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My Love Story

Hello my sweet Luda , i like you very much and can consider you a second mother , and will listen to you because u know better this trap called Love , i dont know because we men have two heads one up and one down , i always followd the down head and never had problems , this time u make me follow the up head that is conected with the heart , and my heart open , but it open only for my pusycat miaou miaou Nata , First time im blocked in my life and caught in this trap of love , if i told any one here WHO know me that i come there and did nothing it would be discrace for me , but when u follow your heart u make sacrifices , and hurt , this pain i take it all alone , it will never be the same with the next girl even if i meet because all the feelings and romance i kept inside me all these years i have taken them out with Nata , and i dont have nothing left to give , this i can say is love , my body has returned to Greece , but my heart has remain in kiev withNata , im very deprested , she didnt even send me one e mail , or one sms , to thank ,e i help her u saw and were infront i give her Money , i think the girls should be faithlul there and to not play with the feelings with men who trully are looking for love , Luda if i could see u everyday it would make me happy i feel like i know u long even we spent so little , i consider you a honest woman , and in 10 days i will be back , here when i left i told no one , my Greek phone didnt work there , and my mother call the Police that i was missing and she think she lost me she was very worry , because i had things to do and leave them and come especialy for Nata , next time i come i will tell them where i am so they dont worry , if they know its ok , we are close with the family always , first the family and after the rest , i just please want to know the truth ,  maybe she has another man ? maybe she play game with me ? the answer i would like to hear is that she loves me and could consider all this one test for me for her to see that i trully love her and after she will give me the key from her heart , i want to be with her always , u have heard my heart how it beats when she is with me , i have never had this feeling , this chapter will be big , because its my 3 day experiance in kiev of love and pain , First now i have taken pain , i wish next time i will also be able to feel love , even if its little love , this is i think for all the men and members WHO want a ukrainian wife , because there beautiness has a price and the price is Trust and honesty , because some girls really want to make a family , but some girls are emotional scammers , playing with the heart , for me its the most dirty game , u never play with feelings , this fisrt time i come to kiev the most inportant thing was i wanted to meet Natas Family and i would like to take also a place in the family and to speak with her father and tell him that i love your daughter and i will honor her and respect her for all our life and always take care and protect her and for him to not worry that his daughter is in safe hands , i neened this very much , and i also want to bring rings so we can engadge , and after in march the papers for wedding and in may the Grand wedding infront of the sea at the best beach bar restaurant here , romantic and loving , the pictures from there would make the best in your website , i will please like you to take some Information from Nata so i learn abit what is happening , im lost in love with her ! you are the doctor of love Luda and u will cure the men coming there with true emotions and true love , when i will come i will bring you one botle of the best olive oil here u will love it ! i will also bring for Natas mother , its very Tasty in the salad and in cooking , i will take fresh , i hope to hear from you soon , your lost son Tom 


From: Люда Знакомая <>
Sent: Sunday, Decembe

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