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Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

Her face was pale and shocked. Moto was puzzled as hell too.

" What big tree are you talking about ? Who are you? What is your name? "

" I am Moto. I understand you are suffering from memory loss but don't remember me at all? Big tree site on ' Misty Drive Way' on the middle of hill top.

Professor Natalia's face turn into complete shock and fainted and fell down.

Moto was shouting, 

" Professor! Natasha are you alright?"

Professor Natalia was brought to emergency room in college health center.

Moto and nurses were waiting by her bed until she was awake. Finally Natalia opened her mouth.

" I think I am fine. I need a minute with my student. We need to go over thesis of papers. Can you all please excuse us? Moto please stay with me."

After every one left, Professor asked Moto to explain to her what and when all these happened between Moto and Natasha. Moto describled all the details of the story except that car sex thing. After hearing all the story from Moto, Prof. Natalia asked Moto to join her.

" Moto, please follow me, I need to take you to some where."

" Okay, sure. And can you explain to me how you became Professor so quickly and got matured so fast? "

" I will shall I hop in with your car or do you wanna come into my car? "

" You have a car? Well, it is okay, I like to drive so you can come in with me, I will drive you back after."

{we will continue to publish}

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