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We are in Odessa now, me and Jack are looking for a dream girl. 

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I would like say Big thank you for Dating agency and for Luda. For perfect organization real meet with man. We had nice met in Kiev first time. Now we have very romantic relationships and live feelings. We traveling together and learn more about each other. 

Our relationship very harmony’s and romantic, easy-going, understanding. 

Life goes fast and it’s important live in real life. Met each other, trust each other, love each other, traveling together, enjoy life together and make happy family.

My orientation have family one day. Now I sure about my partner. We close to each other, we open with each other, we have many romantic plans for future. We would like visit Paris, Places near the beach, he invite me visit Spain and ... Read more »

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Maybe will be new couple in our agency. They had only one meeting, but they liked each other from the first look. Let ‘s see what will happen.

I want to hope that they will be together.

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Dear our client!

We invite you to visit our  city-Kiev. It is the end of Summer and you have a chance to see our city, when the weather is good and you can  enjoy the beauty of our city. 

And, of course, do not forget to visit our Matchmaking Agency. We are waiting for you.

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I am Sameh I live alone 39 years height 186 weight 76 single Egyptian Muslim I work as a computer and Internet employee in the Nile Tourism Company I live in Egypt I am not rich but I am poor I hope to find someone who loves me sincerely and all my life will be the king of his hands and these numbers from mobile to communicate directly with me I am very serious and I want to marry I do not care about age and religion, because we are in the last life we worship one God what I care about is kindness and sincere love always and never

WhatsApp + 02201554164018

I am tall 185 cm tall weight 83 kg This is my email sameh.el ... Read more »

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Home...Everybody dreams to have a nice home and to be happy in this home.

Sometimes the people have a big, nice, expensive  home, but they are alone in this home and the home is empty. My client From Spain, Eduard, also has the big, modern, nice home.

But his home was empty until his loved woman came.

He met this woman in my agency few monthes ago.  And now it is a happy home. 

As a iwner of the Matchmaking agency, I also was invited by Eduard to visit his home. His home is not far from Barcelona, in the mountains. It is  a real Paradise.

Eduard gave me the permission to publish some photos, made in his yard and in his house.

... Read more »

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My name is Ali. 25 years age. Real Estate worker, never married, no children, want to find a serious girl for friendship and future marriage.

He is from Pakistan. His email and Whats App is: +92 333 7585292  cuteheart032002@gmail.com.

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This my couple  is very serious about the preparation for their marriage. They are very happy to meet each other and to fall in love. It was a big LOVE from the first look. 

Eduard came to our agency from Spain and was very lucky to meet in our agency his dream woman.

She was waiting for him rather long time, but as soon she meet him -she realized, that Eduard is her man.

Now they are engaged already. The engagement was very romantic in a very romantic place.

Now, they want  to make their wedding also very ... Read more »

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Jack still is looking for his dream girl. For now we did not find jet.

I and Jack are traveling in all Ukraine in order to find this one, special girl for marriage.

We visited many cities and village in Ukraine and for now no result.

Jack met a lot of girls in many cities, but not this one, special, decent, beautiful with a big charm. Jack has the dream to meet this girl  in Ukraine. Some of his friends are married with  Ukrainian women and  they are very happy. 

Jack is sure that for the marriage the best woman It is Ukrainian woman, with her traditions, her hight moral, with her attitude to the husband and to the children. 

Even we are looking for this one special girl many days and no result, Jack is sure, that one day he will meet her. 

For me It a big pleasure to work wi ... Read more »

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I am tall 185 cm tall weight 83 kg. I'm not rich, I'm not poor, I'm average. I have more than one career working in computer maintenance / shower and satellite fixtures, drawing, music and simple actuarial inventions. I want to marry a girl loving heart appreciates the marital life sponsors her husband love him as he loves be with him in good times and bad beauty does not require condition purity heart and good spirit does not require religion is important purity of the heart. Thank you so much I hope to meet the girl of my dreams soon.

My numbers whatsApp 02201554164018 Egypt Arabic.

 sam ... Read more »

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In our agency we have a special service-Individual Search.

