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Views: 47 | Added by: luda | Date: 07.03.2019 | Comments (0)

In our agency a big event- soon will be the wedding of our one of the best client from Monaco with our client. Yesterday we were in restaurant "Pacher"    and have discussed all details, As for me, I will help for the fiancee to choose the wedding  dress and I will be responsible for the flowers in the wedding.This is my favorite job. I am always happy when I do this job. 

 I am very happy ,that I helped those people to meet each other. It is a LOVE from the first look. I am sure they will be happy.

Views: 50 | Added by: luda | Date: 05.03.2019 | Comments (0)

 Dear men! 8th of March is an International Woman;s Day. Do not forget to send the flowers to your loved woman. She is waiting!

 If you liked some woman from our site- you are very welcome to send her the flowers. We will do this with great pleasure.

Views: 43 | Added by: luda | Date: 04.03.2019 | Comments (0)

 Dear men! Soon , the 8th of March in my country we will celebrate  the Woman's Day.  This holiday came to us from Soviet Union time. But we all liked this holiday. Even Soviet Union does not exist no more, this holiday we continue to celebrate.  In this day we have the tradition- to offer the flowers to our loved women.

 So , dear men, this is a chance for you to express your love to your loved woman. If you will not send the flowers or will not bring yourself in this day the flowers to your woman- It is mean that you do not have the feelings  to her. I think , that It is only in my country  exists this tradition, In Europe and another country  the people celebrate Valentine's Day this way; in my country -this is the Woman's Day.

 Dear our clients! If you want to send the flowers to the girl , which you like- you are very welcome. We will do this with a great pleasure.  For more information you can w ... Read more »

Views: 44 | Added by: luda | Date: 04.03.2019 | Comments (0)

 This is our client Bejan.  He is single and he is looking for his dream girl. Bejan is educated, kind, honest man. He live4s in two countries:in Iran and in USA.He has his own business in the both countries.

 Bejan has dream to meet a  nice kind girl for marriage. he is dreaming to meet a young, blond , tall girl.

 Dear  girls!If you like Bejan's photo and profile, please, write to him direct.His Viber is ... Read more »

Views: 45 | Added by: luda | Date: 03.03.2019 | Comments (0)

 One our client from Greece wrote the poetry to her loved girl. He gave the permission to publish this poetry.

"I miss you my Princess . I am thinking so much of you and i stay and write you a poem Your lips are so soft and red , the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head. Your beauty is so bright and warm , shining through the darkest storm. Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky . When I stare at them, I feel like I am soaring high. My love for you is pure and true , I never stop thinking of you. The sound of your voice saying, “I love you,” makes my heart pound, because I know my one and only I’ve truly found. I promise to love you for every moment of forever, and when everything else crumbles, I will never. I am your armor to protect you from harm, like you are to m ... Read more »

Views: 43 | Added by: luda | Date: 03.03.2019 | Comments (0)

 Our client from USA wrote to us a very nice article. we want to publish it, because this question is very important  for men. 

 Dear men! Read this article and maybe this article will help you to avoid some problems in the  relations with our girls.

If the girl is asking for money from you ....

So dear my gents who are looking for soul mate who will share the rest of the life ..

... Read more »

Views: 57 | Added by: luda | Date: 03.03.2019 | Comments (0)

This article is for men.


Dear men!

... Read more »

Views: 40 | Added by: luda | Date: 03.03.2019 | Comments (0)

I have traveled to Ukraine 10x over the past decade, and went on a marriage tour with  other agencies, and also have used about 10 different matchmakers over the years in Ukraine to try to find a wife for me


... Read more »

Views: 55 | Added by: luda | Date: 02.03.2019 | Comments (0)

3. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.

- we men share common characteristics ..which is we like to make things and set things on order and like to be in control. And when we face difficulties we tend to resist and try to solve the problems first. 

However in relationship, you can't resist nor force nor control the dynamics and emotional changes. Heart of women are not machine and they often do not follow logics. Most of women fall in love with men without knowing exact reasons. And you can't build or plan to let her fall for you.

Never plan how to make her fall in love with are so simple and we tend to get disappointed nor get upset when plan doesn't work o ... Read more »

Views: 43 | Added by: luda | Date: 02.03.2019 | Comments (0)

 It is so pleasant to receive the letter like this. Today I received this letter fro France from my client. It is like a big present to me for the 8 th of March.

 In my work there are a lot of stress, but when I receive the letters like this- I want to continue to work better and better. I realize, that the people need my work.

