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Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


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  Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  two weeks ago.


" You have no second now..please move."

Moto was walking back to his car, and he found that girl. The girl was kneeling down in front of cars ..looked like a body laying down. She was crying and holding that body. The body was covered with blood and medical clothes. Moto wanted to talk to her and comfort her. But he had to move his car so traffic can move. He got into car and drove away. While he was driving to his new college, he couldn't stop thinking about this girl looked like Candy.

{ we will continue to publish}

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 One client ,who was coming to the Party  of marriage minded people from USA is going to be married soon. Good  result of our work! Congratulation!.

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Tanha Hai Haider. I'm from Pakistan karachi. I'm old 25. I'm a good person and since 5 years I'm looking for someone to love and marriage..,,,I'm looking for trust love and relationship girl get married. 


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I have been to the ‘ single party’ with some doubts about this event, but I must write that ambiance and organization were good. Pleasant and polite women, open for discussions , and not always ready to give her contact informations to everybody: a sign of seriosity. Ladies attitude was generally normal and polite . Atmosphere was pleasant, international because of the different nationalities of men. I would suggest to go to any single man. Fritz
Country: Germany | City: Frankfurt

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   The Party was few days ago but we still receive many calls from many men from all the world. The men ask to tell more about the Party. They wanted  also to come but they were busy with work  and couldn't come to Kiev We think will be better if we will publish the photos from this event and the photos can tell more than  me.

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  The 13 th of July was a big Party for marriage minded people in Kiev. Many men from all the world came to visit this Party.  More then 1000 women came from all Ukraine to this Party.

 Many our men also wanted to come and to take part in this Party, but they  had not a possibility. They asked us to publish some photos from the Party. 

We do this with a great pleasure. 

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 A nice viking came in our  Matchmaker Agency and he was lucky to find his dream girl the first day. He gave to her his heart. Congratulation!

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The 13 th of July in kiev we had a Party of marriage minded people from many countries. It was really great. many men met their dream women there. So we will have new marriages soon. Its very nice. We publish a short video made in this Party.

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 Today in Kiev  was a big Party  of marriage-minded peoples . Many men from many countries came to Kiev to take part in this Party. Many girls and women came to this Party from all Ukraine. It was really great! I am sure, that will be many marriages . 

 Great organization, good wine, good food, good music-  everything was really great! The girls were dressed very nice, everybody were smiling, good atmosphere during 5 hours!. Great!. 

 Many my clients wanted also to come, but sometimes it's not easy. For those clients I made the photos and video , which I will publish in my site as soon as possible.

 Better one time to see that seven times to read.

The girls were very serious.

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 Yesterday we celebrated a bid religious holiday- S.Peater and S.Paulo Day.

If you in love and understand that this love brings only problems in you life and you want to say Good Bay to this love- you need to pray S.Peater and S.Paulo to liberate you  from that love. If you have this problem in your life-try and you will see that it's help.

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 Our client Jose from Spain is fall in love with our client Anna. Now Jose is in Kiev and they spend time together in order to know each other. Jose has the serious intentions about marriage with Anna.  Let's see what will happen, but for now they are happy and enjoy to be together in Kiev.


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Maybe new couple will be in our Agency. A nice young man from Paris and one of our client liked each other. The time will show. But for now we are glad for them.

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" Everything is under control. Now you have to move your car or drive away from this scene."

" Sir, I believe this girl may be from this car accident. She might need your help, she doesn't speak any words."

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" Well do you need ride? Where are your parents? "

She turned her head left to right twice. It did looked like she was saying 'no'.

Moto turned his head again to location of accidents and asked her, ... Read more »

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[ We continue to publish the story]

A girl with blue eyes and blond hair with white dress, almost looked like an angel.

She looked so young maybe 15 or 14 maybe even younger. The girl's face reminded him of Anime character ' Candy' He rolled down the window and asked her,

" What happened? Do you need help ?"

The girl was standing and looking into his eyes in tears. Without a word.

And slowly she pointed her finger to down hill where big tree was at.  Moto looked toward pointing direction. There were ambulance car and fire trucks and big dark smogs with a car flipped over and many people were trying to mobilize the car accident which seemed to happened just now. 

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 This night is a special night. It's the celebration of Ivana Kupala. 

The weather is very good in Ukraine now, and this night is a magic night- a lot of young people  try be celebrate Ivana Kupala near the river. Every girl try to prepare a beautiful wreath in order to put it in water and to divine the destiny.A  wreath that floated signaled love on the way, while one that sank foretold that the girl will be single. The ritual   was traditionally carried out by unmarried women, the women which are married only can enjoy the ritual, but not doing. It's tradition.

 Dear girls and women! If you alone - you are welcome to our Matchmaker Agency "Love" and we will help you to find your destiny. We arranged many marriages. we will help also you. We worked  more then 20 years, we have a big experience. Write to us Brideskiev or call us +380679749242 Luda   

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 [We continue to publish the story]

Driving downward from his Aunty's home following thru ' Misty Drive Ways' was quite fun, lots of S courses, left and right, continuous turns. He wanted to drift along these 'S; shaped shoreline driving roads. Moto decided to drift a little bit. No cars were in front of his ways for maybe at least half a mile or one mile. He drifted left..then right..a bit of moist on the road and car was slipping a bit but not to the point to flip over or hit the curves. He was drifting his car for 5 minutes, his Aunty's Aya had front wheel drive Acura TLX 2 door sedan. It was perfect for these kind of drifting. His face of full of smile thinking he could really get used to this ' Dark City' drivi ... Read more »

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 Tomorrow in Ukraine   Ivana Kupala celebrates ancient traditions about love.IT is a well -known fact that the night from the 6 July to the 7th July, the night of Ivana Kupala is a magical night. The girls who want  to find their future husband  do not have the rights to sleep this night. There are a lot of ancient traditional rituals. This  night is a special.  As a rule , the girls and the women go to the nature where is a river. They  believe that that by observing how a wreath ,[ which is made from the natural flowers by  the hands of woman or girl]floated on the river, they  can divine they destiny. This is an ancient traditional ritual. 

 Many girls in our days also believe in this ritual. Tomorrow will be a  big celebration of Ivana Kupala in Kiev in the river Dnepr.  It's always interesting and, dear men. if you are marriage minded, you can find your destiny during celebration of ... Read more »

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[We continue to publish the story] 

Moto walked out to the car in drive way by side of house. The morning was filled with fogs and it was raining lightly. He sat in the car and ignited the engine. He began praying for safe driving while his car was warming up. Then now very real first driving in Dark City, out of Japan. 

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