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In our agency soon will be one more wedding. Our client from Spain is going to be married with our client. He came from Barcelona to chose the special place for his wedding.

The place we found and Eduard went home today.  By the way to the airport we stoped for dinner in the restaurant “Kozachok” (she,he and me) and I made some photos.

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Today me and my couple, which is going to be married soon were in the special place in Kiev-Golf Club.

My client from Spain came especially to chose the place for future wedding with my client. He liked a lot this place and he and his fiancee decided to have the wedding in this place.

It is really nice place for  their wedding. We were vey happy to find this place.

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Wedding soon, but the place for wedding was not choosen yet. My client from Spain will be married soon with the most beautiful girl from my agency.

Today he came from Barcelona to kiev in order to find the place for his future wedding. His fiancee, me and he today finally  have seen this place-It is Golf Club in Obolon in Kiev.

Really very nice place. As for me, I will be responsible for the flowers in this Wedding.

This job is the best in the world. I am very happy, that will be one more marriage in my Matchmaking agency “Love”.

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 She was alone longtime. A beautiful, serious and talented young Ukraine lady from nice family. Educated, calm, responsible, charming, but 31 years already and she was never married. So difficult in Ukraine to find a responsible man for marriage. Too many beautiful girls are around . For one man -10girls in Ukraine. So, she was alone and not happy.

 He came from Italia. Serious, educated handsome Italian man with the serious  intentions. He was looking for his dream lady rather long time.

 But this time finally he met she. I hope, that his freedom is finished already. She was so beautiful for him. They met each other few times and now he has to go home. Business is waiting for him.

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 New Year came and you are still alone?

 Please, come the 31 st of January to our Big Party of single people in Kiev and you will find your half!

 Many people are married already thanks for our parties. This is a real chance for the people who are dreaming to create the family. We are waiting for you, dear friends.

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 New date in New Year. 

 New Year came , but one of my very beautiful client   was still alone.  And finally a very nice , serious man from Italia came and chose  her in my  site.

 I organized a date in the restaurant in the center of Kiev " Pache" and was a so pleasant surprise for my client and for me- to receive the small, but very romantic present from man.

 She was happy to meet  this man, he was happy to meet so beautiful girl and I was happy to help the lonel ... Read more »

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Today my new couple visited a very special place near Zhitomir, Natural Park. ... Read more »

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 The New Year came , but you are still alone. Tired to be alone? Yes, of course. 

  If the person is alone, this person cannot be happy. Something is missing in his life, and this something- It is nor=t something. It is everything.

 Yes, not easy to meet your half now. Everybody works a lot, everybody is busy.

 What to do? We propose to you to come in Kiev to our Big Party of single people and to try to meet your life partner.

 This Party will be 31 of January in Kiev. Will be more then 1000 ladies from all Ukraine, vine, music, food.

 We  are waiting for you. Call for more information +380679749492, or write

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What a  wonderful birthday we celebrated in the mountains in Spain, not far from Barcelona. It was a birthday of one our client Eduard.

Eduard is in love with one of my clients and they are going to be married soon.

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EKZOLAND it’s very modern mini Zoo place.  Now it’s very popular tourist destination which like visit all people who like animals. 

In Ekzoland animals live in open modules and dioramic, it’s the new  technology for build mini zoo. 

Ekzoland possible visit every Saturday and Sunday, also during the week. In mini zoo possible to see crocodiles, lemurs, meerkats, mongoose, monkeys and other animals. 

For romantic couples it’s very nice and special place for visit.

When two people man and woman feel in love, have romantic relationships, have big feelings and romantic mood it’s will be great visit places where is nice natural atmosphere. Our couples often want have interesting and roman ... Read more »

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Kyivan Rus Park! Our loved couple there.

Our love couples planing go to very interesting place. The Ancient Kyiv in the "Kyivan Rus Park" its amazing place with Ukrainian culture and history. It’s historical park and cultur ... Read more »

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“We had very special and romantic evening and celebrated great Happy New 2020 Year! First I wanted prepare the dinner by myself at home, but my lovely man and future husband  surprised me and invited for very romantic New Year Dinner. Our evening was very positive, with a lot of romantic moments and successful dinner with good music. Music made perfect atmosphere to culmination!

And the best songs bring all our romantic evening. All our evening was very romantic and nice! 

I enjoyed this nice songs “We wish you a Merry Christmas”


We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Good tidings we bring to you and your ki ... Read more »

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 In  our Matchmaking agency "Love" it always happen love. Love lives in our agency and always come to the people who is waiting for it. 

 My name is also love,yes the translation of my name from our language to English is Love.  And I'm sure, that even my name attracts love in our agency. I worked more then 20 years in this field and I helped many people to meet love and to be married and to be happy. I like my job and that's why  so many people have a possibility to find a destiny in my agency. No. all marriages are done in Heavens. This is everybody knows. I only help people to meet each other. But the Angels of Love lead the people to come to my agency.

 Look at this photo, which I made& ... Read more »

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Winter is a wonderful holiday time in Ukraine. We celebrate Christmas it is a feast of Crists birth. And we celebrate it 7-th of January.

Ukrainian people exchange presents on this Christmas holiday, in every home Christmas tree, children’s like to have fun on this Christmas holiday. Christmas is the day when all members of the family gather together and it’s very big tradition. Also we have traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish and the name is Kutya. This dish very interesting to taste because for European people it’s new tastes.

Also one of the biggest tradition it’s go church and listen to Christmas sermons which songs so nice.

Traditionally Ukrainian families celebrate Christmas with 12 course dinner. 

Al ... Read more »

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