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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client


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Today in our Agency  was a big event-Engagement. It was in one of the best Restaurant of Kiev I Premiere Palace. We can show the little Video of this Engagement. It was real wonderful. Look the flowers! The flowers very taken with so big love! The special music, the special food, the special photographers and of course the special Matchmaker-me. 



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 This spring brought a real love to one our client from USA and to one our charming client from Kiev. They liked each other from the first minutes and he is ready to make the proposal for marriage. She is ready to accept it. Their relationships are so romantic and tender!  

 When I presented  them to each other in the restaurant of Premiere Palace- it was like a blow of thunderclap for both. Even I felt this special energy of love between those two person. It's so wonderful that will be one more couple in our Agency! Congratulation!

 Everyday she receives from him the big bouquets of flowers with so cute presents.

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 As we wrote already in our site, two  our client felt in love  and they are going to marry soon. It was  so wonderful to see those our couples and we really enjoyed: nice weather, sunny day and Sunshine in the eyes of our clients.  This poetry send our client. She cannot speak so easy English, that why she found this poetry in one book and sended for us to express her feeling now. Thanks!

"If only you knew,

how my heart overflows with love for you.

If only you could see

the way you fill my hopes and dreams.

You're the owner of my heart,

the ruler supreme.

Even in the dark of night,

I've only to think about you ... Read more »

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We wrote already  at our site about the Party, which we had the 20th April in Kiev for  the marriage minded  girls and  marriage minded men. Many our  participants eventually marry laddies met at the Party. Our Party can be for you, dear men, the most exciting adventure you could experience in your lifetime, an adventure that could change your life forever. And for many men in the world we give the chance to find their destiny in Kiev,  if you visit our Agency. We are waiting for you, dear men. Just do it!

It's better one time to see that to read seven times. I made a short video of the Party the 20 th of April 2018 in Kiev. Look , please, and come to us next time in July 2018.

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 We continue to organize free excursion on Kiev for our client. Now the weather is very nice and it gives us the possibility to make the excursions in fresh air. 

Today  we want to speak about  the theaters in Kiev.

 Firs of all we want to tell you about National Opera House: this has to be number one on the list as it showcases a different show almost every night of the week in the style of ballet and opera. Our National Opera House is one of the most beautiful in Europe and maybe in the world. We  advise to our clients  to visit Opera House when they will find a dream girl.   You can go together to this theater to see the ballet not opera, because you do not understand  the language.

 Also we w ... Read more »

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"Dear my Princess I enjoyed cute adorable stories in romantic movies but i wasn't sure if it could be real until i met you. You may not realize it yet, but can you feel the water is rising above our feet because of your Sparkling global warming smile? My eye sight has been altered by your magical cheeks, nothing looks same any more and every thing looks different. James brown said " it may be men's world but it is nothing without women or vice versa." For me this city has no vibe without you nor i would have reason to revisit here. Some artist said no one is born with talent to be great artist but rather developed by passion. For me, stars in your eyes revived my forgotten poetry. Angel is whispering in my ears, When Destiny arrives at my door, i shall invite it like my Princess charming or i may wander around the world for next centuries." - this letter was written last night by one our client. He gave the permission to publish it. Thanks a lot.

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 We wrote already about the Party of marriage minded women and men . This Party was in Kiev the 20th of April. This is a big chance for lonely people to meet their destiny. And every time ,  we have few marriages of the peoples who met each other in the Party . Because   to the Party come not only women and men , but also the Angels of Love. Yes. yes. Do not smile. It's true. That's why always  this event changes the life of few  our participants.

 And this time we already have a good news.  They met each other in that Party and  in the first moment realized that they finally find their destiny.  They both had the same feelings. We are very glad for them. Look the photos. I think that those photos can say mor ... Read more »

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 One for 3 or 4 months In  Kiev we have a big Party of marriage minded people. It's a big event in Kiev. Many girls from all cities and  and villages come in Kiev for this Party. And what about the men? 

Men come from all over the world. Yes, yes. In the Party you can meet all nationalities. As a rules, after the Party will be 2 or 3 marriages. And we always try to help our clients in organisations of meeting the girls after the Party.

 Party can give the big chance to men to meet the dream girl. Would it be possible to persuade 800-1200 ladies to come to meet one man? Of course not! To meet the girls independently, you, dear men, waste precious time scheduling and arranging individual meeting. Ladies frequently  are no ... Read more »

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If you are looking for just dating or fun then love agency is not the one for you. But if you are looking for real and original relationship which will lead you to life time partner, the other half, soulmate, then love agency is the one for you.

May your heart would revitalize with some one special from love agency!


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Review comment on " Dating Agency 'Love' in Ukraine. Luda who is both owner and relationship counselor who speaks most of european languages and who genuinely care about her clients like her own family is love guru like lady. Luda is well educated lady and she takes every individual client seriously with her whole heart. Ladies who are listed in her website and in her own networks are genuine and real ladies. But not only real, most of ladies can speak very fluent english and well mannered with refined etiquettes. Plus each of ladies have distinguished characters and personalities. If you are truly looking for life partner for marriage then you will find some one special i believe. And in case lady can't speak english well then Luda will provide translation service as ... Read more »

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Eugenia is very happy.

