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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client



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 We continue to publish the letter from our client from USA . 

 "This is kind of hard to explain.. Some girls give you energy and some girls take your energy.


And you must discern sexual energy from emotional energy. Some girls will give you just happy pleasant energy or some girl might give you flat energy.


Worst kind of energy you want to avoid is ..chaotic emotional ups and downs. This kind of women will drive you nuts and your life expectancy will tremendously reduced. You will get sick and you won't get your work done.


This kind of women might bring bad luck indeed.


Very be careful with these types."

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 We continue to publish the letter from our client from USA   

"Our needs and desire are constantly changing...and it is almost impossible to find a girl with everything we need and want.


So timing is more important in many times.....however we need to spend enough time to get to know our partners.


3rd rule in destiny searching is you must invest more energy and time in understanding her personality and compatibility with you.


Yes, we are easily attracted to beautiful sexually appealing ladies. It is in our DNA. But we will be spending most of our time in spending time with our partner other than sex. Sex is great part of our life. But we need to be careful with sexual att ... Read more »

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In our agency we have some girls, who are very  special- some are singer, ballet dancers, salsa dancers  or musicians.

And our clients -men , sometimes also have the same professions and they want to meet for marriage the girls who can understand them better-the girls with the same professions. As Kiev is a big cultural center,of course,in Kiev there are a lit of cultural people and among them it is possible to find  a girl  of those professions.

One our client met in our agency  very nice girl. He is a musician and she is a dancer. They liked each other and now trey to know each other better, Maybe will be one more marriage in our agency.It is not decided yet,but there is a chance.

Few days ago they visited the Theater of Opera and Ballet in Kiev. Our theater  is one of the best in the world. In this video you can see the performance  in this theater.

You can enjoy  with our clients  the performance.

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Dear our clients! We invite you to our Party of single woman and man. This Party will give you the chance to meet your destiny. In this Party only marriage minded people will be. For more information call us +380679749242 Luda , or you can write to us ... Read more »

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 This is a letter to our client Liza from her mother. Her mother lives far away of Liza, in USA. But she  wants  that Liza will be a real personality, will be a  strong and nice person. That's why he sent this letter to her. And Liza follows  those thoughts.

 I think that will be interesting for all  us to read those sentences and  follow  them.

  Фридрих Ницше признал, что Достоевский был единственным автором-психологом, ставшим отчасти его учителем.

 Лучшие цитаты великого Федора Достоевского:

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 This is our new client . His name is Salve. He was born10.10 1987 in Italia. He is 173cm, slim with the beautiful blue-green eyes. He lives in Italia. But he is very attracted by Ukrainian women and want to find for marriage a  woman from Ukraine. Why? Because Ukrainian women have strong family's values. He is sure that he will find this one special girl in Ukraine  for marriage. Salve wants love and be loved and have a happy family. 

We will help him, I am sure that he will find this one special girl.

"Ragazza gentile che non pensa i soldi tranquilla , disposta a sacrifici ,dolce sensibile sincera ,ideale, che non fuma occhi chiari e non abbia figli massimo 35 ans."- he wrote this short letter about himself.

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Dear women! Look at this photo of this man. Look how is beautiful, charming is his smile.  This is our client Bejan.  He was never married and no children. He is looking for his half.

 Bejan is educated , kind, honest and responsible man. He can make his woman happy, but It is difficult for him to find this one, special woman. Dear women!. If you like the photo of Bejan - write to him to this address   [ for Bejan]  He will answer  to all letters.

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In kiev we have spring already.

We invite all our clients to our Marriage agency. If you are alone and you are looking for your future life partner-you are very welcome.

The weather already is  very good and if you will come in Kiev  in order to find your dream -you also will enjoy good spring’s weather.

We are waiting for you.

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 We continue to publish the article of my client from USA. He wrote this article for my site in order to help the men to find the right woman for marriage.

"This sounds very easy and simple. But actually this is most difficult part.

We men are very simple and yet very complicated in making decisions.

Men are very visual and we tend to get attracted to beautiful and sexy women very

quickly. However forget all the details of qualities we need in daily family life.

