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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client


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A Beautiful Autumn in Kiev

 This year in Kiev the Autumn is very beautiful.  And  this Autumn is very beautiful in our  Matchmaking agency "Love". You can ask "why". Because  this Autumn in our agency  one our couple decide to be married . It is a great result of our work in so not easy time.  A nice our client from the North of Europe met in our agency his dream woman. She was waiting for him long. long time. Better say that she was waiting for him all her life.  So nice news in our agency!

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Our couple is traveling in Turkey. It is a romantic journey, they are happy and they are making plans for the future in common. It is something beautiful women, we wish you much love and happiness. They wanted to share with us part of their happiness and also enjoy the views of the Black Sea.

Nuestra pareja esta viajando por Turquía. Es un viaje muj romántico, ellos estan felices y estan haciendo planes para el futuro en comun. Es algo muj bonito, les deseamos mucha amor y felicidad. Ellos querian compartir con nosotros parte de su felicidad y que tambien disfrutemos de las vistas de Mar Negro. 

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 In our agency a great event!. We have new couple .We are very happy for them. They are in love. It was love from the first look. We wish them to be happy. 

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 We received this letter a few days ago and we are ready to cooperate. We think that it will be interesting for our clients.

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Una de mis parejas ahora están viajando por Turquia. Es una buena opción para conocerse y conocer el mundo. Ellos están felices juntos y me alegro mucho por ellos. Me han mandado este video y lo comparto con vosotros. 

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My clients in Turkey now. They enjoy last warm day this Autumn. They have very romantic holiday and who knows maybe after this holiday will be one more married couple in my agency?

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 Our client  had a chance to visit a very beautiful city Bucharest. She sent some photos to us and we want to publish for you.

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My new couple  now in Turkey and they are very happy there.  They sent some video.

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El 28 de septiembre de 2020 el Gabinete de Ministros de Ucrania aprobó la Resolución № 888 que introduce cambios del régimen de viajes de los ciudadanos extranjeros a Ucrania y de los requisitos para el cruce de la frontera estatal, dirigidos a la protección de la salud pública en vista de la propagación de Covid-19.

De acuerdo con la Resolución mencionada fueron levantadas las restricciones generales de entrada de los extranjeros en el territorio de Ucrania. Al mismo tiempo será prohibida la entrada en el territorio de Ucrania de los extranjeros y apátridas que no dispongan de una póliza (certificado) de seguro que cubra los gastos del tratamiento médico de COVID-19 y del confinamiento. La póliza de seguro mencionada debe ser vigente durante todo el plazo previsto de estancia en Ucrania y expedida por una compañía registrada en Ucrania o por una compañía extranj ... Read more »

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" Family is the oldest human institution. In  many ways it is the most important. It is society's most basic unit. Entire civilizations have survived or disappeared, depending on whether family life was strong or weak".

 So said The World Book Encyclopedia back in 1978. 

Viewed from today's perspective, however, those words take on an ominous, almost  foreboding ,tone

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 In our  Matchmaking Agency there is a new couple!

 Tania and Alex met each other in  our agency  one year ago. It was very special date. Great chemistry, could not take the eyes off from each other.  Alex is from Germany. Tania is from  the small village not far from Moldova. They spent one week together in Kiev  and then Alex had to go home to Germany.

Then they developed a warm chat attachment and finally they met this Autumn again in Turkey. It was so difficult for them in the situation with COVID-19 to arrange the meeting again this Autumn.  Finally they are together in Turkey and they are very happy to be together  They are thinking about the marriage in the future. It is not decided yet, but the ... Read more »

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 Dear my clients! Finally I can say you a good news- now you can come to Ukraine.  From today Ukraine opened the borders for the foreigner. We are waiting for you. dear clients. 

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  Today we received more very nice photos from Croatia. For Ukraine people Croatia is open to visit and many people went there for holiday. This year in Croatia there are not many people.  And the people who  like to be in nature really can enjoy Croatia.

 September this year in Croatia was really great. The weather not very hot, the  temperature of the water in the sea was warm. 

 Who could not come this year to Croatia- you can enjoy the photos with us.

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 My clients  ask me about quarantine  in Ukraine. The 28 th of September   the quarantine can be finished. It will be known in the night the 28th of September. We have the hope that you, our clients will have the possibility to come to Ukraine from 29 th of September. It is only our hope. Let's see what will happen. 


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   Ukrainian people have the possibility to travel to Europe now only in few countries. One of them is Croatia.  We can go to this country without visa and without any problems. And many my couples decided to go there and were very happy to do this. The service is very nice, the people are friendly and everybody is happy to meet you, the weather was good, the water in the sea is clean.

 Croatia became to us very popular last years and we always are glad to go there , when we have the possibility.

 those photos are made by one of my client, who just came back from Croatia. And I have one more couple which is going to go for the  holiday in this country. We wish to them a big love!

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