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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client



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this is our client. He is very serious about marriage. He Lives in Egypt for now , but later he will live in another country. His name is Broudley, he is 22 years old. Dear girls! If you like him - you can write direct to him to his Viber : +015512388612   He is waiting the letter of his dream girls. 

Here his letter 

"Iam the men who need live the best love story with her girl in Maldieves.My hobby its do sport kickboxing football hand ball i like romatice movies a honest men faithfull cairo my villagei  famous for nile river cairo tower pyramids ... Read more »

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I would like to thank you for your honesty and support, I have been to Ukraine many times, I like it there, I like the weather where all four seasons are distinguish, I love the people they are nice and friendly.

I decided to find Ukrainian woman and get married, it was not an essay task, i was deceived and played many times, luckily I found Lud ... Read more »

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 As I have  Marriage agency many years- I paid attention that the couple , who has the strong family's values, are more strong and no divorces. I want to give the advises to my client to choose  the partner for marriage only the person with  high family's values.

 The big role in  this , as a rule, the mother plays. 

We want to publish the poem of our client from Greece. He is  our client and he has the high  family's values and we are sure , that he will find his dream girl soon. We will help him.

"Mama told me when I was young , Come sit beside me my only son , And listen closely to what I say

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In Europe the people started already to celebrate Christmas. Our client from Portugal, his name is Patric, invited his possible future wife to his country. Patric and Galina met each other in our Agency one year ago. During this time they were developing their relationships. 
And now they are together in his country. Patric presented Galina to his parents. But  he dint make the proposal for marriage yet. So they are together in his country and they will spend Christmas holiday there and we have the big home that Galina will come home with the Engagement’s ring. Let’s see what happen. At least we wish to them the best and Merry Christmas.

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 We received a letter of our client from France. He wishes to us and to all our clients  happy Christmas.

"La fête de Noël est un événement particulier en Scandinavie mais à particulier en Suède. Les activités de Noël commencent très tôt, la première semaine du mois de Décembre. avec différents décorations dans les principales rues et aux magasins. La chorale de jeunes commencent à chanter des chansons de Noël vers 18 heures chaque jour dès la première semaine du mois de Décembre. Le 13 Décembre est une fête spéciale appelée fête dans " Santa Luciano ". Une fête caractérisée par belle fille choisie par élection portant des bougies allumées sur sa tête accompagnée d'un groupe des gens chantants. Cet événement ... Read more »

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Soon all the world will celebrate the biggest holiday of the year-Christmas. We wish  to everybody Merry Christmas!

We wish you be healthy, wealthy and happy.
If you are alone-you cannot be happy. So in order to be happy you need to find your half, come to our marriage Agency and we will help you to find your  half.
We are waiting for you. We  work for you and we will do everything possible to help you.
Contact us +380679749242Luda or write to us 

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in our Agency “Love”  you can meet love in any season. Last month the 23d of November we had a big Party of marriage minded people. It was a big event in Kiev.
Many men met their destiny in this Party.
Now they in  period of life when they are developing their relationships. We try to help them if they need our help. A professional phycologist also works for our clients. Sometimes the people need the help of professional phycologist: different countries, different mentality, different culture.
The main thing that there is a good result. Some people are happy because they are not alone no more.
Dear friends! if you are alone-you are wellcome to our agency”Love”.

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Today my client William and his future wife were  shopping  In Maydan  in the center of Kiev. William paid attention to the folk  musicians. His future wife Oxana liked the Ukrainian songs a lot and William and Oxana decided to invite them to sing the Ukrainian songs in their Engagement in the 24 th of December 2018, which will be in the village near Kiev, where Oxana’s parents live. 

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This year winter came in Ukraine just in time. Cold whether, snowfalls, a lot of snow in the field and in the forest and everywhere.
But every season has his own beauty. And many our clients like to come to Kiev in winter.
In winter, as a ruler all girls at home, not go to vacation and there is some magical things in the winter’s air.
In December we had already one Engagement in our agency. I think its a good  sight. We have the hope to have some more engagements to the end of this year.

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In Kiev is winter now, but in the hearts of our client is Spring now. When you are in love -you do not pay big attention to the cold whether around you. It is happen with many our clients who came to the Party of marriage minded people the 23d of November in Kiev.

 It was not possible do not choose a girl there. Look yourself to the photos and you will understand  yourself.So many girls from all Ukraine were there and our clients did not lose the chance. We are very glad for them and we are very glad for the result of our work. We make the people happy!

