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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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My name is Lana. I live in Kiev. Kiev is a beautiful city, but to find a man for marriage It is not easy even in so big city. I am single and I do not have children.
I am serious about future marriage. That ‘s why I am here. My dream is to find a serious man to love and eventually marry.
I am loyal, I am uncomplicated, rather direct and-not at all a woman who plays games with a man’s feelings. I am a good conversationalist and I can also listen.
As for the future, I am looking for a new beginning with a special someone who respects me, shares similar interests, is soft spoken and wishes to have a wonderful family life only with me for the rest of the life. This may sound a bit traditional and old fashioned but I hope still modern enough t ... Read more »

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 What a nice news we have today! Our client came today from Italia and had the date with the girl which he had chosen  from our site one month ago. They were writing the letters , were speaking by telephone and tried to know each other. 

 But only the personal meeting can give the result. You can write the letters one year, spend your time and energy , but when you come and meet the girl - it  will be not what you was expect to see. So, the best way is: to take a plane , come in Ukraine and meet the person. 

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 In this hotel our client will spend two nights , instead to come in Kiev  and spend the time with his loved lady. 

 What happen? 

 we will tell you. 

 Before go to Ukraine the people have to make the test if they have or do not have COVID-19.  When he went to the airport  he found out that it was not that test what they asked. He had to do new test and had to wait two days  for the result. As he lives  in another city far away , he  had to stay in the airport. 

 Dear our clients! before to come to our country- read the rules in order tot to be in the situation like this.

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This is our client Mika from Sweden. He is serious about marriage snd  I want to help him  from all my heart. It seems to me that  yesterday finally I found his dream girl for him. Her name is Anna. Very charming and nice lady. 

And It was so nice to receive a short sms from Mika where he  wrote that he appreciates my work. Short sms, but It is a big result of my work. Thanks a lot, dear Mika for nice words about  my work. I am sure,that soon will be your wedding. Good luck for you and for Anna.

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Do you think that this is Black Sea or Red Sea? No,this is Kiev’s Sea. Yes, we have this sea just near Kiev.  When you will be in Kiev - you can go and see yourself,or better with your loved woman, which you will find in our Matchmaking agency “Love”.


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Today my clients Irina and Walter made a very interesting excursion to the museum not far from Kiev- Ancient Kiev. Museum is very special and interesting. The weather is nice, finally not cold, no rain and make so special excursion with loved person-it is really great.

When you will be in Kiev, we can organize for you the excursion to thus museum. But, first, dear our clients, you need to find in our agency your dream lady. Than this excursion will be unforgettable.

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Nuestra pareja esta disfrutando de su viaje romantico en Egipto. Nos ha mandado los videos de un espectaculo que han disfrutado. Esperemos que os guste. 

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Our couple is enjoying their romantic trip in Egypt. He sent us the videos of a show they enjoyed. We hope you like it.

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Our Matchmaking agency “Love” worked more then 20 years already.  During those years we helped many people to find their destiny.

In our agency  only real people and only real meeting. We do not write the letters in our agency, we arrange only meetings with real ladies.

If you are alone-you are  very welcome to our agency. We work for you!

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Quarantin is finished in Ukraine. The weather is very nice. Dear Friends!you are wery welcome to Kiev. We are waiting for you!

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 In Ukraine this Spring is cool, but in Egypt is hight season. The best time to go to Egypt is now. 

One my new couple decided to to to Egypt to spend the holiday together.

 The weather is very good now there- not cold and not hot. A lot of flowers everywhere, good hotel, good service. 

 But the main thing that they are in love! 

 We have the hope to hear about the engagement after this trip.


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Our couple are happy in Egypt

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Nataly and Max met each onthet in our Matchmaking  agency “ Love”.  And they now are in love. Nataly is from  Kiev, Max is from New York. 

As soon Max was vactinated in USA he came in Ukraine  and started to look for his  dream girl. He was looking for her longtime already , but this time the destiny smiled to him.  

He met Nataly. He thinks that Nataly is his match. Yesterday Hataly and Max went to Dubai for a holiday.  We have the hope that they will be happy couple.

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This is our client Lena. She  was in the holiday and made this nice video. Very beautiful nature,sea,flowers, but Lena is alone...


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We are in Paradise!- wrote my  new couple from Egypt. They went to Egypt to spend the holiday and know each  other better. 

They are in love and thinking about marriage. This trip is very important for them. We have the hope that one day they will be married.


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Our new couple enjoy thier holyday in Egypt.  What a nice season now there!  

But the main thing that our couple is happy to be  together  there. They love each other and they are going to be married some day!

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In our Matchmaking Agency “Love” love is always.


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