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 We continue to publish the letter from our client from USA . 

 "This is kind of hard to explain.. Some girls give you energy and some girls take your energy.


And you must discern sexual energy from emotional energy. Some girls will give you just happy pleasant energy or some girl might give you flat energy.


Worst kind of energy you want to avoid is ..chaotic emotional ups and downs. This kind of women will drive you nuts and your life expectancy will tremendously reduced. You will get sick and you won't get your work done.


This kind of women might bring bad luck indeed.


Very be careful with these types."

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 We continue to publish the letter from our client from USA   

"Our needs and desire are constantly changing...and it is almost impossible to find a girl with everything we need and want.


So timing is more important in many times.....however we need to spend enough time to get to know our partners.


3rd rule in destiny searching is you must invest more energy and time in understanding her personality and compatibility with you.


Yes, we are easily attracted to beautiful sexually appealing ladies. It is in our DNA. But we will be spending most of our time in spending time with our partner other than sex. Sex is great part of our life. But we need to be careful with sexual att ... Read more »

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