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Tomorrow Tania and Jacky will go home to Paris. What a nice Honey Moon they had! Its better to look their Photos!

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  We continue to present you Tania and Jacky. They are still in Caribians. They have " Honey Moon". Lets whish them to have  this"Honey Mo ... Read more »

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Nous passons d'agréable vacances en Guadeloupe, nous profitons du soleil, de mer avec beaucoup d'amour )))

Nous visitons chaque endroit de cette ... Read more »

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Her name is Nataly. Even she is Ex-Miss Herson she is simple and not spoiled. She is really beautiful. Her beauty is natural. her ID 268

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our cliet Vita ID266 She  is going to open her owh Exhibition-show in Kiev. She was working  lonng time in order to create it. Will be interesting to know the opinion of our clients about this.

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WE continue inform you about Tania and Jacky. As you know they are in Caribian now, WE just received their photos fom them. You look the photo and no coments! ... Read more »

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 We say Hello to everybody who are looking for their half . Now we have the holiday in Caribians. What a nice place! Paradise! Peal Paradise. WE are so happy ... Read more »

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Jacky and Tania  are in vacantions in Caribian now. After vacations   Tania, Jacky and me,Luda, decided to write a book about their Love Story in or ... Read more »

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In order to work better we started to make the video of our clients,in order the men can see better the candidates for future marriage and do not loose the time. Will be nice to hear about this news if you like this, dear clients.

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They are going to the holiday the 5th of Jullay to Dominical Republic. Congratulatios!


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We want to show you more photos of  Jacky and Tania. They want to say to everybody" never loose the hope". Jacky has  birhday today. We wish him always be happy like he is happy today. He told that he is the most happy man in the world. Bravo! BE ALWAYS HAPPY,DEAR  JACKY!

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Goog news in our Agency. This couple wants  tell to the all world that they are the most happy people in the world. They were looking for each other ... Read more »

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Maria106 just finished the driwer`s courses. I am so happy to receive this license. Now I can drive any car. I know that in a foreing country life without car is impossible. So when my dream man will come and after marriage I will drive him everywhere. I feel that its will happen soon. I am waiting this moment with great impatiance. Where are you,my dear?

 Если сердце не сумеет больше ждать,
Позови меня, и я к тебе приду,
Я сумею и поверить, и понять,
И любить, и другом быть тебе смогу.

Если вдруг дождём заплачут небеса,
Знай, что это я скучаю по тебе,
Если ночью вспыхнет яркая звезда,
Это я свою любовь дарю тебе.

Я не знала о любви на земле до т ... Read more »

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Prologue : Les personnages qui vont apparaître dans ce récit sont réels et donc les événements relatés se sont passés comme décris dans les épisodes qui vont suivre  

3 personnages seront les protagonistes de ce récit 

1- un Français que j'appélerai NOMIS

2- une Ukrainienne qui sera sa confidente et amie, que j'appélerai ALPHA

3- une autre Ukrainienne , qui deviendra sa soit disant " amie "et que j'appélerai BETA




Ce récit comportera 3 épisodes 


1- Voyage en Ukraine(Kiev)


2- Séjour en France 


3- Conséquences 



  ... Read more »

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Patric from England has meet his half in our Agency this sping in Kiev.

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   My name is Angelina. Im still alone and now Im ready  for marriage. I can give a lot to my future husband,

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  Ex miss Kiev come to our Agency. She decide to find her half thru our Agency. Lana is very serious about this. She is beautiful not only outside ,but she is very deep personallity. She is  looking for her half,

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Patric  from England met his half in Kiev in March2015 in our Agency.

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Maria106 graduated computer courses. She think :

always try to find something new, a new way of think, new way of life. I try to follow Japanese proverb Fall down 7 times, stand up 8. We cannot change eachother but influence

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