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To Ladies Only (5 Tips to Win His Heart!)

5. Take your time but don't take it too long!


Men are quite different from women when they are in love. I advise all my female friends (I have many successful business female ladies who make more then a million USD a year who are still single in USA and Asia, they ask for my advice all the time). Don't take longer than 2 years to touch down. If the guy doesn't propose you after two years of excluding dating with you then I recommend you to give last call. Get married with me or I will find another guy! Why?, men are very passionate in short term but we are focused on things not for long term. Men's passion usually don't last long, when men is in love, some men wants propose right away or within one months or six months ...and the guys can loose interest very easily if you don't pay attention to him. I will give you an example, {my Irish American buddy, who is devoted Catholic (he even thought about becoming a priest when he was 10 yrs old) he fell in love with beautiful Brazilian lady who was working as baby sitter in USA with 2 years working visa, they were together for 2 years. And she was about to return to Brazil, he thought it was logical step to propose her, and he did. But he was really confused this was actually meant by destiny. And he asked for advice to me and we met at largest prayer house in center of USA and he received prophecy from Spiritually Gifted Ones. After this spiritual confirmation then he flew to Brazil to get married with his fiance. Now what happened was, after she received proposal from him and she had to return to Brazil due to her visa expiry. And she prepared wedding and immigration in Brazil for six months thus my Irish buddy was alone for 6 months. And when man is alone, many unexpected feelings and thoughts crossed his mind. I want all of you ladies remember this nature of man.} If you love the guy, and if he proposed to you, accept it first and work on it. Don't leave him alone far away. You have to push the man some times and keep him busy with your text and communication and caring thoughts. Until you are legally together, you have to pay attention. Most of girls who grew up as 1st child knows how to handle guys better than 2nd one or last child. If you want something then you have to go and get it. And if the guy does't want to propose to you after 2 years of exclusive dating then something's wrong! Men have short term focus of interest and emotions! Take your time but don't take too long! And remember keep him busy with your attention so he doesn't loose his focus. If man is in love with you, he will be always happy to talk with you or chat with you except when he is in the plane or working or in toilet! And don't be afraid to ask him when he is going to propose to you! This 21st century, old rules don't follow up as used to be. You show him respect as the leader of the family and you treat him as priority and you show him how much you care and you treat him back with your own cooked lunch box or bring him to your home and cook for him and show him your affection, and he doesn't propose after 2 years? I think if you treat him like a king and prince for this long time I am definitely sure he will propose you much earlier than 2 years. I believe most appropriate time of dating before getting married is about 1 year to 2 years.

Winning Mr. Right's heart will not cost lots of money but it will cost your energy and effort!


I hope this article was helpful and I genuinely wish all of you ladies to find Mr. Right and find happiness in your life. Life is a gift to us and our life depends on how we make it out and so is Love as well! May Angels of Love will visit your dates!

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