family prepared so nice dinner, that you cannot have so tasty dishes event in the best restaurant in Kiev. All Marina's relatives came to meet her fiance and to celebrate so important event  in their family. Everything was perfect and event the family decided when and where will be the wedding.

 Tomorrow Marina and her future husband  Paul will go to Turkey to spend the holiday together. We cannot publish their photos because they din't give me permission. I hope that they will send us the photos from Turkey and we will snow to you our new happy couple.

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Today we celebrate Victory Day. It's a big holiday in my country.

This day, the 9th of May 1945- It's a special day. We celebrate this day from 1945years, and we always remember those people who gave their  life  to save the world from fascism.

Today in kiev  we also celebrated this day. It's a special day not only for my country, but  for the whole world.

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