Sometimes a man cannot find his dream girl for his  marriage. He  was looking for this one special girl everywhere and no result. In this case we propose to him  the Individual Search. What is mean?

It is mean that we go together with my client to another cities and villages in all Ukraine. And as a result, we always  have the result: our client meets his future wife.

This year I was working with Jack from USA.

We started from Kiev region. And then we went to the South of Ukraine. We visited many  big and small cities, the villages and now we are in Odessa. 

Odessa is a very special city. Here are mixed 98 nationalities and the girls ar ... Read more »

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In our agency maybe will be one more couple. I wrote “ Maybe”,because it was only one meeting.

He is our cluent rather long time, she is our client also longtime and finally they met each other.

They liked each other from the first look. We visited a very nice restaurant and went for a walk.  As it was only one meeting and they both are shy. It is difficult to say something about marriage, but  there is a chance. Let’s see what happen later. We will see if they will use that chance, which the Heavens gave to them.

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Here is our new client, there is his message. 

My name is Arabic. I want to be a beautiful girl and live in the United States or Germany or Spain +012697464907

... Read more »

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This is our client Steven from Miami, USA. He is very intelligent, kind, educated person. Dear women! If you are looking for a serious man for marriage -write the letter to this our client. Our email is brideskiev@gmail.com. Here is some information about him.


Education 1993 LAW DEGREE Atlanta, Ga.

Juris Doctor- Atlanta Law School- 1993.

MBA- Loyola University, New Orleans, La.

BA-    Loyola University,  New Orleans, La..

Interests Economics, History (former 12th grade teacher), poetry, European travel, working out, and have been a competitive ballroom dancer for many years..

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Sometimes my clients ask me how we work. I answer to everybody, writting this article.

As a ruler, our clients come in our  office and look the catalog one more time, after they were looking a our site at home.

We have some girls and women, which are shy to put their photos to the site.

When the man  says which ladies he wabts to meet-we arrange the dates. As a ruler a man choose 10 girls for  date. Between those 10 ladies, as a ruler, will be 2 or 3 ladies which  whom our client will continue to meet.

And finally he choose one.

This one, special one he can invite to his country or to some romantic place to spend the holiday.

If it is a real love - then marriage. 

In those photo you can s ... Read more »

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This is our client from Canada. He is very kind person and always try to help the people.

He is very lonely person.

Dear women! If you are looking for a man with a big heart -write the letter to this our client. Our email is brideskiev@gmail.com. Here is his letter en french. 



JE VOUS ... Read more »

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What a nice trip to Barcelona we made two weeks ago! We -  My client and I.We went to visit her future husband in Spain. Eduard lives in Barcelona and invited us to spend the week end in his house. Good weather, warm sea, good restaurants, fresh air and very big love between our new couple. It so pleasant to work with people, who are in love. 

It is not a work -it is enjoyment. 

We invite you, dear readers, to enjoy with us this unforgettable trip to Spain.

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One my couple soon will be married. He is from Spain, he lives in Barcelona.

She lives in Ukraine, in Kiev.

But the wedding dress  they will buy in Barcelona.Barcelona is famous for making the best wedding dresses in the world. My client Eduard invited his future wife and me to visit him at his home. That trip was unforgettable.

We were looking for wedding dress rather longtime ,but we couldn’t buy that time.

We will go one more time,and I am sure ,we will buy the best dress in the world our our bride.

... Read more »

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Few traditions are so beautiful and romantic as the wedding dress. Thus, any attire of the attendees is absolutely overshadowed in the ceremony and subsequent celebration, including the groom´s. She is the great protagonist and her clothing reminds us of that.

Her dress, her veil, her headdress and the accessories are part of a whole, whose full content most of the time we think we know. In that sense, the colour of the dress, white or close to, is something typical of the western countries or its influence on the global culture and, of course, it has not always been this way. Since ancient times, the clothes that covered the bride have been very different colours, including red or black, in periods where white was the colour of mourning. Even today, in ... Read more »

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