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 What is the most important in life? LOVE. It's true. When love comes in the life of man or woman- the life is happy.  Without love the life of person is grey. 

Everybody is looking for love. Sometimes the people are waiting this love all life.The love can make the miracles.

 But LOVE can bring also the problems and suffering. Better to have love and problems than to have the problems without love.

  LOVE likes to visit our Agency, maybe because the name of our Agency is "LOVE".

 One sunny day in June 2017 LOVE came in our Agency and just in this time  came also one our client from France. And our client fell in love with Julia.

 He was waiting this meeting many years, she also had the felling that something  special had to happen in her life in those days. It was the love from the first sight. 

 She,me and him went to vacation in Spain and they started their rel ... Read more »

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 This is our client from Sweden. He is 45y.o. !93cm, never married. has his own business.

 He is very kind and tender , but cannot find this special woman to give all this tenderness and kindness TO HER.

Were are you, my dear?  Come, I'm waiting for you. Your man from Sweden. Brideskiev@

 Dear women we are waiting the letters from you. Try and maybe you will be very happy with this man.

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 A very pleasant date we had this week in our Agency. They meet  each other in our Agency last Summer.  They develop their relationships slowly. Maybe even it's better to be slowly. She is serious woman, he is very serious man. Both very lonely and both want to have the family. 

 Now it's their second meeting.  If a man come from another country the second time and the girl is very happy to see him- it's can be something nice between them. Let's hope. 

At least,I want to help them. It will b ... Read more »

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 ATTENTION! Dear men! A good news for you -  from the 20th February to the first March our Agency 

 propose free service- free excursion in Kiev with our interpreter.

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In this month in our Agency  will be one more marriage. He is from Spain, she is from our Agency. She and I went to Spain in order to meet his parents and discuss about future wedding. The trip was short but it was so wonderful to come from Winter to Spring. In the South of Spain it's Spring already. Almond trees are already in flowers. It's so beautiful! Look yourself and enjoy!

 But the main thing, that his parents liked the future daughter-in-law and all  questions about future wedding were decided.

Almond is already in flowers. But in Kiev it's still Winter.

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It's was so nice to receive the flowers  and  candy from the thankful client John from USA. It was as big surprise for me. And a nice surprise.I worked in this field almost 20 years, I received many  flowers in my life, but those flowers were the most important for me, because they were from the heart. Thanks a lot, dear John. You made this Valentine's Day so special for me.  It means -that my job is respectful. The moments like this gives the energy to work, even sometimes this job is very difficult. 

Thanks again, dear John.

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Today  is Valentine's day. Many people celebrate this day. This holiday became very popular in my country. 

 In  Kiev ,in the center in Globus, the young  people also celebrated this Day.

... Read more »

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Dear men!Our Agency propose  the flowers  to buy for the girls in Valentino's Day. You can choose the bouquets which you like. We will bring the flowers to the girl's house , will make the photos and will send you. The price: 

 One bouquet cost $25,

 to bring to the girl, if she lives in Kiev cost $25, if the girl lives  not in Kiev Kiev - $100.

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Hello Here is Marc: birthday 29th October 1974/169 cm/64 kg living in Gothenburg Sweden on west coast. Generous romantic and passionate guy. I have spend a big part of my time studying Medecine to University here in town. I like to enjoy life. Go out take coffee, dance sometimes and eat to restaurant. I am fond of Aerobic cosy evening at home listening to romantic music or watch a nice movie. I like to travel to different countries to explore something new. Taking a walk on the nature is one of my favourite. I am looking for a nice woman from slavic culture, a loving trusty woman for a real life long friendship and relationship. Someone who dream on happy life be taken care who like to receive and give tenderness and passionate romantic love

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 This is our client from Sweden. He i a very special man with a big heart. He is looking for a serious girl for marriage. Dear Girls!. If you like Mark's photo- write to him direct to his

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 Dear women and men!We want to wish you a Happy Valentino's day. 

But if you do not have nobody in your life to whom to bring the present this day- you are willcome to us, to our Agency. If you are serious, we give you the guarantee that in our Agency you will find your destiny.

