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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client


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Мед течет, что по усам,
На пирах был здесь и там,
Но приятней нет сего,
Спаса, что нам всем дано,
Что Медовым величают,
Что пожалуй каждый знает!
С праздником, с свершением всех,
И медовых вам потех!

Первый Спас — Медовый Спас,
Праздник лета, меда, солнца!
Вкусных сладостей запас,
Всем сегодня раздается!
Солнечным подарком ты
Рад сегодня угощаться,
Всем медовой доброты,
Всем беспечности и счастья!

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It ‘s so difficult to find the dream girl. A agree with Tom’s opinion. We  spent so many days  in order to find this girl and still no result. But Tom is sure that we will find her. And early in the morning we start again our trip from village to village. We meet some times very interesting peoples, we meet very interesting girl - but not the dream girl. Some girls give the permission some to publish their photos and you can see some photos in our site. Today we will publish some photos from our trip.

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Hello Sir. Me and my partner offer you a unique option of meeting serious family minded ladies in Kherson, the city that is located in South of Ukraine, 200 kms from Odessa, not far from Black sea shore. Kherson is a smaller city that is famousby 300 years old history where first ship was built and  by its beautiful women that are modest and search for family with foreign men. We provide folowing services :

1) Aranging dates with local ladies- 1 date costs usd 100 includes promoting men profile to a lady, checking her interest, arranging a date, a feedback from a lady. Translation services and other job is not included and costs usd 140 a day unlimited hours. For more then 7 days service its usd 120 a day or USD 25 an hour.

2) We arrange r ... Read more »

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We continue our trip with Tom in the South of Ukraine in order to find his dream girl. Tom noticed that the girls in the South of Ukraine are very beautiful and very friendly.In the blood of those girl so many blood are mixed. So many nationality mixed here. And as  a result-very beautiful girls and beautiful population lives here. And Tom is sure that one day he will meet his dream.
We publish some photos of the girls who gave us a permission to publish their photos.

Those girls are so different and those photos are made in different days and places, but they all were so positive and friendly that we wanted to show you our simple, beautiful, real, nice Ukrainian girls from the South of Ukraine.

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Tom and me continue to travel in the South of Ukraine in order to find his dream girl.We met a lot of peoples,a lot of girls and have seen a lot of interesting things during our travel.One girl  we met in a small village was so  nice that I was thinking that finally Tom finally found his dream,but She dint speak English at all.Tom told that in order to know a person,her soul -you need to speak with this person.To learn English to Tania[ it was her name]will be difficult and take a lot of time.So,Tom decided to continue his search.

But Tom wants to meet such girl that from the first moment say :”This is she”.
For now Tom dint meet this girl and we continue our triр.

Very nice, hard working girls, but Tom is lookin ... Read more »

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We decided to go to look for this very special girl even in the villages.
We met  many girls.The girls were so beautiful that Tom was confused. Which one to choose?
In the small  villages in Ukraine the life in more simple then in a big city and the people are more simple.Of course ,the girls are also more simple.

Yes, they are more simple, but they are educated, smart and very beautiful. In the South of Ukraine live 93 nationalities. If you read the history of Ukraine-you will understand why so many nationalities live in the South of Ukraine. So many nationalities mixed and as a result - very beautiful populations.

We will publish some photos of our trip in the South of Ukraine. Maybe to somebody will be interesting.

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42 years, 184 cm, 85 kg. Cederic  is looking for marriage. Cederic wants to meet a nice,decent girl 18-20years old (entre 18 et 20 ans, serieuse, simple, avec une bonne éducation et prête de créer une famille, avoir des enfants, prête à vivre à la campagne). Cederic lives in France.

"I am a French man, kind, simple and stable. ... Read more »

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His name is Tom and he is from USA. Good education, good profession, never married, no children.

At the beginning I was sure that it will be no problem to help him to find a right girl for marriage.
We tried to meet a lot of girls from my Agency, than I propose to visit the Agencies of my colleges. And  in every girl something was missing. To meet your dream -it’s not easy. And I understand him. To come so far have some experience with the girls from his country, in his age-40years old, my client knows what type of girl he w ... Read more »

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Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

And she finally asked in short English,

" Why do you help me? "

" Uh..because you need help ?"

" You like me? Moto? "

" I ..I don't ..know..I mean..I guess..I do think you are...I feel.."

while Moto was mumbling with his mouth, Natasha came closer to face of Moto.

" ...Lyubimaya."

" uh? Lyu be..what..oopss.."

Natasha kissed Moto's lips and Moto was surprised and heart fast..then Natasha help his face and begin to insert her cold wet tongue into his mouth. Moto felt so fast beating his heart and didn't know what to do, and whether he shall hold her face or not or wherever parts of her body. And he finally just hugged her. Natasha was kissing his lips and cheek..and sucking his ears..he was going nuts and crazy .. ... Read more »

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Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

"It was almost 11 pm. I drove the car with Natasha, tried to find her home. Uncle mentioned that Natasha has a bit of shock from car accident tragedy, her parents got hurt now in hospital and she suffers a bit of memory loss partially. For not knowing any Russians, Moto was also using his finger to ask Natasha for direction.

