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Love Story

BIll  was born in  USA in California. CALIFORNIA  is a very beautiful state and the climat very good for live. Some people  say that if there is a Paradise on the Earth it is situated  in California.
But for  Bill  California was not a Paradise. He had to work from 14 years old in a factory not far from Santa Maria, a little town near Los Angeles. His father was a drinker and in the family the scandals were almost everyday. When Bill was 9 year old ,he told to himself that he will never drink the alcohol. And the rest of his life he couldn't  support  the smell of  the alcohol. When  Bill was 16 his father died, and the life became  more difficult for Bill. He had to  take care about mother and two  younger  sisters. Mother was sick and couldn't  work and the sisters were 10 and 11 years old. So, Bill had to take care about the family. He had to find one more job. After one years Bill realized  that without  the education the person cannot reach  nothing in this life. And Bill started to think about the University. Firt he had graduate  the school. To study  and to wok at the same time was very difficult for him, but Bill  become a student of the University.  Its was very difficult for him to study and to work at the same time,  but he was the first at the University. After graduation  of the University  Bill started to work in  a big factory as an engineer.

The life became better and better. Bill helped  the sisters to receive the education, to take the credit  in order to buy  the houses and bought  the nice house himself.
Everything was o.k. But one day before  the Christmas  Bill realized  that he was very lonely. The sisters were already married  and had their families. all his friends also were married  and he realized  that its was the time for him to start his own family.
Bill started  to think whis whom to spend Chritmas Holidays and decided  to call Elza. She was not married  and they were working together many years and every time, when Bill saw her  he had the nice feelings and wanted to tell her some compliments, but he was shy  from the nature and he couldn't  say nothing only smile to her. When he called her  and heard what she told him, he was shocked. "Never call me no more and do not smile to me whis your stupid smile. I was waiting this call from you many years, but yesterday. I told "Yes" to one guy. We are together already".
How  its possible? She was waiting  his call, but he  was so stuped that couldn't  realize  that she liked him. And now its too late. He was so depressed that he was never  in his life, even when he was very poor  and it was no place  to spend the night, when he was homeless.  It was very difficult to him to figure out  what  to do. The depression  was so deep that Bill even visited the psychiatric clinic in order to see very famous  doctor, who helped many people to finish whis depression. After few days Bill fell better. But he started more often to think about the future marriage. More often  Bill started to look  at the litlle children, playing  in the yard  and even to the women, who were pregnant. It was so strange  to him realize  this fact, because  he never paid  attention  to those things." Yes" its time for creating  the family- told he to himself.
Bill started to look aroud him in order to find this one, special dream girl. He never could  even think, that could  be a problem. Bill new that he was handsome  man and many girls looked at him whis so charming  smile, that sometimes he felt  confused. But it was before, when he was not ready for the serious relations. And now? He  was ready to give his heart to the nice, marriage minded girl, but he couldn't  meet her. Bill  tried to visit some parties,  visit some bars, meet whis the frieds, who had the younger sistrs, but nothing happened.  What to do? The depression  became   more deeper and deeper. To visit the  psycholog again? What to tell him and shat advice  to ask him? He is 50 years old and also was never married. What he can do?

And Bill started to look around very carefully. He never even could  think  that its so   big problem.Its seemed to him that he was running,running  and now he stopped  and looked around.He was working so heard, now he has everything for happy life  and he is so unhappy.Next year he will 45years old. And what?For  whom this big bulding whis the large swimming pool,those 3 bedrooms and this large kitchen if nobody lives here except  him an  old cat Ralf? Bill  tried  to look to the girls around him in his work.But all of them  even dint  understand why he tried to discuss  work problems whis them so longtime.In  the USA everybody lives his own live and try to hide  the privite life.O.k.Not big problem decided  Bill.Soon will be his holydays and he decided  to go to some nice place and there ,of course,he will meet this one, special for him , which  he started to see more and more often in his dreams.But what to do whis cat?His sisters live far away  from California  and suddenly  Bill realize that he has no friends,real friends.Even he has nobody to whom to leave his favorite cat for two weeks.To the special hotel for cats? Yes,but  Ralf will be suffering and this though  made Bill more sad then before. The last hope was to the neighbor. This man seemed to Bill very kind man.Sometimes Ralf came to the house  of the neighbor   and Bill saw that the neighbor  was kind whis the cat and even gave to Ralf some food.Bill even dint  know his name beaucause  the neighbor  just bought  the house near Bill.Bill was right.Tom,its was the name of new neighbor , was very pleasant man and l accept   the idea to look after Ralf whis the enthusiasm. So, now  Bill packed  the thing, bought  the ticket  and after few  hours wasin one of the best place of our planet-in Caribbean  Islands.The nature, the hotel,the service  was perfect. But Bill expected that hundreds  of young  ladies will be waiting  him in the beach  or around. But nobody was waiting  for him. Bill spend  already 3 days in this resort and he  didn't  meet not even one single girl.