 We work about 20 years, we arranged many couples, we  also

will help  you.

 Call us +380679749242 or write to us


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"For me Valentines Day is very special and romantic! I always wait from my man magic Valentines Card where he write me “ I Love You”❤️"
For me it’s mean a lot. Our feelings is very strong. And we like our traditions on St Valentine Day!"- wrote our client Rita.

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 Dear men!  Before St. Patric Day we propose you  a very romantic service- to bring to the girls which you like the beautiful flowers. 

  Dear men , if you like some girl from our site, you can make a very romantic present for this girl.  You can choose any  flowers and we will bring those flowers to the  girl at home and we will make the photos and will send you those photos on Viber ,or Whats App or send you by e-mail.

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Hello to all nice fun romantic ukranian girls. Here is a simple generous romantic man who lives in little nice European country called Sweden but who already visited Kiev before. I am romantic and social alltime helpsom that it the reason I choosed my profession to become Doctor. I like all which are cosy and positive on life. My background as someone born from sunny tropical country make as hot passionate romantic man too. I wish and want find you ukranian girl don't want to be a simple housewife but best girlfriend and lover in one don't hesitate because I think LOVE level can change with time while true friendship is life long. ... Read more »

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 We are glad to say that this Party was very successful. It was more than 1000 girls from all over Ukraine. Some our client met in this Party the girls which are the potential fiancees for them. It\s too early to speak about marriages, but there is a big chance that to the end of this years will be few marriage in our Agency.

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$IMAGE2$It's so difficult to be alone in this world, but when you meet your person, sometimes some problems come and you cannot be happy 100%. This happen with our couple. He is in Zurich, she is in Kiev,. It;s only 3 hours by plane from Kiev to Zurich, but  there is something which does not give the possibility to be together. Why it's like this? Nobody knows.

 But if there is LOVE- everything will be nice. I'm sure that in this my couple everything will be nice, because there is LOVE!


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Information for Girls


"Thank you for your offer to help.  I am willing to work hard and spend money to find someone special.  I have gone through a time of great personal loss - deaths in my family and I am now alone.  My mother was a gorgeous eastern european woman.  hours before she died I promised her I would go to Ukraine and find a woman like her and to not be alone any longer

My preferred body type is petite, healthy looking, a little innocent, caring, has beautiful long hair and is thin - more beautiful than sexy and tolerant and submissive and happy by temperament.  many girls who join these services want a rich american to spend money on them.  Of course, I will spend money on my wife - clothes meals trips but she should love me enough to enjoy being alone holding hands on a quiet romantic evening watching the su ... Read more »

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  We just came back from Zurich. In Zurich lives  one our client. He  was in Kiev in our Agency in Summer and liked  a girl from our Agency. In order to know her better  and  maybe to marry her in the future he invited her and me to visit him in his country,Switzerland. They liked each other , but the meeting was short. Now she has the plan to come back to him and they will spend two weeks together and maybe will be one more couple in our agency.

In the mountains near Zurich.

Just landed.

... Read more »

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Dear Men! There is a chance to find your destiny  in our Party. If you are alone and looking for your half- this Party just for you. The 3d of February in Kiev  will be the big Party of marriage-minded girls and women . Hundreds of girls will come in this Party from all cities and villages  from all Ukraine. Age from 18 to 45.

 We are waiting for you. Just call us or write to us. Our contacts +380679749242 


 In photo you can see our client Lilia. She will be also in this Party.

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This month we have a very special event in our Agency. It's a good start in 2018. One my clients  Michael from Zurich  fall in love with one girl from my Agency As the meeting in Kiev was short and he had to go back to Zurich for work, they decided to continue their relations in his country. Of course,   the girl cannot  go  alone  first time to another country to the house of man, that's why   I had to go  with her.

Everything was  wonderful. We spent time together in the mountain. It was like a fairy-tale.

Better to see then to read. I publish the photos and you can come with us to that fairy-tale.  It's a pity that we had to go back next day, but the first step ... Read more »

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