Flowers help a lot in the relationship of man and woman. 

A little confused.

 Our client Eugenia fall in LOVE!. Congratulation, dear Eugenia. We all are very glad to know this news. She was waiting those feelings longtime and now it's happen.  She is glad to tell to the whole world that she is happ ... Read more »

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 This Spring in our Agency is very special.  We have already 3 couples who are in love. And , of course, when the people are in love, they want to visit the city of love-Paris.

 Paris... Paris... the city of love, Paris... the city of dreams!. People from all over the world are eager to visit it. It inspired the most famous artists, great writers wrote their unmatched works, favourite  films were filmed in this city, people here live and love, fall in love and addition, the city is rightly considered the capital of haute couture. No wonder. The most important fashion designers live and work exactly in Paris. And it is exactly the Paris fashion week is considered the main event of the fashion world. It's so interesting to be in this city and to see this  event.

 That why our couple decided to go to  Paris to see this capital of haute couture and enjoy the city of love. Of course , Paris attracts the people from  al ... Read more »

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  Love... Everything in this world starts from love. Even we came in this world because our parents  loved each other. Without love everything will stop in our planet.

 So, this feeling is the most important  in the life. Everybody dreams about love,  everybody is looking for love, sometimes all life and love never come...

 I think that real love comes only to people who has good karma. It's my opinion, maybe I am not right.

 In any case , we all has the hope one day to meet this big LOVE, only one love in our life. Especially we are waiting for love in Spring. And who is waiting the Love, the Love will come. When? It's depend of your karma. 

For our clients, it's seems to me, the LOVE came ... Read more »

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 Dear Ladies! This information is for you.  From The !st of May to 14th of May our Agency will give for you 10 free English lessons if you will become our clients. From you: you need to send to us 5  very nice professional photos and write the long letter about your personality.

  To know English- it's very important for you if you want to find a man from another country. Yes, we have the interpreters, but  you need to speak with your future husband yourself. It's very important to know his soul, but without English you cannot now the person well. As a ruler, all my clients who  could speak English very well, are already married with the foreign man. 

 So , dear ladies! We are waiting for you. Call us +38067974 ... Read more »

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 The 20 th of April  in Kiev will be a big Party of marriage minded women and men. 

Dear men! We are waiting for you in this Party. In this Party you can meet your destiny. It's a chance for you and,of course, for our women. 

Our women are waiting for this Party. Many women will come from all Ukraine. Many women will take the day of in their works. So , It's a big event in Kiev.

  If you are really ready to be married- it's a big chance for you, dear men. Just do it. If you do nothing- nothing can happens. If you don't get on airplane, which  fly to Kiev, nothing happens! you can correspond for years, but untill you actually travel to see her, you will never find that special lady who is waiting for you!

Some men don't have time or the patience to write letters-or simply aren't good at it. Many men don't project well in photographs.

 Of course, in the beginning, correspondence ... Read more »

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 Dear Friends! we want to say for you that all our photos are recent and all our girls are real. They are from good families, educated and marriage minded! All our   ladies can speak English, can write English and even some more languages. Some of them are quite conversant. Our  ladies are very mature for their years view older men as more reliable, stable and secure.

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 This is their photo.

 This  story  of love of one our client.  She is not young but she is young in her heart. This story can be a good example for our older clients. Dear women!  You can meet LOVE in any age. The main thing to want to meet it!  You know that our soul cannot be old. And you know that   Love lives in soul. So this is a story of our client.

 " It was the LOVE from the first sight. The first minute I  understood that that was my man. He was tall, representative, calm and handsome.   I have seen him many times in my dreams.  I have seen him just the same like he was. When i saw him I was  so surprised that I could  not to say even one word. I loo ... Read more »

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We want to advise how to take the heart of the Slavic woman. First of all our women like the tender men. It’s very important. It’s a shame to our me, but in our culture men are not very tender with women. The tradition were always against the women. Sometimes you can here the joke “ Woman is a friend of a man -person”. She is not a person, she is only a friend of person. A man is person. But in our days women has more possibility to choose and to be chosen then 20 years ago. You can meet Ukrainian women in all the world and they are proud of themself. So if you want to take the heart of Ukrainian beautiful woman you need to be very tender and very respectful to her. Ukrainian woman want to feel herself the personality and she want that the man respect her. As a rule she is well educated,good cooker,very well dressed and always take care about herself.

... Read more »
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Dear men! We want to write again and again for you. Please,do not send the money to our  girls before marriage. Do not buy them expensive presents before marriages. You can do this after marriages. After marriage you will have all life to do the presents to your loved woman, but,please, not before. Thanks for understanding!

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 Dear Friend! We want to tell you that the 20th of April  in Kiev will be the big Party of marriage minded women and men. The party will start from !7.00  .-  until 22.0.

 Dear men! do not loose your chance. There is a big chance that you will meet your destiny at this Party.

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