Bill was so surprised. Where  young girls spend their holidays? He looked  around more carefully  and he paid attention  that here were only  the  couple  or families whis the children. Even one young girl around!  All peoples around him were  happy  they were tender each  whis other. kissed  each other even in the beach, not paid attention  to Bill and another people. So, they were happy and  all around him enjoy  the life. They saw the life in another  couleurs than Bill. Their couleurs were  bright, Bill's couleur was dark and nothing could  not ring him  the enjoyment:the sea, the food.the perfect service, the beautiful  landscapes, the exotic  animals and birds. Bill realized  that the life passed near him. And so quickly! Is he really  old ? He has only 50 years old. Only now he can live like he wants. Before  had to  study, to work, to save some  money. And what now? He is alone  and to whom all this? Bill never in his life was thinking this way. its seemed to him  that he was running, running  and suddenly  stop. He was so unhappy, that he was never in his life.
Next day Bill changed his ticket   and went home.  First  he went to gis neighbor to take back his cat. Bill missed  him a lot. Really  it was his family Bill and Ralf. And   Bill was sure that Ralf  missed  him a lot,like Bill mised him. How big was his surprise  when Bill saw his cat sitting  in the armchair near the neighbor 's house  and even  do not pay attention  to Bill's  "kity-Kity".

"Oh  its you Bill! Big surprise! Why so quickly?"  head  Bill voice of his neighbor.
Bill could  not give the answer so quickly. To tell the truth-(in America  nobody tells the truth to the neighbors) Bill dint want; to lie something-Bill was so tired and depressed, that nothing came in his head. 
At this moment a charming    creature  appeared  in the door of the neighbor 's house and Bill fogot   about everything. The creature was a young woman  so beautiful  that Bill thought  that she was from UFO. The   big   blue eyes  were looking direct to Bill and long blond hair were so nice that Bill never have seen in his life  the beauty like this. The face was white whis rosy lips and its seemed  to Bill hat this girl came from another planet. Tall , slim ,whis very pleasant  smile in her face, she came from the house like an  angel.
"-This is my wife,Angelina" presented  this creature from UFO to Bill his neighbor.
"Hello"-whis little  accent, told Angelina. Her voice was so sweet, that its seemed to Bill, that this voice came from the heavens. 

"We just married " the voice of Tom put  Bill from the heavens to the Earth. " But your cat liked my wife. Relf can feel  the positive  energy. Look at him. He even dint  move from the armchair to meet you. The animals  can feel the people better  than people. As soon Angelina came in my house  he immidiately  liked her and accompanying  her everywhere  in the yard. 
Do I tell the truth,honey?"asked Tom his wife and look at her so tender and whis so big love, that Bill never have seen in his life. Angelina   was a little confused, she was shy   by her nature. She feeled  not comfortable   as soon she feeled   a strange look of Bill. Bill paid attention  that Angelina was very confused, but he couldn't  take his eyes  out  of her. In his   conscience he realized  that he didn't  have the right to look this way to the wife of somebody that way, but it was more strong that him. And suddenly  his cat jumped  out from the armchair  and finally   started to come towards Bill.   "Thanks a lot, my favorite  cat"- though  Bill." You save the situation ". Let ' s go home" - told Bill  hardly    pronounced  every  word.


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