 This man thank for my work met his love. What can be better? yes,  I recommended him this girl, between many girls of my agency, because I can feel which girl can be for this or that man. They are not married jet, but they in love. Sometimes they have some problems, but they have the LOVE. It is so great!. I am sure that they will be together because she is in LOVE and he is in LOVE. She is great person and he is great person.  I wish them to save what the Heavens sent for them. As for me I am always is happy  to help them if they need my help. ... Read more »

Views: 52 | Added by: luda | Date: 01.03.2019 | Comments (0)

Our client from Germany is in love with one of our client. He is talented in everything, and also when he met our client Oxana, he started to write the poetry. Oxana gave to him the inspiration. Bravo, dear Oxana!.We are proud of our girls.

 Dear Friends! read this poetry and come to our agency. Here you will find your right lady and also you will write a wonderful poetry about love, like our client from Germany.

"Since that cold November day

... Read more »

Views: 46 | Added by: luda | Date: 28.02.2019 | Comments (0)

 He is from Italia. His name is Salve. He is 31 years old, never married, no children. Simple, kind, honest man. This is his letter:"I am a sweet simple faithful guy, I look for a woman for me, sincere  and kind.That is serious. And intending to stay with me all my life."

 dear girls, If you like his photo and profile - you can write to Salve direct to his Whats App:+39 342 083 3570

$this is his town.

  He will answer  all letters.

... Read more »

Views: 56 | Added by: luda | Date: 28.02.2019 | Comments (0)

(for men in journey to find their true love)

Today I'd like to share advices from Taichi origin ' Daoism' aspect.

After meeting over 50 different ladies from 3 different continents and 12 countries. I've learned a few important dynamics in relationships. Unless you are not magnetic casa nova ... These 5 points in tao of love can be helpful.

1. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

- this is diamond golden rule of heart. Love isn't scheduled production. Many guys make this traditional error under heavy pressure from family or social gossip. Love is not some kind of accomplishment nor competition. Love has to follow natural ways. Always keep th ... Read more »

Views: 37 | Added by: luda | Date: 27.02.2019 | Comments (0)

...They met each other at the University in Paris,where they both were the students.It was real love ,but they were young and could’nt to safe that Big love,which the Heavens sent for them.

They separated. She had her life.He had his life. She was alone ,he was alone ,but find each other it was already impossible.

He was looking for new love longtime,but no result.Yes,he had some relations with the women,but no love.Always his first love were in his mind.

The time runs quickly. His friends all are married,have the families ,but he is always alone.

His first love was always in his mind.He wanted to meet for marriage only this type of woman.

He was looking for her everywhere.He had this possibility.He visited many count ... Read more »

Views: 54 | Added by: luda | Date: 27.02.2019 | Comments (0)

 For our new clients we want to say  how we work.


 First of all we do not write the letters. In our agency only real meetings. As a ruler  our clients meet the candidates for marriage in Kiev, in some restaurants . It is can be the small simple restaurant or an expensive restaurant. It is depends of the wishes of our client. After the date they exchange their contacts and start to develop the relations. If  the  lady does not speak English- we arrange the interpreter. 

 Second way to start the relations with our ladies- to buy her contacts[Viber, Whats App. E- mail, telephone].

 You can start to develop the relations by communication. When you feel that you are ready to come to meet th ... Read more »

Views: 50 | Added by: luda | Date: 26.02.2019 | Comments (0)

Hi, my name is Bijan, I would like to tell you little bit about my character and my personality..

I am very easy to get along and live with. I have a positive outlook towards life and I have a happy attitude. I am calm, I am independent and confident with sense of humo ... Read more »

Views: 46 | Added by: luda | Date: 26.02.2019 | Comments (0)

We have traditional Ukraine culture. And Ukraine wreath one of the type in traditional culture of Ukraine. Ukraine girls like wreath and usually it’s young girls or young unmarried women. It’s part of a tradition dating and Ukrainian national costume and traditions.

Now we have a lot of kinds of wreath. It’s possible buy in souvenir market.

... Read more »

Views: 42 | Added by: luda | Date: 24.02.2019 | Comments (0)

There are a lot of way how say about your romantic feelings and love. And of the best way to spoil your love girlfriend than with a delectable and sweet Lviv Handmade Chocolate surprise ! Our romantic couples had great meet today and drink hot chocolate and they told its amazing feelings, it’s like big love.

Today was one of ... Read more »

Views: 44 | Added by: luda | Date: 23.02.2019 | Comments (0)

Very  famous writer A. S. Pushkin (1799 - 1837), write so romantic and from his heart. I just find poem which love a lot and it’s already translated in English. A. S. Pushkin (1799 - 1837) classic writer and very romantic , 
Always write about love, about feelings... 
He wrote about parks, about trees and wanted show his feelings and love. Write with big passion about memory and feelings...

A magic moment I remember

A magic moment I remember:
I raised my eyes and you were there,
A fleeting vision, the quintessence
Of all that`s beautiful and rare.

I prey to mute despair and anguish,
To vain pursuits the world esteems,
Long did I near your soothing accents,
Long ... Read more »

Views: 43 | Added by: luda | Date: 22.02.2019 | Comments (0)

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