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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

Our Dating Agency  work from 2000, in Kiev. Since this time we arranged many marriages in many countries. We make dreams of our customers come true. We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers. The main reason  our coмpany enjoys so much success is because our approach gets results. Now is the best time to drop all your doubts, jump on a plane and come to Kiev to get your bride from  my country.


She is our client

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 She came to our Matchmaking agency only with serious intentions. Tall, serious, young ,educated,intelligent and very charming.  She was  looking for her dream man rather longtime, but she couldn't find him.

 But If you looking  for something longtime- you will have the result. And finally she met him. ... Read more »

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Name of my Matchmaking agency is "Love". In my agency many people  from all world has met the  destiny. I work almost 20 years. And I am very happy when my clients are in love.

 Today one more client sent me a nice letter about her love. She met  her love in our agency.

When I first time saw his eyes time stop for me and nothing was more important than time with him. His character remember me all the things which one was important for me and I feel like special man come to my life and I will never feel lonel ... Read more »

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This letter sent me my client. She is so happy ,that she met her dream man in our agency. She is going to be married with him soon and she wants to tell to everybody -" Never stop to look for your half, if you are alone. This half exists, only find her.

LOVE is a big part of our lives. Love lives in our veins, our physical and celestial bodies. Love transports us through the world around us. Love has no boundaries, so no limits. The need to love and to be loved Is the love that animates us God is the whole, the divinity that animates us? What I think d ... Read more »

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  He is 38 years old, never married, no children. Educated, intelligent  kind and serious. He received the education in the best University in in USA and he continue to study. 

But , at 38  years old you need to think about your half. Where to find her? Also educated, beautiful and young. 

 And  It was so big pleasure to me ,when he came to my agency and told me that he  wanted to meet only one charming lady from my Catalog. He could feel this one special lady from many ladies in my Catalog. 

 It was so  romantic this  date with her.  And now he has to go back to his country and this very seriously  about this girl and to come back in Kiev to meet her again and continue ... Read more »

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I am a Matchmaker. It is not easy job, but there are a lot a positive moments in my job.

The most  pleasant moments -It is the possibility to travel. I like to travel. The life can give to you the unforgettable moments, when you travel.

Now the tickets are not expensive. And what do not take the plane and do not go to the country, where the weather is warmer than in Kiev?

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"The experience I had in meeting the girls and the manner you organized where superb.

I strongly recommend of people to contact you in case they look for a bride in Ukraine.

You are an angel. May God bless your soul.Your services, time spend and dedication went above and beyond my expectations and your competence made me very satisfied

Now I hope that the lady who touch my heart will with your help , support and knowledge also feel in love for me ". 

... Read more »

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One my couple will be married soon. He is from Spain,she is from Kiev,but they decided to be married in Cadiz.

Cadiz is a very special place,very romantic place and the wedding will be very special, I am sure.

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We are in the center of town.


In a cozy restaurant.

Modern SPA

... Read more »

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To Cadiz with Love

... Read more »

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If the people have the possibility to travel It is always nice But if the people travel  and they are in love - this is perfect.

All people are dreaming about a big love, but not many can meet this big love in their life. But this couple is very happy. The Heavens sent him the love and they enjoy the life.

This plane after few hours will be in Barcelona. Let’s wish this couple to  travel all life with the big love.

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So happy event  happened in our Agency. Maybe in our agency will be one more couple. 

They met each other in our agency one month ago,but it was happy date.

And today we are speaking about serious things- marriage.

Look what  nice flowers my client gave to this charming lady. And she is really very n ... Read more »

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The News in Our Work

This this me, Luda,  the owner of the Matchmaking agency "Love". 

We propose to our client new service -:the tour in all Ukraine in order to find the dream ... Read more »

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 today they met in our agency for the first time. And maybe It will be new couple in our agency.

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