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 They  met each other today in our Agency. They liked each other from the first sight. I really enjoyed this date. It was so nice to see them together. He is marriage-minded man, she is marriage-minded girl,  They are ready to create the family and I hope that will be one more marriage in our Agency.

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 Party of marriage minded people will be in Kiev 23 of November 2018. We invite ladies from all over Ukraine. Ladies frequently travel hundreds, even thousands of miles  in order to come to the Party. Before entering to the Party , all ladies must register: showing their passport or another documents, where we can see the important information about the lady- her marital status, children, age, what city she came from, etc.

 For many ladies our Party It's a big event in their life. As a rule they take the day of in their job, buy new dress, visit the make-up- artists in order to be beautiful in this Party. And they are  real beautiful!

 One my client told me that he never saw  so many beautiful girls in the same time. As soon he came to the hall - he was  lost, like a little boy.

 As a ruler. after every Party we have few marriage. And we are proud of this !

 We want to publish some photos from the ... Read more »

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The following are further reasons why HSPs are often attracted to narcissists:
[ this article is taken by one our client from the site   this article helped him to understand many things. That why we decided to publish  some advice . Maybe it will help to somebody else]
1. Our giving nature means we often put other people’s needs before our own.

2. We’re so open we take on other people’s stuff like emotional storage containers.

3. If you have low self-esteem you can overlook the signs that things aren’t right, that you aren’t being treated right and so you ignore the injuries to your self and let it continue.

4. If you feel like a victim or have ... Read more »

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What a wonderful was the trip of my couple to Spain! The main thing that they decided to be married. And It's happen in Spain.One more marriage will be in our Agency!

 I also was in Spain with my couple in order to help with translation, because  the girl speaks nor very good in English. For me It's also was a very pleasant trip to Spain.

 I think it's better to see than to read. I want to publish some photos to show some nice moments in our trip.

$IMAGE3$ We were here.


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We propose  the nice apartments for our clients.
Dear men! If you  like to stay in  apartment, not in the hotel, we have to propose you the cozy apartments in the center of Kiev.
All apartments are modern, cozy, warm, with hot water and Wi-fi. The price is 35 dollars in a day, if you stay  longer than 4 day-we will give the discount.
From you-only write for us or call, we work on line 24 hours. You are welcome, dear friends. We are waiting for you.
Our  e-mail is or you can call us: +380679749242

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Last week in our Agency was a very pleasant event-one our couple before the marriage decided to go to the romantic trip to Spain.
She, he and I (I was helping with translatio) went  first to  Portugal and then to Spain to Isla Kristina.
What a wonderful trip !
Spain is a very romantic country for the couples which are going to be married. The nature very special, warm climat all years round, good service -everything attract the Ukrainian people.
We came to Spain the last week of October and still it was  warm. We spent  a lot of time  in the beach.

Tomorrow we go home and iI can say by sure, that they will be happy together.
Here, in Spain they decided to be Engaged. But the Engagement will be in Ukraine, in a small village, in the center of Ukraine, where the parents of our client,live.
The parents of our fiancee want to make a special Engagement for their daughter: with traditional Ukrainian food, Ukrainian folk ... Read more »

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One our couple went to Spain in the romantic trip.I also went with them as a interpreter. First we went to Portugal by direct plane from Ukraine to Portugal and then by taxi to Spain. In kiev it was + 5C, when we came to to Spain it was +23C. We all enjoyed the good weather in Spain and the relations between my couple was very romantic. They are ready for the engagement.

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Valeria and John met each other in our Agency. They liked each other. I cannot say that it was love from the first sight, but they like each other. They spend some time in Kiev and then they decided to go to romantic trip in Spain  in order to know each other better. As Valeria does not speak English very well, they invite me to help with translation.
Yesterday we came to Spain and Spain had meet us by very good whether. But one day before it was a big rain. We were very lucky. We came from Autumn to real Summer. In Kiev it is real Autumn, in Spain is Summer jet. Today we spend all day in the beach. Valeria and John are very happy. I am sure that they will be married.

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   "I was looking my half  longtime. Sometimes i was thinking that I will never meet her. But one day my friend proposed to me to  visit the Party of marriage minded people in Ukraine, in Kiev. I was thinking about this a long time. But finally I decided to go with him to Kiev in order to visit this Party.

 I have to say that was an experience of a lifetime and something I will never forget. The agency did a great job, and thanks to this great job - now I am married with the most beautiful girl of Ukraine, no, with the most beautiful girl of the world and I am very happy" John,California, 2018

 Dear Men ! next Party will be 23November 2918 in Kiev

 For more information call us +380679749242 or write to us

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 In our days , when the people are so busy with work and study, more and more difficult to meet a person for marriage.

 We , Marriage's Agencies ,try to do everything in order to help people to meet each other.