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My name is Rizvan. I live in Marocco. What a beautiful country is Marocco. Look in my pictures near the sea and you will see yourself, my dear dream girl.
I am 28 years old, my tall 1.78 cm, never married and no children. But i feel that it is time for me for the marriage. I am ready to start the family and I feel the big responsibility for my future wife and my future children.
I am kind, tender, serious and responsible.
I like the nature, the ocean, the sunny whether and to thing the songs.
I have the big heart and  good character. My friends say that I am very honest and very kind. I have a lot of friends. 
I am looking for the beautiful Ukrainian girl with good character for marriage. Will be nice if she will be from the village and if she likes the nature. I like the Ukrainian culture and I like that Ukrainian girls saved the family’s values.
I am waiting the letter from my dream girl.I have seen her already in my dreams and I ... Read more »

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What a nice news we have today! Look at those photos! Today our client make so nice present-this very rare  ring. Perfect! Congratulation! As a rule after the presents like this we always are waiting the propose for marriage. Let’s hope that this time will be also the propose for marriage. Let’s see what happen. But my intuition says that marriage will be.

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 We wrote already that after Party, which was in Kiev the 23 d of November we have few clients who met their destiny in this Party. It is a very good result.  

 Even the  situation in Ukraine now is not easy, our clients are optimist and  they are not afraid to be in Ukraine in order to be with their dream girls. The LOVE is very strong. It is a big pleasure for us to know about this. Our congratulations! Our job is very important even in difficult   political situations in the country. We make the people happy.

In this Party our clients met their dream girls.

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Our client Anna is married! Be happy, dear Anna. We are happy for you.
So we take of all the photos of Anna, because she is married person already. It is so nice when people can find each other. Congratulation!

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I thinks one our client Oxana will be married soon. Today  she had a very important meeting with a nice man from Germany. I was sure it was a love from the first sight. Perfect restaurant,one of the best in Kiev,” Veranda”, the beautiful flowers, the special vine and food- everything was perfect this evening. Better to see then to read. We can publish some photos and you can see yourself. l Lets wish this couple to be happy!

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Soy latino y debo decir que me quede gratamente sorprendido por el servicio de Dating de brides-love, aqui mi experiencia, yo vivo en Alemania asi que utilice muchas plataformas que fueron decepcionantes, solo pérdida de tiempo y dinero, cansado del área germana opte por buscar eslavas debido a su carácter más familiar y desenvuelto, al principio  tropecé con algunas paginas que te enganchan con pagos interminables por cartas leídas o enviadas, al final ya casi vencido encontré por suerte a brides-love y como mi búsqueda era seria contacte con Luda y fue así que no solo quede sorprendido por el resultado, sino que además fue una maravillosa experiencia con chicas reales y encantadoras.


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Italia is a very romantic country. mMany our couples before the marriage go for the romantic trip to Italia.
Lyuda and Bob went to Italia for “Black Friday” Lyuda was very happy to go to Italia. It was her first trip to another country. Today Lyuda and Bob came back to Ukraine.
The  political situation in Ukraine is not stable, but the life continue and the people fall in love.
After this trip Lyuda and Bob are thinking about Engagement in December, when Bob will come again in Kiev from USA. 
We have a big hope that they will be together for the rest if the life.

Those video and photo Lyuda and Bob sent us from Italia.


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This song is of Ukrainian singer Masha Sobko from Eurosong 2014 

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( we continue to publish the letter of our client)

is by no means the object here. You are right, I have more money than we would ever need, but we are not deep enough into a relationship to consider this type of investment. Believe me these types of places will always be out there. It is a matter of price....I would rather be sure of us and pay more than have us decide we weren’t right for each other and have made this type of commitment that proves to be an error.

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 Dear men! We wont to say one more time for you, that in our agency, please, do not buy for our girls only flowers before the marriage. After marriage you will buy for your  wife the expensive things, but not before.

 Today we received this letter from one of our client. It is not pleasant to read the letters like this. but  we spoke with his girl and we are sure they now understand each other. But to avoid some problems, we ask you ,dear our clients- give to our girls only the best presents- your hearts and flowers!

 Here  the letter of our client:

Dear it’s a sweet place, I agree!!! We’ve spent no more tan 4 hours together in our entire lives....this is not enough time for either of us to be able to trust our emotions or measure our mutual commitment. Yes I want to go further wit ... Read more »

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