We have new client. Very deep personality and he is looking for a special girl for himself. We want to publish his letter and if some girl will feel that this man for her- please write for us: Brideskiev@gmail. com   for man , who is looking very special girl.


Dear Luda:


There are so many things that I like. Some are superficial, some are deeper, some are lifestyle, some are fetish. I am very open minded.


1. I like a girl who is ultra-feminine and loves to dress up very sexy all the time, and who loves to wear make up.


2. I like girls who can also look great without make up too.


3. I like girls who take care of themselves. Hair, skin, fingernails, and toenails.


4. I like a girl who has perfect nails and toes with just a hygienic maintenance manicure and pedicure, without any nail polish.

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