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Family and Love

Follow Love for successful good family life and kids.  Inspire and help others for real love.  Love is the most powerful weapon.  With Love you can do incredible things and really change people lives, forever.


Nobody is the same with no one, we are different, fat, skinny, tall, short, way of thinking, different characters (manners), and attitude, we need some years to understand each other how we think how we act.


Always, be positive attitude, and be with positive people with good friends.


Be careful, do only good things in life and thinking always positive, anything you do good or bad coming 7 times back to you.


Do not watch TV or negative films or talk negative.  Try to make around you quality life style for living.  Life is easy.  We just create the negative things is all in our brain. The way we are thinking, and speaking negative or positive those kind of people we attract.


Do sport, for quality life style, long distance running, weights you can do it home for free too, bicycle, swimming, football, basketball, dancing or any sports can make you happy.  Walking, singing, fishing.  Do not stay in an armchair (sofa) and do nothing, move.  Sports makes different person, positive, happy, exercise body and mind and never stop for all your life.  Trust me it’s going to change your life, for ever, for good.


The most of the people they don’t  know what love is!  I will try my best to give the knowledge as I can from my experience to help others to be happy, to may change their life for good and make it easy.  Family needs to be in a harmony.


Support family (kids) everyday work for good success always is a way.  Love is in (communication can save your family), the avenue of love is Trust, appreciation, respect, patience, organize, discipline, program, calm, sacrifices, willing, honest, dissent, peaceful in a house is need, caring each other, companionship, cooperation, compromise to be good to each other.


Never scream and shout, do not hit or speak bad words especially to the kids.  If they see you do it , they will do the same.  Kids copy the parents.


Be yourself, don’t play stupid games, be with balance act normal don’t pretend you are someone else.  If you pretend, the other person pretend too.



The man must behave like a man and woman must behave like a woman.  If woman behaves like a man the man is going to leave her, the relationship (marriage).  Before each relationship or marriage must know some bases of love.  We are part of our planet mother earth.  We must follow mother earth for own good.  I believe people can change.  That’s why there are a lot of books (psychology, pedagogic, church books, quality books) if you are really willing to change you can change but need longer time, your environment change you, we are imitate, we copy people even if we are older.  Leave your ego for your own good.


Work is a blessing because you focus to something good.  You don’t focus in stupid things.  Don’t try to change each other they will be sad.  Make a company with your partner, be friends too.


If you want to destroy family (kids) give them much money and make sure they will don’t learn anything about life.  You can see the people from their actions not only words (theory).  Everybody make mistakes, no one is perfect but have to learn a lesson every year to look back and forth again to go better every year.  Criticize your self.


Live is about balance!  If you don’t know how you balance, you will fall all the time some time very bad!  Life is full of traps, if you don’t know how to recognize and avoid them, then you are in trouble!  Life is a big lesson you must learn.  Learn from your mistakes.  If you don’t have a family to teach you, support you and learn and cares of you.  You must take some books and find a mature knowledge good people (from church) who knows the way.


As a parent you must be a good listener. Be a good teacher, be kind and have a good attitude, be a good friend, be a good human must sit down and play with them – be close – hangsAnd tell them you love them (kids), find time for them every day. They always waiting for your attention, and you do not waste your time. Believe me, you must be there for them always.


Don’t put selfness  badness – egoist – stubbornness in front of marriage (relation).  Is the worst enemy, its killing marriage.  Be aware from you own family and closed “good” friends, is from the worst enemy of marriage.  Everyday created problems can also discharged a relationship and make it more difficult working out again.  Any problem can be solve except serious things like alcoholism, drugs, going with others (partners), hit you gambling.


Working with your own kids for a good base (love) you must pedagogical until 7 years old. At that period you need much energy power physically and modally (patience) to be there for them.  Only athletics can give you this energy (power) gives you stamina to work and love yours kids.  If you ignore them is like you kill  them every day.  They need you there, be there for them otherwise they will run   away to bad friends which they will give them cigarettes then drugs, stealing, they will take the wrong way. So run after them (kids) to make the best pedagogic before it’s too late.  Kids need to leave them alone (freedom) sometime.  Discover their own world.


I believe that in order to establish a good relationship, you need 2 – 3 months to have a conclusion (idea) who you really is your flirt.  You must live some time together, to know each other better.


You can understand the people how they look, face, dress, how they talk, what they talk, if they are serious, mature, intelligent (clever but don’t rush wait need time sometimes, everybody do mistakes so give a chance.


The man have to take the role who belong in family, be strong, helpful behave like a man caring support, first thinking after talking and acting.

Mother and father play different role in family.  Children want them both parents to be friends with them, good (mode role) parents.  They play different roles for the kids.


Always the “good” wins.  The human and the universe is one.  If you do bad its not going to work.  So be good person and only good things you will receive, everything you, doing good.  Focus to your relationship, invest to your love only and appreciate the good values of life.  Anything can work if you really believe it.


1. Trust is very difficult to gain but it easy to lose it.  Without communication nothing is going to work in a relation.


2. One secret for relation and life to be successful is to sleep the right time and hours – drinking eat healthy food (no rubbish) no smoking and no drinking alcohols.


3. Temptation are too many. What can we do about them. Don’t look around or hear any temptation, you may destroy, sooner or later your relation must be strong, focus to your family don’t hear or look any stupid temptations.


4. Follow church and sports you will become stronger.


5. Make a plan together for every year for a month for weekend and try to make it work family targets.


6. Every year as a person criticize yourself and see if you done good things last year, in life and go better the following year.


7. Don’t look materializing world.  Don’t copy stupid people.  Be grounding down to earth, mature, you will become more happy.  Be a simple person and you doesn’tneed much to be happy.  Small things in life may make you more happy.  Give love and don’t expect anything back.  But be a balance person.  Concentrate in your family, good friend and health.


8. Kids punishment must do this if you kid do something wrong.  Never scream, hit or shout to them, just let them in his room for two hours or take his favorite games for one day or to stay at home and not to go to his friends.




9. If you run after money you will lose, you become more sad.  Money come and go.  Just balance your income (money).  As much as you help people more coming to you (just try to keep in secret).  If you don’t have money is a problem.  If you have much is a problem too.  You don’t need everyday much to survive.  If you have much money you do stupid things in life.


Use your time and money wisely.  Don’t waste your time and money for stupid things.  Invest your time for important big things in life (family, friends, health) passions is less important (job, home, car)


If you do sports you will never need doctors in your life for a serious disease (sickness).







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