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This letter send to us our new client Ismael.

It's hard to talk about oneself, but I think I'm a mature, open-minded, loving man. I really appreciate married life: Leave the detail after communicating with God. I'm a young man from Salé. I'm 27 years old, cultured, clean, respectful, religious, good "I want a woman to marry No money, no position, no matter if you are divorced, or a big age, or a widow, we hope to have a work that we share with each other now, one hand does not clap, my dream lady has a heart before a body possesses a mature romantic feeling. The beauty of feelings and feeling before the shape of a lady adores the man to the character of his sweetheart The woman's vow will be good and honest in her important feelings. B ... Read more »

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This is our client from France. He lives in the South of France. His viber +380 (97) 651 87 59


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Today in our agency a very happy event- Engagement. They met each other two years ago. Their relations very not easy fro the beginning. But he is very nice person and finally she open the heart to him. Congratulation!

Even the nature today was good for our couple. The sun smiles for us!

First time for many days the sun is shining. It is f ... Read more »

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 Yesterday one our very nice client, educated, handsome, kind finally met his dream girl. He was dreaming about her longtime. She was like an Angel  who came in the Earth. Big blue eyes, blond hair, 21 years old with the body of Barby. He was a little confused, she was  a little confused. So that why  I always try to help in the situations like this. She is speaking English ,but to help the people in the first meeting to feel more comfortable- It is  my ta ... Read more »

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A big chance to everybody who is looking for the destiny. The 1st of February in Kiev will be a big Party of married minded people.
Dear friends! Do not lose your chance. Hundreds of girls from all over Ukraine will come to this Party. Look the  the photos from the last Party, which was 3 month ago. You can have some idea. But, of course, It is better to come and see by your own eyes.
Write to us or you can call us +380679749242 Luda
Viber and whatsAp +380679749242 Luda.


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 This is our client Joseph. He lives in USA, in California. Joseph was never married and no children. He is very kind and tender person. He likes the nature, the animals, the life itself. He can make a woman happy. The problem that Joseph cannot find this woman. 

He has the dream to  meet a beautiful, faithful, creative woman without children. Joseph is not tall, 173cm, but his woman can be from 165cm to 175 cm. Age 25 to 45years old. Profession can be any. Joseph has his own jewelry business. This is a family's business. But Joseph has also the land in California and he is also a farmer.

 The main thing that he has a big heart.

 Dear women! if you like Joseph's photo and his profile write to him Brideskiev@gmai ... Read more »

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 We just celebrated  Christmas  according  Western calendar and now we are going to celebrate  Christmas according our calendar .In my country it is one of the  most important holiday of the year.

Look the photos of Kiev , which I made yesterday. It is real beautiful. Kiev and all Ukraine is ready to celebrate Christmas.

 Dear men! If you are alone and you have the possibility to come to Ukraine-you are very welcome to Kiev. You will really enjoy Christmas with us and maybe you will meet even your destiny here in Ukraine.

  We do not work only the 7th and the 8th of January. Another days we are working and we are waiting for you. Call us +380679749242 Luda or write

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 We have a very nice client in our agency. We arranged to him one girl , but she did not appreciated him and everything what he has done for her. They separated and he is alone. But time to time he writes very interesting article and gives to us the permission to publish those articles in our site.

 Today I want to publish a part of his article, but very  good advises to our clients about marriage.

 Dear our clients! Read this article and maybe It will help you in your life to make the right decisions.


"Never rush into actual marriage. Take your time.


It takes time to get to know each other. Never blame your job or situation.


Dating can flip around but is serious matter.


We are all lonely and living in solitude ... Read more »

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Dear our clients!  We propose a nice apartment after reparation for the reasonable price 25 eur a day. Apartment is very warm and nobody lived after reparation. Everything in apartment is new, just from the shop. Location-not far from Ocean Plaza. Street-Malokitaiska, you are welcome.

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We visited the best restaurants in Cadiz.

She ,he and the ocean. Where the owner of agency? I  was making this photo.

 At the end of December my client from Spain invited my client N.and me to visit  him is Spain in order to know the girl better and maybe to be married with her next year. It real wonderful to be in a warm Spain when It was so cold in Ukraine. 

 Spain met us with good sunny whether and my client organized  very interesting excursions in his city.

 Sometimes It is not easy to the peo ... Read more »

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 This is our snow- maiden Irina. She wishes to all people to be happy in the New Year. She wishes to everybody who is alone to find the half in 2019.

 Irina  wishes also to find her Santa in 2019. She is 33 years old and It is time to snow- maiden to find her Santa.

  Her ID 1374 in our site is. We have the big hope that next year Irina will celebrate the New Year with her Santa.


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  This is me, Luda, the owner of the Marriage Agency "Love".  I want to wish to all our clients Happy New Year. Be happy and healthy, love and be loved.  But I think if we wish" Be happy"- in this word  everything is concentrate already. How you can be happy if you are not healthy? Or how you can be ... Read more »

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 Before New Year  we have good news in our agency- we will have one more new couple . He is an Italian man from Milan. Very educated and very intelligent young man . He is very serious  about the marriage.

 She is a natural blond with blue eyes. She is from very intelligent family.

 They liked each other from the first sight. She had the birthday and they celebrated it together. They are very happy to meet each other. 

We will  wish they happy New Year and we will wish to her Happy Birthday.

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 Here the letter of our new client. He is very serious about the marriage. Dear Ladies! If you like his photos and his letter- write to him direct. He is looking for his destiny. Maybe it will be you?


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 Today so nice people had meeting in our Agency! He is perfect, she is perfect. He is young,very handsome, educated, good, she is also young, beautiful, educated. And what ? No result. They did not like each other. Sometimes It can be this way. It is so pity, but it is the fact.

 But we are optimists. We continue to look. She will continue, he will continue. We are sure that so nice people will find their destiny. And our agency will help them.


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"I could wait very long and sit tight,
Always true to you till you arrive.
I’ll stay up, wide-awake every night
For year, for two years, or for life.

Let no calendar pages remain,
Like garden, nude and depleted,
Only tell me that it’s not in vain,
That you actually truthfully need it!

I could follow wherever you stray,
In the thickets and stiles, on adventure,
In the sand, where the road washed away,
On the summits, no matter which way,
Where the Devil himself never ventured!

I’ll survive it and I won't complain,
And no worries will ever delay me,
Only tell me that it’s not in vain,
That you won’t turn away and betray me.

I could give up all for your grace, -
All I have now or will ever hold.
I would gladly accept in your place
The most miserable fates in this world.

Every hour, I'll gladly attain
The ... Read more »

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 This is our new client from Algeria. His name is Mouawia,  his Surname is Hfsi. He is 25 years old, He is simple man from a simple family. He likes Sports, nature, animals and good music, He has a lot of friends, but he  wants to have a wife and to be a married man. He is one woman man. He is kind and responsible and ... Read more »

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One our couple decided to go to spend Christmas in Western Ukraine. As he is from Australia, he wanted to see traditional celebration of Christmas in our country. In Western Ukraine live many Catholics and they celebrate Christmas 25 of December.
Our couple sent to us this video. We want to show to all our client and wish them Merry Christmas.

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I'm John 45 years old, 29 in buddy brain and very young in heart ❤ ... Read more »

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Yesterday in our agency our client From Germany met his dream girl. I am sure of this. They liked each other from the first sight. He is a personality, strong, educated, sportive-real man;she tender, slim, beautiful, educated,  a little shy, young girl, Miss Charm of Ukraine.

He came to date like a real man. He brought the mo ... Read more »

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