" Natasha, so here this way or that way? "

and Natasha would nod or turn her head left or right with saying.

" Da, Niet, da."

Moto couldn't find Natasha's home for nearly half an hour even drove almost every blocks in Hilltop area of this ' Misty Drive Way'.

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We continue to  publish a letter from one our client:


"3. Girls with Parents issues.

When the girl is using parent to make excuse then this huge red flag. Typically immature or selfish girls love to use her mom or dad to defend their errors or problems. Either way, the girl is not independent nor free enough to make her own choices for her life. Dump this types of girls asap! Stop wasting your time. Little daddy's girl will give you trouble for the rest of your life!
And plus if her parents are interfering your relationship from begin also must reconsider the whole thing..because if her parents want to give you hard time now then after you guys are married..then they will continue to give you heada ... Read more »

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We publish a letter from one our client:

"True Love is ...

Magnificent feelings and passion to begin with...

Desire and wanting to be together...constant attraction and emotional feeding to each other...

The feeling of many moments which both of couple want to stay together all the time.

However...all these crazy fantastic feelings can be crushed into thousands pieces when there is lack of TRUST.

Trust must be earned through times of trials and errors. Falling in love betwern two people can be gift from God. It is an opportunity given to two people to create their own love story.

But without trust worthiness in action and characters, the grand feeling of Love can be blown away lik ... Read more »

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We are open for the cooperation with all marriage and dating agencies  of all the world. Family is the most important thing in the world. But to create the family is not easy. Thats why we  try to help the people.

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In our Agency one more couple! They only start to know each other but there is a big chance that it will work.They have the same interests in everything. She told me that she thinks that she knows him all her life. He was so thankful for me for the introduction of this girl! Their story is very unusual, but I will tell it letter if they will give the permission.

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Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

"Uncle began prayer what almost sound like chanting. Natasha closed her eyes and grabbed her both hands together and receiving the blessing from my uncle. Moto closed his eyes also and began praying. Moto opened his one eye opened and another eye closed to watch Natasha's reaction to prayer. She was crying with tears but no sounds. Tears were flowing down to her cheeks and neck from her eyes. Moto felt so empathetic, and he wanted to help her. He prayed to God that he would received the gift to understand whatever Natasha would speak to him, whether it is Russian or Ukrainian language.

After prayer time, we all went dinning table had su ... Read more »

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Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

He parked a car by drive way and walked with this mysterious blond girl to front door. He pushed bell button. 

' Ding dong'

Aya Aunty came out to open the door.

" Welcome back Moto, how was your first day at school? "

" Aunty I brought my friend to join our dinner. It is okay? Daizobu?(is it acceptable in japanese.)

Her face was fainted with pale and a bit of shock when she looked at this girl. And smiled with pressure.

" Of course Moto, your friend is always welcome, especially your first friend here."

" Okay let's go in..I don't even know your name. What is your name? "

And uncle suddenly came to us.

" Moto, let us all have chat in living room. Please close the door."

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Summer... This is the best time for travel and to meet your dream  and to meet your dream person. In our Agency it’s can happen every day. And in this photo you can see a happy moment of  meeting. He came from USA, she came from a small village from the center of Ukraine. They meet each other in our Agency”Love”. And we have the big hope that it will be big love.

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Hello Luda!

I would like your opinion about putting this in a letter to ladies with young daughters hoping for a husband and father.

Hello Dear!

When you find that comfortable place, the one that gives you peace, excitement, beauty, and contentment naturally you want to make it home. I'm happy I found all those wonderful feelings here in Lviv. I came to retire but got bored so now I work as a native English teacher. I'm content except one hugely important thing is missing. I don't have a wife to love, to cuddle, kiss, caress, care for, to sha ... Read more »

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Ellos se conocieron en nuestra agencia. Se han gustado mutuamente desde el primer momento. Y después de pasar algunos días en Kiev han decidido ir de viaje juntos. Ella soñaba con conocer a España y el ha decidido complacerla. Por eso estamos aqui, descubriendo a la calidez de Barcelona y la pasión de Sevilla. Me siento afortunada ayudando con la traducción y con todo lo que puedo a nuestra pareja. Se ven tan felices juntos. Aquí os dejo algunas fotos de nuestro viaje, espero que os gusten. 

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It was so big pleasure for me to help with translation to my couple and to see that they are in love! Love it’s so wonderful from Barcelona we went by plane to Sevilla. Is so wonderful city in the South of Spain. The cultural program of my client was so nice that we really enjoyed every minute  to be in this city.

... Read more »

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