It's not easy, but It's possible to meet this one, special- thanks for the Marriage agency. We work about 20 years and we arranged many marriages in many countries. We have different forms of work. For us the most important- It's result. Only one thing we do not do - we do not write the letters. As a rule, we arrange the personal meeting and It's gives a good result.

 You can buy also the contacts of our ladies and start to know each other before the personal meeting, but the best way to find your future  life partner- It's to come to the Party and meet there the girl , which you like. 

 As a rule, our  women are beautiful, affectionate, family oriented and comfortable with their femini ... Read more »

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 Dear men! If you decided to come in our country in our Agency , we will do everything for you in order you feel comfortable in our country.  If you want to stay in hotel- we will do reservation of hotel; if you want to stay in a apartment- we will propose to you a cozy apartment for the  good price.

 In those photos you can see one of those apartments.If you like it - we can do the reservation.

 Kiev, Maydan; street Kostiolna9 ,  cost 50eur for night

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 In Kiev Golden Autumn.This Autumn is very beautiful. Look yourself to those pictures and you will see that we are right.

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 Dear men!

 In  Kiev now is very beautiful whether. The temperature is +25 C. This Autumn is very warm and beautiful. We invite you to come in Kiev and enjoy with us this unusual Autumn and ,of course,to meet your special dream girl.

If you was never in our country- we can meet you at the airport and make your trip safe and interesting. We can organize a cultural program too. In Kiev there are many museums and concert halls. You will see many interesting things.

 With some effort on your part, you can find the woman of your dreams. She in here, in  this country, waiting to hear from you.

 Kiev today:

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 For many people It is only positive emotions.yes, I agree. But the life after marriage I t is not only the roses and a cap of coffee in the morning together. If you want to be happy in marriage -you need to work a lot in your emotions and not only emotions.

 I have read in Internet one article and I liked it a lot. My thoughts are the same , but the other explained them so clear.

 I want that my client also will read this article and maybe this article will help somebody to think more serious about marriage. Here the article:

"Some people have this terribly skewed idea of what it’s like to be married. As though they’ll finally have made it. As though they’ll cross this river of success and will happily enjoy adulthood on the other side.

Marriage is by no means an answer to any of life’s questions. It does not equate to happiness. It does not mean you’ve made it.

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This letter was sent by our client from Greece.He is in love with one of our client.

" Before i sleep , i will tell you some parts of my dream last night , i dreamed about our life together ... i wake up next to you , we get up and we dress together , we play games , i like to prepare you breakfast , the night before i would have cut the biggest rose from our garden and leave it on the table where i prepare for us to eat , so you come down and see the love and affection i will always feel for you ) we watch movies in bed together , and when we watch tv i hold your hand ...we snugle and we cuddle , when you feel cold you wear my sweaters and jackets , i look deeply in your eyes .. we see the sunrise and sunset together , we walk together in the rain , we fall both a sleep while taking , i like to tangle my hand in your hair gently so you feel me ... and i always kiss you Good night ... all these are in my dreams while i sleep and much more  ! And they never sto ... Read more »

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I born in Ukraine. And grow up in village. I like live in village, because nature is very important for me. This village is small and we haven’t big population. That’s why i decided start looking for man Europe. I know that in Europe more man than woman. In Ukraine more single woman than man. That’s why marriage agency is popular in Ukraine.

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 Yesterday was a special day in Ukraine. We celebrate two holidays- first It is a religious holiday, and the second - the Day of Military Forces of Ukraine.

 It was many people in Maydan  in the center of Kiev, many guests from many cities and villages of Ukraine and many foreign guests. The whether was nice, a warm day and the people  were happy to celebrate.

 We also were there and we made some photos for our readers. We were proud of our country and of our military forces. Ukraine is a small country, but our people are  deserving the respect. I am sure, that this feeling  all Ukrainian people have.

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"As i layed my eyes on you its like i recieved a gift from God ! You see me as I am , I wear no mask before you , Standing vulnerable, shy, soft, and loving , No pretending, it is very real , You're not my imagination, But what was missing from my soul ! Together in sight of a common goal ! Will we have the courage , To open our hearts, , Letting our souls reach out, Sharing completely !Knowing this could be ... that last chance , Could we just walk away ? Or reach for all the dreams to come true ! A man with dreams always needs a woman with vision !"- our client wrote about his felings.

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 It seems ,that finally, our client from Spain- Jose  met his dream girl. Look at his face! He is happy.Every man need a woman, one- the best in the world, loved woman. We have the hope, that Jose met that woman. 


Jose came in Kiev one week ago. He was sure that this time{he visited Kiev many times}, he will meet his dream girl. And today he finally met her. Jose came in Kiev from Spain with his friends, and his friends are also happy for him.


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