The crazy part of our process of actualization in our women we learn thru dating a nice girl.. For a few months or a few the time passed we realized we need something else or different type of women from before"

[Will be continued]

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This is me, the owner of Marriage agency "LOVE".

Hello my dear friend . Half of your article already in the site , thanks a lot. Today i will publish the second half, thanks a lot .Very smart article, .the people need that somebody help them in this very difficult question.

 This article is written by our client from USA. He wrote this article in order to help another men to find their dream woman. He  has some experience  and he wants to shear with us. I am sure, that this article will help some men in their search of future wife. Will be nice to receive some letters from another men to read their  opinions. Thanks. With a big respect to all my client- the owner of Marriage agency "Love"

 Here we continue t ... Read more »

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 This is a letter from our client from USA.   He wants to help  the men with some advice  in order to find the  real love  in the life.

" How to find your destiny ?


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The most beautiful flowers to loved woman.


 Without this feeling the people cannot be happy. Everybody wants to love and to be loved. It is so simple and at the same time- It is so difficult. 

 But who believe in his star- always will meet his destiny. Somebody  can meet it when he is young, somebody can look for her many years. The last case- It is about our client. He is 54 years old, was never married and no children. He was looking for his dream woman everywhere, he has this possibility. And  he could not find this special women. 

The time runs quickly. All his friends are married, has children; only he is steel alone. 

 He started to feel more and more lonely. ... Read more »

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 We make the people happy. They  are happy, they will be married soon.

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Dear friends! If you are single and you want to find your destiny- we invite you to come to Kiev ,19th of April to our Party of the single people. For more information write to us or you can call us +380679749242 Luda We are waiting for you.

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 Three years ago in this day in our agency was a very happy events-wedding of our clients:Tania and Jacky. It is a beautiful story of LOVE. 

 Jacky came to us from Paris. He was looking for Tania all his life. He wanted to meet just this type of woman for marriage.

 Tania also was waiting for him all her life. In our agency two lonely people met each other and from the first look realized- they are a couple. 

 It is great when the people in LOVE.

 Today I want to publish some photos ... Read more »

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Today is 3d Anniversary of marriage of our clients- Tania and Jacky. They were married 3 years ago, the 12th of March in Paris.. It was a real love. They met each other in our agency and from the first look they realized that  they in love.

 Of course, they were married after few weeks, but they realized that they finally met their destiny.

 It is a very beautiful story of love.

 The wedding in Paris was very special. Jacky organized everything the best way. I also was invited and all my family. It was real great. 


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This is Salve, Our client from Italia. He was born 10.10.1987 in Italia, He is tall-173cm and slim 60 kg. Salve was never married and no children, but he wants to have a family as soon as possible. He is suffering to be alone. He works as a manager in a big office.

 Like all Italian  people , Salve likes his country and he is proud to be an Italian  man. He wants to meet an Ukrainian girl for marriage and live with her in Italia. Why from Ukraine girl he wants?  First of  all, Ukrainian girls are very beautiful and they have the strong family values.

 Salve will be happy to receive the letter from simple  Ukrainian girl with serious intentions. This is his letter in Italian language:

"Ragazza gentile che ... Read more »

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 In Spring, as a rule, we have a lot of engagements in our agency. This spring   is also rich for the engagements. We had already few only during this month.

 But the most bright engagement was in the restaurant " Prague" in Golossyevsky Park  in Kiev. why  the most bright? Because the people were looking for each other many years and when  they met each other it was like a BLOW OF THUNDERCLAP! They saw each other in their dreams before I presented them each other. Mystery? No, LOVE.


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 The Spring is a special season. After a long winter the people feel that something missing in this world. But what ? Of course, LOVE.

 The sun is now more bright, the first flowers in the parks and in the forest and the soul realizes that something is missing in this life. We all need love.

 Of course, and our clients feel the same. And they buy the tickets to Kiev and we can see many foreigners in Kiev now.

 One of them  came to our agency and he was very lucky to meet a  charming girl. It was love from the first look to both.

 Now they meet each other every day and they also have the plans to go to vacations together. 

 We wish them A BIG LOVE!

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